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Periodical: The Talisman

Summary: From Pat Deveney's journal database:

Issues:Talisman V1 N1 May 1903
Talisman V1 N2 Jun 1903
Talisman V1 N3 Jul 1903
Talisman V1 N4 Aug 1903
Talisman V1 N5 Sep 1903
Talisman V1 N6 Oct 1903
Talisman V1 N7 Nov 1903
Talisman V1 N8 Dec 1903
Talisman V1 N9 Jan 1904
Talisman V1 N10 Feb 1904
Talisman V1 N11 Mar 1904
Talisman V1 N12 Apr 1904
Talisman V2 N13 May 1904
Talisman V2 N14 Jun 1904
Talisman V2 N15 Jul 1904
Talisman V2 N16 Aug 1904
Talisman V2 N17 Sep 1904
Talisman V2 N18 Oct 1904
Talisman V2 N19 Nov 1904

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