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Periodical: The Supernatural Magazine

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Supernatural Magazine, for 1809, The.
Containing ancient & modern supernatural experience, in testimony to the truth of revelation, respecting the immortality of the soul, a future state of rewards and punishments: together with various wonders of the invisible worlds.
Dublin, Ireland. Publisher: Wilkinson & Courtney.
1/1-4, June to September 1809. 32 pp, 4 x 8.

This was a product of the time and of the Ascendency in Ireland. With occasional nods to the current Animal Magnetism, the journal created a garland of the curious and antiquarian: old stories of Dr. Pordage and Benvenuto Cellini, more current apparitions (the Laird of Cool, and Duncan Campbell),and Count Gabalis's conversion. In an article on “The Rosicrucian Brotherhood" in the August issue, the author opines that the the Rosicrucians had disappeared only to arise in a new guise: “politics took the place of metaphysics, and produced the secret societies of the revolutionists." NYPL; BL; Harvard University.

Issues:Supernatural Magazine V1 Jun 1809
Supernatural Magazine V1 Jul 1809
Supernatural Magazine V1 Aug 1809
Supernatural Magazine V1 Sep 1809

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