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Periodical: Self-Culture (Braun)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Devoted to a Rational Development of Man’s Capacities and Powers. The Promotion of Individual and Special Freedom, Opulence, Health, Happiness and Success.
1903--1904? Monthly
Omaha, NE. Editor: P. Braun, Ph.D.
Succeeds: The New Man
1/1, January 1903-2//10, October 1904(?) $1.00 a year. 16-20 pp., 8 x 10.

The content was largely "Dr. Braun's New System of Magnetic Healing," and, beginning with the issue of August 1904, the serialization of "Ancient and Modern Magic," both of which later appeared in book form in English and German. The journal carried advertisements for several like-minded New Thought mages and also, perhaps as an indication of Braun's financial straits, long advertisements paginated in the content for "A Safe and Profitable Investment" in the Oxarna Gold Mining Company of Custer, Idaho, which guaranteed a return on investment. On Parzival Braun, see the notes under The New Man, Der Meister and Christliche Theosophie. NYPL microfilm.

Issues:Self-Culture V2 N1 Jan 1904
Self-Culture V2 N2 Feb 1904
Self-Culture V2 N3 Mar 1904
Self-Culture V2 N4 Apr 1904
Self-Culture V2 N5 May 1904
Self-Culture V2 N6 Jun 1904
Self-Culture V2 N7 Jul 1904
Self-Culture V2 N8 Aug 1904
Self-Culture V2 N9 Sep 1904
Self-Culture V2 N10 Oct 1904

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