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Periodical: Reason

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Science, Education, Healing, Success and Social reform. Formerly The Sermon. An Advocate of Social Reform / A Monthly Publication of New Thought, Psychic Research and Progress.
From the Actual to the Ideal
Other titles: Reason Quarterly
1905—1932? Monthly, and then quarterly, May 1919-Mar.-April 1925.
Rochester, NY, and then 1915- in Los Angeles, CA. Publisher: Austin Publishing Company. Editor: B.F. Austin, A.M., D.D., Spiritualistic Editor.
Succeeds: The Sermon
1/1, December 1905-1932(?) 42-48 pp. (varies), 4x6. Fifty cents a year.

The Occult Digest, January 1925, notes an article by a New York detective on criminals who use ghosts in their activities. On Austin (1850-1932) see the note under The Sermon. In 1905-1906, the journal regularly ran full-page illustrated advertisements for the Bangs Sisters’ spirit paintings. Noted in Hartmann’s Who’s Who, 1925. University of Waterloo; LOC; California State Library; Skidmore, Lily Dale (bound first volume)

Issues:Reason V7 N10 Aug 1910
Reason Quarterly May-Jun-Jul 1927 Partial

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