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Periodical: Psyche (W. H. Harrison)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

1882—1882 Monthly
London, England. Editor: William Henry Harrison.
Succeeds: Spiritualist Newspaper
21/1, March 1882 (no. 493)-21/3, May 1882 (no. 495).
Volume numbering continues that of The Spiritualist Newspaper which it succeeds. Harrison started this short-lived venture after the collapse of The Spiritualist. The name change reflected the fact that (as the editor explained) many scholars were reluctant to associate their interests and studies with a journal so closely tied to "spiritualism." See "Die neue 'Psyche' in London und die Himalaya-Bruder," Psychische Studien 9/4 (April 1882): 182-183. LOC; National Library of Scotland.

Issues:Psyche V21 N1 Mar 1882
Psyche V21 N3 May 1882

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