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Periodical: The Phrenological Journal

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Phrenological Journal and Miscellany.
Other titles: Phrenological Journal and Magazine of Moral Science (1837-1847)
1823--1847 Quarterly
Edinburgh, Scotland, and London, England. Publisher: For the Proprietors, Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh, Geo. E. Whittaker, and Taylor & Messey, London; John Anderson. Editor: Richard Poole; then George and Andrew Combe, James Simpson, Robert Cox; then Hewett Cottrell Watson; Robert Cox. Succeeded by: The Phrenological Journal, and Magazine of Moral Science (called "New Series, with sequential volume numbering)
Corporate author: Edinburgh Phrenological Society
1/1, December 1823-October 1847.

The journal announced in its first issue that its goal was to correct the ignorance of the educated public who had not "yet formed an adequate conception of the real nature, the cogent evidence, and the vast importance of phrenology." Specifically, the journal sought to overcome the prejudice displayed by the Edinburgh Review in judging phrenology by its source--Germany--which at the time "was in doubtful repute in this country, because of some alleged fantastical speculation, not a little moral heresy, much literary extravagance, and a great deal of quackery." The brothers Combe, George, a lawyer, and Andrew, a physician, had started the Edinburgh Phrenological Society in 1820 to spread their belief in phrenology. When debated at the Royal Medical Society on the subject and the society refused to publish his arguments, the Combes started this journal. It existed until 1847, mirroring the interest in phrenology at the time, and the society continued until the 1870s. The journal chronicled the internal debates (Christian vs. materialist, physiological vs. mystical) within phrenology and the spread of the idea throughout the British Isles, but mainly consisted in lengthy discourses on various elements of phrenology. LOC; NYPL; Princeton University.

Issues:Phrenological Journal V1 1823-24
Phrenological Journal V3 1825-26
Phrenological Journal V4 1826-27
Phrenological Journal V5 1827-29
Phrenological Journal V7 1831-32
Phrenological Journal V8 1832-34
Phrenological Journal V9 1834-36
Phrenological Journal V10 1836-37
Phrenological Journal V11 1837-38
Phrenological Journal V12 1839
Phrenological Journal V13 1840
Phrenological Journal V14 1841
Phrenological Journal V15 1842
Phrenological Journal V16 1843
Phrenological Journal V17 1844
Phrenological Journal V18 1845
Phrenological Journal V19 1846
Phrenological Journal V20 1847

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