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Periodical: Le Monde Psychique

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Monde Psychique, Le.
Organ Mensuel de l'Institut de Recherches Psychiques de France / pour l'Etude Experimentale des Phenomenes Spirites.
1911-1912? Monthly
Paris France. Language: French. Publisher: Institut de Recherches Psychiques de France. Editor: L. Lefrance, Ch. Lancelin.
Corporate author: Institut de recherches psychiques de France1/1, March 1911-2/18, August 1912(?) 32-64 pp., 1 franc an issue.

Differs from other psychical research journals mainly in its emphasis on individual experimentation to achieve the states studied. In its initial issue it called on those "tired of purely theoretical and sterile discussions in which the majority of psychical research associations and occultists" to read its practical advice. Learned disquisitions on the astral body and methods for dedoublement personnel (including an article on the dedoublement d'un chat), photographing the invisible, spirit-writing on mirrors, psychic color perception, and the like. Contributions by A. de Rochas (who was honorary President of the Institute), Carra de Vaux, Charles Lancelin, Jean de Kosloff, H. Boucher, et al. The Institute ran its own school for mediums in Paris. Noted in Psychische Studien, 1912. BNF

Issues:Monde Psychique V1 N1 Mar 1911
Monde Psychique V1 N2 Apr 1911
Monde Psychique V1 N3 May 1911
Monde Psychique V1 N4 Jun 1911
Monde Psychique V1 N5 Jul 1911
Monde Psychique V1 N6 Aug 1911
Monde Psychique V1 N7 Sep 1911
Monde Psychique V1 N8 Oct 1911
Monde Psychique V1 N9 Nov 1911
Monde Psychique V1 N10 Dec 1911
Monde Psychique V2 N11 Jan 1912
Monde Psychique V2 N12 Feb 1912
Monde Psychique V2 N13 Mat 1912
Monde Psychique V2 N14 Apr 1912
Monde Psychique V2 N15 May 1912
Monde Psychique V2 N16 Jun 1912
Monde Psychique V2 N17 Jul 1912
Monde Psychique V2 N18 Aug 1912

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