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Periodical: Mind

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Monthly Magazine of Liberal Thought / The Leading Exponent of New Thought / Science, Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Metaphysics, Occultism.
He that cannot reason is a fool. And he that dares not reason is a slave
Other titles: Free Man (1901)
1897-1906 Monthly
New York, NY. Publisher: Alliance Publishing Company; Upland Farms Alliance. Editor: John Emery McLean, then McLean and Charles Brodie Patterson, then Patterson alone; J.M. Scott.
Succeeds: Free Man (1901); Universal Truth (1901) Succeeded by: Yes
1/1, October 1897-17/4, April 1906. $2.00-$2.50 a year. 64-96 pp., 8 x 11.

The journal advertised in The Temple, December 1897, that it would have contributions from "the Best Known Writers" on Science, Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Metaphysics, and Occultism. By 1904 its advertisement in The Craftsman proclaimed it "the world’s largest and most important periodical dealing with contemporary research and progress in Philosophy, Religion, Psychology and Metaphysics. Mind is the acknowledged leader . . . of the great New Thought Movement, which is characteristic of our times . . . ." The journal was the most prominent and influential representative of the more erudite and polished version of New Thought propagated in the eastern United States, and largely ignored the more flamboyant New Thought that developed further west -- though these more magical exponents of New Thought found a place in the journal's advertisements. Patterson (1854-1917) was a Canadian who founded the Metaphysical Alliance in Hartford, Connecticut, and then moved to New York in 1893 where he started Alliance Publishing. McLean (1865- ), another Canadian and a crank economist and socialist, was hired away from the Metaphysical Magazine to edit Mind and then took over the editorship of the Arena when Alliance bought it in September 1899. Alliance, in 1900, also founded The Alliance School of Applied Metaphysics in New York which taught New Thought by mail or personal instruction through the efforts of Patterson, Richard Ingalese, Helen Van-Anderson and Paul Tyner. Notable contributions to the journal by James R. Phelps, the direct initiator of R. Swinburne Clymer in the Rosicrucians, on the necessity of sex and the role of women in occultism; Countess Ella Norriakow (later McLean's wife); W.J. Colville; Evelyn Arthur See (before he was jailed for corrupting young girls); C, Staniland Wake: Swami Sardananda; Lucinda B. Chandler; Virchand R. Gandhi (a Jain); Swami Abhehananda; Julian Hawthorn; Alexander Wilder; Eliza Calvert Hall; Sarah J. Farmer (the founder of Greenacre); Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Isabella Ingalese (whose Mata the Magician was run serially in its entirety); J.M. Peebles ("Has Spiritualism Had Its Day?"); Henry Wood; Horatio W. Dresser; Ralph Waldo Trine; Abby Morton Diaz; "Quaestor Vitae," Alfred E.S. Smythe, Karl H. von Wiegand, J. William Lloyd; Alice Le Plongeon; Annie Rix Militz; Walter de Voe; Eugene Del Mar; John Hazelrigg; K.S.L. Guthrie, C.H.A. Bjerregaard (who also edited the journal’s extensive book reviews), et al. NY State Library; NY Academy of Medicine; New York State Library; Stanford University Library; LOC; Harvard University; and others in OCLC. Issues for 1899 and 1902 in INTA archives.

Issues:Mind V1 1897-8
Mind V2 1898
Mind V3 1898-1899
Mind V4 1899
Mind V5 1899-1900
Mind V6 1900
Mind V7 1900-1901
Mind V8 1901
Mind V9 1901-1902
Mind V10 1902
Mind V11 1902-1903
Mind V12 1903
Mind V13 1904
Mind V14 1904
Mind V15 1905
Mind V16 1906
Mind V17 1906

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