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Periodical: The Sun Worshiper | Mazdaznan

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Mazdaznan, The.
A Magazine of Modern Thought for Mental and Physical Development / Master-Thought or the Thought That Matters / Universal Philosophy, Sociology, Religion, Science, Cultivation of the Higher Senses and the Development of Body, Mind and Soul.
Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing. It is for the eyes to behold the sun
Other titles: Mazdaznan; Mazdaznan and the Messenger (1913-1914)
1903 Monthly, then quarterly
Chicago, IL, then Los Angeles, CA, then Lowell, MA; then Encinitas, CA. Publisher: Mazdaznan Publishing Co.; Mazdaznan Association; Mazdaznan Press; The Household of Mazda. Editor: Orlando G. Beeler (1920s).
Succeeds: The Sun-Worshiper Succeeded by: Mazdaznan and the Messenger
2/1, January 1903-current. 32-48 pp., $1.00 a year.

Volume numbering continues that of The Sun-Worshiper. Called Mazdaznan and the Messenger, 1913-1914. This propagates the teachings of Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish, and was largely written by him. Notable is the original version of what became Anyahita. On him see the note under The Sun-Worshiper. The journal served as the advertising medium for Ha'nish's various diet and beauty concoctions and for his books. NYPL microfilm; Association of Research Libraries; University of Illinois; NY Historical Society; California State Library; Stanford University; Harvard University; Universiteitsbibliotheek; Marymount University; etc.

Issues:Mazdaznan V1 1903
Mazdaznan V12 1913
Mazdaznan V13 1914
Mazdaznan V14 1915
Mazdaznan V15 1916
Mazdaznan V16 1917 and an alternate
Mazdaznan V17 1918
Mazdaznan V18 1919
Mazdaznan V19 1920
Mazdaznan V20 1921
Mazdaznan V21 1922
Mazdaznan V32 1933
Mazdaznan V34 N2 Feb 1935
Mazdaznan V34 N9 Sep 1935
Mazdaznan V35 N4 Apr 1936
Mazdaznan V35 N9 Sep 1936
Mazdaznan V36 N3 Mar 1937
Mazdaznan V36 N4 Apr 1937
Mazdaznan V36 N6 Jun 1937
Mazdaznan V36 N8 Aug 1937
Mazdaznan V36 N9 Sep 1937
Mazdaznan V49 N10 1950 Oct
Mazdaznan V51 N2 1952 Feb
Mazdaznan V51 N4 1952 Apr
Mazdaznan V51 N5 1952 May
Mazdaznan V51 N7 1952 Jul
Mazdaznan V51 N8 1952 Aug
Mazdaznan V51 N10 1952 Oct
Mazdaznan V51 N12 1952 Dec
Mazdaznan V52 N3 1952 Mar
Mazdaznan V52 N8 1953 Aug
Mazdaznan V52 N10 1953 Oct
Mazdaznan V52 N12 1953 Dec
Mazdaznan V59 N1 Jan 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N2 Feb 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N3 Mar 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N4 Apr 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N5 May 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N6 Jun 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N8 Aug 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N9 Sep 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N10 Oct 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N11 Nov 1960
Mazdaznan V59 N12 Dec 1960

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