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Periodical: Lucifer the Lightbearer

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

The Light-Bearer. A Journal of Investigation and Reform, Justice and Liberty. Devoted to the Emancipation of Women from Sexual Slavery / Son of the Morning. A Fortnightly of Radical Thought, Devoted Mainly to the Emancipation of Womanhood from Sex Slavery, and to the Rights of the Child to be Born Well.
1883--1907 Weekly
Valley Falls, then Topeka, KS, and then Chicago, IL. Editor: Moses Harman, Edward C. Walker, and occasionally, during Harman's imprisonments, Lillian Harman, Lois Waisbrooker, et al.
Succeeds: The Valley Falls Liberal-->The Kansas Liberal (1881-1883) Succeeded by: American Journal of Eugenics
1/1, August 1883-1907. 13 x 20. 4 pp., $1.25 a year.

The issues were dated with the standard month and day but gave the years as "E.M.," the "Era of Man," calculated from the execution of Giordano Bruno in 1600. The journal from the first issue labeled itself as "n.s.," but the reference was to earlier journals under different names. It was put out by Harman and his children and the layout, orthography and condition of the type reflect its origin as a labor of love rather than a commercial venture. A third series was started in 1897 in Chicago. Harman (1830-1910) was a former teacher and Methodist minister who turned his stubbornness and effort first to abolition and then to free thought, individual sovereignty (anarchy), and marriage reform ("free love," as its more socially acceptable version was then known). Lucifer was one of he cornerstones of American liberalism's long fight against Anthony Comstock and the obscenity laws. It began in 1880 as The Valley Falls (Kansas) Liberal, the organ of the local Liberal League, with Harman as one of the editors, and the next year was transformed into the Kansas Liberal which Harman edited with Annie L. Diggs, a noted populist. The name was changed to Lucifer in 1883. There followed 10 years of arrests, indictments, appeals, and jailings before Harman moved the journal to Chicago in 1896--where he was again imprisoned in 1905. On his release he changed the journal's name to The American Journal of Eugenics and turned his attention exclusively to eugenics as the path to social betterment--though for Harman the term eugenics also included elements of libertinism which increasingly alienated Harman from more doctrinaire feminists. On Harman, see Hal D. Sears, The Sex Radicals: Free Love in High Victorian America (Lawrence, KS: Regents' Press, 1977). For a period in the 1890s the journal had as a sister-publication in Wichita Lois Waisbrooker's Foundation Principles, and Waisbrooker helped publish Lucifer during one of Harman's stints in jail, only to be arrested herself for her work on the journal. Lillian Harman, Moses's daughter, split off from Lucifer in 1888 and started Fair Play with her husband. Harman regarded himself as a "tough materialist" but the journal carried regular correspondence on the troubled relationship between spiritualism and free thought mentioned some spiritualists (Moses Hull, Lois Waisbrooker, et al.) who were found acceptable. Kansas Historical Society; Harvard University; University of Wisconsin; etc.

Issues:Lucifer V2 2 Apr 27 1888
Lucifer V3 N40 Jan 1 1886
Lucifer V3 N41 Jan 8 1886
Lucifer V3 N42 Jan 15 1886
Lucifer V3 N42 Jan 15 1886 Ver 2
Lucifer V3 N43 Jan 22 1886
Lucifer V3 N44 Jan 29 1886
Lucifer V3 N45 Feb 5 1886
Lucifer V3 N46 Feb 12 1886
Lucifer V3 N47 Feb 19 1886
Lucifer V3 N48 Feb 26 1886
Lucifer V3 N51 Mar 19 1886
Lucifer V3 N52 Mar 26 1886
Lucifer V4 N2 Apr 9 1886
Lucifer V4 N3 Apr 16 1886
Lucifer V4 N4 Apr 26 1886
Lucifer V4 N5 Apr 30 1886
Lucifer V4 N6 May 7 1886
Lucifer V4 N7 May 14 1886
Lucifer V4 N9 May 29 1886
Lucifer V4 N10 Jun 4 1886
Lucifer V4 N11 Jun 11 1886
Lucifer V4 N13 Jun 25 1886
Lucifer V4 N14 Jul 2 1886
Lucifer V4 N15 Jul 9 1886
Lucifer V4 N17 Jul 23 1886
Lucifer V4 N19 Aug 6 1886
Lucifer V4 N20 Aug 13 1886
Lucifer V4 N21 Aug 20 1886
Lucifer V4 N22 Aug 27 1886
Lucifer V4 N23 Sep 3 1886
Lucifer V4 N24 Sep 10 1886
Lucifer V4 N25 Sep 17 1886
Lucifer V4 N26 Sep 21 1886
Lucifer V4 N27 Oct 1 1886
Lucifer V4 N29 Oct 15 1886
Lucifer V4 N30 Oct 22 1886
Lucifer V4 N31 Oct 29 1886
Lucifer V4 N32 Nov 5 1886
Lucifer V4 N36 Dec 10 1886
Lucifer V4 N37 Dec 17 1886
Lucifer V4 N38 Dec 24 1886
Lucifer V4 N39 Dec 31 1886
Lucifer V4 N40 Jan 14 1887
Lucifer V4 N41 Jan 28 1887
Lucifer V4 N42 Feb 4 1887
Lucifer V4 N43 Feb 11 1887
Lucifer V4 N44 Feb 18 1887
Lucifer V4 N46 Mar 4 1887
Lucifer V4 N47 Mar 11 1887
Lucifer V4 N48 Mar 18 1887
Lucifer V4 N49 Mar 25 1887
Lucifer V4 N50 Apr 1 1887
Lucifer V4 N51 Apr 8 1887
Lucifer V4 N52 Apr15 1887
Lucifer V5 N6 May 27 1887
Lucifer V5 N7 Jun 3 1887
Lucifer V5 N8 Jun 10 1887
Lucifer V5 N9 Jun 17 1887
Lucifer V5 N11 Jul 1 1887.
Lucifer V5 N12 Jul 8 1887
Lucifer V5 N13 Jul 15 1887
Lucifer V5 N14 Jul 22 1887
Lucifer V5 N15 Jul 29 1887
Lucifer V5 N16 Aug 5 1887
Lucifer V5 N17 Aug 12 1887
Lucifer V5 N19 Aug 29 1887
Lucifer V5 N20 Sep 2 1887
Lucifer V5 N21 Sep 9 1887
Lucifer V5 N22 Sep 16 1887
Lucifer V5 N23 Nsep 23 1887
Lucifer V5 N24 Sep 30 1887
Lucifer V5 N25 Oct 7 1887
Lucifer V5 N26 Oct 14 1887
Lucifer V5 N27 Oct 21 1887
Lucifer V5 N28 Oct 28 1887
Lucifer V5 N29 Nov 4 1887
Lucifer V5 N30 Nov 11 1887
Lucifer V5 N31 Nov 18 1887
Lucifer V6 N10 Jun 22 1888
Lucifer V6 N17 Aug 10 1888
Lucifer V6 N17 Aug 1888 Ver 2
Lucifer V6 N21 Sep 14 1888
Lucifer V6 V34 Dec 14 1888
Lucifer V6 N35 Dec 21 1888
Lucifer V6 N36 Dec 28 1888
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V1 1897
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V2 1898
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V3 1899
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V4 1900
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V5 1901
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V6 1902
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V7 1903
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V8 1904
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V9 1905
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V10 1906
Lucifer The Lightbearer 3s V11 1907

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