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Periodical: The Little Brown Book

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Little Brown Book, The.
A Journal of Life and Living Issues.
1913-1914? Monthly
Cincinnati, OH. Publisher: Brown Book Publishing Company. Editor: Delmar Deforest Bryant ("Adiramled").
Succeeds: Adiramled->The Phalanx->Regeneration (?)

1/1, May 1913. 32 pp., 50 cents a year. A bookseller's catalogue entry says that the journal "explored various topics including ‘The Progress of Truth, ‘A Eugenic Utopia,' and ‘Find Invisible Light.'" A notice in World's Advance Thought, 1912, says that "Mr. Bryant has a mission and it is a great one-to prove to the world that death is a humbug and only exists because of man's woeful ignorance as to the proper ordering of his own life. He is a forceful writer, full of the noble enthusiasm of a better way of living and has a most admirable energy to enforce his views of the New, the True and the Good." Bryant wrote most of the journal and intended to devote it to discussions of physical immortality and lessons on obtaining the same through "Universal Soular Energy" which is "brought to perfection through aeons of time in the form of two wonderful instruments, set upon two individual mountains apart from each other. The name of one is MAN, the name of the other is WOMAN." This goal of instructing in physical immortality seems to have petered out and been replaced by rather unfocused articles and comments on eugenics. Regular contributions by the unknown "S.O.T.G.," "Amen Ra," and J.B. Forbis, Jr. Advertisements for the works of Pearce Kintzing (Long Life and How to Attain It), "Rosicruciae" (F.B. Dowd), the Astrological Bulletina of the Llewellyn College of Astrology in Portland, Oregan, and for sheet music for several songs ("The Kiss" and "The Wireless Way") for which Bryant wrote the music: "Every one in the New Thought vibration should be singing these songs. They are the first of a series exemplifying the spirit of the New Time-the era of peace and a world of love. 25 cents each, Postage 1 cent."

Issues:Little Brown Book V1 N1 May 1913
Little Brown Book V1 N4 Aug 1913
Little Brown Book V2 N4 Feb 1914
Little Brown Book V2 N5 Mar 1914

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