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Periodical: Jamieson's Planet Reader

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Jamieson's Planet Reader.
Astrologers' Magazine.
1914--1922? Monthly, irregular?
Ottawa, IL. Editor: Claude W. Jamieson.
Succeeds: Horoscope
1/1, 1914-1922(?) 50 cents an issue, 40 pp.

The catalogue of copyright entrees lists issues for July-October 1914 and for Jamieson's Horoscope, a monthly astrological magazine published by Jamieson. The journal is a practically unknown, small-town astrology magazine. It was rather humble in its claims and generally limited to the pursuit of "mundane astrology": "The purpose of this magazine is an endeavor to place the subject before the people in its true light and in a manner that those unhampered by bigotry or the mental bias of the astronomer may investigate its claims. Its friends are all in the ranks of those who have studied it; its enemies are all in the ranks of those who have not puny souls, still struggling along the rocky road of man's evolution--ever endeavoring to fetter the mind's of men by declaring--we have all the truth, seek it in our way or not at all. If you are interested in astrology and desire to assist in placing it on the high plane where it rightfully belongs, you are invited to contribute to the columns of this magazine. There is being made a determined effort to bury this divine science. Odium has become attached to it by fortune tellers who never got farther in the study than the fortune telling phase--a mere smattering of the wonderful field of real knowledge for those who approach the subject with inquiring, open mind. I am not interested in that phase of Astrology which has to do with personal horoscopes. The science has many branches and there are a number of capable people interested in that phase of the subject. The domain of my endeavors lie more in the direction of planetary movements affecting the affairs of people and nations as a whole and the refutation of charlatanism directed at all who study the deeper truths of astronomy--therefore man. The fond hope of those enamored of dogma that the subject has been exploded, I propose to show is a false hope. The comparative silence of this divine science is no more proof that it is dead than is the proof that the sun has quit shining because it is temporarily obscured by a passing cloud." Contributions by "Rollo Ireton" (Ralph Shirley).

Issues:Jamieson's Planet Reader

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