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Periodical: Inspiration

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Magazine of Creative Thought.
Brookline, MA. Editor: Walter DeVoe.
Succeeds: Vitality-->Religion-->Living Word
1/1, 1928 (?) 42 pp., $1.00 a year.

This continues Religion but there appears to have been a hiatus between the two journals. Devoe added to the standard New Thought generalities ("Open your hearts to the inspiration of the Almighty, and you will outgrow the spiritual causes for bondage, oppression, and poverty. You will become aware that all the intelligence in the universe is working for your benefit, and energizing all your efforts to gain your rightful dominion as the sons and daughters of the Eternal Being." Etc.), the invoking of the guidance and aid of the "Immortals" (angels) by concentration and appropriate aspirations, which were provided for a fee. He tucked into issues of the journal a sample "concentration card" with an appropriate aspiration for the month: "I Am Blessed with Life Eternal," "I Am Healed By Love Divine." On DeVoe see the note under Religion. Noted in The Occult Digest, 1930.

Issues:Inspiration April 1930

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