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Periodical: Iniciacion [Montevideo]

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Iniciacion, La.
A Todos Aquellos Que, Cansados de Aprender, Desean, Por Fin, Saber / Mensuario del Grupo Independiente de Estudios Esotericos (GIDEE).
1942--1947 Monthly (irregular)
Montevideo, Uruguay. Language: Spanish. Editor: Jehel, SI (Leo Alvarez Costet de Mascheville).
Corporate author: Grupo Independiente de Estudios Esotericos / Orden Martinista de America del Sur
1/1, May 1942-December 1947. $2.00 a year, 24 pp. (varies).

This was the organ of the Grupo Independiente de Estudios Esotericos (GIDEE), founded in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1942,. It offered "cursos metodicos de ciencias esotericas occidentales y orientales" under the tutelage of "Dr. Jehel" and other Martinists whose identities are masked under their initiate names. The journal envisioned itself as a successor of Papus's L'Initiation, but while it was the journal of the Martinists and of the Orden Kabalística de la Rosa-Cruz in Uruguay, it also gave considerable attention to various "Maestros" such as the "Maharishi" (Ramana Maharshi), "Amo" (Philippe Nizier), "El Tibethano," et al. The journal reprinted "El Demiurgo," by "Palingenius" (Rene Guenon). "Jehel" was also active in the Uruguayan Theosophical Society and edited Mensaje in the 1920s. He was the son of Albert Raymond Costet (1872-1942), who received his Martinist training under Papus, Sedir, et al., in Paris and whose writings appeared in the journal under the names "Cedaior" and "Sri Sevananda".

Iniciacion V1 N1 May 1942
Iniciacion V1 N2 Jun 1942
Iniciacion V1 N3 Jul 1942
Iniciacion V1 N4 Aug 1942
Iniciacion V1 N5 Sep 1942
Iniciacion V1 N6 Oct 1942
Iniciacion V1 N7 Nov 1942
Iniciacion V1 N8 Dec 1942
Iniciacion V2 N9 Jan 1943
Iniciacion V2 N10 Feb 1943
Iniciacion V2 N11 Mar 1943
Iniciacion V2 N12 Apr 1943
Iniciacion V2 N13 May 1943
Iniciacion V2 N14 Jun 1943
Iniciacion V2 N15 Jul 1943
Iniciacion V2 N16-17 Aug-sep 1943
Iniciacion V2 N18 Oct 1943
Iniciacion V2 N19 Nov 1943
Iniciacion V2 N20 Dec 1943
Iniciacion V3 N21 Jan 1944
Iniciacion V3 N22 Feb 1944
Iniciacion V3 N23 Mar 1944.
Iniciacion V3 N24 Apr 1944.
Iniciacion V3 N25 May 1944.
Iniciacion V3 N26 Jun 1944
Iniciacion V3 N27 Jul 1944.
Iniciacion V3 N28 Aug 1944.
Iniciacion V3 N29 Sep 1944
Iniciacion V3 N30 Oct 1944
Iniciacion V3 N32 Dec 1944
Iniciacion V4 N34 Feb 1945
Iniciacion V4 N35 Mar 1945
Iniciacion V4 N36 Apr 1945
Iniciacion V4 N37 May 1945
Iniciacion V4 N38 Jun 1945
Iniciacion V4 N41 Sep 1945
Iniciacion V4 N42 Oct 1945
Iniciacion V5 N45 Jan 1946
Iniciacion V5 N47 Mar 1945
Iniciacion V5 N48 Apr 1946
Iniciacion V5 N49 May 1946
Iniciacion V5 N50 Jun 1946
Iniciacion V6 N58 Feb 1947
Iniciacion V6 N62 Jun 1947
Iniciacion V6 N63 Jun 1947
Iniciacion V6 N68 Dec 1947

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