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Periodical: Heraldo Rosacruz

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Heraldo Rosacruz, El.
Boletin de la Fraternidad Rosacruz.
1934--1935? Monthly, semiannual
Barcelona, Spain. Language: Spanish.
1/1, July 1934-July 1935 (?).

This began as a typed and mimeographed bulletin and then was begun again in a more formal format, restarting the numbering from 1/1 with the issue of January 1935. 24-36 pp., 25 pesetas per issue and free to members of the Fellowship. This was the exponent in Spain of Max Heindel's Rosicrucian Fellowship. It was designed to spread the teachings of the "Hermanos Mayores de la Orden"--the instructors of Heindel, whom he had come to know during a desperate illness in Los Angeles in 1905--on the esoteric mysteries of the Christian religion, which were to guide mankind during the next Grand Sidereal Year. The Fellowship promoted itself as a school and each issue carried a monthly lesson for the students on "El Misterio de las Glanulas de Secrecion Interna," "Astrodiagnosis y Astroterapia," and the like, together with daily exercises, hymns, exegesis of Bible verses, health cures, diet, etc. The Fraternity in Spain offered lessons by mail to those interested. The journal carried excerpts from the writings of Max Heindel, Alice Bailey, H.P. Blavatsky, Geoffrey Hodgson, Annie Besant, J. Krishnamurti, Franz Hartmann, C. Jinarajadasa, et al., and from Master K.H. BNE.

Issues:Heraldo Rosacruz V1 N1 Jul 1934
Heraldo Rosacruz V1 N2 Aug 1934
Heraldo Rosacruz V1 N3 Sep 1934
Heraldo Rosacruz NS V1 N1 Jan 1935
Heraldo Rosacruz NS V1 N2 Feb-mar 1935
Heraldo Rosacruz NS V1 N3 Apr-may-jun 1935
Heraldo Rosacruz NS V1 N3 Second Half 1935

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