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Periodical: Les Forces Mentales

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Forces Mentales, Les.
Revue Mensuelle de Sciences Psychiques / Psychologie, Philosopie, Magnétisme, Hypnotisme, Force Pensee, Spiritisme.
1907 Monthly
Paris, France. Language: French. Publisher: Bureaux d’Etudes Psychiques. Editor: Rene d'Hery.
1/1, January 1907. 32 pp., 8 francs a year.

This is a pure example of the audacious form of magical New Thought that was dominant in the United States at the time -- the journal recommended one of W.W. Atkinson’s works. It seems to have been intended as a forum for the Bureaux d'Etudes Psychiques and its courses on Psychology, Hypnotism and Personal Magnetism. The articles revealed the wonders of personal magnetism, concentration, self-confidence, mental powers, hypnotism, thought transference, and the journal also included longer, didactic articles on the Kabbala (replete with vague hints of its sexual elements) and phrenology, and short New thought novels. Contributions by Hery, C.-R. Sadler, Georges Lange, Alexis Noel, Eugène Defrance, Theodule Branche, and others outside the mainstream of French occultism and spiritism. The Mercure de France, in reviewing Hery’s and Sadler’s book on L'Education de la Pensee notes the influence on them of the hypnotists and magnetizers and of occultists like Prentice Mulford. BNF.

Issues:Les Forces Mentales V1 N10 1907 Oct
Les Forces Mentales V1 N11 1907 Nov
Les Forces Mentales V1 N12 1907 Dec
Les Forces Mentales V1 N1 1907 Jan
Les Forces Mentales V1 N2 1907 Feb
Les Forces Mentales V1 N3 1907 Mar
Les Forces Mentales V1 N4 1907 Apr
Les Forces Mentales V1 N5 1907 May
Les Forces Mentales V1 N6 1907 Jun
Les Forces Mentales V1 N7 1907 Jul
Les Forces Mentales V1 N8 1907 Aug

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