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Periodical: Denver Metaphysician

Summary: From Pat Deveney's journal database: Denver Metaphysician, The.
A Messenger of New Era.
1928--1928 Weekly
Denver, CO.
Editor: Frank D. Hines, Ph.D. Sc.
Succeeds: Spiritual Republic-->Spiritual Therapeutics-->Occidental Mystic and Occult
1/1, September 26, 1928.
$3.00 a year, 4 pp., tabloid format.

This is the last known journal produced by Frank D. Hines (October 21, 1862-May 11, 1946). In an early issue of the new journal Hines wrote: "As to Metaphysics we leave to our patients and friends all as to practical results; we are willing to do so; have done so and are pleased to state, that most of our work has come through recommendation of whom has tried our method, or Process." Although the details of this practice are obscured, it is clear that Hines taught some occult sexual practice almost certainly involving the preservation of the "Life Force." The lead article in the first issue of the journal proclaimed: "Control the Substance and Life Force and You Control Nature Itself as to Human Nature." A later issue continues: "VITAL LIFE, what are you doing with ITS ESSENCE, ‘The Fons Vitae’? . . . A hint to the wise is sufficient." On Hines and his connection with R.S. Clymer, see the note under Occidental Mystic and Occult. The journal touted Hines’s services and availability and filled out the pages with "Fairy Tale for Children," "Carving Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb," "Velvet Chic for Milady’s Suite," dog laundries, death of Obregon, etc., etc. The journal advertised Hines’s services in "Life Revealment" (send birth date with 10 questions and $1.00), "Healing" ($5.00 a month in advance "for all special, individual work, absence or distance cuts no figure." The journal is unique among occult journals in carrying a cartoon (by Charles Sughroe). Denver Public Library.

Issues:Denver Metaphysician V1 N1 Oct 2 1928
Denver Metaphysician V1 N10 Nov 29 1928

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