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Periodical: The Coming Light

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Coming Light, The.
A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Higher Liberal Thought, without any Hobbies to Ride.
1886-1899 Monthly
San Francisco, CA. Publisher: Ray L. Bernier; The Coming Light Publishing House. Editor: Dr. Cora A. Morse and Edward B. Payne.
Succeeds: Rays of Truth Succeeded by: Arena (consolidated with in 1899)
1/1, 1898-June 1899. Illustrated. 80 pp. $1.00 a year, In 1897 the journal succeeded Rays of Truth, edited by Bernier, and in June 1899 it was consolidated with and became the Pacific Department for the Arena. Coming Light was said to stand for "right and justice in all things, and for a truly progressive, educational, rationalistic Spiritualism," and was described as "new, illustrated, progressive." Note, Banner of Light 82/25 (February 19, 1898): 4; "Send us 10 Cents," Banner of Light 84/19 (January 7, 1899). Paul Tyner was a contributor.

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