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Periodical: Chirothesian Magazine

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Chirothesian Magazine.
1932--1933 Monthly (irregular)
Los Angeles, CA. Editor: William Grant Hess, editor and publisher.
Corporate author: Chirothesian Church of Faith
1/1-5, February to June 1932. Ceased with issue of May 1933. $2.50 a year, 16-24 pp.

The journal consisted almost entirely of Hess' speeches and lectures on the crystal formation of life, tendencies of the child at birth, astrology,lists of prominent persons born under the current astrological sign, all presented in a very Christianized form of New Thought and supplemented with the poems of Longfellow, Wordsworth, Robert Burns, and others. Politically, the journal reveals Hess as a proto-Pelley in his admiration of the primitive Indo-Aryans. The surviving issues of the journal do not mention its attachment to the Chirothesian Church, but the connection must have been there. Hess and D.J. Bussell ( - 1962) incorporated the Chirothesian Church of Faith in Los Angeles in 1917. Bussell was a self-proclaimed "Master Teacher" who founded the organization in connection with his National Academy of Metaphysics, the purveyor of a series of lessons. The name "Chirothesian" was said to have been derived from chiros (a hand), referring to the laying on of hands in healing, and from a "pre-Greek" character meaning "the place where God's law is taught." In practice the teachings were assimilated to the supposed teachings of the Essenes. The church continues after a fashion today in Los Angeles. NYPL.

Issues:Chirothesian Magazine V1 N1 Feb 1932
Chirothesian Magazine V1 N2 Mar 1932
Chirothesian Magazine V1 N3 Apr 1932
Chirothesian Magazine V1 N4 May 1932
Chirothesian Magazine V1 N5 Jun 1932

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