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Periodical: The Breath of Life

Historical and Bibliographical Information:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Breath of Life, The.
A Herald of the Kingdom Coming, in New Divine-Humanity / Exponent of Christopathaian Philosophy and Herald of the Empire of Universal Peace. 1901-1902? Monthly
Battle Creek, then Clifford, MI. Publisher: Breath of Life Publishing Co.. Editor: Rev. Samuel Christian Greathead.
1/1, June 1901. Fifty cents, then $1.00 a year. Advertised in The Free Man, August, 1901: "'The Breath of Life' will be an exponent of full salvation for Spirit, Soul and Body." This was the exponent of the teachings of Levi Dowling and what became The Aquarian Gospel. On Dowling, see John Buescher, Aquarian Evangelist: The Age of Aquarius as It Dawned in the Mind of Levi Dowling (2007). He wrote for the journal as "Leigh H. Dowling" and "Levi d'Guru" and the journal gave prominence to his lessons on "Healing by the Superfine Forces" ($5.00 for the complete course, from Breath of Life Publishing Company), Biopneuma: The True Science of the Great Breath ($2.00), and Dowling's other lessons, all recommended by testimonials of satisfied students, and to the Brotherhood and Breathing Circle , the Christopathian Institute, and the Inner Circle "organized for purposes of Illumination and Power for Ministry," whose members practiced Dowling's teachings on "Zoism," which appears to have been a combination of breathing exercises and suppression of sexual desire that lead to physical and spiritual renewal. Advertisements for Adiramled, the Occult and Biological Journal, the Philomathian, books and lessons by Professor R.E. Dutton and Charles W. Close, and the Psychic Club of Chicago (organized by Sydney Flower and William Walker Atkinson) - all of which combined a form of Zoism, frequently using the term, in their occult practices. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Issues:Breath of Life V2 N1 January 1902

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