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Periodical: The Astrologers' Magazine [Alan Leo]

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Astrologers' Magazine.
A Work Dealing Solely with All Branches of Astral Science.
Other titles: Astrologers' Magazine (December 1891 on)
1890—1895 Monthly
London, England. Publisher: The Proprietors (Allen Leo, Geo. Vickers). Editor: Alan Leo (William Frederick Allen) and "Aphorel" (Frederick Lacey). Succeeded by: Modern Astrology

1/1, August 1890-July 1895. 10 s. 6d. a year. This was Leo's first attempt to make known "Astral Science" as a science rather than a device of charlatanry. Each issue in the early years presented "Lessons in Astrology," basic instruction on the art, and as the journal progressed Leo (and occasionally others) added discussions of the symbolism of the stars, Hindu astrology, astrological palmistry, the growth of interest in astrology, and the like. Notes and Queries says that "Mercurius was the editor of 'The Astrologers' Magazine,' commenced August 1890; five volumes were published, 1890-1895, when it was incorporated with 'Modern Astrology.'" Mercurius (Edward Vaughn Williams) had earlier published Astrologers' Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany (1857-1858) and Mercurius's Predicting Almanac (1876-1880) and the correspondent to N&Q may have confused the journals, or possibly Mercurius had a hand in this later Astrologers' Magazine -- which does not list its editorial staff -- although his age (b. 1817) makes this unlikely. BL; Yale University; Grinnell College; University of Minnesota, and others.

Issues:Astrologers Magazine V1 1890-91
Astrologers Magazine V2 1891-92
Astrologers Magazine V3 1892-93
Astrologers Magazine V4 1893-94
Astrologers Magazine V5 1894-95

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