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Periodical: The Arena

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Arena, The.
A Monthly Review of Social Advance.
1889-1909 Monthly
Boston, MA, New York, NY, Trenton, NJ, and again Boston, MA. Publisher: Arena Publishing Company; Alliance Publishing Company. Editor: B.O. Flower until 1896; then with John Clark Ridpath and John Emery McLean; in 1898 Paul Tyner bought the journal and assumed editorship with McLean until the next year when Alliance Publishing Company bought the journal and McLean edited the journal alone; then N.O. Fanning; then C.B. Patterson, J.E. McLean and B.O. Flower; then Flower alone in 1904.
Succeeds: Journal of Practical Metaphysics (absorbed December 1898); New Time (absorbed December 1898); Temple (absorbed December 1898); The Coming Age (St. Louis, absorbed 1900) Succeeded by: Christian Work and the Evangelist
1/1, December 1889-41/233, August 1909. Illustrated. 5 x 8.

Benjamin Orange Flower (1858-1918) was a rather typical progressive socialist (and rabid anti-Catholic) and started this journal in 1889 to replace the American Spectator which he had run to tout the fraudulent medicines, stock swindles and "salted" mining schemes of his brother until the police closed in. The new journal functioned as a forum for the Brahmin class of the Northeast to address and consider the issues of the time: anti-vaccination, prostitution as a social evil, the fate of native Americans, psychical research, eugenics, etc. He lost editorial control in 1896, sold the magazine in 1898 to Paul Tyner (who turned the journal decidedly toward New Thought and absorbed a variety of New Thought journals, including his own The Temple). In September 1899 the journal was bought by Alliance Publishing Company and moved to New York City under the editorship of John Emery McLean, late editor of Mind. Flower then regained control in 1904 when Albert Brandt bought the paper, and edited it until 1909. In the interim, Flower started Coming Age (St. Louis), and later edited the reform Twentieth Century and then Menace, devoted to opposing the influence of Catholicism. The journal's circulation at its peak was about 30,000, but it seems not to have been profitable. The Arena featured articles by many famous authors of the time, including Camille Flammarion, Max Muller, Edwin Arnold and Alfred Russel Wallace. NYPL; LOC.

Issues:Arena V1 Dec 1889-May 1890
Arena V2 Jun 1890-Nov 1890
Arena V3 Dec 1890-May 1891
Arena V4 Jun 1891-Nov 1891
Arena V5 Dec 1891-May 1892
Arena V7 Dec 1892-May 1893
Arena V8 Jun 1893-Nov 1893
Arena V9 Dec 1893-May 1894
Arena V10 June 1894-nov 1894
Arena V11 Dec 1894-Feb 1895
Arena V12 Mar 1895-May 1895
Arena V13 Jun 1895-Aug 1895
Arena V14 Sep 1895-Nov 1895
Arena V15 Dec 1895-May 1896
Arena V16 Jun 1896-Nov 1896
Arena V17 Dec 1896-May 1897
Arena V18 June 1897-Dec 1897
Arena V19 Jan 1898-Jun 1898
Arena V20 Jul 1898-dec 1898

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