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Periodical: Anthropological Review [LAS]

Summary:  Anthropological Review, The.
Journal of the Anthropological Society of London.
1863—1870 Monthly, then quarterly
London, England. Publisher: Trubner and Co.
Corporate author: Anthropological Society of London / Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland1/1, May 1863-8/29, April 1870. 13s. 6d.

This was the journal of the Anthropological Society of London founded by James Hunt and Richard Francis Burton in a revolt from the politics of the Ethnological Society. The journal was largely devoted to learned reports on current interests in cranioscopy and the like and is included here because of the regular contributions by Burton, A.R. Wallace, and C. Carter Blake and occasional investigations of spiritualism. American Museum of Natural History; NY Academy of Medicine; etc.

Issues:Anthropological Review V1 1863
Anthropological Review V2 1864
Anthropological Review V3 1865
Anthropological Review V4 1866
Anthropological Review V5 1867
Anthropological Review V6 1868
Anthropological Review V7 1869
Anthropological Review V8 1870

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