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Periodical: American Wayshowers

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

American Wayshower, The.
Other names: American Wayshowers, The.
Promoting Individual Liberty and Fraternity through Understanding the Science of Government and Credit / through Understanding the Science of Life and Government.
1939-1941 Bimonthly
Chicago, IL. Publisher: Department Scientific Government and Economics. Editor: E.O.M. (Ida Mingle); John E. Brown (?); Alma Burch.
Corporate author: School of Liveable Christianity
1/1, October 5, 1939-54, December 20, 1941. Fifty cents. Originally 3, then 4 typewritten pages

This was the political and economic offshoot of Ida Mingle's School of Liveable Christianity in Chicago. Mingle was also the editor of a periodical published in Chicago and associated with her School of Liveable Christianity, called The Light of Truth, which should not be confused with the Spiritualist periodical of the same name.

Offshoots of Mingle's organization continue today; one publishes an online journal called Wayshowers. NYPL; Yale University; Hoover Institution, Stanford.

In mid-1926, John E. Brown, "founder and president of the John E. Brown College, Siloam Springs, Ark., and the John Brown College, Sulphur Springs Ark., 'American's AA-Work Schools,' which enables students to work their way through school while receiving a cultural and vocational education" (Neosho [MO] Daily News, May 25, 1926, p. 2) claimed to be "the editor of a monthly magazine, The American Wayshower, with 20,000 circulation...." Whether this is Mingle's publication, another American Wayshower, or a bogus claim, is indeterminate.

The paper takes on a decidedly millenial and ultra-conservative nationalist tone under the editorship of Alma Burch.

Issues:American Wayshowers Jul 3 1975
American Wayshowers Aug 3 1975
American Wayshowers Aug-Sep 3 1976

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