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Periodical: The Agitator
Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Agitator, The. A Semi-Monthly Journal of Reform / Devoted to Reform. 1858-1860 Monthly, then semimonthly Cleveland, OH. Editor: Mrs. Hannah F.M. Brown, editor and proprietor. Succeeded by: Banner of Light (Agitator transferred its subscription list to Banner of Light, 1860)

1/1, January 1858-3/13, April 1, 1860. 50 cents-$1.00 a year. 8-26 pp., 8 x 22 2/2. The 1859 Spiritualists Register describes it as "radical." The name reflects the more radical version of the sentiments that led The Spiritual Telegraph to adopt as its motto the phrase: "The Agitation of Thought is the Beginning of Wisdom." Contributions by Frances H. Green, S.J. Finney, L. Sexton, G.B. Rogers, and Emma Tuttle; novels by the likes of Mary B. Willbor ("Violet: A True Story"). On Hannah Frances Brown, an old Universalist and radical and disciple of John Murray Spear, see John R. Buescher, The Other Side of Salvation: Spiritualism and Nineteenth-Century Religious Experience (2004), 154-160, 182-183, 193-194. She was an avowed "free lover" and feminist and was involved with Moses Hull's The Progressive Age and with the Religio-Philosophical Journal, edited The Little Bouquet and The Lyceum Banner, and assisted in The Spiritual Republic. University of Rochester. New York Historical Society, Ohio Historical Society, American Antiquarian Society, Oberlin College.

Issues:Agitator V1 N5 May 1858
Agitator V1 N7 Jul 1 1858
Agitator V1 N9 Aug 1 1858
Agitator V1 N10 Aug 15 1858
Agitator V1 N11 Sep 1 1858
Agitator V1 N12 Sep 15 1858
Agitator V2 N1 Oct 1 1858
Agitator V2 N2 Oct 15 1858
Agitator V2 N3 Nov 1 1858
Agitator V2 N4 Nov 15 1858
Agitator V2 N5 Dec 1 1858
Agitator V2 N6 Dec 15 1858
Agitator V2 N7 Jan 1 1859
Agitator V2 N8 Jan 15 1859
Agitator V2 N9 Feb 1 1859
Agitator V2 N10 Feb 15 1859
Agitator V2 N11 Mar 1 1859
Agitator V2 N12 Mar 15 1859
Agitator V2 N13 Apr 1 1859
Agitator V2 N14 Apr 15 1859
Agitator V2 N15 May 1 1859
Agitator V2 N16 May 15 1859
Agitator V2 N17 Jun 1 1859
Agitator V2 N18 Jun 15 1859
Agitator V2 N19 Jul 1 1859
Agitator V3 N1 Oct 1 1859
Agitator V3 N2 Oct 15 1859
Agitator V3 N3 Nov 1 1859
Agitator V3 N4 Nov 15 1859
Agitator V3 N5 Dec 1 1859
Agitator V3 N6 Dec 15 1859
Agitator V3 N7 Jan 1 1860
Agitator V3 N8 Jan 15 1860
Agitator V3 N9 Feb 1 1860
Agitator V3 N10 Feb 15 1860
Agitator V3 N11 Mar 1 1860
Agitator V3 N12 Mar 15 1860
Agitator V3 N13 Apr 1 1860

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