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The Standard Spiritualist and Occult Corpus (SSOC)

The Standard Spiritualist and Occult Corpus (SSOC) is an open source text project, focused on book-length texts, in English, covering Spiritualism, the occult, New Thought and allied parasciences (mesmerism, magnetism, phrenology, alchemy, chiromancy and so forth) published between 1790 and 1940. Currently the SSOC consists of more than 8,000 book-length texts (approximately 2.1 million pages), and includes many of the texts considered "classics" in Spiritualism and the occult. Every text in the SSOC is supplied, free of charge, in indexed PDF form, allowing it to be electronically stored, searched, printed and converted (to image, HTML or text). The outer, later bound of the corpus is limited by copyright law.

The intent behind this project is to provide, at low cost, a more or less complete document database of important primary book-length materials to all academic and non-academic researchers, aficionados, and readers interested in Spiritualism, the occult and allied parasciences.

The SSOC is a curated project, with regular releases of texts, and plans for the inclusion of non-textual material related to Spiritualism, the occult and allied parasciences.

The SSOC can be used as a library: texts can be drawn from it on an ad hoc basis. But, by design, the SSOC is a database, structured to sit underneath a full-text retrieval engine (like Windows Search, OS X Spotlight, Foxtrot, Copernic or X Search) to enable researchers, aficionados and readers to find all relevant materials on a particular topic at local search engine speeds, and draw materials from an owned local copy of the SSOC.

The SSOC is also suitable for use as the basis for text processing applications -- named-entity recognition tools, social network analysis tools, lexical analysis tools -- that can consume either PDF files or the text or HTML files that PDFs can produce. Some text processing projects -- named entity extraction and the production of high-fidelity machine-readable text versions of the SSOC documents -- are planned by the SSOC team; please coordinate your work with the team so that there's minimal duplication of effort.

Additionally, an online search engine that searches ONLY the SSOC corpus is effectively available, via Google, using the "" argument in a Google Search, as in the example below.

This option may be suitable for occasional users who are interested in pinpointing a selection of texts to download, but is not intended as a substitute for an owned local copy of the entire SSOC.

You can also use the Search option in the top bar of this page to access a search facility that can be made SSOC-specific.

Access to the SSOC has additional benefits, including the ability to check others' citations and re-establish the context lost through conventional citational apparatus easily, as well as the ability to fact-check and test assertions made about aspects of Spiritualist, occult and parascientific discourse between the end of the eighteenth century and the start of the Second World War.

If you have questions that are not answered by the material provided, if you find a bug in the SSOC distribution, if you have concerns or issues with the corpus, or if you have book length primary material to contribute to the SSOC, feel free to contact the SSOC maintenance team at

YearAuthor(s)Short Title
1531BodinDe Magorum Daemonomania
1591DeeMonas Hieroglyphica
1656MaierThemis Aurea
1659CasaubonDr John Dee
1659LillyChristian Astrology
1666StubbeThe Miraculous Conformist
1677RosenrothKabbala Denudata
1684RosenrothKabbala Denudata
1685GadburyEphemeris Or A Diary
1694MillenDer Heimliche
1702GlanvillA Plurality Of Worlds
1710GadburyNauticum Astrologicum
1715De VillarsSuite Du Comte De Gabalis
1715De VillarsComte De Gabalis
1723Du LudeDaimonologia Treatise Of Spirits
1727AnonymousHistory And Reality Of Apparitions
1727DefoeHistory Of The Devil
1727RamsayTravels Of Cyrus
1728BondThe Supernatural Philosopher Or Mysteries Of Magic
1729DefoeCompleat System Of Magick
1729IngebernChiromantia Metoposcopia Physiognomia
1729MoretonSecrets Of The Invisible World Disclosd
1729Moreton DefoeSecrets Of The Invisible World Disclosd
1740StukeleyStonehenge A Temple Restored To The British Druids
1744AnonymousHermippus Redivvus Sages Triumph
1750MooreVox Stellarum
1766TschoudyLetoile Flamboyante
1766TschoudyLetoile Flamboyante
1774AlbertAdmirables Secrets Dalbert Le Grand
1774Ashmole LillyLives Of Ashmole And Lilly
1777LavaterPhysiognomische Fragmente
1779MesmerMemoire Sur La Decouverte Du Magnetisme Animal
1780GrahamAbstract Of Medical Transactions At The Temple Of Health
1780GrahamThe Guardian Goddess Of Health Whole Art Of Preventing Curing Diseases
1781MtMemoire Physique Et Medicinal
1781Un MedecinLettre Dun Medecin
1782PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1783An AdeptChrysal Or The Adventures Of A Guinea
1783AnonymousA Poetical Epistle To Celebrated Dr Graham
1783NicholaiEssai Sur Les Accusations Intentees Aux Templiers
1784AnonymousMagikon Oder Geheime System
1784RetzMemoire De La Jonglerie
1784SiblyComplete Illustration Of Astrological And Occult Sciences
1784SiblyComplete Illustration Of Astrological And Occult Sciences
1784WoytsGazophylacium Medico-physicum
1785ArthaudCercle Des Philadelphes
1785DecrempsSupplement A La Magie Blanche
1785Franklin Et AliaReport On Animal Magnetism
1785TschoudyL Etoile Flamboyante
1785TschoudyL Etoile Flamboyante
1786PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1786PuysegurMemoires Pour Servir A L Histoire Du Magnetisme Animal
1787AdelungGeschichte Der Menschlichen Narrheit
1787AnonymousLife Of The Count Cagliostro
1788BellEssay On Somnambulism
1789AnonymousGrosse Planeten-buch
1789Placidus SiblyCollection Of 30 Remarkable Nativities
1789SiblyThirty Remarkable Nativities
1789SiblyAstronomy And Elementary Philosophy
1790AnonymousA Plain And Rational Account Of Animal Magnetism
1790AnonymousUniversal Fortune Teller
1790AnonymousAnimal Magnetism Displayed
1790SibleyNew And Complete Illustration Of Occult Sciences
1791AnonymousVie De Joseph Balsamo Cagliostro
1791AnonymousLife Of Joseph Balsam
1791RosenthalDie Naturliche Magie
1791VaughanObservations On Animal Electricity
1791WeiglebDie Naturliche Magie
1792AnonymousThe New Cheats Of London
1792BellGeneral And Particular Principles Of Animal Magnetism
1792Heydon JrThe New Astrology
1792PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1792RemazziDe Sortilegia Et Magia
1793AnonymousEvery Ladys Own Fortune Teller
1793LavaterAphorisms On Man
1794BallAstrolo-physical Compendium
1794DoppetTraite Theorique Et Pratique Du Magnetisme Animal
1794HindmarshA New Dictionary Of Correspondences
1795BrothersWonderful Prophecies
1795SchillerThe Ghost-seer
1795SiblyA Key To Physic And The Occult Sciences
1795SiblyMedical Mirror
1795SiblyIllustration Of The Occult Sciences
1796SwedenborgThe Wisdom Of Angels
1797BarruelMemoirs Illustrating The History Of Jacobinism V1-4
1797DeanHocus Pocus
1798RobisonProofs Of A Conspiracy
1798WorsdaleGenethliacal Astrology
1799AnonymousMagic Pretended Miracles
1799MooreVox Stellarum
1799PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1799SeasonSpeculum Anni
1799WorsdaleA Collection Of Remarkable Nativities
1800AnonymousReceuil De Traites Sur Les Sciences Occultes
1800LavaterLavaters Looking Glass
1800ReidRise And Dissolution Of The Infidel Societies
1801BarrettThe Magus Or Celestial Intelligencer
1801SouthcottThe Strange Effects Of Faith
1801SouthcottLetter To Rev Stanhope Bruce
1801WinterAnimal Magnetism
1802CorryDetector Of Quackery
1802MooreVox Stellarum
1802PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1802PaysonProofs Of Illuminism
1802SeasonSpeculum Anni
1802SouthcottA Communication Given To Joanna In Answer To Mr Brothers Last Book
1802WingWings Almanac
1803AnonymousThe Gentlemans Diary
1803AnonymousThe Ladies Diary
1803MooreVox Stellarum
1803PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1803Poor RobinAn Almanack
1803SeasonSpeculum Anni
1803SouthcottProphecies A Warning To The Whole World
1803WhiteCoelestial Atlas
1803WingWings Almanac
1804AnonymousThe Trial Of Joanna Southcott
1804AnonymousCharges Against Joanna Southcott
1804BrewsterHistory Of Free Masonry
1804SouthcottLetters On Various Subjects
1804SouthcottMr Joseph Southcott Vindication Of His Sister
1804SouthcottLetters And Communications To Jane Townley
1804SouthcottA Warning To The World
1804SouthcottTrue Explanations Of The Bible P1-4
1804SouthcottOn The Prayers For Fast Day
1804SouthcottCopies And Parts Of Copies Of Letters And Communications
1805AnonymousGeneral Index To The Writings Of Joanna Southcott
1805SouthcottJoanna Southcotts Answer To Five Charges In The Leeds Mercury
1805SouthcottJoanna Southcotts Answer To Garretts Book
1805SouthcottThe Second Book Of The Sealed Prophecies
1805WorsdaleNativity Of Bonaparte
1806GreenTerrible Tractoration
1806Pater LillyBook Of Knowledge
1806Pater Lilly AnonymousBook Of Knowledge
1806SouthcottThe Full Assurance That The Kingdom Of Christ Is At Hand
1807SouthcottA Caution And Instruction To The Sealed
1808AnonymousTrial Of Joseph Powell
1808AnonymousTheory Of Dreams
1808Pater LillyBook Of Knowledge
1808SouthcottSound An Alarm In My Holy Mountain
1809MooreVox Stellarum
1809ParkinsThe English Physician
1809SouthcottThe Prayers Of The Church Of England
1810AnonymousComplete History Of The Druids
1810DudleyMetamorphosis Of Sona
1810HannHeresey And Imposture Of Joanna The Prophetess
1810HannProphecies Of Joanna Southcott
1810QuitmanTreatise On Magic
1810SouthcottA Word In Season To A Sinking Kingdom
1810SouthcottA Word To The Wise Or A Call To The Nation
1810WhiteBeauties Of Occult Science Investigated
1811AnonymousFair And Fatal Warnings
1811BaldwinBaldwins Legacy To His Daughter
1811BuckleyDefence Of The Holy Scriptures Refuting Joanna Southcott
1811ParkinsThe Young Mans Best Companion
1811SouthcottControversy Of The Spirit With The Worldly Wise
1811SouthcottA Continuation Of The Controversy With The Worldly Wise
1811VolneyThe Ruins
1812HannRemarkable Life Of Joanna Southcott
1812HughesSolemn Warning To Dwellers Upon Earth
1812ParkinsCabinet Of Wealth Or The Temple Of Wisdom
1812SiblyCulpepers English Physician And Complete Herbal
1812SouthcottAn Answer To Thomas Paine
1812SwedenborgTreatise Concerning Heaven And Hell
1813AnonymousEcce Homo
1813FerriarTheory Of Apparitions
1813SouthcottA Dispute Between The Woman And The Powers Of Darkness
1813SouthcottA Continuation Of The Prophecies
1813SouthcottThe Second Book Of Visions
1813SouthcottCopies Of Letters Sent To The Clergy Of Exeter
1813SouthcottThe Answer Of The Lord To The Powers Of Darkness
1813TregorthaNews From The Invisible World
1814BeaumontFixed Stars Or An Analyzation And Refutation Of Astrology
1814ChristieWorship Of The Elements
1814CooperPrimum Mobile
1814FairburnLife Of Joanna Southcott
1814FairburnLife Of Joanna Southcott
1814HughsonLife Of Joanna Southcott
1814JsJoanna Southcotts Mission Vindicated
1814MaisRachel Baker
1814ParkinsThe English Physician
1814ParkinsUniversal Fortune-teller
1814PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1814Placidus De Titus CooperPrimum Mobile
1814RamsayTravels Of Cyrus
1814SiblyA Key To Physic And The Occult Sciences
1814SouthcottA Communication To The Reverend Mr P
1814Toland HuddlestonHistory Of The Druids
1815BakerDevotional Somnium
1815BarrettLives Of Alchemystical Philosophers
1815DenhamRemarks On The Writings And Prophecies Of Joanna Southcott
1815MathiasThe Case Of Joanna Southcott
1815NodierHistoire Des Societes Secretes De L Armee
1815PullenIndex To The Divine And Spiritual Writings Of Joanna Southcott
1815ReeceLast Illness And Death Of Mrs Southcott
1815TaylorApparitions Or The Mystery Of Ghosts
1816AdeptAnecdotes Medical Chemical And Chirurgical
1816AnonymousOld Poor Robin
1816AnonymousThe Ladies Diary
1816AnonymousThe Gentlemans Diary
1816FaberThe Origin Of Pagan Idolatry
1816HafezNew And Complete Fortune-teller
1816MooreVox Stellarum
1816PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1816SeasonSpeculum Anni
1816SingerResearches Into The History Of Playing Cards
1816WhiteThe Coelestial Atlas
1817AnonymousThe Pocket Lavater
1817ParkinsThe Book Of Miracles
1817ParkinsThe Book Of Miracles
1817SiblyNew And Complete Illustration Of Celestial Science Of Astrology
1818AnonymousThe True Fortune Teller
1818OxleyExpetitious Writing
1818PaineLecture On The Origin Of Free Masonry
1818Von HammerGeshischte Der Assassinen
1819AnonymousCritical Remarks On Infamous Publications Of John Parkins
1819AnonymousRealite De La Magie
1819AnonymousEcce Home Critical Remarks On John Parkins
1819CorbauxOn The Sentient Faculty
1819DeleuzeHistoire Critique Du Magnetisme Animal
1819InsulanusTreatises On The Second Sight
1819JhajVersuch Einer Antwort Gespenster
1819LombardDangers Du Magnetisme Animal
1819TownsendOedipus Romanus
1819WilsonA Complete Dictionary Of Astrology
1819WorsdaleAstronomy And Elementary Philosophy
1820AnonymousTransactions Of The Phrenological Society
1820HalesThe Astrologer
1820Henin De CluvilersMagnetisme Eclaire
1820HoneApocryphal New Testament
1820RenwickNarrative Of Miss Margaret Mavoys Case
1820WilsonA New And Complete Set Of Astrological Tables
1821Afficionado De Magia BlancaNoticias Curiosas
1821BerbiguerFarfadets Demons Ne Sont Pas De Lautre Monde
1821DukesInstructions For Use Of The Planisphere
1821HalesDe Willenberg Or The Talisman
1821PageMagic Harmonies
1821SiblyA Key To Physic And The Occult Sciences
1821SiblyA Key To Physic And Occult Sciences
1821TaylorIamblichhus Mysteries Of Egyptians
1822AshmandPtolemys Tetrabiblos
1822HeatonExtraordinary Affliction And Gracious Relief Of A Little Boy
1822LillyLife And Times
1822LoeweA Treatise On The Phenomena Of Animal Magnetism
1822PatchinA Religious Convincement And Plea
1822SiblyCelestial Science Of Astrology V2
1822SmithPhilosophical Merlin
1823AldersonEssay On Apparitions
1823JarvisAccredited Ghost Stories
1823LandseerSabean Researches
1823LenainScience Cabalistique
1823MackeyThe Mythological Zodiac Of The Ancients
1823OliverAntiquities Of Free-masonry
1823StewartPopular Superstitions And Festive Amusements Of The Highlanders
1824A BarristerThe Vagrant Act In Relation To The Liberty Of The Subject
1824AdolphusObservations On The Vagrants Act
1824AnonymousProtest Against The Spirit And Practice Of Modern Legislation
1824AnonymousPrivate Memoirs And Confessions Of A Justified Sinner
1824AnonymousOn The Impropriety Of Classing Players With Rogues And Vagabonds
1824BeaumontThe Anti-swedenborg
1824ColeThe Circular Zodiac Of Tentyra
1824HibbertSketches Of The Philosophy Of Apparitions
1824PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1824RobertRecherches Et Considerations Critiques Sur Le Magnetisme Animal
1825AnglicusAstrologer Of Nineteenth Century
1825AnonymousExhibition Of The Zodiac Of Dendera
1825AnonymousAn Apology For The Study Of Phrenology
1825Bewick HolbeinThe Dance Of Death
1825HibbertPhilosophy Of Apparitions
1825Le NormandOracle Of Human Destiny
1825OliverThe Star In The East
1825SalomonSecret Des Secrets
1825SmithSpirit Of Partridge Or Astrologers Pocket Companion
1825SmithView Of The Hebrews
1825WelbySigns Before Death
1826AnonymousCatalogue Des Ouvrages Francais Sur Magnetisme Animal
1826BertrandDu Magnetisme Animal En France
1826DenleyA Catalogue Of Books
1826DupotetExperiences Publiques Sur Le Magnetisme Animal
1826M SExpose Des Cures Operees En France Par Magnetisme Animal
1826MooreVox Stellarum
1826One Of The CraftMasonry Revealed and Illustrated
1826One Of The FraternityIllustrations Of Masonry
1826PriorLectures On Astronomy
1826SiblyCelestial Science Of Astrology
1826SmExpose Des Cures Operees En France
1826WatsonStatistics Of Phrenology
1827AnonymousIllustrations Of Masonry
1827BridgmanThe Bible Vindicated
1827DescendantBridegroom Of The Fay
1827Descendent Of GabalisBridegroom Of The Fay
1827HigginsCeltic Druids
1827NewhamPrinciples Of Education
1827PennickPhrenographic Register
1827TaylorNineteenth Oration
1828Hamilton Spurzheim CombeCorrespondence Relative To Phrenology
1828JenningsAn Inquiry Concerning Nature And Operations Of Human Mind
1828Master MasonFree Masonry Its Pretensions Exposed
1828RaphaelManual Of Astrology
1828StoneEvidences Against Phrenology
1828TaylorSyntagma Of The Evidences Of The Christian Religion
1828WorsdaleCelestial Philosophy
1829Ami De La VeriteLa Verite Du Magnetisme
1829BernardLight On Masonry
1829BrownNarrative Of The Anti-masonick Excitement
1829ChenevixOn Mesmerism
1829Cudworth BirchWorks Of Ralph Cudworth
1829Du CommunThree Lectures On Animal Magnetism
1829HigginsApology For The Life And Character Of Mohamed
1829KnowltonElements Of Modern Materialism
1829OeggerLe Vrai Messie
1829OliverHistory Of Initiation
1829PartridgeMerlinus Liberatus
1829SalverteSciences Occultes
1829StoneObservations On The Phrenological Development Of Burke Hare And Other Atrocious Murderers
1829TwortVision Of Judgment
1829WhitmanLecture On Popular Superstitions
1830AnonymousWorks Of Aristotle The Famous Philosopher
1830AnonymousPhrenological Bijou
1830AnonymousProceedings Of The First Us Anti-masonic Convention
1830BaldwinRobert Dale Owen Unmasked
1830BogueMemoir Of Mrs Joanna Turner
1830CombeSystem Of Phrenology
1830DenisTableaux Historique Des Sciences Occultes
1830HalesChronology And Geography
1830NewnhamEssay On Superstition
1830OxleyCelestial Planispheres
1830RaphaelRoyal Book Of Dreams
1830ScottLetters On Demonology And Witchcraft
1830SmithThe Book Of Mormon Palmyra
1830ThomsonHistorical Sketch Of The Thomsonian System
1831AnonymousProceedings Of The Antimasonic State Convention
1831CruikshankThe Gentleman In Black
1831Fabre PalapratLevitikon
1831LyttonThe Siamese Twins
1831MooreVox Stellarum
1831MorrisonLoss Of The Rothsay Castle
1831RaphaelRaphaels Witch
1831TaylorAstronomico-theological Discourses
1831ThacherDemonology Ghosts And Apparitions And Popular Superstitions
1831UphamLectures On Witchcraft
1831VimontProspectus Francais Et Anglais Pour Traite De Phrenologie
1832AnonymousReport On Freemasonry And Masons
1832AnonymousProceedings Of The Second Us Anti-masonic Convention
1832CalvertIllustrations Of Phrenology
1832CoryAncient Fragments
1832DuffieldSpiritual Life Or Regeneration
1832Ingenious FrenchmanInnocent Amusement Or The Hieroglyphical Fortune-teller
1832JervisRemarks In Refutation Of Extraordinary Story Of Supernatural Appearance
1832KernerSeherin Von Prevorst V1-2
1832MackeyThe Two Zodiacs Of Tentyra
1832NewhamA Tribute Of Sympathy Addressed To Mourners
1832RaphaelFamiliar Astrologer
1832StellaHorary Astrology
1832StoneLetters On Masonry And Anti-masonry
1833AnonymousRemarks On Mr Baxters Narrative Of Facts
1833AnonymousTheological Vampire Exposed
1833AnonymousMillenial Institutions
1833AnonymousA Letter To Henry Hunt
1833ColquhounReport Of The Experiments On Animal Magnetism
1833HeringRise And Progress Of Homeopathic Medicine
1833JudsonAlphabet Of Phrenology
1833MartineauProvidence As Manifested Through Israel
1833ObrienPhoenician Ireland
1833SpurzheimExamination Of Objections
1833SpurzheimPhrenology Physiognomy
1833ZadkielGrammar Of Astrology
1834A GraduateA Word Decisive
1834AnonymousReisen In Mond Geschichte Einer Somnamble
1834AnonymousDe Linitiation Chez Les Gnostiques
1834Baxter MatherCertainty Of The World Of Spirits And Wonders Of The Invisible World
1834BeldenJane Rider Springfield Somnambulist
1834BrewsterLetters On Natural Magic
1834DenleyA Catalogue Of A Miscellaneous Collection Of Books
1834DupotetCours De Magnetisme Animal
1834GodwinLives Of The Necromancers
1834HartleyObservations On Man
1834HowittPopular History Of Priestcraft
1834Jung-stillingTheory Of Pneumatology
1834KernerGeschichte Des Madchens Von Orlach
1834MackeyThe Original Design Of The Ancient Zodiac
1834MacnishPhilosophy Of Sleep
1834ObrienRound Towers Of Ireland
1834OeggerRapports Inattendus
1834PalmerRaphaels Sanctuary
1834QuinPharmacopoeia Homoepathica
1834ZadkielTables To Be Used In Calculating Nativities
1835BakewellNatural Evidence Of A Future Life
1835BulwerThe Student
1835ClarkeChristian Phrenology
1835FellowsExposition Of The Mysteries
1835Jung-stillingHeinrich Stilling Part2
1835KirchenhofferOracle Or Book Of Fate
1835KirckenhofferThe Oracle Or Book Of Fate
1835LandseerFurther Sabean Researches
1835Leo-woldRemarks On The Abracadabra Of The Nineteenth Century
1835Lilly ZadkielIntroduction To Astrology
1835MillsAffidavit Of Maria Monks Mother
1835MoritzAstrologie Von Manetho
1835StoneMatthias And His Impostures
1835StoneMatthias And His Impostures
1835ValeFanaticism Its Source And Influence
1835Von HammerHistory Of The Assassins
1835ZurielLectures On Celestial Philosophy
1836A MemberThe Philosophy Of Phrenology Simplified
1836AnonymousVandeleur Or Animal Magnetism
1836AnonymousTestimonials On Behalf Of George Combe
1836AnonymousPhysical Theory Of Another Life
1836AnonymousReisen In Mond Geschichte Einer Somnamble
1836BrownsonNew Views Of Christianity
1836ColquhounIsis Revelata
1836CoxSelections From The Phrenological Journal
1836EtzlerThe Paradise Within Reach Of All Men
1836FowlerPhrenology Proven Illustrated And Applied
1836HackettThe Students Assistant In Astronomy And Astrology
1836HahnemannOrganon Of Homeopathic Medicine
1836HudsonReport On The Magnetical Experiments
1836JonesPractical Phrenology
1836KnightAn Inquiry Into The Symbolic Language
1836LaneAccount Of The Manners And Customs Of Arabs
1836MonkAwful Disclosures Supplemental
1836MonkAwful Disclosures Philadelphia
1836Poyen HussonReport Of The Magnetical Experiments
1836ReesePhrenology Known By Its Fruits
1836RitchieThe Magician
1836SmithDecisive Confirmation Of The Awful Disclosures
1836SpoonerDeists Reply
1836StanhopeTracts Relating To Caspar Hauser
1836StoneMaria Monk And The Nunnery Of The Hotel Dieu
1836TaylorPhysical Theory Of Another Life
1836ValeReview Of The Awful Disclosures
1836VindexFabrication Entitled Awful Disclosures
1836WatsonStatistics Of Phrenology
1837AnonymousJourneys Into The Moon
1837AnonymousHistory Of A Female Somnambulist
1837AnonymousSecret Societies Of The Middle Ages
1837AnonymousReport Of Dr Franklin And Other Commissioners
1837CombeConstitution Of Man
1837Conte FontenelleNouveau Manuel Complet Des Sorciers
1837CuriePrinciples Of Homeopathy
1837De FontanelleNouveau Manuel Complet Des Sorciers
1837DeleuzePractical Instruction In Animal Magnetism
1837DurantExposition Or A New Theory Of Animal Magnetism
1837EppsInternal Evidences Of Christianity Deduced From Phrenology
1837FowlerPhrenological Chart
1837FrereExamen Du Magnetisme Animal
1837Gentleman Of PhiladelphiaPhilosophy Of Animal Magnetism
1837LeeObservations On Principal Medical Institutions
1837LoeweOrigin Of The Egyptian Language
1837MonkFurther Disclosures
1837OliverSigns And Symbols
1837PoyenProgress Of Animal Magnetism In New England
1837PoyenLetter To Col William L Stone
1837RaphaelManual Of Astrology
1837SleighExposure Of Maria Monk
1837SmithThe Book Of Mormon Kirtland
1837StoneLetter To Doctor A Brigham On Animal Magnetism
1837StoneA Complete Refutation Of Maria Monk
1837StoneLetter To Doctor A Brigham On Animal Magnetism
1838AlcottVegetable Diet
1838AnonymousSketches Of Imposture Deception And Credulity
1838AnonymousThe Folly Of Fortune Telling
1838BarlowThe Discovery Of The Vital Principal
1838CaldwellPhrenology Vindicated
1838CollyerManual Of Phrenology
1838ComstockTongue Of Time
1838Du PotetIntroduction To The Study Of Animal Magnetism
1838FowlerSynopsis Of Phrenology
1838JahrManual Of Homeopathic Medicine
1838JamesCount Cagliostro Or The Charlatan
1838LeeAnimal Magnetism And Homoeopathy
1838Monthly ChronicleAnimal Magnetism
1838MoodyA Complete Refutation Of Astrology
1838OliverSigns And Symbols
1838PeabodyA World Of Wonders
1838PhysicianShort Sketch Of Animal Magnetism
1838ReeseHumbugs Of New York
1838RogetTreatises On Physiology And Phrenology
1838SmithPrinciples Of Phrenology
1838StoneVoyage Of Miss Brackett
1839AnonymousAlbertus Magnus Oder Der Lange Verborgene Schatz Und Haus-freund
1839CombeLectures On Phrenology
1839FowlerPhrenology Proven Illiustrated And Applied
1839GrimesA New System Of Phrenology
1839HodgsonConsiderations On Phrenology
1839ParkesThe Star
1839RaphaelRaphaels Witch
1839SlocumConfirmation Of Maria Monks Disclosures
1839StevensRudiments Of Mental Philosophy And Phrenological Chart
1839WernerDie Schutzgeister
1840AnonymousEverlasting Circle Of Fate
1840BurkePhrenological Inquiries
1840ComstockThe Tongue Of Time
1840DupotetCours De Magnetisme
1840FinchThe Original Norwood Gipsy
1840HorsfordPhrenological Classifications Of Grimes
1840PrideauxStrictures On The Conduct Of Hewitt Watson
1840RoyObservation De Magnetisme Occulte
1840RrThe Christian Religion
1840SchabalieWandering Soul
1840SmithBook Of Mormon
1840TownshendFacts In Mesmerism
1840WilsonOur Israelitish Origin
1840ZadkielGrammar Of Astrology
1841A BarristerThoughts On Phrenology
1841A SurgeonAnimal Magnetism
1841AnonymousAnimal Magnetism
1841AnonymousExistence Of Christ As A Human Being Disproved
1841AnonymousPhrenological Chart
1841BrayPhilosophy Of Necessity
1841CharpignonPhysiologie Medecine Et Metaphysique Du Magnetisme
1841CoombsStandard Phrenology
1841CoombsCoombs Popular Phrenology
1841DendyPhilosophy Of Mystery
1841EtzlerThe New World Or Mechanical System
1841FowlerFowler On Matrimony
1841HaleSecond Advent Manual
1841JowettAddress To The Believers In The Divine Mission Of Joanna Southcott
1841MackayExtraordinary Popular Delusions
1841MillerEvidence Of The Second Coming Of Christ
1841MoorBealings Bells
1841OliverHistory Of Initiation
1841OwenA Lecture On Consistency
1841RaphaelFamiliar Astrologer
1841RaphaelRaphaels Prophetic Almanac
1841RomerSturmer A Tale Of Mesmerism
1841SimmonitePractical Self-teaching Grammar
1841SmithThe Book Of Mormon Liverpool
1841TissotSilent Friend
1841TownshendFacts In Mesmerism
1842AnonymousMormonism Exposed
1842AnonymousA Crust For The Phrenologists
1842BrittanAn Address Delivered In Bridgeport
1842BuchananSketches Of Buchanans Discoveries In Neurology
1842Buell SizerGuide To Phrenology
1842CaldwellFacts In Mesmerism
1842EngledueCerebral Physiology
1842FlamelLe Livre Rouge
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1845A ConvalescentSpectral Visitants Or Journal Of A Fever
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1845AnonymousEl Magnetismo Animal
1845AnonymousSketches Of Imposture Deception Credulity
1845BaggBagg On Magnetism
1845BedarrideOrdre Maconnique De Misraim
1845BreteauGrand Jeu De Societe Pratiques Secretes De Mlle Normand
1845Comtesse DeGrand Jeu De Societe De Mlle Le Normand
1845CoxeFriends In Another World
1845CroweSeeress Of Prevorst
1845DendyPhilosophy Of Mystery
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1847AnonymousLife Of Reverend William Tennent
1847AnonymousBook Of Visions
1847AnonymousExamen Du Magnetisme
1847AnonymousRecord Of Cases
1847BirdHistorical Researchs On The Dauddha And Jaina Religions
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1847BushReply To Dr Woods
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1847DelaageInitiation Aux Mysteres Du Magnetisme
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1847SalverteThe Philosophy Of Magic
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1849AnonymousReasons For Belief In Judicial Astrology
1849Author Of Millenial InstitutionsThe Seventh Vial
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1849BlakemanPhilosophical Essay On Credibility And Superstition
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1850A MinorRapology
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1850Capron BarronExplanation And History Of The Mysterious Communion With Spirits
1850Capron BarronExplanation And History Of The Mysterious Communion With Spirits
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1850CroweLight And Darkness
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1850DeleuzePractical Instruction In Animal Magnetism
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1852AmblerSpiritual Teacher
1852AmblerElements Of Spiritual Philosophy
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1852AnonymousPhilosophie Du Christianisme
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1852AnonymousSpiritual Experience Of Mrs Lorin L Platt
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1852ArnoldHistory Of Man
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1852DavisApproaching Crisis
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1852GleasonThe Spirit Home
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1852LazarusThe Zend-avesta And Solar Religions
1852LegerThe Magnetoscope
1852MackayExtraordinary Popular Delusions National Illustrated Library
1852MellingLecture On Atmopathy And Hydropathy
1852Minister Of The GospelIncidents Of Personal Experience
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1852MooreVox Stellarum
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1852RogersPhilosophy Of Mysterious Agents
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1853AdamsAnswers To Seventeen Objections
1853AdamsReview Of Beechers Report
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1853AllynRitual Of Freemasonry
1853AmblerBirth Of The Universe
1853AnonymousTable Moving By Animal Magnetism Demonstrated 9ed
1853AnonymousProceeding Society Of Friends Spiritual Manifestations
1853AnonymousThe Sophistry Of Empiricism
1853AnonymousBible Communism
1853AnonymousTable Moving With Directions How To Experiment
1853AnonymousTable-turning And Table-talking Considered
1853AnonymousExtraordinary Facts Respecting Table-moving And Spirit-rappings
1853AnonymousTable Turning And Table Talking
1853AnonymousEighth Wonder
1853AnonymousSatanic Agency And Table-turning
1853AnonymousTable Moving Causes And Phenomena
1853AnonymousTable Moving By Animal Magnetism Demonstrated 3ed
1853AnonymousAndersons Expose Of Spirit Rappings With Mediums Reply
1853AnonymousApocalypse Explained By Swedenborg
1853AnonymousProceedings Of The Eclectic Physicians
1853BallouSpirit Manifestations
1853BeecherReview Of Spiritual Manifestations
1853BergSpirit Rapping A Fraud
1853BickleyBickleys Review Of The Pretended Report
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1853Bishop Of QuebecLettre Pastorale Tables Tournantes
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1853BrittanReview Of Beechers Report
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1853BrownHear O Heavens And Give Ear
1853BuchananIntroductory Lecture
1853CampbellSpiritual Telegraphic Opposition Line
1853ClayDanger Folly And Sin Of Table-talking
1853CloseTable-turning Not Diabolical
1853CloseThe Testers Tested
1853De BoismontHallucinations
1853Edmonds DexterSpiritualism
1853EmmonsPhilosophy Of Popular Superstitions
1853EvansTests Of Inspiration
1853EverettA Book For Skeptics
1853FowlerA Home For All
1853Fowler WellsCatalog
1853FullerReports From The Celestial Court
1853GentilGuide Du Consultant Et Incredules Tables Parlantes
1853GodfreyTable-turning The Devils Modern Master-piece
1853GreenBiography Of Semantha Mettler
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1853HubbardElements Of Intellectual Philosophy
1853IntroviserPhrenology Psychology Pneumatology
1853Jung-stillingTheory Of Pneumatology
1853KernerSomnambulen Tische
1853KochTable-moving And Table-talking
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1853MandellEvangel Of The Spheres
1853MattisonSpirit Rapping Unveiled
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1853NicholsEsoteric Anthropology
1853One Who Has Tried The SpiritsSpirit Rappings
1853Partridge BrittanSpiritual Library Catalog
1853PattersonCharles Hopewell
1853PonsinNouvelle Magie Blanche Devoilee
1853PorterSpirit Rappings
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1853PrichardA Few Sober Words Of Table-talk
1853PutnamSpirit Works
1853PutnamMesmerism Spiritualist Witchcraft And Miracle
1853RauchPsychology Or A View Of The Human Soul
1853ReynoldsonWhat Are Spirit Rappings
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1853RogersAutomatic Powers Of The Brain
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1853SnowSpirit Intercourse
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1853SpicerSights And Sounds
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1853SunderlandBook Of Human Nature
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1853WarrenSupernal Theology
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1853WhiteSigns Of The Times
1853WickliffeRappo-mania Overthrown
1853WilliamsMental Alchemy
1853WilsonSatanic Agency Not Connected With Table-turning
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1854AdamsRivulet From The Ocean Of Truth
1854AlcideComment Lesprit Vient Aux Tables
1854AndrewsTrue Constitution Of Government
1854AnonymousExposition Of Character Of Jr Buchanan
1854AnonymousPractical Investigation Clairvoyance
1854AnonymousNew England Spiritualist Association
1854AnonymousMinutes Of Infidel Convention
1854AnonymousThe Phrenologists Daughter
1854Anxious EnquirerThe Table And The Turner
1854ArnoldPhilosophical History Of Free-masonry
1854BalbirniePhilosophy Of The Water-cure
1854BartolRelation Of The Medical Profession To The Ministry
1854BersotMesmer Et Magnetisme Animal
1854BrittanTables Turned
1854BrownsonSpirit Rapper
1854BuchananLectures On The Neurological System Of Anthropology
1854BuchananOutlines Of Lectures
1854BuchananMedical Sectarianism
1854ButlerModern Necromancy
1854CahagnetEncyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T1
1854ChevreulBaguette Divinatoire
1854CookeA Plea For Urania
1854CopestickThe Coming Struggle
1854CorningThe Infidelity Of The Times
1854CourtneyDods Theory Of Spiritual Manifestations
1854CridgeEpitome Of Spirit Intercourse
1854De GasparinTables Tournantes
1854De MirvillePneumatologie Esprits Et Leur Manifestations Fluidiques
1854Des MousseauxMoeurs Et Pratiques Des Demons
1854DodsSpirit Manifestations Examined And Explained
1854DodsPhilosophy Of Electrical Psychology
1854DupotetManuel De Lutudiant Magnetiseur
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1854FoxTable Talking And The Parsons
1854GarrisonModern Phenomena
1854GentilManuel Elementaire De Laspirant Magnetiseur
1854GodfreyTheology Of Table-turning Spirit-rapping And Clairvoyance
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1854Gove NicholsExperiences In The Water-cure
1854GrahamProceedings Of The Hartford Bible Convention
1854GrahamLectures On The Science Of Human Life
1854GridleyAstounding Facts From The Spirit World
1854HallMan Not Immortal
1854HarrisA Lyric Of The Morning Land
1854HastingsDialogue On The Theory And Practice Of Medicine
1854HatchPopery Unmasked
1854HenckSpirit Voices
1854HewlettPersonal Recollections Of The Little Tew Ghost
1854LuntTrial Of The Spirits
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1854MichalCorps Aromal Andro Magnetisme
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1854MorleyElements Of Animal Magnetism
1854MorleyJerome Cardan
1854New England Spiritualists AssociationConstitution And By-laws
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1854OwenFuture Of The Human Race
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1854PowellThe Village Bridal
1854PurlandA Visit To The Mesmeric Institute
1854RadcliffeFiends Ghosts And Sprites
1854RiceSpiritualism In The West
1854RobackMysteries Of Astrology
1854RutterHuman Electricity
1854ScottTrance Of Marietta Davis
1854Searcher After TruthThe Rappers
1854SegouinNouvel Almanach Du Magnetiseur
1854SimmonitePrognostications On Revolutions
1854SmithDivine Drama Of History And Civilisation
1854SzaparyMagnetisme Et Magnetotherapie
1854ThiboudetDes Esprits Et Des Leurs Rapports Avec Le Monde Visible
1854TownshendMesmerism Proved True
1854TrismegisteMerveilles Du Magnetisme Tables Tournantes
1854Un HommeComment Lesprit Vient Aux Tables
1854Unprejudiced ObserverTruth Of Clairvoyance
1854WhewellThe Plurality Of Worlds
1854WhiteVoices From Spirit Land
1854WilliamsAddress To The Officers And Citizens Of The Us
1854WilliamsSuperstitions Of Witchcraft
1854WilliamsAddress To The Officers And Citizens Of The Us
1854WoodPhilosophy Of Creation
1855A LaymanSpiritualism Bible And Our Ideas Compared
1855American LadyWorlds Book Or Key To Spiritual Life
1855AndersonParlour Magic
1855AnonymousThe Worlds Book
1855AnonymousMary Lyndon
1855AnonymousThomsonian Medical Instructor
1855AnonymousThoughts On Intercourse With Spirits
1855AnonymousMagia Blanca Descubierta Arte Divinatoria
1855AnonymousMagic Pretended Miracles And Remarkable Natural Phenomena
1855AshleyModern Necromancy
1855BallouThe Lady Of The West
1855BeauxInfluence De La Magnetisation Sur Voix Goute En Musique
1855BelisleThe Prophets Or Mormonism Unveiled
1855BrittanTelegraphs Answer To Mahan
1855BrownCause Of The Present War
1855BushNew Church Miscellanies
1855CapronModern Spiritualism
1855ChildProgressive Life Of Spirits
1855ChildProgress Of Religious Ideas
1855ChildThe Lily Wreath Of Spiritual Communications
1855CombePhrenology Applied To Painting And Sculpture
1855DavisPresent Age And Inner Life
1855De MirvilleQuestion Des Esprits
1855DennysThe Alpha
1855EdmondsReply Hopkins
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1855FergusonSpirit Communion
1855FolioWomens Rights And Spiritualism
1855ForfarThe Great Wine Press Popularly Called Armageddon
1855FriswellBlackwoods Comic Zadkiel
1855GlenTheory Of The Influence Exerted By The Mind Over The Body
1855GodfreyTheology Of Table-turning
1855HallMan Not Immortal
1855HareLecture On Spiritualism
1855HareLetter To The Episcopal Clergy
1855HareExperimental Investigation
1855HarrisAn Epic Of The Starry Heaven
1855HaydenPhenomena Of Modern Spiritualism
1855HaydenPhenomena Of Modern Spiritualism
1855HorsellHydropathy For The People
1855KirbyeKirbyes Original Second-sight Mystery And Pretended Clairvoyance Exposed
1855LawrencePlain Thoughts On Secret Societies
1855LeonardFreemasonic Works List
1855LewisSpiritual Reasoner
1855LintonHealing Of The Nations
1855LintonHealing Of The Nations
1855MaddenLiterary Life And Correspondence Of The Countess Of Blessington
1855MahanModern Mysteries
1855MasseyWar Waits
1855MathieuConversations Et Poesies Extranaturelles
1855MattisonSpirit Rapping Unveiled
1855McdermottAhiman Rezon
1855MorseForeign Conspiracies Against The Liberties Of The United States
1855NeilsonMesmerism In Its Relation To Health And Disease
1855NewtonSpiritualism Defined
1855NicholsIntroduction To The Water-cure
1855NicholsMary Lyndon
1855NicholsReligions Of The World
1855OliverHistory Of Initiation
1855OwenAddress On Spiritual Manifestations
1855PancoastPancoast On The Curability Of Consumption
1855PhilipsElectro-dynamisme Vital
1855PitmanA Manual Of Phonography
1855PrattKey To The Science Of Theology
1855RobinsonSpiritualism Defended
1855Smedley Et AlOccult Sciences
1855Tiffany ErrettModern Spiritualism Compared With Christianity
1855TuttleClairvoyant Family Physician
1855TuttleScenes In The Spirit World
1855ValeAstronomy And Worship Of The Ancients
1855WhiteEssay On Spiritualism
1855WilliamsPatriarchal Order Of True Brotherhood
1855WilsonDiscourses From The Spirit World
1855WiseJohn Bull Or The Comedy Of 1854
1855WrightMarriage And Parentage
1855WymanHand-book Of Magic
1856AnonymousPsychomancy Or Modern Spiritualism A Delusion
1856AnonymousSecond Degree Patriarchal Order And Edicts
1856AnonymousFirst Degree Patriarchal Order
1856AnonymousExperience Of Hfm Brown With Pschycosmon
1856BergAbaddon And Mahanaim
1856BrodiePsychological Inquiries
1856BrownLecture On The Authenticity Of The Scriptures
1856BrownCharity Rest And Freedom
1856CahagnetEncyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T2
1856CaplinElectro-chemical Bath
1856Cavalry OfficerAstrology As It Is
1856ChildBouquet Of Spiritual Flowers
1856ChildAddress To Christian Churches
1856ClayA Voice From Prison
1856ClericusSpirit-rapping And Table-turning
1856CrossThe True Masonic Chart
1856DanielsSpiritualism Versus Christianity
1856DavisHarmonial Man
1856DelaageMonde Occulte Mysteres Du Magnetisme
1856DelaageLe Sommeil Magnetique
1856DentonPoems For Reformers
1856DidierAnimal Magnetism And Somnambulism
1856DotenFarewell To Earth Ryde
1856DunlapOrigin Of Ancient Names
1856DupotetTraite Complet De Magnetisme Animal
1856EdmondsUncertainty Of Spiritual Intercourse
1856EwerTwo Eventful Nights
1856FluidusNouvel Almanach Magnetique
1856GordonThree-fold Test Of Modern Spiritualism
1856HallockChild And The Man
1856HareExperimental Investigation
1856Harro-harringRapport Entre Le Magnetisme Et La Sphereologie
1856HuntGlances And Glimpses
1856Invisible SamDespotism
1856KeelyKeelys Facts And Scientific Miracles
1856KernerSeeress Of Prevorst
1856MackayExtraordinary Popular Delusions
1856MaitlandFalse Worship
1856McbrideLight From The Spirit World
1856MorleyCornelius Agrippa
1856Packard LovelandSpirit Minstrel
1856PutnamNatty A Spirit
1856RamseySpiritualism A Satanic Delusion
1856RaphaelRoyal Book Of Fate
1856Sexton Of The Old SchoolDealings With The Dead
1856StoweMinistration Of Our Departed Friends Ryde Tract 2
1856TiffanySpiritualism Explained
1856TurleyModern Mysteries
1856WillisPeople I Have Met
1856WilsonSolar System Of Ancients Rediscovered
1856WilsonLost Solar System Of The Ancients
1856WilsonSolar System Of Ancients Rediscovered
1856ZadkielRoyal Book Of Fate
1857AbdallahMagisme Grande Initiation
1857AnonymousWhat O Clock
1857AnonymousZillah The Child Medium
1857AnonymousLays Of A Lifetime Record Of One Departed
1857AnonymousDevelopments Of Spirit-rapping In England
1857AuguezManifestations Des Esprits
1857BridgesPhrenology Made Practical
1857BrownLecture On The Authenticity Of The Scriptures
1857BrownBook Of Knowledge
1857BrownPublic Lecture On Establishment Of The Great Universal Organization
1857BrownImportant Revelations From The Spirits
1857BrownA Message From The World Of Spirits
1857BrownFulfilled Prophecies
1857BuchananModern Atheism
1857CarrA Philosophical History
1857ChaseLife-line Of The Lone One
1857CookeNecromancy Or A Rap For The Rappers
1857CroslandLight In The Valley
1857DavisMagic Staff
1857DelafieldMysticism And Its Results
1857DfgSpiritualist Exposition Of Psychology
1857DwightA Discourse Spiritualism Annihilated
1857DwightDiscourse On Spiritualism
1857EmmonsThe Spirit Land
1857FourierSocial Destiny Of Man
1857GasparinA Treatise On Turning Tables
1857GodfreyLast Grinnell Arctic Exploring Expedition
1857GouldGuardian Angels Or Friends In Heaven
1857GoyderAutobiography Of A Phrenologist
1857GrimesMysteries Of Human Nature
1857GuldenstubbeRealite Des Esprits
1857HarrisWisdom Of Angels Part One
1857HatchDiscussion Of Spiritual Philosophy
1857HitchcockRemarks Upon Alchemy
1857HomeSpirit Rapping Exposed
1857JahrSpecial Therapeutics According To Homoeopathic Principles
1857KentFree Love
1857KingSpiritualism Unmasked
1857LendermanAdventures Among Spiritualists And Free Lovers
1857Lotz KleinThe So-called Table-tippings
1857MayoPopular Superstitions
1857MorrisonThe Solar System As It Is
1857MungerAncient Sorcery In Modern Spiritualism
1857OlcottSorgho And Imphee
1857Pierre-michelLevangile Eternel
1857PughSpiritualism An Old Epidemic
1857PutnamAgassiz And Spiritualism
1857RamseySpiritualism A Satanic Delusion
1857ResieHistoire Et Traite Des Sciences Occultes
1857RymerSpirit Manifestations
1857RymerSpirit Manifestations
1857ScottAnalogy Of Ancient Craft Masonry To Natural And Revealed Religion
1857SpearThe Educator
1857TooheyReview Of Dwinells Sermon Against Spiritualism
1857TweedieMesmerism And Its Realities
1857VintrasL Evangile Eternel
1857WilkinsonImprovisations From The Spirit
1857WilkinsonProposal To Treat Lunacy By Spiritualism
1857WilliamsBible Proof Of Spirit Intercourse Aka Three Pamphlets Bound Together
1857WoodmanReply To William Dwight On Spiritualism
1858A LadyAn Angels Message
1858AnonymousReport Of Robert Owens May Meetings In London
1858AnonymousThe Pythonism Of The Present Day
1858AnonymousWhat Does Spiritualism Teach
1858AnonymousProceedings Of The Free Convention Held At Rutland Vermont
1858AnonymousObituaries Of Robert Hare
1858AnonymousMorning Clouds
1858ArthurAngel And The Demon
1858BarkerHuman Progress
1858Brittan HansonOral Discussion Of Spiritualism
1858BrownUnited Kingdom General Spiritual Dispensary
1858BrownSketches From Nature
1858BrownHypocrisy Exposed
1858CahagnetEncyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T3
1858CarpenterSpiritualism A Discourse
1858DanskinHow I Became A Spiritualist
1858DunlapVestiges Of The Spirit-history Of Man
1858EdmondsCertainty Of Spiritual Intercourse
1858EdmondsSpeaking In Many Tongues
1858EdmondsUncertainty Of Spiritual Intercourse
1858EdmondsFalse Prophesying
1858EdmondsIntercourse With Spirits Of The Living
1858EdmondsSpiritualism As Demonstrated From Ancient And Modern History
1858EdmondsThe Newsboy
1858EdmondsBishop Hopkins On Spiritualism
1858EdmondsAppeal To The Public On Spiritualism
1858ElderBiography Of Elisha Kent Kane
1858ErNotes On Certain Forms Of Spiritualism
1858GrimesOutlines Of Geonomy
1858GuidiLa Verite Du Magnetisme Animal
1858GuidiVerite Du Magnetisme Animal
1858HallockRoad To Spiritualism
1858HarrisHymns Of Spiritual Devotion
1858HatchDiscourses On Religion Morals Philosopy And Metaphysics
1858HatchImmutable Decrees Of God Free Agency Of Man
1858HauffDer Astrolog Und Seher Zu Munchen
1858JacksonMesmerism In Connection With Popular Superstitions
1858JamesCastle Of Ehrenstein
1858JenningsIndian Religions
1858KardecInstruction Pratique
1858KennyWorlds Great Band Complaint Vs Jm Spear
1858MabruLes Magnetiseurs Juges Par Eux-memes
1858MabruMagnetiseurs Juges Par Eux-memes
1858MitchellOrbs Of Heaven
1858MorrisonHow To Fortify London
1858MorrisonExplanation Of The Bell Buoy
1858PancoastBoyhoods Peril Pamphlet
1858PancoastBoyhoods Peril
1858PierartMagnetisme Le Somnabulisme
1858PiesseChymical Natural And Physical Magic
1858PutnamMesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle
1858RichNotes On Certain Forms Of Spiritualism
1858RichmondDiscourses On Religion Morals Philosophy And Metaphysics
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1858SearsAthanasia Or Foregleams Of Immortality
1858SmithThe Gospel Of Jesus
1858TaylorThe World Of Mind
1858TuttleLife Present And Future
1858WhiteThe Great Controversy
1858WilkinsonSpirit Drawings
1858WoodFuture Life Or Scenes In Another World
1859AndersonConstitutions Of The Free-masons
1859AnonymousGoodes Universal Dream Book
1859AnonymousConfessions Of A Truth Seeker
1859AnonymousThe Pythonism Of The Present Day
1859AnonymousThe Afternoon Of Unmarried Life
1859AnonymousRevelations Instructions Prieres Propheties
1859AshburnerSeries Of Essays
1859AshburnerThe Connection Between Mesmerism And Spiritualism
1859BartolThe Word Of The Spirit To The Church
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1859BlanchardBook List
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1859Cercle Des Spiritualistes ChrestiensRevelations Instructions Prieres
1859ChaseThe Science Of Development Of The Human Family
1859ConklinDigging For Captain Kydds Treasure
1859Connecticut PastorCounsels On Spiritualism
1859CroweGhosts And Family Legends
1859CroweSpiritualism And The Age We Live In
1859DavisAnthropomorphism Dissected And Spiritualism Vindicated
1859DentonAddress Delivered On The Anniversary Of The Birth-day Of Thomas Paine
1859DixonHygienic Clairvoyance
1859Dweller In The TempleRecord Of Modern Miracles
1859EmmonsSpirit Land
1859EvansCompendium Of The United Society Of Believers In Christs Second Coming
1859FernaldGod In His Providence
1859FernaldGod In His Providence
1859FowlerIllustrated Self Instructor In Phrenology And Physiology
1859FowlerNew Testament Miracles
1859FrostThoughts From A Clergyman In The Spirit World
1859GullyThe Water Cure In Chronic Disease
1859HardingePlace And Mission Of Woman
1859HatchSpiritualists Iniquities Unmasked
1859HigginsonRationale Of Spiritualism
1859KelloggPsychical Tendencies Of Medical Science
1859LockeMoon Hoax
1859MitchellFive Essays
1859MoorePower Of The Soul Over The Body
1859MorrellControversy Between White And Howitt
1859PeeblesSigns Of The Times
1859PowellTimon And Other Poems
1859RandHistory Of The Davenport Boys
1859RedmanMystic Hours
1859ScottTrance Of Marietta Davis
1859SmolnikarSecret Enemies Of True Republicanism
1859StewartThe Hierophant
1859StilesTwelve Messages From John Quincy Adams
1859Stretton BrownLecture As Delivered At The Second Annual Anniversary
1859TaylorWho Is The Holy Ghost
1859ThomsonWitches Of New York
1859WhiteSigns Of The Times
1860AmblerSpiritual Teacher
1860Angell MersereauLadies And Gentlemens Mirror Of Fortune
1860AnonymousThe Stars And The Angels
1860AnonymousMiranda Souls Numbers Stars
1860AnonymousVeritables Clavicules De Salomon
1860AnonymousYorkshire Spiritual Tract No4
1860AnonymousThe Secret Instructions Of The Jesuits
1860BloodOptimism Lesson Of Ages
1860BrothertonSpiritualism Swedenborg And The New Church
1860BrownStartling Prophetic Warnings
1860BrownChristmas Annual
1860CahagnetEncyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T5
1860CarletonThe Evil Eye Or Black Spectre
1860ChildWhatever Is Is Right
1860ClementsStandard For Trying The Spirits
1860CsanadyMedinische Philosophie Und Mesmerismus
1860De BoismontOn Hallucinations
1860DebayHistoire Des Sciences Occultes
1860Des MousseauxMagie Au 19e Siecle
1860DuncanPre-adamite Man
1860DunlapSod Mysteries Of Adoni
1860EdmondsLetters To The New York Tribune
1860ErdanFrance Mystique
1860EvansHappy Isles Or Paradise Restored
1860FellowsMysteries Of Freemasonry
1860FiguierHistoire Du Merveilleux
1860GoupyExplication Des Tables Parlantes
1860Grant LovelandDiscourse On Spiritualism And Immortality At Meionion
1860GrimesMysteries Of Human Nature 2ed
1860Grimes MillerGreat Discussion Of Modern Spiritualism
1860HardingeSix Lectures On Theology And Nature
1860HarrisModern Spiritualism Its Truths And Its Errors
1860HarrisModern Spiritualism
1860HatchTwo Lectures On Present Crisis
1860HitchcockChrist The Spirit
1860HuntChristianity Versus Spiritualism A Discourse
1860InwardsLife And Labours Of Jabez Inwards
1860KardecQu Est-ce Que Le Spiritisme
1860LeviHistoire De La Magie
1860LewisThe Divine Human In The Scriptures
1860MakeyLexicon Of Freemasonry
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1860MorinMagie Au Xix Siecle
1860MorrisonThe Comet
1860OlearyPhrenological Chart
1860OwenFootfalls On The Boundary Of Another World
1860PhilipsCours De Braidisme
1860RandolphThe Unveiling
1860ReichenbachSomnambulism And Cramp
1860SamsonSpiritualism Tested
1860SmithMy Experience
1860WeatherheadYorkshire Spiritual Tract No 4
1860WilkinsonThe Revival
1860WilkinsonThe Revival In Its Physical Psychical And Religious Aspects
1860WoodPhilosophy Of Creation By Thomas Paine
1861A LadyCommunications From The Spirit World
1861A LadyEssays On Various Subjects
1861AnonymousSpiritualisme A Metz
1861AnonymousMother Shiptons Gipsy Fortune Teller And Dream Book
1861AnonymousHints To Inventors
1861BridgesPhrenology Made Practical
1861BrownA Revealed Address
1861BrownThe World As It Will Be
1861BrownA Code Of Divine Ordinance Or Worship
1861CahagnetEncyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T6
1861CampbellElectro-hydric Practice
1861CapernRecord Of Mesmeric Facts
1861ChaseLife-line Of The Lone One
1861ColemanSpiritualism In America
1861CowanThoughts On Satanic Influence
1861DavisStellar Key Part 1
1861DendyA Gleam Of The Spirit-mystery
1861DidierCures Effected By Animal Magnetism
1861DunlapSod The Mysteries Of Adoni
1861DunlapSod The Son Of The Man
1861GoodsellSome Reasons Why I Am A Spiritualist
1861HardingeThe Wildfire Club
1861HardingeAmerica And Her Destiny
1861HatchA Lecture On Secession
1861HatchLecture On Succession
1861HindmarshRise And Progress Of The New Jerusalem Church
1861HowittSpiritualism Versus Pseudo-swedenborgianism
1861JenningsCurious Things Of The Outside World V1
1861JonesThe Natural And Supernatural
1861LawfordThe Fortune-teller
1861LeviDogme Et Rituel
1861LeviSorcier De Meudon
1861LeviClef Des Grands Mysteres
1861LeviDogme Et Rituel V1
1861LintonWitch Stories
1861MasseyHavelocks March
1861MayerEssays On Various Subjects
1861Member Of OrderAuthentic Exposition Of Kgc
1861MooreLost Tribes And Saxons
1861NangleSpiritualism Fairly Tried
1861New ChurchmanAddress Regarding The Mission And Writings Of Rev T L Harris
1861PertyDie Mystischen Erscheinungen
1861PostExposition Of Modern Spiritualism
1861RandolphDealings With The Dead
1861RandolphThe Grand Secret
1861ReadeThe Veil Of Isis
1861RobackMedical Almanac
1861Sainte-foiLa Mystique Divine
1861ShermanA True Experience In Spiritual Phenomena
1861SteinerTable Movings And Spirit Rappings
1861TempleIt Isnt All Right
1861ThiryLe Spiritisme Ou Spiritualisme A Metz
1861WelbyMysteries Of Life Death And Futurity
1861WhitingEvidences Of Modern Spiritualism
1861WilliamsNature And The Bible Have One Author
1861WilsonCatalogue Of Books On Occult Sciences
1861ZadkielHandbook Of Astrology V1
1862AnonymousFurther Communications From The World Of Spirits
1862AnonymousWhat Is Mesmerism
1862AnonymousProgressive Annual
1862AnonymousThe Millenium
1862AnonymousFurther Communications From The World Of Spirits
1862AnonymousPetit Livre Du Reveur Art D Expliquer Songes
1862Author Of Millennial InstitutionsMillennium Good Times Coming
1862BakerFraud Fancy Fact
1862BallouMonitorial Guide
1862BarkasTen Years Investigations
1862BinnsAnatomy Of Sleep
1862BrownJoin The Great Universal Organization
1862BurtonThe City Of The Saints
1862CahagnetEncyclopedie Magnetique Spiritualiste T7
1862CastlePhrenologie Spiritualiste
1862CookeAstrology In A Nut-shell
1862DaveyIllustrated Practical Mesmerist
1862Davis GuerinEssai Biographique Sur Andrew Jackson Davis
1862FontaineGolden Wheel Dream-book
1862Halbert DangersLe Quadruple Oracle
1862HenryMarriage Of The Lamb
1862HislopThe Two Babylons
1862IshamHealing By Hand And Will
1862JacobCuriosites Des Sciences Occultes
1862Junius ResurgamDoomsday Oracle
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1862LeviPhilosophie Occulte
1862MatignonLes Morts Et Les Vivants
1862MissesJudischen Geheimlehre
1862MorellAn Introduction To Mental Philosophy
1862OliverFreemasons Treasury
1862PaineHistory Of American Eclectic Practice
1862ResurgamThe Doomsday Oracle
1862ScepticExposition Of Spiritualism
1862SolentiaReview Of Ancient And Modern Spiritualism
1862SpragueI Still Live
1862WhiteBook List
1862WolfeHistorical Essay On Medicated Inhalation
1862WolfeCorrespondence With An Invalid
1863AnonymousProgressive Annual
1863AnonymousLe Marchands Fortune Teller
1863AnonymousWho Breaks-pays
1863AnonymousProblems In Human Nature
1863Bible SpiritualistThree Articles On Modern Spiritualism
1863BizouardDes Rapports De Lhomme Avec Le Demon
1863Citizen Of OhioInterior Causes Of The War
1863ClarkPlain Guide To Spiritualism
1863CombeMoral Philosophy
1863CommetantCivilizations Inconnues
1863ConstansEpidemie D'hystero Demonopathie
1863CookeCuriosities Of Occult Literature
1863CruikshankDiscovery Concerning Ghosts
1863DavisAppetites And Passions
1863De MirvilleDes Esprits Manifestations Historiques
1863De MorganFrom Matter To Spirit
1863De PlancyDictionnaire Infernal
1863DentonNatures Secret Sor Psychometric Researches
1863DentonThe Soul Of Things
1863DentonNatures Secrets
1863Des MousseauxMediateurs Et Moyens De La Magie
1863DoaneSeducing Spirits And Doctrines Of Devils
1863EdmondsWhat Is Death
1863EllisMemoir Of Luther V Bell
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1863GuidiMagnetismo Animale
1863GuppyMary Jane Or Spiritualism Chemically Explained
1863Hall Et AliasModern Christian Spiritualism
1863HitchcockRed Book Of Appin
1863HomeIncidents In My Life
1863HowittHistory Of The Supernatural
1863JenningsThe Rosicrucian
1863Michelet TrotterLa Sorciere
1863RandolphRosicrucians Story
1863RayLife And Character Of Dr Luther V Bell
1863Robert-houdinThe Sharper Detected And Exposed
1863SpicerStrange Things Among Us
1863ZenderAnthroponomy 3ed
1864A Working ManIs It True
1864AbbottThe Davenport Brothers
1864AdamsDwellers On The Threshold V2
1864AlgerCritical History Of The Doctrine Of A Future Life
1864AnonymousPrimeval Man
1864AnonymousPrinciples Of Spiritualists Exposed
1864AnonymousSpiritualism Musical And Other Manifestations
1864BarclayCuriosities Of Phrenology
1864BellotLamour Maternel Une Mere Spiritualiste
1864BertolacciChristian Spiritualism
1864BezMiracles De Nos Jours
1864BreviorThe Two Worlds
1864BrittanMan And His Relations
1864BrowningDramatis Personae
1864BuchnerForce And Matter
1864CockayneLeechdoms Wortcunning And Starcraft
1864Cruikshank Discovery Concerning Ghosts2ed
1864De BriugnacSatan Et La Magie
1864Des MousseauxHauts Phenomenes De La Magie
1864DohertyOrganic Philosophy
1864Duroy De BruignacSatan Et La Magie
1864Duroy De BruignacSatan Et La Magie De Nos Jours
1864EvansThe New Age And Its Messenger
1864HalesSpiritualism Considered
1864HomeIncidents In My Life
1864HowittThrowing Of Stones And Other Substances By Spirits
1864KardecResume De La Loi Des Phenomenes Spirites
1864KingThe Gnostics And Their Remains
1864LeavittThe Love Lucifer
1864MathieuHistoire Des Miracles Convulsionaires
1864NicholsForty Years Of American Life
1864NicholsDavenport Brothers
1864One Of Those PresentSpirit-rapping In Glasgow In 1864
1864PearceThe Weather Guide-book
1864PelinSpiritisme Explique Et Detruit
1864PennyMan His True Nature And Ministry
1864PowellSpiritualism Its Facts And Phases
1864Riera Y ComasMisterios De Las Sectas Secretas
1864SmythJesus Of Nazareth Or A True History
1864TaylorBattle Of The Standards
1864TuttleArcana Of Nature
1864WhiteBook List
1864WilkinsonSpirit Drawings
1865AdamsDwellers On The Threshold
1865AnonymousCrimes Et Folies Du Spiritisme
1865AnonymousProgressive Spiritualists Convention
1865AnonymousWilfred Montressor Or The Secret Order Of The Seven
1865AnonymousUniversal Fortune Teller
1865AnonymousCompilation Of Extracts
1865Authoress Of AureliaScepticism And Spiritualism
1865Baring-gouldBook Of Were-wolves
1865BeamishPsychonomy Of The Hand
1865BunsenHidden Wisdom Of Christ
1865CarpenterDoes Spiritualism Demand Investigation
1865CarpenterSomething About Spiritualism
1865ChaseGist Of Spiritualism
1865CoombsPopular Phrenology
1865DarpentgnyScience De La Main
1865DavisMorning Lectures
1865Des MousseauxMeurs Et Pratiques Des Demons
1865EsSpiritualism And Other Signs
1865GallionKnow Thyself O Man
1865GinsburgKabbalah Its Doctrines Development And Literature
1865GravesBiography Of Satan
1865GrisonAntichristianisme Au Xix Siecle
1865HardingeSpiritualism And Scripture
1865HardingeModern Spiritualism And Witchcraft Or Necromancy
1865Howitt EnnemoserHistory Of Magic
1865KnightDiscourse On The Worship Of Priapus
1865LeviScience Des Esprits
1865MackeyTextbook Of Masonic Jurisprudence
1865MaudeSpiritualism Prophetically Considered
1865MauryLe Sommeil Et Les Reves
1865MelvilleIgnorant Learned
1865MleodProceedings Of The First Convention Of Progressive Spiritualists In Great Britain
1865NicholsPhenomenes Des Freres Davenport
1865NicholsSupermundane Facts
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1865PittmanThe Trials For Treason
1865PotterSpiritualism As It Is
1865PowellA Sketch Of The Lives Of The Davenport Brothers
1865PowellLife Incidents And Poetic Pictures
1865RowbothamZetetic Astronomy
1865SimmoniteMedical Botany
1865TaylorHistory Of Playing Cards
1865WoodcockThe Gipsies
1866AlgerDoctrine Of A Future Life
1866AnonymousRevelations Instructions
1866AnonymousProceedings Of Second Convention Of British Association Of Progressive Spiritualists
1866AnonymousMiss Emma Hardinges Political Campaign
1866AnonymousBritish Association Convention Newcastle
1866AnonymousThe Everlasting Church
1866AnonymousCatalog Of Works In The Progressive Library
1866BarnumHumbugs Of The World
1866BrayOn Force
1866ChildChrist And The People
1866DrummondOedipus Judaicus
1866Fox KaneThe Love-life Of Dr Kane
1866FranckPhilosophie Mystique En France
1866GaleCauses Of Rebellion Spiritualism
1866GrantSpiritualism Unveiled
1866HammondPilgrimage Of Thomas Paine
1866HardingeExtemporaneous Addresses
1866HatchConstitution Of Man
1866HuntEssay On Pantheism
1866KardecLivre Des Espirits
1866KingPrinciples Of Nature V1
1866LeeAnimal Magnetism And Magnet Lucid Somnambulism
1866Longmans Greens Reader And DyerBook List
1866MdonaldSpiritualism Identical With Ancient Sorcery
1866MirzaPhenomena Of The Unseen
1866MleodProceedings Of Second Convention Of British Association Of Progressive Spiritualists
1866NoyesSalvation From Sin
1866OliverRevelations Of A Square
1866PotterSpiritualism As It Is
1866RembertPhilosophy Of Life
1866ShufeldtHistory Of The Chicago Artesian Well
1866SmittonHuman Immortality
1866StarrThe Cross
1866TheobaldThe Amateur Magician
1866TissandierSciences Occultes Et Du Spiritisme
1866TuttleOrigin And Antiquity Of Physical Man
1866TuttleThe Origin And Antiquity Of Physical Man
1866WaiteMysteries Of Magic
1866WallaceScientific Aspect Of The Supernatural
1866WilsonPhilosophy Of Classification
1867AitchenbieMelchior Gorles
1867AnonymousHand-book Oneida Community
1867AnonymousProceedings Of Third Convention Of British Association Of Progressive Spiritualists
1867AnonymousDr Cummings Views On Spiritualism
1867AnonymousThe Invisibles
1867AshburnerNotes And Studies
1867BusterLast Great Humbug
1867BusterSpiritualism Exploded
1867CarpenterTracts On Tabooed Subjects No 1
1867ChaseThe Spiritual Invention
1867ChaseGist Of Spiritualism
1867ChevalierExperiences Of Spiritualism
1867CliftPowers Of The Air
1867ClsSpiritomania Lettere
1867CooperSpiritual Experiences
1867DavisMagic Staff
1867De BunsenKeys Of Saint Peter
1867DixonNew America
1867DohertyOrganic Philosophy
1867GrayWhat Is It That Dies
1867HardingeRules To Be Observed
1867HardingeRules For The Formation And Conduct Of Spirit Circles
1867HarrisThe Great Republic
1867HarrisBreath Of God With Man
1867HarrisArcana Of Christianity Apocalypse
1867HoppsSix Months Experience At Home Of Spirit-communion
1867InmanAncient Pillars And Stones
1867LeightonWonder In Relation To Spiritualism
1867MacdillSecret Societies
1867Macdill Blanchard BeecherSecret Societies A Discussion Of Their Character And Claims
1867MackeyThe Mystic Tie
1867OliverHistory Of Masonic Persecution
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1867StebbinsOur Departed Friends
1867SternSpiritualism Illustrated By Psychology
1867TyndallMiracles And Special Providences
1867WilliamsonThe Invisibles
1868AnonymousConcilii Plenarii Baltimorensis Acta Et Decreta
1868AnonymousConstitution Of The American Association Of Spiritualists
1868AnonymousPetit Albert
1868AnonymousCatalogue Of Collection Of E A Hitchcock
1868Barrett PeeblesSpiritual Harp
1868BrownModern Spiritualism
1868BrownDervishes Or Oriental Spiritualism
1868BurnsCatalog Of Works Of The Progressive Library
1868ChaseLife-line Of The Lone One
1868CollinsThe Moonstone
1868CroweNight-side Of Nature
1868DamianiSpiritualism Versus Positivism
1868DavisThe Penetralia
1868DixonSpiritual Wives
1868DotenThe Inner Mystery
1868FerrerThe Spirituelle
1868FieldPlanchettes Diary
1868ForsterWhat Is Spiritualism
1868FreelancePhilosophers Of Foufouville
1868GilmoreMental Epidemics
1868Glasgow Association Of SpiritualistsSecond Annual Report
1868HardingeRules For The Formation And Conduct Of Spirit Circles
1868HopleyHints Bearing On So-called Spiritualism
1868InmanAncient Faiths Embodied In Ancient Names
1868InwardsMingled Memories
1868MauryMagie Et Astrologie Dans Antiquite
1868MinierLast Call
1868MorganModern Spiritualism
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1868PeeblesThe Practical Of Spiritualism
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1868Radical FreelancePhilosophers Of Foufouville
1868RandolphDisembodied Man
1868ReboldGeneral History Of Freemasonry In Europe
1868RthRth Spiritualism And Common Sense
1868RthSpiritualism And Common Sense
1868ScottSpiritualism Not Divine
1868SmedleyPractical Hydropathy
1868SmythOn The Antiquity Of Intellectual Man
1868UnderhillUnderhill On Mesmerism
1868WaisbrookerSuffrage For Woman The Reasons Why
1868WalrathHistory Of The Earths Formation
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1868WhiteBook List
1868WillisTheodore Parker In Spirit Life
1869A ClairvoyantStrange Visitors
1869A GuestA Revelation Of Extraordinary Visitation
1869AdareExperiences In Spiritualism With Mr D D Home
1869AnonymousCatalogue Bibliotheque Spirite
1869AnonymousDavenport Brothers
1869AnonymousCatalogue Raisonne Des Ouvrages A Fonder Bibliotheque Spirite
1869AnonymousWritings Of Omaha
1869AnonymousPalmoni Or The Worlds Horoscope
1869AnonymousEl Espiritismo
1869AnonymousThe Divinum Humanum In Creation
1869BunsenMemoirs Of Baron Bunsen
1869DavenportAphrodisiacs And Anti-aphrodisiacs
1869DavisPresent Age And Inner Life
1869DavisHistory And Philosophy Of Evil
1869DavisTale Of A Physician
1869DentonOur Planet Its Past And Future
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1869Des MousseauxLe Juif
1869DureauNotes Bibliographiques Du Magnetisme Animal
1869DureauNotes Bibliographiques Magnetisme Animal
1869EvansMental Cure
1869FahnestockArtificial Somnambulism
1869FerreeThe Spirituelle
1869Gougenaux De MousseauxLes Juif
1869HullThe Question Settled
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1869MackayExtraordinary Popular Delusions
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1869PeeblesSeers Of The Ages
1869RandolphRosicrucian Out Of The Shell
1869RandolphLove And Its Hidden History
1869ReboldA General History Of Free Masonry In Europe
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1869SamsonPhysical Media In Spirit Manifestations
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1869SchamylnLetter On Spiritualism
1869SgwSpiritual Communications
1869SimkissVera Vincent
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1870A SpiritualistSpiritualism
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1870AnonymousText Book Of Freemasonry
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1870BuchananThe Book Of Orm
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1870CridgeSpiritualism Or Modern Necromancy
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1870DavisPhilosophy Of Spiritual Intercourse Modern Mysteries
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1870DayPapers On The Great Pyramid
1870EllisFree Love And Its Votaries
1870EpsilonSpiritualism In America
1870FjtHeaven Opened
1870FowlerSexual Science
1870FoxFreemasonry In England
1870FryarHistory And Mystery Of The Magic Crystal
1870GardnerClairvoyant Travels In Hades
1870GuldenstubbePositive Pneumatologie
1870HallMorning Studies And Evening Pastimes
1870HardingOutside The Gates
1870HardingeModern American Spiritualism
1870HardingeModern American Spiritualism
1870HardingeModern American Spiritualism
1870HarteOn The Laws And Customers Relating To Marriage
1870HaydenDangers Of Modern Spiritualism
1870Hazard GrinnellThe Ordeal Of Life
1870HoughtonA Reply To A Minister Of The Gospel
1870HullThe Question Settled
1870InmanAncient Pagan And Modern Christian Symbolism
1870JenningsRosicrucians Their Rites And Mysteries
1870KingReal Life In The Spirit Land
1870KirkUp Broadway
1870LeechBeyond The Grave
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1870MacoyGeneral History Cyclopedia And Dictionary Of Freemasonry
1870MacoyGeneral History Cyclopedia And Dictionary
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1870SweetFuture Life
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1871A Medical ManClaims Of Spiritualism
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1871AnonymousCrimes Et Folies Du Spiritisme
1871AnonymousLondon Dialectical Society Report
1871AnonymousGreat Illustrated Egyptian Dream-book
1871AnonymousYear Book Of Spiritualism
1871BarlowPoems And Sonnets
1871BarlowVoice Of Prayer
1871BlackwellTestimony Of The Ages
1871BlissFifty Years In The Magic Circle
1871BlissFifty Years In The Magic Circle 2
1871BlitzFifty Years In The Magic Circle
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1871DavisMental Disorders
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1871DentonIs Spiritualism True
1871DentonChristianity No Finality
1871DentonCommon Sense Thoughts On The Bible
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1871EwcEwc Spiritualism
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1871HaywardVital Magnetic Cure
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1871MccureSpiritualism Tried By The Word Of God
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1871PatonOrigin Of Freemasonry
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1871PeaseThe Golden Key B
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1871ShepardDialogues And Recitations
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1871VagoOrthodox Phrenology
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1871WaisbrookerAlice Vail
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1871ZerffiSpiritualism And Animal Magnetism
1872A GraduateA Letter To Dean Macartney
1872AngellWhy I Am A Spiritualist
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1872AnonymousErewhon Or Over The Range
1872AnonymousAre These Things Ttrue
1872BaldwinWitch Of Endor And Modern Spiritism
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1872BerryMy Experiences In Spiritualism
1872BlairNew Gospel Of The Deadened Brain
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1872CalderThe Man Of The Future
1872CampbellModern Spiritism
1872CariniSulle Scienze Occulte Nel Medio Evo
1872CarrSpiritism Self-condemned
1872CombeOn The Relation Between Science And Religion
1872CoxSpiritualism Answered By Science
1872CoxSpiritualism Answered By Science
1872CoxSpiritualism Answered By Science
1872CoxSpiritualism Answered By Science
1872CoxSpiritualism Answered By Science
1872CrookesPsychic Force
1872CrookesCorrespondence Upon Dr Carpenters Asserted Refutation
1872DavisPhilosophy Of Special Providences
1872DentonRadical Discourses On Religious Subjects
1872DentonIrreconcilable Records
1872DentonBe Thyself
1872DentonThe Irreconcilable Records
1872DentonOrthodoxy False Since Spiritualism Is True
1872DentonWho Are Christians
1872DesbarrollesChiromancie Nouvelle
1872DupuisOrigin Of All Religious Worship
1872DyotOn Mankind Their Origin And Destiny
1872FahnestockWorlds Within Worlds
1872FarquharPhilosophy Of Revelation
1872FiguierTo-morrow Of Death
1872GaltonThe Efficacy Of Prayer
1872GillinghamEight Days With The Spiritualists
1872GoetheElective Affinities
1872Goethe WoodhullElective Affinities
1872GrahamComplete Refutation Of Spiritism
1872GrantA Scientific View Of Modern Spiritualism
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1872HaydenHandbook Of Cold Concetrated Saturates
1872HaywardNatures Laws In Human Life
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1872HoldsworthThe Literary Pic-nic And Other Poems
1872HomeIncidents In My Life 2i
1872HomeIncidents In My Life
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1872Hull ParkerWhich Spiritualism Or Christianity
1872Impressional MediumCrums Of Thought From Harmonial Tablets
1872InmanAncient Faiths In Ancient Names
1872InmanAncient Faiths In Ancient Names
1872LakeThe Dark Seance
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1872MackeyText Book Of Masonic Jurisprudence
1872MackeyLexicon Of Freemasonry
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1872MasseyConcerning Spiritualism
1872MertonSafena Or The Mental Constitution
1872MitchellNon-spiritus Philosophy Of Spiritualism
1872MitchellPhilosophy Of Spiritualism
1872MpHints For The Evidences Of Spiritualism
1872NicholsPeoples Candidate George Francis Train
1872OwenDebatable Land
1872OwenFootfalls On The Boundary Of Another World
1872PainePhysiology Of The Soul
1872PeeblesWitch-poison And The Antidote
1872PutnamTipping His Tables
1872PutnamFlashes Of Light From The Spirit-land
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1872RandolphHis Curious Life
1872RandolphGolden Secret
1872RandolphCasca Llanna
1872ReboldGeneral History Of Freemasonry
1872ReddingEcce Orienti Rites And Ceremonies Of The Essenes
1872RikoEen Wonderhistorie
1872RossPower Of Mind Over Matter
1872SimmsHuman Faces
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1872SmithSpiritualism Or The Magnetic Teaching
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1872WatsonClock Struck One
1872WhitingBiography Of A B Whiting
1872WhitingBiography Of A B Whiting
1872WilcoxsonThe Vestal
1872WolfeMedical Common-sense
1872WoodhullImpending Revolution
1872WoodhullPrinciples Of Social Freedom
1872WrightThe Mastereon
1872YarkerNotes On The Scientific And Religious Mysteries Of Antiquity
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1873A ClairvoyantStrange Visitors
1873AnonymousThe Life
1873AnonymousWhat Is Spiritualism Seed Corn No4
1873AnonymousSecret Book Of Black Arts
1873AnonymousIn Memoriam Edward Francis Barnes
1873AnonymousLondon Dialectical Society Report
1873AnonymousAll About Chas H Foster
1873AnonymousProceedings Of The Tenth Annual Convention
1873BarrettLetters On The Future Life
1873Bradlaugh BurnsDebate On Modern Spiritualism
1873BrittanReligion And Democracy
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1873DavisBook List
1873Day PutnamBiography Of Mrs J H Conant
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1873Dickens JamesMystery Of Edwin Drood
1873DotenPoems From The Inner Life
1873FiguerHistoire Du Merveilleux V1
1873FrenchA New Path In Electrical Therapeutics
1873FritzWhere Are The Dead
1873GrahamThe Mirror
1873GregEnigmas Of Life
1873GuldenstubbeRealite Ses Esprits Phenomene Merveilleux
1873HardingeCreed Of The Spirits Seed Corn No5
1873HazardMediums And Mediumship
1873HermesAnother World Or Fragments From The Star City Of Montalluyah
1873Homes Al GhazzaliAlchemy Of Happiness
1873HullEvangelicalism And Spiritualism Compared
1873HullThe Hereafter
1873HullThe Contrast
1873Hull ParkerWhich Spiritualism Or Christianity
1873InmanAncient Faiths In Ancient Names
1873InmanAncient Faiths In Ancient Names
1873JenningsLive Lights Or Dead Lights
1873JewettSpiritualism And Charlatanism
1873KentMrs Woodhull And Her Social Freedom
1873LoringHaunted School-house At Newburyport
1873LumThe Spiritual Delusion
1873Magnetic PhysicianVital Magnetic Cure
1873MaitlandBy And By
1873MarshallTrue History Of The Brooklyn Scandal
1873MedinaSpeculations On The Philosophy Of Existence
1873MeesonSpiritualism A Warning To Sinners
1873MoodyProblem Of Life And Immortality
1873MorrisonSpiritualism And Necromancy
1873MorseSpiritualism As An Aid And Method
1873MorseThe Phenomena Of Death
1873NewtonPrinciples Of Modern Spiritualism Seed Corn No3
1873NicholsEsoteric Anthropology
1873OliverThe Great Sensation
1873OwenThreading My Way
1873PatonFreemasonry Symbolism Religious Nature Law Of Perfection
1873PhelpsGates Ajar
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1873PutnamTipping His Tables
1873Putnam Et AlBiography Of Mrs Conant
1873RandolphAnsairetic Mystery
1873RandolphThe New Mola
1873RichardMagicien Des Salons
1873Sarda Y SalvanyQue Hey Sobre El Espiritismo
1873SextonSpirit-mediums And Conjurers
1873SextonThe Claims Of Modern Spiritualism
1873SextonClaims Of Modern Spiritualism
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1873TappanSpiritualism As A Science And Spiritualism As A Religion
1873TyermanIs Spiritualism A System Of Blasphemy And Immorality
1873WalkerFull Report Of The Blackburn Seances Of The Rev Dr Monck
1873WatsonClock Struck Two
1873WhiteMedical Electricity
1873WilliamsonModern Diabolism
1873Wilson HarrisDiscussion
1873WinansOne Religion Many Creeds
1873WoodhullElixir Of Life
1873WoodhullThe Elixir Of Life
1873WoodhullReformation Or Revolution Which
1874AnonymousBritish Association Of Progressive Spiritualists
1874AnonymousBiographical And Descriptive Catalogue Of The Ancient Band
1874AnonymousBiblioteca Diabolica
1874AnonymousDs Meyboom En Het Spiritisme
1874AnonymousThe Veil Removed
1874BabbittHealth Guide
1874BabbittVital Magnetism
1874BarkerThe Mendal
1874Barrett PeeblesGadarene Or Spirits In Prison
1874BentleyHistory Of The Abduction Of William Morgan
1874BriggsTrue History Of Jesus The Christ
1874CarpenterIsraelites Found In The Anglo-saxons
1874ChildNarratives Of The Spirits Of Sir Henry Morgan And His Daughter Annie
1874ChintamonCommentary On Bhagavad-gita
1874CrookesNotes Of An Enquiry
1874CrookesNotes Of Seances With Dd Home
1874CrookesResearches In The Phenomena Of Spiritualism
1874CrouzetRepertoire Du Spiritisme
1874CrowellPrimitive Christianity And Modern Spiritualism
1874DaviesHeterodox London
1874De BunsenChronology Of The Bible
1874DentonIs Spiritualism True
1874Dickens JamesMystery Of Edwin Drood
1874DohertyPhilosophy Of History And Social Evolution
1874Gulielma HarlanCommunion With Holy Intelligence
1874GullyDrawings Descriptive Of Spirit Life
1874HarlanCommunion With Holy Intelligence
1874HowittWhat Spiritualism Has Taught
1874InvestigatorThe Press Versus Spiritualism
1874JacolliotHistoire Des Vierges
1874JevonsPrinciples Of Science
1874KardecExperimental Spiritism
1874Kardec WoodBook On Mediums
1874LawrenceAngel Voices From The Spirit World
1874MackeyEncyclopedia Of Freemasonry
1874MartineauReligion As Affected By Modern Materialism
1874MarvinPhilosophy Of Spiritualism And Mediomania
1874MorseHeaven And Hell
1874MorseConcerning The Spiritual World
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1874NicholsA Womans Work In Water-cure
1874OwenThreading My Way
1874PineThe Two Discoveries
1874PomarThe Honeymoon
1874PridhamThe Spirits Tried Or Spiritualism Self-condemned
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1874Scribner Welford ArmstrongBibliotheca Diabolica
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1874SmythOur Inheritance In The Great Pyramid
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1874TappanNew Science
1874TappanSpiritualism Its Advantages
1874TyermanGuide To Spiritualism
1874TyndallBaas Inaugural Address
1874WallaceDefence Of Modern Spiritualism
1874WatsonClock Struck Three
1874WellcomeHistory Of The Second Advent Message
1874WestminsterEssays On Religion And Literature
1874WolfeStartling Facts In Modern Spiritualism
1874WoodwardTreatise On The Nature Of Man
1874Zouave JacobPoisons Et Contre Poisons
1875AlphaReligion And Science
1875AngellFriendly Controversy
1875AnonymousVeritable Dragon Rouge
1875AnonymousReligion And Science And The Letters Of Alpha
1875AnonymousSecret Warfare Of Freemasonry
1875AnonymousSecret Book Of The Black Arts
1875AnonymousHints For The Evidences Of Spiritualism
1875AnonymousThe Divine Afflatus
1875AnonymousTilton V Beecher
1875AnonymousSpiritualism Exposed
1875AnonymousThe Unseen Universe 3ed
1875Anonymous YarkerConstitution And General Statutes Of The Antient And Primitive Rite
1875ApMysteries And Miseries Of The Great Metropolis
1875BotsfordPersonal Experiences Of The Subscriber
1875BrittanMan And His Relations
1875BrittenElectric Physician
1875BurnsSpiritualism The Bible And Tabernacle Preachers
1875CarpenterIs Man An Automaton
1875CasaelYour Future Foretold
1875ClericusThe Anglo-israel Theory
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1875CoxThe Province Of Psychology
1875DaviesMystic London
1875DavisDanger Signals
1875DensmoreEconomic Science
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1875Evans FishbackSpiritualism On Trial
1875FairfieldTen Years With Spiritual Mediums
1875GibbonsModern Spiritism
1875GloverScience And Health
1875GravesThe Worlds Sixteen Crucified Saviors
1875HarrisCalligraphy Considered As Affording An Exhibition Of Character
1875HarrisonSpirit People
1875HaywardExposition Of Social Freedom
1875HeardTri-partite Nature Of Man
1875HeckethornSecret Societies
1875HolcombeOur Children In Heaven
1875InmanAncient Pagan And Modern Christian Symbolism
1875JacolliotSpiritisme Dans Le Monde
1875KardecSpiritism In Its Most Simple Expression
1875Kardec BlackwellThe Spirits Book
1875LeanderTrue Spiritualism
1875LeeOther World
1875LelandFusang Or Discovery Of America
1875LeymarieProces Des Spirits
1875MahanPhenomena Of Spiritualism
1875MaitlandThe Keys Of The Creeds
1875ManselThe Gnostic Heresies
1875Mansel LightfootThe Gnostic Heresies
1875NewtonThe Better Way
1875OlcottPeople From The Other World
1875OliverThe Pythagorean Triangle
1875OxleyAngelic Revelations
1875PancoastLadies Medical Guide
1875PeeblesAround The World
1875PenriceSkyward And Earthward
1875PheneSun And Serpent Worship
1875RandolphBook Of The Triplicate Order
1875Randolph Mcdougall HutchinsonBeyond The Veil
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1875ReddingAntiquities Of The Orient
1875ReddingCabala Or Rites And Ceremonies Of The Cabalist
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1875Sherman LyonThe Hollow Globe
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1875StrangeSources And Development Of Christianity
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1875TyermanContradictions Of The Bible
1875WallaceOn Miracles And Modern Spiritualism
1875WardAngels Messages
1875Westropp Wake WilderAncient Symbol Worship
1875WiessnerWiederestandene Wunderglaube Von Vay
1875WiessnerWiederstandene Wunderglaube
1875WolfeStartling Facts In Modern Spiritualism
1875WoodwardSpice For Spiritualists
1876AnonymousMemoria Sobre Fenomenos Grupo Marietta
1876AnonymousLife Beyond The Grave
1876AnonymousClairvoyance And Some Practical Results
1876AnonymousMutual Criticism
1876AnonymousEpitome Of Spiritualism
1876BarlowGospel Of Humanity
1876BerryExperiences In Spiritualism
1876BesantLegalisation Of Female Slavery
1876Blackwell GreenProbable Effect Of Spiritualism On Society
1876BotsfordClairvoyance And Some Practical Results
1876BrittenArt Magic
1876BrittenGhost Land
1876BrowneThe Science Of Spiritism
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1876CollyerThe Slade Prosecution
1876CollyerAutomatic Writing Slade Prosecution
1876Cory HodgeAncient Fragments
1876DarbyTwo Thousand Years After
1876DavisPhilosophy Of Special Providences
1876DavisDeath In The Light Of The Harmonial Philosophy
1876DensmoreThe Halo
1876DentonWhat Is Right
1876DodsPhilosophy Of Mesmerism
1876EmeryRational Dream Book
1876EvansSoul And Body
1876FauvetyReligion Laica
1876FrostSecret Societies Of European Revolution
1876FrostLives Of The Conjurors
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1876HammondSpiritualism And Allied Causes And Conditions Of Nervous Derangement
1876HardingeOn The Spirit Circles And The Laws Of Mediumship
1876HaywardEpitome Of Spiritualism And Spirit Magnetism
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1876NemoMan Paleolithic Neolithic And Several Other Races
1876PeeblesConflict Between Darwinianism And Spiritualism
1876Pleasonton Et AliaInfluence Of The Blue Ray Of The Sunlight
1876PomarFashion And Passion
1876PomarThrough The Ages
1876ProctorOur Place Among Infinities
1876RamsdellSpirit Life Of Theodore Parker
1876RandolphBeyond The Veil
1876SadlerThe Lost Gospel And Its Contents
1876SotheranA Peace Address
1876SotheranAuthor And Lecturer National Lecture Bureau
1876SotheranPercy Bysshe Shelley
1876StaatsInspirational Writings
1876SunderlinPencilings From Immortality
1876TerryEvidences Of Spiritualism
1876TitcombThe Anglo-israel Post Bag
1876Torres-solanotDefensa Del Espiritismo
1876WalkerLife Of Charlotte Cushman
1876WeaverLectures On Mental Science
1876Weaver BurnsLectures On Mental Science
1876WilkinsonOn Human Science And Divine Revelation
1876WillshireDescriptive Catalogue Of Playing And Other Cards
1876WilsonTruths Of Spiritualism
1876WrightWickedness In High Places
1877AnonymousMormonism Unveiled
1877AnonymousVoices Of The Spirit
1877AnonymousMaud Blount
1877AnonymousHistory Of The Witches Of Renfrewshire
1877AnonymousSupernatural Religion
1877BennettThe Truth Seeker Collection
1877BennettThe Truth Seeker Collection Of Forms Hymns And Recitations
1877Besant Bradlaugh KnowltonFruits Of Philosophy
1877BlavatskyIsis Unveiled
1877BonwickPyramid Facts And Fancies
1877BrandObservations On The Popular Antiquities Of Great Britain
1877CarpenterMesmerism Spiritualism
1877ClarkeThe Oakland Ghost
1877Clarke Wake WilderSerpent And Siva Worship
1877CmIsrael In Britain
1877CrowellSpiritualism And Insanity
1877Cruikshank Et AliaThe Comic Almanack First Series
1877DavisViews Of Our Heavenly Home
1877DentonWhat Was He
1877DidierCurative Mesmerism
1877FellowsMysteries Of Freemasonry
1877GregoryAnimal Magnetism
1877HallThe Evolution Of Sound
1877HarrisonLazy Lays And Prose Imaginings
1877HawkeUnderwood-marples Debate
1877HendeeThe Heavenly Spheres
1877HeywoodCupids Yoke
1877HineEnglish Nation Identified With Lost House Of Israel
1877HomeLights And Shadows Of Spiritualism
1877HynemanFreemasonry In England From 1567 To 1813
1877KalischSepher Yezirah
1877LenormantChaldean Magic
1877Loucks SnowVisions Of The Beyond
1877M A OxonThe Slade Case
1877MackenzieRoyal Masonic Cyclopaedia
1877MaitlandThe Soul And How It Found Me
1877MorseLeaves From My Life
1877Niram-allivAldrete O Espiritistas Espanoles Del Siglo Xvii
1877OxleyAngelic Revelations V2
1877PancoastBlue And Red Light
1877PancoastKabbala Or The True Science Of Light
1877ParsonVital Magnetism Its Power Over Disease
1877PeeblesChrist The Corner-stone Of Spiritualism
1877PleasontonInfluence Of The Blue Ray
1877ReimersThe Trapped Medium Or Two Skeptics
1877RichmondSix Lectures Including Invocations And Poems
1877SalisburyThe Mayas
1877SalisburyThe Mayas The Sources Of Their History
1877SchindlerSoutherner Among The Spirits
1877SeissA Miracle In Stone Or The Great Pyramid
1877SmythOur Inheritance In The Great Pyramid
1877SnowVisions Of The Beyond
1877StebbinsPoems Of The Life Beyond And Within
1877TerryThe Lyceum Leader
1877TrollopeBlack Spirits And White
1877TullidgeThe Women Of Mormondom
1877UseEmanuel Swedenborg Spiritual Columbus
1877Von VayBetrachtungsbuch Fur Alle
1877WashingtonHeavenly Spheres Character Of Residents
1877WrightThe Only Hope
1878AnonymoisFo The Third Messenger Of God
1878AnonymousNora Ray The Child Medium
1878AnonymousExperiences Geo Washington Spirit Life
1878AnonymousNew Lights Or Spirits Unbottled
1878AnonymousNew Light Spirits Unbottled
1878BarlowThrough Death To Life
1878BarrettSpiritual Pilgrim
1878BennettWorlds Sages Thinkers And Reformers
1878BrittenOn The Road
1878BurlingameQuestions Of Belief
1878BurnsSpiritualism Bible And Tabernacle Preachers
1878CampbellAn Expose Of So-called Spiritualism
1878CaseyPhilitis Solution Of The Mystery
1878ChaineyFoundation Stones Of The Church Of The Unity
1878CoxA Monograph On Sleep And Dream
1878DavidsonPhilosophy Of Man
1878DementIngersoll Beecher And Dogma
1878GrantThe Synod And The Snakes
1878GuinnessThe Approaching End Of The Age
1878HardingeKing And Kingdom Of Hell
1878HarrisGolden Child Gifts Of Innocence
1878HarrisonRifts In The Veil
1878Harrison Et AliaA Modern Symposium
1878HendeeExperiences And Opinions Of George Washington
1878HeywoodCupids Yokes
1878HeywoodThe Great Strike
1878HindsAmerican Communities
1878HineForty-seven Identifications Of The Anglo-saxons
1878HomeLights And Shadows Of Spiritualism
1878InvestigatorThe Press Versus Spiritualism
1878KiddLaws Of Being
1878LeeMore Glimpses Of The World Unseen
1878LeeMore Glimpses Of The Unseen World
1878MichelPlus De Mysteres
1878MichonSysteme De Graphologie
1878MonkAwful Disclosures
1878MorseWhat Of The Dead
1878OxleyAngelic Revelations V3
1878PearceThe Witch Of Endor
1878Peebles Et AliaBuddhism And Christianity Face To Face
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1878PitmanReport Of The Oral Discussion Between Green And Walker
1878PomarWho Is She
1878RandolphBeyond The Veil
1878RichmondIs Materialization True
1878SeissSupplement To A Miracle In Stone
1878SextonGod And Immortality
1878StevensWatseka Wonder
1878Stuart-glennieIsis And Osiris
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1878WilliamsSecret Book Of Black Arts
1878WilsonHow To Magnetize Or Magnetism And Clairvoyance
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1878WoodfordKennings Masonic Cyclopedia
1878YoungScattered Leaves From The Summer Land
1879AdsheadMiss Wood In Derbyshire
1879AnonymousModern Spiritual Manifestations
1879AnonymousA Spiritualist Gives His Views On Religion
1879AnonymousSupernatural Religion
1879AnonymousSocial Life Of Heavenly Spheres
1879AnonymousSupernatural Religion
1879AnonymousParadoxical Philosophy
1879AnonymousSupernatural Religion
1879AnonymousMessages From The Other World
1879AnonymousHow Tis Done
1879AnonymousBallarat Psychological Association Report On Jesse Shepard
1879BaldwinSpirit Mediums Exposed
1879BealsSpirit Manifestations Compared
1879BeecherSpiritual Manifestations
1879BersotMesmer Le Magnetisme Animal Tables Tournantes
1879BlakeRealities Of Freemasonry
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1879CampbellMysteries Of The Hand
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1879CollinsIn This World
1879ConwayDemonology And Devil-lore
1879ConwayDemonology And Devil-lore
1879CornerTwixt Will And Fate
1879CoxMechanism Of Man
1879CrowellThe Spirit World
1879CurtisThe Spiritualism Of The Bible
1879D ClericusA Clergyman On Spiritualism
1879DavisHarbinger Of Health
1879DeleuzePractical Instruction In Animal Magnetism
1879EarleBetween The Lights
1879GoshorneHints From The Hornograph
1879GravesBible Of Bibles
1879GreenThe Devils Sword Blunted
1879GreenMrs Hardinge-britten In The Crucible
1879GrimmerThe Voice Of The Stars
1879GrimmerVoice Of The Stars
1879Grupo MariettaMaterializacion Y Aportes
1879HareLife And Letters Of Baroness Bunsen
1879HarrisonBook List
1879HarrisonSpirits Before Our Eyes
1879Hull Et AliaBiographical Sketches Of Prominent Spiritualists
1879JezreelExtracts From The Flying Roll
1879JpbA Study In Spiritual Evolution
1879JpbEssay On Spiritual Evolution
1879KiddOccultism Spiritism Materialism
1879KiddleSpiritual Communications
1879MacgearyHealing By Laying-on Of Jamds
1879MertonThe Crowned Republic
1879MittraSpiritual Stray Leaves
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1879RaphaelFaces And Degrees Of The Zodiac
1879SlenkerJohns Way
1879SlenkerThe Darwins
1879TyermanSpiritualism As A Destructive And Constructive System
1879VariousMediums And Their Dupes
1879WashingtonSocial Life Of The Heavenly Spheres
1879WeldonHow I Escaped The Mad Doctors
1879WillisIllustrated Physiognomy
1879WilsonTruths Of Spiritualism
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1880AnonymousMars Revealed
1880AnonymousThe Devils Legacy
1880AnonymousSixth And Seventh Books Of Moses
1880AnonymousProceedings Of The Psychological Society Of Great Britain 1875-1879
1880AnonymousPhallic Worship
1880AnonymousAn Enemy To Spiritualism James Burns
1880Baring-gouldCurious Myths Of The Middle Ages
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1880BernheimSuggestive Therapeutics
1880BishopSecond Sight Explained
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1880BunsenAngel-messiah Of Buddists Essenes And Christians
1880ButlerUnconscious Memory
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1880ComstockFrauds Exposed
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1880CookRationale Of Spiritualism
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1880CrabtreThe Funny Side Of Physic
1880CrindleExperiences In Spirit Life
1880DamianiSpirit And Matter
1880DavisPhilosophy Of Spirit Intercourse
1880DegroodtHygeio-therapeutic Institute And Magnetic Infirmary
1880Domingo Y SolerEl Espiritismo
1880DonatoLumiere Sur Le Magnetisme
1880FarmerSpiritualism As A New Basis Of Belief
1880FiguierMysteres De La Science Autreois
1880FiguierMysteres De La Science Aujourdhui
1880GrantMysteries Of All Nations
1880HallThe Problem Of Human Life
1880HardwickeMedical Education And Practice
1880HarrisonPsychic Facts
1880HeidenhainAnimal Magnetism
1880HeindenhainHeindenhain Animal Magnetism
1880HitchmanThe Connexion Between Medical Reform And Spiritualism
1880HoppsThe Alleged Prophecies Concerning Jesus Christ In The Old Testament
1880HowellsUndiscovered Country
1880InquirerSacred Books Of China
1880KaneLamp Of Brahma
1880KingPrinciples Of Nature
1880KingPrinciples Of Nature
1880LymanComing Woman
1880McLight On The Path
1880MitchellKey To Ghostism
1880MosesHigher Aspects Of Spiritualism
1880MuellerPsychology As Founded On The Facts Of Mesmerism
1880NasonHistory Of Prehistoric Ages
1880OreillyAmerican Political Antimasonry
1880PeeblesSpiritual Harmonies
1880PeeblesImmortality And Our Employments Hereafter
1880PeeblesParker Memorial Hall Lectures
1880PutnamWitchcraft Of New England Explained By Modern Spiritualism
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1880ReynoldsThe Supernatural In Nature
1880RowbottomOrigin Of Masonic Ritual And Tradition Great Pyramid
1880SextonTheistic Problems
1880SpaldingElizabethan Demonology
1880SpencerRosy Cross Christ In Catacombs
1880StebbinsAfter Dogmatic Theology What
1880TheobaldBob And I Or Forget-me-nots From Gods Garden
1880WalkerAn Enemy To Spiritualism
1880WeisseThe Obelisk And Freemasonry
1880WeldonGhastly Consequences Of Living In Dickens House
1880WyldTheosophy And The Higher Life
1880YardleyThe Supernatural In Romantic Fiction
1880ZollnerTranscendental Physics
1881AnonymousRelation Of The Spiritual To The Material Universe
1881AnonymousEssays On Various Subjects
1881AnonymousSpiritual Astronomy
1881AnonymousRelation Of The Spiritual To The Material Universe
1881AnonymousRecapitulation Of All Masonry
1881BabbittReligion As Revealed By The Material And Spiritual Universe
1881BlavatskyThe Durbar In Lahore
1881BroomeAstral Origin Of The Emblems
1881BudingtonLaw Of Control
1881CapacelliIl Vero Libro Dei Sogni
1881ChapmanFreelove A Law Of Nature
1881CirueloTratado De Nigromancia Y Brujas
1881CraftEpidemic Delusions
1881CrowellThe Religion Of Spiritualism
1881DavisHarmonial Man
1881DentonIs Darwin Right
1881DentonRadical Rhymes
1881EddyScience And Health
1881EvansMental Medicine
1881FiguerHistoire Du Merveilleux
1881FortEarly History And Antiquities Of Freemasonry
1881FoxThe Phantom Form
1881GannonA Spiritual Feast
1881GillinghamSpiritism Candidly And Fully Stated And Exposed
1881GrimesProblems Of Creation
1881GrimesMysteries Of The Head And Heart
1881GrimesMysteries Of Head And Heart
1881GrimmerThe Coming Catastrophe
1881HarrisonMother Shipton Investigated
1881HeringAnalytical Repertoire Of The Symptoms Of The Mind
1881HoppsThe Plain Truth About The Bible
1881HoughtonEvenings At Home In Spiritual Seance
1881Le PlongeonVestiges Of The Maya
1881LeavittHomeopathtic Therapeutics Applied To Obstetrics
1881MarstonEssentials Of Mental Healing
1881MasseyA Book Of The Beginnings
1881MelbourneProgressive Lyceum Leader
1881MitchellReligion In The Heavens
1881MittraOn The Soul
1881NicholsMemorial In Behalf Of Susan Willis Fletcher
1881NoelA Little Childs Monument
1881OlcottBuddhist Catechism
1881OxleyPhilosophy Of Spirit
1881PearceScience Of The Stars
1881PemberThe Great Prophecies
1881PutnamWitchcraft Of New England
1881RichmondPathway Of Angels
1881RoustaingThe Four Gospels Explained By Their Writers
1881Roustaing KirbyThe Four Gospels Explained By Their Writers
1881S EpsilonS Epsilon The Key
1881SamsonThe Physical In Spiritualism
1881SargentProof Palpable Of Immortality
1881SargentScientific Basis Of Spiritualism
1881SeveranceLecture On Life And Health How To Live Century
1881SeveranceReligious Political And Social Freedom
1881SigmaThe Key
1881SinnettThe Occult World
1881SmithExperiences In The First Ten Spheres Of Spirit Life
1881SmithThe Reason Why
1881TaylorAuld Robin Grey
1881TheobaldMagic And Its Mysteries
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1881TwingLater Papers Bowles In Spirit Life
1881TwingExperiences Of Samuel Bowles
1881TwingContrasts In Spirit Life
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1881VizetellyStory Of The Diamond Necklace
1881WalkerDe Natura
1881WalkerLetters To The Orthodox
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1881WillieSpiritismus Der Gegenwart
1881WilsonScientific And Religious Discoveries In The Great Pyramid
1882AdamsCuriosities Of Superstition
1882AikenSecret Society System
1882AnonymousSecret Of Sects
1882AnonymousThe Book Of Wisdom
1882AnonymousConfessions Of A Medium
1882AnonymousSketch Of James Jesse Strang
1882AnonymousHints On Esoteric Theosophy
1882BakerThe Spiritualist
1882BallardSolution Of The Pyramid Problem
1882BeardTrance Muscle-reading And Allied Nervous Phenomena
1882BeardCurrent Delusions Relating To Hypnotism
1882BeardPsychology Of The Salem Witchcraft Excitement
1882BonfigliIl Conte Di Cagliostro
1882BrittanBattle-ground Of The Spiritual Reformation
1882BrownThe Bible Of The Religion Of Science
1882BrownStellar Theology
1882BrowneProphetic Visions Of National Events
1882BuchananMoral Education
1882CaithnessTheosophie Universelle
1882ChaineyThe New Version
1882ChildWhatever Is Is Right
1882ColvilleBerkeley Hall Lectures
1882CookSermons And Addresses On Secret Societies
1882CornerMy Visit To Styria
1882CraneGuide-posts On Immortal Roads
1882CrawfordMr Isaacs
1882De BennevilleLife And Trance
1882De MorganMemoir Of Augustus De Morgan
1882De RochasScience Des Philosophes
1882DegroodtTo All Who May Want To Know
1882DentonSermon From Shakspeares Text
1882DentonChristianity No Finality
1882DentonThe God Proposed For Our National Constitution
1882DentonOrthodoxy False Since Spiritualism Is True
1882DentonGarrison In Heaven
1882DentonThe Deluge
1882DentonThe Pocasset Tragedy
1882DentonMans True Saviours
1882DentonIs Spiritualism True
1882Denton FooteMichoacan Syndicate Prospectus
1882DowdTemple Of The Rosy Cross
1882Dowie WalkerSpiritualism Unmasked
1882DupotetTraite Complet De Magnetisme Animal
1882EcclesDoctrine Of The Unknowable
1882FarmerA New Basis Of Belief
1882FechnerOn Life After Death
1882GouldHistory Of Freemasonry V1
1882GrubbLife And Trance Of De Benneville
1882HolbrookIn The Light Of Prophecy
1882HollandSpiritual Or Magnetic Forces
1882HoughtonChronicles Of The Photographs Of Spiritual Beings
1882HoughtonEvenings At Home
1882KingsfordThe Perfect Way
1882KlineLectures Given By The Spirit-band
1882KlineCompilation Of The Lectures
1882LilyGolden Thoughts In Quiet Moments
1882MartinGuide-posts On Immortal Roads
1882MasseyBritish Theosophical Society Private
1882MertonBook Of Israel
1882MorrillPractical Instruction In Medical And Surgical Uses Of Electricity
1882MosesSpiritualism At The Church Congress
1882MosesDirect Writing By Supernormal Means
1882MuellerReligious Aspect Of Spiritualism
1882NewbroughOahspe Prospectus
1882NoelA Philosophy Of Immortality
1882PancoastWhat Is Brights Disease
1882PeetWhispers And Echoes
1882Psychological PressBook List
1882RamsdellLessons Of The Ages
1882ReporterKindergarten Homes
1882RichmondOuinas Canoe And Christmas Offering
1882SargentScientific Basis Of Spiritualism
1882SavileLetter To A Friend
1882SchneiderNeuere Geisterglaube
1882SeissGospel In The Stars
1882SeveranceLecture On Condition Of Life And Spirit Conditions
1882SivarthaBook Of Wisdom Sepher Hakeyim
1882Spectre StrickenGhostly Visitors
1882StockAttempts At Truth
1882SwedenborgArcana Caelestia
1882TheobaldMore Forget-me-nots
1882WakeOrigin And Significance Of The Great Pyramid
1882WalkerThe Jews And Gentiles
1882WeldonMy Orphanage And Gounod In England
1882WoodAncient Astronomy Modern Science And Sacred Cosmology
1882YorkPoems Of Free Thought
1883AmaranthDrift From The Shores Of The Hereafter
1883AnonymousHints On Esoteric Theosophy No2
1883AnonymousBiographical Sketch Of John A Weisse
1883AnonymousA Little Pilgrim In The Unseen
1883AnonymousRitual And Illustrations Of Freemasonry
1883AnonymousFull Report Seventh Annual Meeting Theosophical Society
1883AnonymousPlain Road To Health
1883AnonymousHints On Esoteric Theosophy No1
1883Australasian Secular SocietyRules Ordered To Be Reprinted As Amended
1883BaughanHandbook Of Palmistry
1883BrewsterLetters On Natural Magic
1883BrittenNineteenth Century Miracles
1883Bulwer LyttonThe Coming Race
1883BushnellNature And The Supernatural
1883CollinsIn The Flower Of Her Youth
1883CollinsStory Of Helena Modjeska
1883ColvilleIs Man Mortal Only
1883CookAdvanced Thought In Europe Asia Australia
1883DavisPoems And Rhythmical Expressions
1883De MetzHandbook Of Modern Palmistry
1883DentonGod In Light Of Science
1883Di GarganoFreemasonry
1883DobbinsErrors Chains
1883DoughtyThe World Beyond
1883FlaggHolden With Cords
1883ForlongRivers Of Life
1883ForlongRivers Of Life
1883Frith Heron-allenChiromancy
1883GayJohn William Fletcher
1883GouldHistory Of Freemasonry V2
1883HallRetrospect Of A Long Life
1883HallUniversalism Against Itself
1883HallModern Spiritualism
1883HazardMiscellaneous Essays And Letters
1883HellebergSpirits Of The So-called Dead
1883HeywoodFree Speech
1883Home La LuberneLumieres Et Ombres Du Spiritualisme
1883HoppsMr Moodys Late Sermon On Hell
1883HumeNo Revelation Infallible
1883HuntPrivate Instructions Organic Magnetism
1883IyerThoughts On Metaphysics Of Theosophy
1883JacolliotVoyages Au Pays Du Hatschisch
1883JenningsChildishness And Brutality Of The Times
1883Kardec ColvilleGenesis
1883KirchnerSpiritismus Narrheit Unseres Zeitalters
1883KirkThe Possibility Of Not Dying
1883LyttonLife Letters And Literary Remains Of Edward Bulwer Lord Lytton
1883MasseyNatural Genesis
1883MosesEnseignements Spiritualistes Recus Ws Moses
1883OlcottLectures On Theosophy And Archaic Religions
1883OxleyAngelic Revelations V4
1883PancoastKabbala Or The True Science Or Light
1883PemberAnimals Their Past And Future
1883PhelpsBeyond The Gates
1883ProctorThe Great Pyramid
1883Psychological PressBook List
1883RaphaelRaphaels Astronomical Ephemeris
1883RibotDiseases Of Memory Will And Personality
1883SeveranceLecture On The Philosophy Of Disease
1883ShermanEngineer Corps Of Hell
1883SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
1883StebbinsAmerican Protectionists Manual
1883TruesdellBottom Facts Concerning The Science Of Spiritualism
1883WaisbrookerNothing Like It Steps To The Kingdom
1883WalkerThe Age And Fairplay
1883Wallace Buchanan Et AliaPsycho-physiological Sciences And Their Assailants
1883WattsThe Orb Of Day
1883WattsLife And Work Of Justinus Kerner
1883Wright GrumbineLethe A Novel
1883YarkerUniversal Hieroglyph
1883YungLe Someil Normal Magnetisme Animal Hypnotisme
1884AndersonGreat Expose Of Mystic Arts Sciences
1884AnonymousFull Report Proceedings General Convention Theosophical Society
1884AnonymousFirst Report Of Committee Of Spr Private Proofs
1884AnonymousDicks Mysteries Of The Hand
1884AnonymousMadame Zadkiels Fortune Teller
1884AnonymousEducation Or The Coming Man
1884AnonymousFirst Report Of Committee Of Spr Private
1884AnonymousNapoleons Oraculum
1884AnonymousFull Report Convention Of Theosophical Society
1884ArensOld Theology Healing Sick
1884BernheimDe La Suggestion
1884BersotMesmer Magnetisme Animal Tables Tournantes Et Spirites
1884BoutonBook List
1884BrittenNineteenth Century Miracles
1884BrittenNineteenth Century Miracles
1884BrownEvidences Of A Future Life
1884BrowneHigher Branch Of Science
1884BuchananTherapeutic Sarcognomy
1884CadwellThe Delusion Of Spiritualism
1884CaithnessFragments Glanis Dans Theosophie Occulte
1884CaithnessFragments Glanes Dans L Theosophie Occulte D Orient
1884CaithnessFragments Glanis Dans Theosophie Occulte Dorient
1884CampbellHigher Vitapathy
1884CampbellVitapathy For The People
1884CarringtonPersonal Experiences In Spiritualism
1884CartwrightMagnetism Clairvoyantly Discerned Lessons From Nature
1884CartwrightMagnetism Clairvoyantly Discerned
1884Cholmondeley-pennellBringing It To Book
1884ColvilleInspirational Lectures And Impromptu Poems
1884ColvilleThe Lost Continent Atlantis
1884ColvilleComing Of The Kingdom Of God
1884CopestickThe Manor Of Andrewes And Le Motte
1884DaileyOrhtodoxy Versus Spiritualism
1884DalveydreMission Des Juifs
1884DentonGarrison In Heaven
1884DrummondNatural Law In The Spiritual World
1884EvansThe Mental Cure
1884EvansDivine Law Of Cure
1884Everard JenningsDivine Pymander
1884FlammarionTerres Du Ciel
1884FletcherTwelve Months In An English Prison
1884Fryar JenningsDivine Pymander
1884GouldHistory Of Freemasonry V3
1884GregoryAnimal Magnetism
1884GrimkePersonified Unthinkables
1884GuilletChute Originelle Selon Spiritisme
1884HallUse Of Spiritualism
1884HarrisWisdom Of The Adepts
1884HartmannReport Of Observations Private
1884HermonHellerism Second-sight Mystery
1884HermonSecond-sight Mystery
1884HoppsFuture Life
1884HuntPrivate Instructions
1884HuxleyAnimal Automatism
1884InmanAncient Pagan And Modern Christian Symbolism
1884IrvingClear Light From The Spirit World
1884JacolliotOccult Science In India
1884Kiddle Et AliaBiblical And Theological Objections To Spiritualism Answered
1884KingsfordHow The World Came To An End In 1881
1884LillieKoot Hoomi Unveiled
1884London LodgeLatest Attack On Ts
1884MorrisWilliam Morgan Or Political Anti-masonry
1884MosesSpirit Teachings
1884PaineThe New Philosophy
1884PearceThe Crisis In Egypt
1884PeeblesHow To Live A Century
1884President Of The London LodgeObservations On Mr Lillies Koot Hoomi Unveiled
1884RichmondNature Of Spiritual Existence
1884RileyA Manual Of Phrenology And Physiognomy
1884RootHealing Power Of Mind
1884SidarthaBook Of Life Discoveries
1884SidarthaBook Of Life
1884SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
1884SinnettOccult World
1884SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
1884SmithSynopsis Of The Present Truth
1884SmythNew Measure Of Great Pyramid
1884StebbinsChapters From The Bible Of The Ages
1884StrykerTelephonic Communications From The Spirit World And The Vacant Chair
1884TebbCompulsory Vaccination In England
1884TheobaldSpirit Messages Relating To The Nature Of Christs Person
1884TheobaldSpirit Messages Related To The Nature Of Christs Person
1884TottenAn Important Question In Metrology
1884TukeSleep-walking And Hypnotism
1884UnaObjects Axioms Laws Of Ups
1884UnaSayings Of Sibyl Alta Una
1884WatsonReligion Of Spiritualism
1884WatsonIs Spiritualism True
1884WeltonMental Magic
1885AbbotScientific Theism
1885AnonymousDedication Of First Spiritual Temple Boston
1885AnonymousBy-laws Of The Fraternity Of The White Cross
1885AnonymousWitches Dream Book
1885AnonymousMrs Etta Roberts So-called Cage Medium
1885AnonymousBiographical Sketch Of John William Fletcher
1885AnonymousThe Mother The Woman Clothed With The Sun
1885AnonymousGeneral Report Of 10th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1885AnonymousLe Miroir Des Characteres
1885AnonymousChas H Read That Mysterious Man
1885AnonymousResult Of Investigation Into The Charges Against Madame Blavatsky
1885AnonymousIndependent Slate-writing Through Mediumship Of Fred Evans
1885AnonymousIllustrations Of Phallicism
1885AttpEssays From The Unseen
1885BarreiroBurjos Y Astrologogos
1885BarrettHeaven Revealed
1885BarriliThe Devils Portrait
1885BarrowsBread-pills A Study Of Mind-cure
1885BellamyMiss Ludingtons Sister
1885BeneficioHints On Metaphysics
1885BrownMy Life
1885BrownTheosophical Society Explanatory Treatise
1885BuchananManual Of Psychometry
1885CescaIl Nuovo Spiritualismo
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1885Christian PhilanthropistHistory And Philosophy Of Marriage
1885ClarkMetaphysical Text Book For Students Use
1885ColvilleWithin The Vail
1885CoulombIntercourse With Blavatsky
1885CraigYour Lucks In Your Hand
1885DameronSpiritism The Origin Of All Religions
1885DavisBeyond The Valley
1885DillonThe War Of Antichrist With The Church
1885EddyDefence Of Christian Science
1885EvansPrimitive Mind-cure
1885EvansHealing By Faith
1885FabartHistoire Philosophique Et Politique De L Occulte
1885GeeMesmerism Unveiled
1885GouldHistory Of Freemasonry V4
1885GravesStellar Laws Governing Reproduction
1885HartmanFacts And Mysteries Of Spiritism
1885Heron-allenManual Of Cheirosophy
1885HeywoodYours Or Mine
1885HoveyMind-reading And Beyond
1885HuntPrivate Instructions In Organic Magnetism
1885Hwj SeniorThe British Israelites
1885JacobCuriosites Des Sciences Occultes
1885KingsfordThe Mother
1885Kingsford MaitlandVirgin Of The World
1885LeeGlimpses In The Twilight
1885LongleyLife And Labor In The Spirit World
1885MacbainCeltic Mythology And Religion
1885Martensen EvansJacob Boehme
1885MeadFive Years Of Theosophy
1885MilanoCabala Del Lotto
1885MorwoodOur Gipsies
1885MsWhat Is Spiritualism
1885MurdochTheosophy Unveiled
1885OlcottTheosophy Religion And Occult Science
1885OxonianIsraels Wanderings
1885ParkhurstDiana A Phycho-fyziological Essay
1885PetersonEssays From The Unseen
1885RandolphMystery Of Eulis Hbl Hektographed Ms
1885RaphaelPrivate Instructions In Animal Magnetism
1885ReddingScarlet Book Of Free Masonry
1885ShelhamerLife And Labor In The Spirit World
1885ShemeshWas Enoch A Solar Myth
1885SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
1885SinnettPurpose Of Theosophy
1885SprFirst Report Of The Spr Theosophical Society
1885SprReport Of The Committee Theosophical Society
1885TaxilLes Freres Trois-points
1885ThistedLetters From Hell
1885TitcombMind-cure On A Material Basis
1885TuttleGolden Rule Of Spiritualism
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1885Two ChelasMan Fragments Of Forgotten History
1885UnderhillMissing Link In Modern Spiritualism
1885WallaceForty-five Years Of Registration Statistics
1885Wallace Lex Et LuxPhysianthropy
1885WhiteStory Of A Great Delusion
1886AnonymousMistakes Of Ingersoll
1886AnonymousApostle Of Spiritualism Jj Morse
1886AnonymousHistorical Revelations Christianity And Paganism
1886AnonymousVoices From Many Hill Tops
1886AnonymousMillenial Dawn Plan Of The Ages
1886AnonymousMy Physician Mind
1886AnonymousBro J Ralston Skinner And Great Pyramid
1886AnonymousMillenial Dawn Time Is At Hand
1886AnonymousThoughts From The Inner Life
1886AnonymousGeneral Report Of 11th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1886BaileyThoughts From The Inner Life
1886BarthDu Sommeil Non Naturel
1886BesantCivil And Religious Liberty
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1886CaithnessTheosophie Universelle
1886CarrMemoirs Of Arthur Hamilton
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1886ChesterEarthly Watchers
1886ChesterEarthly Watchers At The Heavenly Gates
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1886CoffinPsychometry Or Soul Measure
1886CollinsLight On The Path
1886ColvilleSpiritual Ethical Historical Discourses
1886DavisPresent Age And Inner Life 3rd
1886De QuinceyEssays
1886DeanHocus Pocus
1886DeleuzePractical Instruction In Animal Magnetism
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1886Dods BurnsPhilosophy Of Mesmerism And Electrical Psychology
1886Editor Of The Phrenological JournalHistory Of Salem Witchcraft
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1886FarmerTwixt Two Worlds
1886FarwellFingers And Fortune
1886FayetteVoices From Many Hill Tops
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1886FrithStudy Of Graphology
1886Frith Heron-allenChiromancy 5ed
1886FryarAureus The Golden Tractate
1886GerardMystic Dream Book
1886Goldsmid PazigTreatise Of Magical Incantations
1886GrimkeFirst Lessons In Reality
1886GurneyPhantasms Of The Living
1886HarrisThe Joy Bringer
1886HellenbachBirth And Death
1886Heron-allenScience Of The Hand
1886HeucherMagic Plants
1886HookerDiscourse Delivered Before The Willimantic Spiritualist Society
1886HookerDiscourse Before Willmantic Spiritualist Society
1886HornNext World Interviewed
1886JacobCuriosites Infernales
1886JamesMesmerism With Hints
1886KarlLeaflets Of Truth Light From Shadow Land
1886KelsoSpiritualism Sustained
1886KingsfordHealth Beauty And The Toilet
1886Kirk LerowThe Beecher Book Of Days
1886KoppDie Alchemie
1886Levi WaiteMysteries Of Magic
1886MaudsleyNatural Causes And Supernatural Seemings
1886McLight On The Path
1886MedhoraThe Zoroastrian And Some Other Ancient Systems
1886NicholsMind Cure Truths Fallacies
1886PackardThe Mystic Key
1886PhelonPhysics And Metaphysics
1886PraedBrother Of The Shadow
1886PutnamPost-mortem Confessions
1886RandolphAfter Death
1886RaphaelGuide To Astrology
1886ScotDiscoverie Of Witchcraft
1886SeitteVictor Hugo Spiritualiste
1886SerjeantAstrologers Guide
1886SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
1886SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
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1886SinnettIncidents In Life Of Blavatsky
1886SweetLord Byrons Dream Book
1886TaxilCulte Du Grand Architecte
1886TaylorPrabodha Chandrodaya Rise Of Moon Of Intellect
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1886TupperMy Life As An Author
1886TuttleIntelligence From The Sphere Of Light
1886Von HartmannReligion Of The Future
1886WaiteMysteries Of Magic
1886WaiteThe Mysteries Of Magic
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1887A TheosophistRiddles Of Riddles
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1887AnonymousThrough The Gates Of Gold
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1887DarbyParadox Of Spiritualism
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1887DeweyIntroduction To The Theosophy Of Christ
1887EddyChristian Science No And Yes
1887EshelmanTwo Sticks
1887FinckLifting Veil
1887FinckLitfing The Veil
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1887GestefeldThe First Commandment
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1887GillChristian Pneumatopathy
1887GoldsmidHistory Of The Devils Of Loudun
1887GouldThe Staff Of Adam
1887GrumbineEvolution And Christianity
1887HaddockLife Of Rev George C Haddock
1887HartmannAdventure Among The Rosicrucians
1887HazzardThe Mind-cure Mentor
1887Heron-allenPractical Cheirosophy
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1887HuntPrivate Instructions In Organic Magnetism
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1887La TouretteHypnotisme Et Etats Analogues
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1887LillieBuddhism In Christendom
1887LombrosoStudi Sull Ipnotismo
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1887NcPsychometry And Thought Transference
1887NewmanLife After Death
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1887PapusOccultisme Contemporaine
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1887PhelpsThe Gates Between
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1887RamseySpiritual Manifestations
1887RaphaelBook Of Fate
1887Ribton-turnerA History Of Vagrants And Vagrancy
1887RichmondThe Soul
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1887RothPhysiological Effects Of Artificial Sleep
1887RothThe Physiological Effects Of Artificial Sleep
1887RothArtificial Sleep
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1887SeybertCommission Report
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1887TatyaA Guide To Theosophy
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1887WestcottIsiac Tablet Of Cardinal Bembo
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1887WooldridgeThe Missing Sense
1887WoolridgeThe Missing Sense
1887YoungerMesmerism Curative Magnetism And Massage
1887YoungerMagnetic And Botanic Family Physician
1888A DreamerDream Of Love And Fire
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1888BarnettNew Biology Or The True Science Of Life
1888BellamyLooking Backward
1888Benito Y CanteroMagia Disfrazada
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1888BesantHerr Paulus
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1888ButlerCall To The Awakened
1888CadwellHow To Mesmerize And Is Spiritualism True
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1888ChampionSpirit Communion
1888ChaseForty Years On The Spiritual Rostrum
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1888ChavannesVital Force And Magnetic Exchange R
1888ChesterRuth The Christian Scientist
1888ColvilleIs Man Mortal Only?
1888ColvilleTheosophy Relation To Spiritualism
1888ColvilleSpiritual Science Of Health And Healing
1888Colville KingsfordSpiritual Therapeutics And Unscientific Science
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1888EddyHistorical Sketch Of Christian Science Mind-healing
1888EvansAutobiography Of A Shaker
1888FagerstjernaThe Light Of Messiah
1888FellowsLoisette Exposed
1888Ferguson ChurchSpirit Communion Through H B Champion
1888FieldIs Belief In Spiritualism Ever Evidence Of Insanity
1888FooteSpermatorrhoea Or Seminal Weakness
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1888GestefeldJesuitism In Christian Science
1888GladstoneIngersoll Controversy
1888GuinnessLight For The Last Days
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1888HullWayside Jottings
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1888LolieeParadoxe Essai Sur Excentricites De Lesprit Humain
1888LordChristian Science Healing
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1888MachenThesaurus Incantatus
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1888MerrimanWhat Shall Make Us Whole
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1888MulfordSwamp Angel
1888NewtonWhy I Am A Spiritualist
1888NuttStudies In The Legend Of The Holy Grail
1888OliphantScientific Religion
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1888RichmondThe Soul Its Nature
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1888SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
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1889AnonymousIlluminated Brahminism Or The True Theosophy
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1889BarnsA Disillusioned Occultist
1889Binet FereAnimal Magnetism
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1889BlavatskyVoice Of The Silence
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1889BuckA Study Of Man
1889BuckNature And Aim Of Theosophy
1889BunsenIslam Or True Christianity
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1889CouesSigns Of The Times
1889CouesThe Chicago Address
1889Coues Et AliaDr Elliott Coues In His Letters
1889DarbyMan And His World
1889DayThe New Interpretation
1889DosamentosFariseos Y Saduceos Modernos
1889DraytonHuman Magnetism
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1889EadsShaker Sermons
1889EddyScience And Health With Key To The Scriptures
1889EvansWho Is Ann Lee
1889FalesReligion Of Future
1889FernauldA View At The Foundations
1889Flammel FryarFlammels Book
1889FooteMrs Besants Theosophy
1889FooteReplies To The Alphites
1889GestefeldScience Of The Christ
1889GestefeldStatement Of Christian Science
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1889GrimesGeonomy And Kosmo-nomia
1889GrumbineAn Old Religion
1889HartmannLife Of Jehoshua
1889HartmannPrinciples Of Astrological Geomancy
1889HullThe Christ Who And What Is It
1889HuntPrivate Instructions In Organic Mesmerism
1889Kingsford MaitlandClothed With The Sun
1889Kingsford MaitlandClothed With The Sun
1889KirkChoice Recipes
1889Krafft-ebingExperimental Study In The Domain Of Hypnotism
1889Krafft-ebingExperimental Study In The Domain Of Hypnosis
1889LacroixMes Experiences Avec Les Esprits
1889LillieReligious Conflict Of The Ages
1889LillieTwo Chapters From The Book Of My Life
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1889NizidaNature-spirits Or Elementals
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1889Papus EncaussePierre Philosophale
1889PattersonSeeking The Kingdom
1889PemberEarths Earliest Ages
1889PetersileaThe Discovered Country
1889PhelonHermetic Teachings
1889PhelonHermetic Manuscripts No 2
1889PhelonThree Sevens
1889PinkertonThe Spiritualists And The Detectives
1889PoulsonThe Black Book
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1889WarmanPhysical Training
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1889YoungRules And Advice For Those Desiring To Form Circles
1890A PhysicianSecrets Of Mesmerism
1890AbbotThe Way Out Of Agnosticicm
1890AllenBiographical Sketch Of Daniel Fraser
1890AnnieBrighter Spheres By Spiritus
1890AnonymousHow To Read Character
1890AnonymousFishes Flowers And Fire Worship
1890AnonymousCongres Universel Libres-penseurs Paris
1890AnonymousThe Next Revolution Or Womens Emancipation
1890AnonymousCongres Spirite Paris
1890AnonymousAffaire Papus Aux Membres De La S T Hermes
1890AnonymousGeneral Report Of 15th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1890AnonymousFinding Of The Gnosis
1890AnonymousIndependent Slate-writing Fred Evans
1890AnonymousCultus Arborum
1890AustinThe Jesuits Origin History Aims
1890Barlet Et AliaScience Secreete
1890Barlet Et AliaScience Secrete
1890BarnettThe Five Redeemers
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1890BlavatskyGems From The East
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1890BuckProgress Of Homeopathy
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1890CollinsThrough The Gates Of Gold
1890CollinsIdyll Of The White Lotus
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1890CouesA Woman In The Case
1890CramerLessons In The Science Of Infinite Spirit
1890DayGalaxy Of Progressive Poems
1890DeweyThe Pathway Of The Spirit
1890DurvilleMagnetisme Humain
1890FigleyLife In The Stone Age
1890GastonMars Revealed
1890GautierStronger Than Death
1890HallDr A Wilford Halls Hygienic Treatment
1890HartmannIn The Pronaos Of The Temple Of Wisdom
1890HolcombeA Mystery Of New Orleans
1890HomeGift Of D D Home
1890HullJesus And The Mediums
1890HullAll About Devils
1890JenningsIndian Religions
1890JurdenWay-marks Of Two Eternities
1890KellarA Magicians Tour
1890KorsheltThe Wallace System Of Cure
1890LupaMessages From The Watch Tower
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1890ManethoAus Ubersinnlicher Sphare
1890MicheletEsoterisme Dans L Art
1890MoleePure Saxon English
1890MollDer Hypnotismus
1890MulfordYour Forces And How To Use Them V1
1890Naden LewinsInduction And Deduction
1890Occult Publishing CompanyBook List
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1890Pacific Coast CommitteeMaterialism Agnosticism Theosophy
1890PotterVoice From The Heavens
1890QuaritchCatalogue Of Works On Occult Sciences
1890Randall-diehlA Practical Delsarte Primer
1890RandolphMysteries Of Eulis
1890RandolphMysteries Of Eulis
1890SidgwickHealth Statistics Of Women Students Of Cambridge And Oxford
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1890SpethArs Quatuor Coronatorum V3 P1
1890SpiritusBrighter Spheres
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1890StebbinsUpward Steps
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1890TitcombAryan Sun-myths
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1890Van RensselaerDevils Picture-books
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1890WalkerJames Burns Enemy To Spiritualism
1890WalserPoems Of Leisure
1890WestcottNumbers Their Occult Power And Mystic Virtue
1890WigstonHermes Stella
1890WinchesterGeorge De Benneville
1890WoodhullThe Human Body The Temple Of God
1890YungHypnotisme Et Spiritisme
1891A MediumRevelations Of A Spirit Medium
1891AnonymousMysteries Of The Rosie Cross
1891AnonymousBylaws Of British Columbia Society Of Spiritualists
1891AnonymousProspectus For Psychic Investigation Association
1891AnonymousPolice Correctionelle Proces Du Zouave Jacob 1891
1891AnonymousNature Worship
1891AnonymousGeneral Report Of 16th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1891AnonymousArchaic Rock Inscriptions
1891BadaudCoup D Oeil Sur Magie Au Xxix Siecle
1891BadaudCoup Doeil Sur La Magie
1891BarryWhat Shall We Do With Our Children
1891BartlettSalem Seer
1891BascomNew Theology
1891BernheimHypnotisme Suggestie Psychotherapie
1891Binet FereAnimal Magnetism
1891BlavatskyIsis Unveiled
1891BoisgilbertDoctor Huguet
1891BondSpiritual Gifts
1891BoscIsis Devoilee Ou Legyptologie Sacree
1891BoscLisis Devoilee Ou Legyptologie Sacree
1891BoscBlbliographie Generale Des Sciences Occultes
1891BourkeScatalogic Rites
1891BrowneReasons For The Hope That Is In Me
1891BrowneDoctrines Of The Popular Faith
1891BrowneReasons For The Hope That Is In Me
1891BryantChristian Science Teacher And Healer
1891BuchananTherapeutic Sarcognomy
1891BullPrudens Futuri
1891BurgessChilds Guide To Spiritualism
1891BurlingameAround The World With A Magician And A Juggler
1891BurlingameAround World With A Magician And A Juggler
1891BurlingameLeaves From Conjurers Scrap Books
1891CampbellSpirit Vitapathy
1891CaseyThe Secret Told
1891ClarkA Look Upward
1891CobbStar Of Endor
1891CollinsMorial The Mahatma
1891CongdonSpiritism A Strong Delusion
1891CoroleuSupersticiones De La Humanidad
1891Crookes HellebergRemarkable Spirit Manifestations
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1891DawburnThe Science Of Spirit Return
1891DeweyOpen Door
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1891FrithHow To Read Character
1891GestefeldA Chicago Bible Class
1891HarrisNew Republic
1891HarrisBrotherhood Of The New Life
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1891HartmannLife And Doctrines Of Paracelsus
1891HartmannLife And Doctrines Of Jacob Boehme
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1891HatchDivine Life And Healing
1891HellebergRemarkable Spirit Manifestations
1891HemstreetMind Is Matter
1891HemstreetMind Is Matter (1)
1891HeydenfeldtUnison Of The Conscious Force
1891JudsonWhy She Became A Spiritualist
1891JudsonDevelopment Of Mediumship By Terrestrial Magnetism
1891KardecExperimental Spiritism Book On Mediums
1891KingOpening Of The Sixth Seal Incomplete
1891KingsburyThe Practice Of Hypnotic Suggestion
1891KingslandThe Esoteric Basis Of Christianity
1891KnowlesComplete System Of Personal Influence
1891KohausHymns With New Meanings
1891LaurentLes Suggestions Criminelles
1891Le FavreDelsartean Physical Culture
1891LelandGypsy Sorcery And Fortune Telling
1891LerminaScience Occulte Magie Pratique
1891LiebeaultTherapeutique Suggestive
1891MarryatThere Is No Death
1891MatsonThe Adversary
1891MatteiElectro-homeopathic Medicine
1891MaynardWas Lincoln A Spiritualist
1891MericMerveilleux Et La Science
1891OchorowiczMental Suggestion
1891PapusOrdre Kabbalistique De La Rose Croix
1891PapusTraite Methodique De Science Occulte
1891Papus FranckTraite Methodique De Science Occulte
1891PitresLecons Cliniques Sur Hysterie Et Hypnotisme
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1891PottFrancis Bacon And His Secret Society
1891PraedThe Soul Of Countess Adrian
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1891SchusslerAbridged Therapeutics
1891SnellOne Hundred Theses On The Foundations Of Human Knowledge
1891Some DisciplesIn Memory Of Blavatsky
1891SpethArs Quatuor Coronatorum V4
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1891StutfieldThe Brehren Of Mount Atlas
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1891TebbA Personal Statement Of The Results Of Vaccination
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1891TylorPrimitive Culture 3ed
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1891WeatherlyThe Supernatural
1891WigstonFrancis Bacon Rosicrucian Mask
1891WilliamsAbraham Lincoln A Spiritualist
1891ZadkielIntroduction To Astrology
1892AnonymousTestimonials Of J Marmaduke Rose Panopathist
1892AnonymousAmerican Policy Players Guide And Dream Book
1892AnonymousA Few Texts Wise To The Wise
1892AnonymousSketch Of James Jesse Strang And Mormon Kingdom
1892AnonymousWorking Glossary Theosophical Literature
1892AnonymousTheosophical Society American Section Annual Convention Proceedings
1892AnonymousWorking Glossary Of Theosophical Literature
1892Baring-gouldMargery Of Quether
1892BaughanThe Influence Of The Stars
1892BeardVampires Of Onset
1892BennettThe Skysifter
1892BesantSeven Principles Of Man
1892BlavatskyTheosophical Glossary
1892BodiscoRecherches Psychiques Traits De Lumiere
1892BodiscoTraits De Llumiere
1892BrowneA Rational Faith
1892BuchananThe New Abelard
1892BuckleyFaith-healing Christian Science Kindred Phenomena
1892Bulwer LyttonZanoni
1892BurgoyneLanguage Of The Stars
1892BurnellHow To Heal
1892BurrMadame Blavatsky
1892CaweinWoman And Her Relations To Humanity
1892ChavannesThe Future Commonwealth
1892Clark ColvilleShort Lessons Theosophy
1892CorelliThe Soul Of Lilith
1892CoulombSecret De L Absolu
1892DanielsAs It Is To Be
1892DavisLa Fin Du Monde Des Esprits
1892DensmoreHow Nature Cures
1892DeweyDawning Day
1892DeweyMystic Key
1892DonnellyThe Golden Bottle Story Of Ephraim Benezet
1892DonnellyThe Golden Bottle
1892FlammarionLa Planete Mars
1892FletcherReopening Of White Cross Society
1892FletcherReopening Order Of The White Cross
1892FranzosDie Suggestion
1892FrenchGleanings From The Rostrum
1892GarrettMediums Unmasked
1892GerrishThe Remedial Uses Of Hypnotism
1892GestefeldThe Woman Who Dares
1892Golden LightAngels Visits To My Farm In Florida
1892GrangeCommunion Universelle Des Ames Dans Amour Divin
1892HavenHeavenly Messenger Or Immortality Demonstrated
1892HudsonLaw Of Psychic Phenomena
1892KimballWitch-craft Illustrated
1892KingSupernatural Origin Nature And Evolution
1892KingsfordPerfect Way In Diet
1892KnightSymbolical Language Of Ancient Art And Mythology
1892LangSon Of Man
1892LeavittScience And Art Of Obstetrics
1892LethabyArchitecture Mysticism And Myth
1892MeadTheosophy And Occultism
1892MorrisNews From Nowhere
1892MulfordYour Forces And How To Use Them V6
1892NizidaThe Astral Light
1892OliphantLife Of Laurence Oliphant
1892PackerLife And Spiritual Experiences
1892PalazziOccultistes Contemporains
1892PapusLa Science Des Mages Et Ses Applications
1892PapusTarot Of The Bohemians
1892PapusBibliographie Methodique De Science Occulte
1892PapusBibliographie Methodique De La Science Occulte
1892PeekeBorn Of Flame
1892PeladanComment On Devient Mage
1892PlytoffMagie Les Lois Occultes
1892PlytoffLe Magie
1892ReadeMartyrdom Of Man
1892RichardsonDr Zell And The Princess Charlotte
1892RichmondTemple Lectures Of The Order Of The Magi
1892RobertsAntiquity Unveiled
1892Robinson RobinsonTalks On Graphology
1892RouxelSpiritisme Et Occultisme
1892SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
1892SinnettThe Rationale Of Mesmerism
1892SmithShepherd Smith The Universalist
1892SpethArs Quatuor Coronatorum V5
1892StantonDreams Of The Dead
1892StebbinsDynamic Breathing And Harmonic Gymnastics
1892Stillson HughanHistory Of The Ancient And Honorable Fraternity Of Free And Accepted Masons
1892StrahanMarriage And Disease
1892Theosophical PublishingBook List
1892TindallSpiritual Christianity Revealed By Cccultism
1892WarmanGestures And Attitudes
1892WheelerBible Studies
1892WilmotThe Philosophers Stone
1892WolfHeavenly Planets And The Future Revealed
1892WorthingtonOn Classification
1893An ExpertArt Of Projection And Complete Magic Latern Manual
1893AndersonHow To Win
1893AnonymousProceedings Of The National Delegate Convention Of Spiritualists
1893AnonymousTheosophy Exposed Besant And Her Guru
1893AnonymousOrdre Kabbalistique De La Rose+croix
1893AnonymousMystic Oracle Or Complete Fortune-teller And Dream Book
1893AnonymousGeneral Report Of 18th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1893AnonymousBrief Sketches Of Life Of Victoria C Woodhull
1893AnonymousGleams Of Light And Glimpses Thro The Rift
1893AnonymousFrederic W Evans
1893AnonymousEdith Bramleys Vision
1893AnonymousHermetic Museum
1893AnonymousTheosophical Congress At Worlds Parliament
1893AshmandPtolemys Tetrabiblos
1893AzamHypnotisme Et Double Conscience
1893BachMediumship And Its Development
1893BaldwinElements Of Psychology
1893BarrowsThe Worlds Parliament Of Religions
1893BesantDeath And After
1893BlavatskySecret Doctrine
1893Bloomfield-mooreKeely And His Discoveries
1893BrisbaneAlbert Brisbane
1893BuchananManual Of Psychometry
1893BurrBlavatsky Partial
1893BurtonVikram And The Vampire
1893ButlerPractical Methods To Insure Success
1893ChavannesThe Concentration Of Wealth
1893CheneyAn Apocalypse Of Life
1893ClaxtonShe Of The Holy Light
1893CoatesHow To Thought-read
1893CockeValue Of Hypnotism
1893ColvilleWorlds Fair Text Book Of Mental Therapeutics
1893CrameBasic Statements
1893DadmunSpiritualism Refuted
1893DaltonSpherical Basis Of Astrology
1893DavisChildrens Lyceum Manual
1893De ReglaEl Kitab Des Lois Secretes De Lamour
1893De RochasLes Etats Superficiels
1893Delaumosne Et AliaDelsarte System Of Oratory
1893DowTen Test Circles
1893DupotetMagie Devoilee
1893DyerGhost World
1893Easter-hendersonA Guide To Palmistry
1893Easter-hendersonGuide To Palmistry
1893FieldingA Journey From This World To The Next
1893FiguierJoys Beyond The Threshold
1893FletcherThe Other World And This
1893FordBorn Again Romance Of A Dual Life
1893GarretsonNineteenth Century Sense
1893GeorgenDelsarte System Of Physical Culture
1893GmelinSchuld Oder Unschuld Des Templerordens
1893HaldemanTheosophy Or Christianity Which
1893HansonThe Worlds Congress Of Religions
1893HartHypnotism Mesmerism And The New Witchcraft
1893HartmannOccult Science In Medicine
1893HoskingChristchurch Quack Unmasked
1893HowardHypnotism As Therapeutic Agent
1893JudgeOcean Of Theosophy
1893Kardec BlackwellThe Spirits Book
1893KiesewetterFranz Anton Mesmers Leben Lehre
1893Kirk LangSecret Commonwealth Of Elves Fauns And Fairies
1893LarmandieLentre Acte Ideal Histoire Rose Croix
1893LightfootEssays On The Work Entitled Supernatural Religion
1893LillieInfluence Of Buddhism On Primitive Christianity
1893MarryatClairvoyance Of Bessie Williams
1893MercerReview Of The Worlds Religious Congresses
1893Minot Et AliaWorlds Congress Of Religions
1893Modern AntediluvianThe Light Of The Ages
1893MortonPsychic Studies
1893Newton StockhamPre-natal Culture
1893OneillNight Of The Gods
1893OrmsbyThe Law And The Prophets
1893OwenVoodoo Tales
1893OwenOur Little Doctor
1893ParsonsNew Light From The Great Pyramid
1893PeekeZenia The Vestal
1893PeladanSalon Des Champs-elysees
1893PeladanComment On Devient Fee Erotique
1893PetersileaPhilip Carlislie
1893RichmondMystic Test Book
1893RichmondThe Magea Book
1893RichmondReligion Of The Stars
1893Rogers RogersRogers Homeopathic Guide
1893RowThe Revival Of Astrology
1893RowAstrological Self Instructor
1893SatthianadhanTheosophy An Appeal To Countrymen
1893SavagePsychics Facts And Theories
1893SeymourSeymours Key To Phrenology
1893SinnettEsoteric Buddhism
1893SpethArs Quatuor Coronatorum V6
1893St HillGrammar Of Palmistry
1893StarrEdith Bramleys Vision
1893StockhamCreative Life
1893Stockham TalbotKoradine Letters
1893TebbRecrudescence Of Leprosy
1893VariousCollectanea Chemica
1893VicereLe Prophete De L Apocalypse
1893VincentThe Elements Of Hypnotism
1893Von HartmannPhilosophy Of The Unconscious
1893WachtmeisterReminiscences Of Blavatsky
1893WaisbrookerFountain Of Life
1893WaitLaw Of Laws
1893WaiteAlchemical Writings Of Edward Kelly
1893WardThe Psychic Factors Of Civilization
1893WestcottCollectanea Hermetica V1 Hermetic Arcanum
1893WestcottCollectanea Hermetica V2 Pymander Of Hermes
1893WestcottCollectanea Hermetica V3 Short Enquiry Concerning Hermetic Art
1893WestcottSepher Yetzirah
1893Williard LivermoreA Woman Of The Century
1893WoodIdeal Suggestion Through Mental Photography
1894AksakowAnimismus Und Spiritismus V1
1894AllenFigs Or Pigs
1894AndersonHow To Win By The Aid Of Personal Magnetism And Hypnotism
1894AnonymousMystic Oracle Complete Fortune Teller
1894AnonymousAntiquity Unveiled
1894AnonymousBrujerias Espiritistas
1894AnonymousGeneral Report Of 19th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1894AnonymousNew Pearl Of Great Price
1894AnonymousPeoples Progressive Spiritualist Association Of Providence
1894AnonymousThe Theosophic Craze
1894AustinRational Memory Training
1894BangsMarguerite Hunter
1894BenediktHypnotismus Und Suggestion
1894BesantBuilding Of The Kosmos
1894BetieroOccult Mysteries Of Thibet And Hindustan
1894BoisPetites Religions De Paris
1894CareyThe Biochemic System Of Medicine
1894CarpenterSex-love Its Place In Free Society
1894CarterTree Of Knowledge
1894CheiroCheiros Language Of The Hand
1894ChowdhuryProceedings Of The Public Meeting Of The Hindu Committee Vivekananda
1894ClerkSpiritism The Keystone Of Christianity
1894CockeHypnotism How It Is Done Its Uses And Dangers
1894ColvilleDashed Against The Rock
1894CookeJesus Christ Spirit Autobiography
1894CouseSomething To Think Of
1894CrawfordThe Witch Of Prague
1894CrawfordThe Disappearance Syndicate
1894CrawfordMan And His Soul
1894CrawfordA Man And His Soul
1894DaileyMollie Fancher
1894DallasFreed Spirit
1894De La RiveFemme Et Lenfant Devant Francmaconnerie
1894DolbearMatter Ether And Motion
1894Du MaurierTrilby
1894DuffeyInvestigative Study Of Spiritualism
1894DuttonKey To Science Of Medicine
1894EleveSpiritual Law In The Natural World
1894EvartsHas Spiritualism Any Foundation In The Bible
1894GandhiIndias Message To America
1894GarrettIsis Very Much Unveiled
1894GarverBrother Of The Third Degree
1894GaywatersSecret Harmony Of The Spheres
1894GestefeldThe Leprosy Of Miriam
1894GlendinningVeil Lifted Spirit Photography
1894Haddock HoltDelineator
1894HarrisConversation In Heaven
1894HarrisonModern Spiritualism
1894HelmBetween Two Forces
1894HolleyMagnetism Its Potency And Action
1894HoughtonThe Parliament Of Religions
1894HowellsA Traveler From Altruria
1894InitieMysteres Des Sciences Occultes
1894JarvisAscent Of Life
1894JudsonThe Bridge Between Two Worlds
1894KirkInfluence Of The Zodiac
1894Kirk StreetInfluence Of The Zodiac Upon Human Life
1894LagrangeThe Great Pyramid
1894LagrangeGreat Pyramid
1894LangCock Lane And Common Sense
1894LillieModern Mystics And Modern Magic
1894MaitlandThe Story Of The New Gospel Of Interpretation
1894MarryatDead Mans Message
1894MarryatThe Spirit World
1894MarryatA Bankrupt Heart
1894MaskelyneSharps And Flats
1894MattesonOccult Family Physician
1894MertonLife And Healing
1894PaineMystery Of Evelin Delorme
1894PaineEvelin Delorme
1894PodmoreApparitions And Thought-transference
1894Putnam400 Years Of Freethought
1894RaymondCecil The Seer
1894ReddingOur Near Future No3
1894ReddingThe Millenial Kingdom
1894ReddingThe Millennial Kingdom
1894RobertsAntiquity Unveiled
1894RobertsApollonius Of Tyana
1894SedirMessager Celeste De Jeanne Leade
1894SeymourThe Oneida Community
1894ShaftesburyShaftesbury School Of Philosophy
1894SharmanThe Power Of The Will Or Success
1894SinclairLux Naturae
1894SivarthaBook Of Palmistry
1894SkinnerKey To Hebrew-egyptian Mystery
1894SpethArs Quatuor Coronatorum V7
1894TaylorVeil Lifted Modern Developments Of Spirit Photography
1894TelferHuman Experience Fortune Tellers Trance Mediums
1894ThompsonMagic And Mystery A Popular History
1894Un InitieMysteres Des Sciences Occultes
1894VariousFive Years Of Theosophy
1894VerdierTwo Little Maids And Conchita
1894WatsonSecret Of Spiritual Power
1894WeilReligion Of The Future
1894WestbrookEliminator Or Skeleton Keys To Sacerdotal Secrets
1894WestcottPymander Of Hermes
1894WestcottCollectanea Hermetica V4 Asch Mezareph
1894WestcottChristian Rosenkreuz
1894Westcott RoserothAesch Mezareph
1894Westcott TaylorChristian Rosenkreuz Platonic Philosophers Creed
1894WhitingWorld Beautiful Third Series
1894Wilde Dodson TrentTreatise On Natal Astrology
1894WilmotTwenty Photographs Of The Risen Dead
1894WrightOutline Of The Principles Of Modern Theosophy
1894WrightPhilosophy Of Reincarnation Considered
1895AikinForty Years With Damned Or Life Inside The Earth
1895AksakofAnimisme Et Spiritisme
1895AndersonSeptenary Man
1895AnonymousLife Of Francis Schlatter
1895AnonymousGods Light As It Came To Me
1895AnonymousMatter Force And Spirit
1895AnonymousReport Of The Triennial Committee
1895AnonymousWells New Descriptive Chart
1895AnonymousCatalogue Of Library Major F G Irwin
1895AnonymousLaffaire Guindrand-jouve
1895AnonymousGeneral Report Of 20th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1895AnonymousTwo Worlds Album
1895AnonymousBreviaire Du Devin Et Sorcier
1895AnonymousGood News Catalogue
1895AnonymousBreviare Du Devin Et Sorcier
1895AthiusIdea Vera Dello Spiritismo
1895BaldwinSecrets Of Mahatma Land Explained
1895Baldwin EisenbergDoctor Cavallo
1895BalfourFoundations Of Belief
1895Barlet LejaySynthese De Lesthetique Peinture
1895BarrettLife Work Of Mrs Cora L V Richmond
1895BlavatskyBlack Magic In Science
1895BlavatskyModern Panarion
1895BlavatskyEsoteric Character Of The Gospels
1895BlavatskyPsychic And Noetic Action
1895BoisLe Satanisme Et La Magie
1895BoozerThe Independent Voice
1895BurlingameHistory Of Magic And Magicians
1895CahagnetMagie Magnetique
1895CaithnessJe Me Suis Eveille
1895CarpenterMesmerism And Spiritualism
1895ChambersOur Self After Death
1895ChavannesIn Brighter Climes
1895CostePhenomenes Psychiques Occultes
1895DaleIndian Palmistry
1895DaviesThe Great Secret
1895DayBiography Of Colby
1895De RochasLexteriorisation De La Sensibilite
1895DecrespePrincipes De Physique Occulte Les Microbes De L Astral
1895DemorganThreescore Years And Ten
1895DentonJehovah And The Bible Enslavers Of Woman
1895DeweyNew Testament Occultism
1895Doinel KostkaLucifer Demasque
1895DotenPoems Of Progress
1895DoyleStark Munro Letters
1895DoyleThe Mystery Of Cloomber
1895DoyleMystery Of Cloomber
1895DresserPhilosophy Of P P Quimby
1895DurvilleLenseignement Du Magnetisme
1895ElworthyThe Evil Eye
1895ErnyPsychisme Experimental
1895EvansThe Great Pyramid And Napoleon
1895FletcherReopening Of Order Of The White Cross Formation Of Preliminary Class
1895FletcherReopening Of Order Of The White Cross Formation Of Preliminary Class
1895FlowerGerald Massey
1895FoshayThrone Of David
1895FrancisEncyclopedia Of Death
1895Frith Heron-allenChiromancy
1895GanthonyBunkum Entertainments
1895GarrettIsis Very Much Unveiled
1895GreenSome Questions And Answers On Spirit Photography
1895GuthrieOf Communion With God
1895HalleckPsychology And Psychic Culture
1895HarleySermonettes From Mother Goose
1895HartmannBuried Alive
1895HullThe Spiritual Alps
1895InvictusLetters Of Hargrave Jennings
1895JonesThe Pobratim
1895JudgeAstral Intoxication
1895JudgeIsis And The Mahatmas
1895JudsonWhy She Became A Spiritualist
1895KiesewetterGeschichte Des Occultismus V2
1895KiesewetterGeschichte Des Neueren Occultismus V1
1895KinglandEsoteric Basis Of Christianity
1895KirkPerpetual Youth
1895KnowlesThe Supremacy Of The Spiritual
1895LeadbeaterThe Astral Plane
1895LowellOccult Japan
1895MackenzieGaelic Incantations Charms And Blessings
1895MargiottaLe Palladisme Culte De Satan-lucifer
1895MeadThe World-mystery
1895MortonPsychic Sciences
1895MullerTheosophy Or Psychological Religion
1895NorthropTwin Souls A Psychic Romance
1895OlcottOld Diary Leaves
1895Papus EdL Illuminisne En France Martines De Pasqually
1895ParkhurstDiana A Psycho Fyziological Essay On Sexual Relations
1895PattersonBeyond The Clouds
1895PeladanFils Des Etoiles
1895PhilpottsA Deal With The Devil
1895PlattThe Ethics Of Trilby
1895PodmoreApparitions And Thought-transference
1895PostI Am Well
1895PostMetaphysical Essays
1895PostModern Practice Of Natural Suggestion Scientia Vitae
1895PsycheCounterblast To Spookland
1895RobertsDivinity And Man
1895Romanes GoreThoughts On Religion
1895ScoullerSpiritualism What And Whence Is It
1895SedirMiroirs Magiques
1895SeymourSeymour Buried Alive
1895ShaftesburyComplete Membership Ralston Health Club
1895ShermanScience Of The Soul
1895Solovyoff LeafA Modern Priestess Of Isis
1895SpethArs Quatuor Coronatorum V8
1895SquiersVita The Prolongation Of Life
1895StockhamHealth Germs
1895SudduthPresent Scientific Status Of Hypnotism
1895TaylorIamblichus On The Mysteries
1895ThurberThe Hidden Faith
1895TindallSpiritual Christianity Revealed By Occultism
1895Van AndersonVictoria True
1895Van AndersonJournal Of A Live Woman
1895Von Schrenk-notzingTherapeutic Suggestion In Psychopathia Sexualis
1895WaddellBuddhism Of Tibet
1895WaisbrookerAnything More My Lord
1895WestcottCollectanea Hermetica V6 Challdaean Oracles
1895WestcottCollectanea Hermetica V5 Somnium Scipionis
1895WilderThe Antecedent Life
1895WkmA New Departure
1895WyldChristo-theosophy 2ed
1896AndersonPhilosophy Of Occultism
1896AndersonHow To Win
1896AnonymousStenographischer Bericht Kongress Deutscher Okkultisten
1896AnonymousSupernatural Generation
1896AnonymousPapers Read At The Meetings Of The Metaphysical Society
1896AnonymousKongress Deutscher Okkultisten Partial
1896AnonymousJames G Blaine On The Money Question
1896AnonymousFourth Annual Convention Of The Nsa
1896AnonymousBiography Of Francis Schlatter The Healer
1896BabbittPrinciples Of Light And Color
1896Baring-gouldCuriosities Of Olden Times
1896BarrettBarrett Book Of The Magi
1896BesantMan And His Bodies
1896BinetAlterations Of Personality
1896BjerregaardLectures On Mysticism
1896BlitzSocial Science And Freemasonry
1896BoscDictionnaire Dorientalisme Occultisme
1896BraunMastery Of Fate
1896Buchanan MurrayThe Charlatan
1896BurgoyneCelestial Dynamics
1896CareyThe Biochemic System Of Medicine
1896CarpenterLoves Coming Of Age
1896CharlesBook Of The Secrets Of Enoch
1896ClevelandReligion Of Modern Spiritualism
1896CockeBlind Leaders Of The Blind
1896ColvilleRegeneration Versus Degeneration
1896ColvilleHistory Of Theosophy
1896CorelliSorrows Of Satan
1896CumberlandWhat I Think About South Africa
1896De La CampSpiritual Tour Of The World
1896DesertisPsychic Philosophy
1896DeweySons Of God
1896DrummondEternal Life
1896EddyChurch Manual Of First Church Of Christ Scientist
1896FalconnierLes Xxii Lames Hermetiques Du Tarot
1896FletcherWitches Pharmacopoeia
1896FlowerA Study In Hypnotism
1896FlowerHypnotism Up To Date
1896FrithPractical Palmistry
1896FryarSupernatural Generation
1896GibierSpiritisme Fakirisme Occidental
1896GouldResume Of Arcane Associations
1896GriffithThe Excellent Reigion
1896GuthrieHymns For The Hours
1896GuthrieOf The Ladder Of God
1896GuthrieThe Soteriology Of Jesus
1896HarrisIn Dawnrise
1896HarrisonTranscendental Universe
1896HartHypnotism Mesmerism And New Witchcraft
1896HerselfThe Grey Ladye
1896HirschWas Ist Suggestion Und Hypnotismus
1896HudsonScientific Demonstration Of The Future Life
1896HullEncyclopedia Of Biblical Spiritualism
1896HullSwept Away
1896JacksonOur Noted Workers
1896JamesDivine Science
1896KeeneThe Mystery Of Handwriting
1896KingBabylonian Magic And Sorcery
1896KirkLibra An Astrological Romance
1896KneippThe Kneipp Cure
1896LeadbeaterThe Devachanic Plane
1896LeviTranscendental Magic
1896LeviCatechisme De La Paix
1896LillieWorship Of Satan In Modern France
1896LoisetteAssimilative Memory
1896MaceGrey Ladye
1896MaitlandAnna Kingsford
1896MardenPushing To The Front
1896MardenArchitects Of Fate
1896MarquesThe Human Aura
1896MatuszewskiCzarnoksiestwo I Medyumizm
1896MeadPistis Sophia
1896Mead ChoudhuriThe Upanishads
1896MillsPractical Metaphysics
1896NeviusDemon Possession And Allied Themes
1896NisbetThe Great Secret
1896NsaProceedings Of The Fourth Annual Convention
1896PapusLe Diable Et L Occultisme
1896PapusRayons Invisibles Et Dernieres Experiences Deusapia
1896PeeblesOutline Of Dr J M Peebles Medical Standing
1896QuixoteOur Unseen Companions
1896ReddingMysteries Unveiled
1896ReddingOur Near Future
1896Ribot SnellDiseases Of The Will
1896RichmondMystic Test Book Supplement
1896RoiselL Idee Spiritualiste
1896SancheDirections For Use Of Oxydonor
1896SandemanThe Rosy Cross
1896SchlesingerWorkers In The Vineyard
1896Scott-elliotStory Of Atlantis
1896SilbersteinDisclosures Of The Universal Mysteries
1896SimmoniteHorary Astrology
1896SizerUncle Sams Letters On Phrenoogy
1896SmithModern Spiritualism A Subject Of Prophecy
1896SpethArs Quatuor Coronatorum V9
1896SsddEgyptian Magic
1896StarrPromotional Poster
1896StockhamKarezza Ethics Of Marriage
1896StrangBeaver Island And The Mormon Kingdom
1896TaylorA Handy Guide To Palmistry
1896TebbPremature Burial
1896ToddDeborah The Advanced Woman
1896TuttleOrigin And Antiquity Of Man
1896UnderwoodAutomatic Or Spirit Writing
1896UriarteDie Magie Des Xix Jahrhunderts
1896Van Der NaillenIn The Sanctuary
1896VanneriusOm Psykisk Energi
1896WadePosthumous Memoirs Of Blavatsky
1896WaisbrookerMy Century Plant
1896WaiteTurba Philosophorum
1896WaiteDevil-worship In France
1896WallaceOn Miracles And Modern Spiritualism
1896Weigel KingsfordAstrology Theologized
1896WestcottCollectanea Hermetica V8 Egyptian Magic
1896WestcottCollectanea Hermetica V7 Philalethes Euphrates Waters Of Easst
1896WestcottCollectanea Hermetica V9 Numbers
1896Westcott LeviMagical Ritual Of The Sanctum Regnum
1896WolcottWhat Is Christian Science
1896WoodStudies In The Thought World
1897AnonymousRegeneration The Gate Of Heaven
1897AnonymousGeneral Report Of 22nd Convention Of Theosophical Society
1897AnonymousThe Canon An Exposition Of Pagan Mystery
1897AnonymousTwo Worlds Portrait Album
1897AnonymousNew Era
1897AnonymousLight Of Truth Album
1897AnonymousIn The Matter Of Harriet E Beach
1897BachBig Bible Stories
1897Bellevue Medical InstituteTreatise On Marriage And Health
1897BesantFour Great Religions
1897BetieroPractical Essays
1897BjerregaardLectures On Mysticism And Nature Worship
1897BoscCatechisme De Doctrine Spiritualiste Esoterisme Elementaire
1897BrownMediumistic Experiences Of John Brown
1897BuchananPrimitive Christianity
1897BuckMystic Masonry
1897BuckBrownings Paracelsus
1897BudingtonDeath Is Birth
1897BurgoyneLanguage Of The Stars
1897BurlingameHermann The Magician
1897BurlinghamHermann The Magician
1897Carpenter Et AliaHuman Science Lectures
1897CheethamThe Mysteries Pagan And Christian
1897CraddockHeaven Of The Bible
1897DavenportDeath-blow To Spiritualism
1897De ReglaMysteres De Constantinople
1897De VillarsContinuation Of Comte De Gabalis
1897De VillarsAssistant Genies And Irreconcileable Gnomes
1897DelannePhenomene Spirite
1897DesperanceShadow Land
1897DippelNeuere Spiritismus
1897DowdTemple Of The Rosy Cross
1897DrummondA Life For A Life And Other Addresses
1897Du MaurierThe Martian
1897EddyChrist And Christmas
1897EvansSpirit World Unmasked
1897EvansHours With The Ghosts
1897FerdinandSaeming Sexual Magie Part 3
1897ForlongShort Studies In The Science Of Comparative Religion
1897FullerPoems And Essays Through A Psychic
1897GaffneyFirst Lessons In Palmistry
1897GaffneyLessons In Palmistry
1897GestefeldHow We Master Our Fate
1897GestefeldThe Breath Of Life
1897GilesEnglish And Parental Versions Of The Bible
1897GilesGlimpses Of Ancient Mysteries
1897HarrisRomes Responsibility For Assassation Of Lincoln
1897HartA Way That Seemeth Right
1897HensoldtAnnie Besant Eine Wunderliche Heilige
1897HopkinsMagic Stage Illusions
1897HullWayside Jottings
1897HumphreyThe Mystic World
1897HuntleyHarmonics Of Evolution
1897HurstLulu Hearst Writes Her Autobiography
1897Jollivet-castelotComment On Devient Alchimiste
1897JudkinsFacts Of Science
1897LangBook Of Dreams And Ghosts
1897LeglerA Moses Of The Mormons
1897LoomisSeven Essays On Your Practical Forces
1897LovelandMediumistic Experiences Of John Brown
1897MackeyCryptic Masonry
1897MarreIllustriertes Lehrbuch Praktischen Spiritismus
1897MarreVollstandiges Kurzgefasstes Lehrbuch Spiritismus
1897MarryatBlood Of The Vampire
1897MasonTelepathy And The Subliminal Self
1897MatgioiLe Taoisme Et Societes Secretes Chinoises
1897MichelsenOccult Stories
1897NeviusDemon Possession And Allied Themes
1897PapusMagie Et Lhypnose
1897PapusOddultisme Contemporain
1897PillayComparison Of Animal Magnetism With The Yoga System
1897PlattHome Treatment With The Cell-salts
1897PodmoreStudies In Psychical Research
1897PrasadThe Science Of Breath
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1897RussellWhat Say The Scriptures About Spiritism
1897SageHypnotism As It Is
1897Saint-germainPractice Of Palmistry
1897SandemanThe Worship Of Lucifer
1897SandemanSir Gaspards Affinity
1897SchultzeLetze Aufflackern Der Alchemie In Deutschland
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1897StarL Astrologie
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1897StillAutobiography Of Andrew T Still
1897StirlingThe Canon
1897ThompsonMystery And Romance Of Alchemy And Pharmacy
1897ThurberZelma The Mystic
1897TottenOur Race Its Origin And Destiny
1897TynerBodily Immortality
1897TynerThrough The Invisible
1897TynerLiving Christ
1897Valcourt-vermontPractice Of Palmistry For Professional Purposes
1897VincentThe Elements Of Hypnotism
1897WachtmeisterSpiritualism In The Light Of Theosophy
1897WaitYermah The Dorado
1897WalserThe Bouquet
1897WeirPsychical Correlation Of Religious Emotion And Sexual Desire
1897WhitingAfter Her Death The Story Of A Summer
1897WhitingWorld Beautiful First Series
1897WillmannModerne Wunder Expose
1897WindsorLoma A Citizen Of Venus
1897WoodburyWar In Heaven
1897WoodburyChristian Science Voices
1897WrightOutline Of Principles Of Modern Theosophy
1897WrightOn The Outer Rim Studies In Wider Evolution
1897YarnallPractical Healing
1898AbhedanandaWhy A Hindu Is A Vegetarian
1898AgrippaThree Books Of Occult Philosophy
1898AksakofA Case Of Partial Dematerialization
1898AksakovCase Of Partial Dematerialization Of The Body Of A Medium
1898AksakovVorlaufer Des Spiritismus
1898AlcioneCalifornia Souvenir Occult And Other Poemettes
1898AndersonNatural Way In Diet
1898AndersonThe Curtain Raised For Married Only
1898AnonymousPentacost The Opening Of A New School Of Inspiration
1898AnonymousMagnetic Magic Of Cahagnet
1898AnonymousGeneral Report Of 23rd Convention Of Theosophical Society
1898AnonymousChicago School Of Hermetic Prospectus
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1898BarnesPsychology Hypnotism Personal Magnetism And Clairvoyance
1898BarresRenovateur De Loccultisme Stanislas De Guaita
1898BarringtonAnti-christian Cults
1898BilimoriaZoroastrianism In The Light Of Theosophy
1898BlitzRitual And Monitor Of Martinist Order
1898BragdonGolden Person In The Heart
1898Brother PaulRoad To Immortality
1898BroughtonElements Of Astrology
1898BuchananPrimitive Christianity
1898BurtonLife Of Sir Richard F Burton
1898CavanaghHead Troubles And Their Causes
1898ClosePhrenopathy Or Rational Mind Cure
1898CloseSexual Law Philosophy Of Perfect Health
1898ColvilleLaw Of Correspondences Applied To Healing
1898DaltonThe Sixteen Principal Stars
1898DaviesMagic Divination And Demonology Among The Hebrews
1898DavisPrinciples Of Nature
1898DeweyPentacost Opening New School Inspiration
1898DeweyPentecost Opening New School Inspiration
1898DowdDouble Man
1898DunlapGhebers Of Hebron
1898EricksonLessons In Astrology
1898FishboughThe End Of The Ages
1898FlaggYoga Or Transformation
1898FlowerEducation During Sleep
1898ForwardHistory Of Food Reform
1898FouquetLuciferianism Or Satanism In English Freemasonry
1898GestefeldMetaphysics Of Balzac
1898HarlanOsteopathy The New Science
1898HatchSome More Philosophy Of The Hermetics
1898HatchSome Philosophy Of The Hermetics
1898HobartSecret Of The Rothschilds
1898HoffmanSphere Of Science
1898HolmesFloating Fancies
1898HopkinsTwentieth Century Magic
1898HudsonSex Mythology
1898JamesHuman Immortality Two Supposed Objections To The Doctrine
1898KhaldahEl Ferassah Hand Reading
1898LarmandieMagie Et Religion Notes Sur L Esoterisme
1898LoomisSix Essays On Methods Of Self Help
1898MaackOkkultismus Was Ist
1898Maack EdOkkultismus Was Ist Es
1898MacdonaldHow To Succeed
1898MeachamLessons In Hypnotism
1898MosesSpirit Teachings
1898ObrienRound Towers Of Ireland
1898OliphantScientific Religion
1898OliveiraEvolucao Psychica Dos Bahianos
1898PapusLame Humain
1898PattersonNew Thought Essays
1898PernetyTreatise On The Great Art
1898PitzerSuggestion In The Cure Of Diseases
1898RobinsonSpirit Slate Writing And Kindred Phenomena
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1898SandemanInfatuation Of Amanda
1898SantiniPhotographie Des Effluves Humains
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1898ShaftesburyGeneral Membership Of The Ralston Health Club
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1898SivarthaThe Book Of Life
1898SivarthaBook Of Life
1898TrineGreatest Thing Ever Known
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1898Von Schrenck-notzingTherapeutic Suggestion In Psychopathia Sexualis
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1898WalrondPractical Guide To The Investigation Of Spiritualism
1898WalserOrthopaedia Or Atomic Solution
1898Weeks AldenSpiritual Meanings Of Biblical Words
1898WeltmerThe Weltmer Method Of Absent Treatment
1898WeltmerThe Profession Of Magnetic Healing What It Costs
1898WeltmerThe Weltmer Method Of Absent Treatment
1898WhiteThe Desire Of Ages
1898WhiteheadThree Books Of Occult Philosophy
1898WilmansA Blossom Of The Century
1898WilmansSearch For Freedom
1899AberRending The Vail
1899AbhedanandaPhilosophy Of Good And Evil
1899AlbergFrost Flowers On The Windows Vital Energy Of Plants
1899AndersonHow To Heal By Natures Potent Methods
1899AnonymousStanislas De Guaita Et Sa Bibliotheque Occulte
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1899AnonymousIllumination Of Koresh
1899AnonymousGuaita Et Sa Bibliotheque Occulte
1899AnonymousBeacon Fires
1899AnonymousGeneral Report Of 24th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1899AnonymousBibliography Of Progressive Literature
1899AnonymousLife Beyond The Grave
1899AnonymousInternational Metaphysical League Proceedings
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1899AnonymousEsoteric Ephemeris For Solar Biology
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1899EhIs Spiritualism Opposed To Christianity
1899EllisThoughts On Psychometry
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1899FreerAlleged Haunting Of B House
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1899GabrielThe Gospel Of The Stars
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1899GravesStellar Dust Or The Life Force
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1899GuthrieMy Message And How I Got To It
1899HallMaine Spiritualists Directory
1899HallPurity And Destiny Of Modern Spiritualism
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1899HudsonScientific Demonstration Of The Future Life
1899HudsonDivine Pedigree Of Man
1899HullThe Devil And The Adventists
1899JordanKingship Of Self-control
1899JudsonA Happy Year
1899KaneEchoes From The Spirit World
1899KantDreams Of A Spirit-seer
1899KirkPrevention And Cure Of Old Age
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1899LamblinRevelations Sensationnelles Des Vrais Secretes Des Sciences Occultes
1899LancasterAlls Dross But Love
1899LawViavi Hygiene
1899LelandAradia Or Gospel Of The Witches
1899LeoAstrology For All
1899LockwoodThe Spiritualism Of Nature
1899LoisetteAssimilative Memory
1899LongleyMysteries Of The Formation Of The Earth
1899LoomisSeven Essays On Practical Occultism
1899MccabeLife Forces
1899MccorkleChristian Science The False Christ Of 1866
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1899MertonDescriptive Mentality From The Head Face And Hand
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1899NealModern Banking And Bank Accounting
1899New EpochBibliography Of Progressive Literature
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1899PeeblesThree Journeys Around The World
1899Peebles Et AlChrist Question Settled
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1899RaoAstrology And Its Connection With Vedanta
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1899TrineWhat All The Worlds A-seeking
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1899WagnerWithin The Temple Of Isis
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1899WeltnerHypnotism And Chairvoyance
1899WeltnerHypnotism And Clairvoyance
1899White HollingsworthTreatise On Medical Astrology
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1899WoodChicago Medical And Surgical Institute
1899Young25 Lessons In Hypnotism
1899YoungThe Science Of Hypnotism
1900AbhedanandaThe Word And The Cross
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1900AnonymousDo The Dead Return
1900AnonymousGeneral Report Of 25th Convention Of Theosophical Society
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1900AnonymousPith And Marrow Script 1
1900AtkinsonThought-force In Business Everyday Life
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1900BesantSome Problems Of Life
1900BishopFaith And Suggestion
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1900CaylorDr Sedgwick And The Spirit Medium
1900ChaineyTen Commandments
1900ChaineyThe Ten Commandments
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1900ChambersMan And The Spiritual World
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1900CheiroLanguage Of The Hand
1900Cherry CherryOtyognomy
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1900CorneliusWhite Flame
1900DasScience Of The Emotions
1900De LaurenceHypnotism A Complete System
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1900EdsonModern Spiritualism
1900ElworthyHorns Of Honour
1900EstlakeThe Oneida Community
1900FalesThe Fall And The Restoration
1900FlammarionThe Unknown
1900FlournoyFrom India To The Planet Mars
1900FrancisEncyclopedia Of Death
1900FrancisEncyclopedia Of Death
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1900GreyerUniversal Treasure Casket
1900GrimkeEsoteric Lessons
1900GrumbineAuras And Colors
1900GrumbineEasy Lessons
1900GuthrieRegeneration Applied
1900GuthrieGospel Of Apollonius Of Tyana
1900GuthrieFaith And Reason
1900HaddockKing On His Throne Power Of Will
1900Hanford DelanoySerious Complications
1900HeywoodEnglish Almanacks
1900Hippocrates JuniorThe Predicted Plague
1900HudsonLaw Of Psychic Phenomena
1900HullOur Bible
1900HunterManhood Wrecked And Rescued
1900IngersollCollected Works V3
1900IngersollCollected Works V4
1900IngersollGreenacre On The Piscataqua
1900Jollivet-castelotLes Sciences Maudites
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1900KleinpaulModernes Hexenwesen
1900LawViavi Managers Guide
1900Le PlongeonQueen Moo And The Egyptian Sphinx
1900LitteljohnOsteopathy Explained
1900Loomis FowlerShould Woman Obey
1900LymanHermaphro Deity
1900MacdonaldMary Melville The Psychic
1900MacdonaldHelps To Success
1900Macfadden OswaldFasting-hydropathy-exercise
1900Macgregor-mathersBook Of The Sacred Magic Of Abra-melin
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1900Mcivor-tyndallRevelations Of The Hand
1900Neal ClarkHypnotism And Hypnotic Suggestion
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1900NewtonNew Thought Of Immortality
1900NixonThe Spirit Paintings
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1900Occult Publishing CompanyBook List
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1900PaschalLe Theosophie En Quelques Chaptres
1900PeeblesAre You Perfectly Well
1900PeeblesVaccination A Curse
1900PeekeSoul Development Divine Alchemy
1900PinkertonThe Somnambulist And The Detective
1900PinkertonThe Spiritualists And The Detectives
1900PinkhamWomen Friends In Council
1900PoissonLinitiation Alchemique
1900PoissonInitiation Alchimique
1900PopeExpose Of Weltmerism
1900PowellMediumship Its Laws And Conditions
1900RayonMystic Self
1900RiddellA Child Of Light
1900RobsonConstitution And Laws Of The Royal Arcanum
1900RosicruciaeEvolution Of Immortality
1900RowAn Introduction To The Study Of Astrology
1900Sage NealScenes In Hypnotism And How To Produce Them
1900SavageLife Beyond Death
1900SchlesingerDo The Dead Return
1900SchmidtSelf-verifying Chronological History Of Ancient Egypt
1900SchureJesus The Last Great Initiate
1900ShaftesburyPersonal Magnetism Private Lessons
1900ShaftesburyUniversal Magnetism And Private Lessons In The Magnetic Control Of Others
1900ShedConcise And Rational Course In Hypnotisms
1900SheltonLaw Of Vibrations
1900SmedleySome Reminiscences
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1900StellaSciences Occultes
1900StockerConcordance Of Graphology And Physiognomy
1900StockerThe Human Face
1900Stockham EllisTolstoi
1900StrasserThe Key To Magnetic Healing
1900TaftHypothesis For A Ceptacle Theory
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1900The HealerComplete Course Of Instructions Absent Treatments
1900TheonDoctrine Spirite De Kardec
1900TischerThe Blue Language
1900TrineCharacter-building Thought Power
1900TruthDivine Healing
1900Valcourt-vermontPractical Hypnotism
1900Van AndersonStory Of Teddy
1900Van Der NaillenOn The Heights Of Himalay
1900Von BaaderEnseignements Secretes Martines De Pasqually
1900Von BaaderEnseignements Secrets De Martines-de Pasqually
1900Von VayAus Meinem Leben
1900WarderInvisible Light
1900WeltmerDiscovery Of Weltmerism
1900WesleyNews From The Invisible World
1900Wesley MorseNews From The Invisible World
1900WillisSpiritual Fraternity Discourses
1900WilmansConquest Of Death
1900Yve-plessisEssai Dun Blbliographie Francaise
1900ZurestaYe Booke Of Ye Cards
1901A Mental ScientistPsychical Development And Philosophy Of The New Thought
1901AbhedanandaDiving Communion
1901AbhedanandaThree Lectures On Spiritual Unfoldment
1901AbhedanandaWho Is The Saviour Of Souls
1901AbhedanandaVedanta Philosophy
1901AbhedanandaReligion Of The Hindus
1901AgaponPhilosophical Evangel
1901AlpheusBorn Under A Lucky Star
1901AndersonPsychical Development And Philosophy Of The New Thought
1901AngelaThe Zodiacal Cards
1901AnonymousGeneral Report Of 26th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1901AnonymousInternational Metaphysical League Proceedings Convention
1901AnonymousA Course In Personal Magnetism
1901AnonymousCatalog Of Occult Books
1901AnonymousRomance Of The Red Star
1901AnonymousTradition Cosmique V1 Drame Cosmique
1901ArielPlanetary Influence And Human Affairs
1901AtkinsonSeries Of Lessons In Personal Magnetism
1901AtkinsonThought Force In Business
1901AustinWhat Converted Me To Spiritualism
1901BarnesCourse Of Reading Covering The Psychic Sciences
1901BenhamLaws Of Scientific Hand Reading
1901BudgeEgyptian Book Of The Dead
1901BudgeEgyptian Magic
1901Bulwer LyttonA Strange Story
1901ButlerNarrow Way Of Attainment
1901CarrMiss Marie Corelli
1901CassonCrime Of Credulity
1901ChaineyBook Of Ruth
1901ChambersProblems Of The Spiritual
1901ChurchillThe Magic Seven
1901ClarkTheosophists Point Of View
1901ClarkChurch Of St Bunco
1901CloseValue Of Esoteric Thought Absent Healing
1901Clytina HodgesTwo Thousand Years In Celestial Life
1901CoatesHuman Magnetism Or How To Magnetize
1901CookPractical Lessons In Hypnotism
1901CroweNight-side Of Nature
1901Del MarSpiritual And Material Attraction
1901DeweyThe Open Door
1901DowdTemple Of The Rosy Cross
1901DubetMystagogues Contemporains
1901DubetLes Mystagogues Contemporains
1901FarneseA Wanderer In The Spirit Lands
1901FlournoyFrom India To The Planet Mars
1901FlowerPerfect Course Of Instruction In Hypnotism
1901FosterCommon-sense Philosophy Of Spirit
1901FrankShrine Of Silence
1901GaffneyLessons In Palmistry
1901GestefeldHow To Control Circumstances
1901GestefeldThe Builder And The Plan
1901GordonWoman Revealed
1901GordonSuggestion And Osteopathy
1901GordonWoman Revealed
1901HalphideThe Psychic And Psychism
1901HansenQuellen Und Untersuchungen Zur Geschlichte Des Hexenwahns
1901HansenGeschlichte Des Hexenwahns
1901HargettNew Discoveries In Palmistry
1901HarrisInferences From Haunted Houses And Haunted Men
1901HewittHistory And Chronology Of The Myth-making Age
1901HicksM Gydion
1901HodgesTwo Thousand Years In Celestial Life
1901HopkinsMagic Stage Illusions
1901HubbellFact And Fancy In Spiritualism
1901HudsonLaw Of Psychic Phenomena
1901HudsonScientific Demonstration Of Future Life
1901HullTwo Volumes In One
1901HullChrists Of The Past
1901HullSpirit Echoes
1901HuntScientific Bible
1901HutchinsonDreams And Their Meanings
1901IngaleseMata The Magician
1901IoneStudies In Spiritual Harmony
1901JastrowFact And Fable In Psychology
1901Jollivet CastellotGrand Oeuvre Alchimique
1901JudgeCulture Of Concentration Occult Powers
1901KarpeOrigines Et Nature Du Zohar
1901KirkChrist Of The Red Planet
1901KohausScience Of Sciences
1901LangMagic And Religion
1901LayardMrs Lynn Linton
1901LeoCasting The Horoscope
1901LeonidasStage Hypnotism Text Book Of Occult Entertainment
1901LeonidasStage Hypnotism (US Edition)
1901LoewenfeldDer Hypnotismus
1901MacfaddenPower And Beauty Of Superb Womanhood
1901MeadApollonius Of Tyana
1901MooreAnnie Moore Cable
1901MoorePractical And Scientific Self-culture
1901MuldoonChristian Science Claims
1901MyersScience And A Future Life
1901NeilSpiritualism And Theosophy
1901NixonBeyond The Vail
1901OdonoghueCatalog Of Collection Of Playing Cards
1901Okkultistin RacowitzaWie Ich Selbst Fand
1901OughtonCrazes Credulities And Christian Science
1901PancoastPancoasts Tokology And Ladies Medical Guide
1901PattersonDominion And Power
1901PeckThe Spirit World
1901PeeblesGlimpses Of A Great Institution
1901PeithmannBiographia Antiqua Parmenides
1901PennyIntroduction To Boehmes Writings
1901QuackenbosHypnotism In Mental And Moral Culture
1901RandallYour Mesmeric Forces
1901RaphaelGuide To Astrology
1901RaphaelRaphaels Prophetic Almanac
1901RobertsonNoble Pioneer
1901Robertson Et AliaKi-magi System Of Personal Influence
1901RougementNational Dream Book
1901SabinChristology Science Of Health And Happiness
1901SageHypnotism As It Is
1901SahlerPsychic Life And Laws
1901SalvaronaThe Wisdom Of Passion
1901SavageLife Beyond Death
1901ScoullerTrue Spiritualism
1901SeilingGoethe Und Der Okkultismus
1901Sirius De MassilieOracle Des Sexes
1901SmithScience Of Palmistry
1901SmithScience Of Palmistry And Relations To Astrology And Palmistry
1901SpenceTo Hermetic Students
1901StayMind Telegraph
1901StreeterA Dream Of Life In Other Worlds
1901SurbledSpirites Et Mediums
1901SwineyAwakening Of Women Womens Part In Evolution
1901SylvestreGambols With The Ghosts
1901TheonSpiritisme Experimental
1901TowneTwelve Lessons On The Constitution Of Man
1901Van RavnScribe Of A Soul
1901VernonPsychic Phenomena Of The Twentieth Century
1901Vindex VeriSecrets Of Religion
1901VitouxCoulisses De L Au-dela
1901Von Schrenck-notzingTherapeutic Suggestion In Psychopathia Sexualis
1901WaiteLife Of Louis Claude De Saint-martin
1901WalkerUnder A Lucky Star
1901Walker WoodReincarnation
1901WarderCities Of The Sun
1901WeltmerHow To Make Magnetic Healing Pay Partial
1901WeltmerThe Mystery Revealed
1901WeltmerThe Real Man
1901WhippleJames M Peebles
1901WhitingWorld Beautiful In Books
1901WhitingSpiritual Significance
1901WildeChaldean Astrology Up To Date
1901WilderHistory Of Medicine
1901WilmansConquest Of Poverty
1901WilsonPaths To Power
1901WilsonDeath The Meaning And Result
1901WoodwardStrange Case Of Francis Tidir
1901ZeaglerLiving Within
1901ZollnerTranscendental Physics
1902Alkaloidal ClinicSexual Hygiene
1902AlvidasScience And Key Of Life
1902AlvidasScience And Key Of Life
1902AlvidasScience And Key Of Life
1902AlvidasScience And Key Of Life
1902AlvidasScience And Key Of Life
1902AlvidasScience And Key Of Life
1902AlvidasScience And Key Of Life
1902AnonymousConstitution Oto Oriflamme
1902AnonymousSupernatural Religion
1902AnonymousKi-magi System Of Physiological Exercises
1902AnonymousMans Place In The Universe
1902AnonymousScientific American Handbook On Patents And Trademarks
1902AnonymousEasy Guide To Mesmerism And Hypnotism
1902AnonymousCompte Rendu Du Congres Spirite Spiritualiste Paris 1900
1902AnonymousSecret Science And The Higher Knowledge
1902AnonymousPhilosophie De L Influence Personnel
1902AnonymousRevelations From The Eternal World
1902ArmstrongThe Mother Church
1902ArnoldAdvanced Thought The Religion Of Civilization
1902AtkinsonNuggets Of The New Thought
1902AtkinsonLaw Of New Thought
1902AustinMessage Of Spiritualism
1902BalfourThe Foundations Of Belief
1902BarnardIndo Wisdom
1902BarnardBarnard Indo Wisdom
1902BegleyBlblia Cabalistica
1902BellSpiritism Hypnotism And Telepathy
1902BenhamLaws Of Scientific Hand Reading
1902BjerregaardSufi Interpretations Omar Khayyam
1902BlandIn The World Celestial
1902BoehmeThinking In The Heart
1902BoehmeMental Healing Made Plain
1902BrownNot Hypnotism But Suggestion
1902BuchananMinds Attainment
1902BuchananThe Minds Attainment
1902BurnellThe Book Of Health And Science Of Truth
1902ChaineyUnsealed Bible Vol30
1902ChambersOur Life After Death
1902ChambersThe King In Yellow
1902CharubelDegrees Of The Zodiac Symbolized
1902ChavannesComplete Works
1902ClarkMelody Of Life
1902Columbia College Of OsteopathyHome Study Course In Osteopathy
1902ColvilleThrone Of Eden
1902ColvilleTwenty Five Years Of Psychical Experiences
1902ColvilleOld And New Psychology
1902ColvilleLife And Power From Within
1902ColvillePeople's Handbook Of Spiritual Science
1902ConsoliSpiritismo E Scienza
1902CramerDivine Science And Healing
1902CravenDoctor Robert Fludd
1902DrakeWhat A Woman Of Forty-five Ought To Know
1902Duff AllenPsychical Research And Gospel Miracles
1902EncausseL Occultisme Et Le Spiritualisme
1902EsdaileMesmerism In India
1902EvansMagic And Its Professors
1902FlowerPerfect Course Of Instruction In Hypnotism
1902FluegelPhilosophy Qabbala And Vedanta
1902FullerArdetha The Teacher
1902GaffieldA Celestial Message
1902GiffordChristian Science Against Itself
1902GordonMajesty Of Sex
1902HanishInner Studies
1902HartmannWas Ist Theosophie
1902HauteriveMerveilleux Au Xviiie Siecle
1902HealdProcession Of Planets
1902HoppsDieu Pessimisme Et La Science
1902HudsonLaw Of Psychic Phenomena
1902HullAll About Devils
1902IoneFood Studies
1902JastrowBelief And Credulity
1902KnightThree Weeks Training In Clairvoyance
1902KoreshThe Immortal Manhood
1902La SeerThe Hand And Its Lines
1902Laurent NagentOccultisme Et Lamour
1902LeadbeaterOutline Of Theosophy
1902LelandFlaxius Leaves From Life Of An Immortal
1902LloydThe Natural Man
1902LockwoodContinuity Of Life
1902LodgeProofs Of Life
1902MartensWas Muss Man Von Deutschen Literature Wissen
1902MatignonEvocation Des Morts
1902MeadThe Gospels And The Gospel
1902MollChristian Science Medicine And Occultism
1902MuirThe Story Of Alchemy
1902MuirStory Of Alchemy
1902NoelCollected Poems
1902OlstonMind Power And Privileges
1902OxenfordComplete Palmist
1902PapusOccultisme Et Spiritualisme
1902PapusOccultisme Et Le Spiritualisme
1902ParanandaEastern Exposition Of The Gospel Of Jesus
1902ParmeleKingdom Of The Invisible
1902PattersonThe Will To Be Well
1902PaullThe Angel And The Book
1902PeeblesBuilding Of A Temple Of Health
1902PeeblesSeven Essays On Spiritualism Vs Materialism
1902PerinScience Of Palmistry
1902PetersileaMark Chester
1902PodmoreModern Spiritualism
1902PostOur Past Our Future
1902PostMental Science And Christian Science
1902PostSpiritualism From Standpoint Of Mental Science
1902PraedInsane Root
1902RaphaelRaphaels Prophetic Almanac
1902SantanelliLaw Of Suggestion
1902SarakGeneral Treatise On Occult Science
1902SavageCan Telepathy Explain
1902SedirPlantes Magiques
1902SedirLes Plantes Magiques
1902SegnoLaw Of Mentalism
1902SellonAnnotations On Sacred Writings Of The Hindus
1902SevaHindu Book Of Astrology Partial
1902SevaHindu Book Of Astrology
1902ShawNew Ideas In Magic
1902SmithSpiritualism The Last Hope Of The Churches
1902StarMysteres De L Etre
1902StillPhilosophy And Mechanics Of Osteopathy
1902ThemanlysAmes Vivantes
1902Tingley Et AliaMysteries Of The Heart Doctrine
1902TowneExperiences In Self-healing
1902TrippHidden Mysteries
1902TwingHenry Drummond In Spirit Life
1902VaughtPractical Character Reader
1902WaiteBook Of Mystery And Vision
1902WebberAstrology In A Nutshell
1902WeltmerTelepathy And Thought-transference
1902WestcottOrigin And History Of Astrology
1902WilcoxHeart Of The New Thought
1902WilliamsKey To Palmistry
1902WilmansConquest Of Death
1902WilmansWonders Of Thought Force
1902WilmansLimitless Man
1902WrightBody And Soul
1903AbhedanandaHow To Be A Yogi
1903AbhedanandaDivine Heritage Of Man
1903AlpheusComplete Hypnotism
1903AnonymousGeneral Report Of 28th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1903ArnoldAdvanced Thought
1903AtkinsonMemory Culture
1903AtkinsonThought-force In Business And Everyday Life
1903BarnesSecrets Of Animal Magnetism
1903BegleyBiblia Cabalistica Or Cabalistic Bible
1903BellBritish-israel Bible Notes
1903BennettPoetical Works Of George Barlow A Study
1903BennettSociety For Psychical Research
1903BennettPoetic Work Of George Barlow
1903BesantProofs Of The Existence Of The Soul
1903BramwellHypnotism Its History Practice And Theory
1903BrownDollars Want Me
1903BrownNew Thought Primer
1903ChurchillThe Magnet
1903Coates BellMarie Corelli
1903CowlesScience And Philosophy Of Life
1903CrawfordNatural Laws Governing The Moral And Immortal Worlds
1903CrowleyThe God-eater
1903Daniels StevansEncyclopedia Of Superstitions
1903Daniels StevansEncyclopedia Of Superstitions
1903DohoneyConstitution Of Man
1903DouglassSpiritual Evolution Or Regeneration
1903DresserMan And The Divine Order
1903DresserA Book Of Secrets
1903DubetMystagogues Contemporains
1903DupouySciences Occultes
1903DuttonSex Instinct In Marriage
1903FlintPractical Instruction In Hypnotism And Suggestion
1903FosterHow To Read The Head And Face
1903FowlerOur Angel Friends
1903FowlerRevelations Of The Face
1903FrankScientific Demonstration Of Souls Existence And Immortality
1903GardnerCatalogue Raisonne Occult Sciences
1903GiffordHow To Command Money
1903GollanczClavicula Salomonis
1903GordonHow To Live 100 Years New Science Of Being
1903GordonThe New Force
1903GratacapThe Certainty Of A Future Life In Mars
1903GreenTheoretical Astrology
1903GreensteinL Greensteins Phrenological Guider
1903HaddockKings Achievements Power For Success
1903HarlowMental And Moral Therapeutics
1903HarrisThe Triumph Of Life
1903HarteHypnotism And The Doctors V2
1903HoffmanPsychology And Common Life
1903HudsonLaw Of Mental Medicine
1903HuysmansA Rebours
1903IngaleseLinked Lives
1903IngerPsychic Power Of A God Within
1903JamesThe Varieties Of Religious Experience
1903JustReturn To Nature
1903LandisFounders Own Story
1903LarmandieL Entre Acte Ideal Histoire De La Rose Croix
1903LeadbeaterOutline Of Theosophy
1903LeadbeaterMan Visible And Invisible
1903LeadbeaterThe Other Side Of Death
1903LeavittPsycho-therapy In The Practice Of Medicine And Surgery
1903LeePractical Astrology
1903LefevreLes Phenomenes De Suggestion
1903LenderAngels Diary
1903LongleyLife Of The Soul
1903LuntMysteries Of The Seance
1903MangasarianChristian Science
1903MaxwellUnseen Forces And How To Use Them
1903MeadDid Jesus Live 100 Bc
1903MeadDefinition Of The Psychical
1903MillerGuide To Immortality
1903MooreThe Cosmos And The Creeds
1903MoreauLumiere Et Verite
1903MorriseyMind And Body A Metaphysical Treatise
1903MyersHuman Personality
1903PapusCabbala Tradition Secrete De Loccident
1903PapusLa Cabbale Tradition Secrete De L Occident
1903ParacelsusDas Buch Paragranum
1903PartlowTraining Of Children In The New Thought
1903PeeblesWhat Is Spiritualism
1903PelmanMemory Training
1903PetrieYe Shall Know The Truth
1903PhanosElements Of Hand-reading
1903PhelonOur Story Of Atlantis
1903PhelpsAstrological Birthday Book Character Readings
1903PinerBuilders Of The Beautiful
1903Podmore CookSpiritualism Pro And Con
1903PurnellStar Of Bethlehem
1903RamacharakaFourteen Lessons In Yogi Philosophy
1903RayonFads Or Facts
1903RedfieldControl Of Heredity
1903RibotPsychology Of Attention
1903RobertsDivinity And Man
1903SavageCan Telepathy Explain
1903SchlatterModern Miracles Of Healing
1903SchwimmerRays Of Light
1903SedirLes Plantes Magiques
1903SedirLettres Magiques
1903SegnoHow To Live 100 Years
1903ShaftesburyThe Adam-man Tongue
1903Shirey SamsonAngels Diary
1903SilverA Secular Anathema
1903SivarthaHistoric Growth Of Man
1903SpiveyLavius Egyptus Lectures
1903SpiveyLavius Egyptus
1903StevensonThought Communication By Magnetism
1903StidgerTreason History
1903StockerClues To Character
1903StrumTheophrastus Paracelsus
1903TaylorVictoria Queen Of Anglo-israel
1903ThomasThe Reality And Evil Of Spiritualism
1903TownsendMystic Poems
1903Vedanta SocietyBook List
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1903WilsonShakespeare And Astrology
1904AlmerasCagliostro Joseph Balsamo
1904AndersonAngelic Wisdom
1904AnonymousProposal For American Institute Of Scientific Research
1904AnonymousWinged Cross Library Soul Of God In Action
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1904AnonymousTingley-times Case Transcript On Appeal
1904AnonymousA Message From Robert G Ingersoll
1904AnonymousGeneral Report Of 29th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1904AnonymousTradition Cosmique V2 Drame Cosmique
1904AnonymousLatch-key Of Life
1904Anonymous ReussHistorische Ausgabe Der Oriflamme
1904Anonymous ReussHistorische Ausgabe Der Oriflamme Ver 2
1904Baring-gouldA Book Of Ghosts
1904BeadlePolygamy Mysteries And Crimes Of Mormonism
1904BellSpiritism Hypnotism And Telepathy
1904BennettTwenty Years Of Psychical Research
1904BennettSociete Anglo-americaine Pour Recherches Psychiques
1904BesantPedigree Of Man
1904BoltonThe Follies Of Science At Court Of Rudolph Ii
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1904BoscPetite Encyclopedie Synthetique Des Sciences Occultes
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1904BraunBemeisterung Des Schicksals V2
1904Brother JabezTale Of The Kloster
1904BuckThe Study Of Man
1904CarpenterLoves Coming Of Age
1904CarstensThe Natural Sexual Adviser
1904ClymerThe Fraternity Of The Rosicrucians
1904CollinsLight On The Path And Karma
1904ColvilleOnesimus Templeton
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1904CoombsReligious Delusions A Psychic Study
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1904CrowleyThe Star And Garter
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1904DenserProblem Of Life
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1904Don JonMiss Incognita
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1904EavesModern Vampirism
1904EddyRudimentary Divine Science
1904EdgerElements Of Theosophy
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1904FlowerLa Puisance En Soi
1904FrithPractical Palmistry
1904GarnierThe Worship Of The Dead
1904GazeHow To Live Forever
1904GermanPulse Of The Advanced Thought
1904GilbertThe Story Of A Wigwam
1904GodardOccultismo Contemporaneo
1904Goodrich-freerInner Jerusalem
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1904GouldConcise History Of Freemasonry
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1904GuthrieSong Of Mysticism
1904GuthriePlutarchs Genius Of Socrates
1904HartmannMagic White And Black
1904HazelriggThe Book Of Formulas
1904HudsonScientific Demonstration Of The Future Life
1904HudsonEvolution Of The Soul
1904HudsonMasculine Cross And Ancient Sex Worship
1904HullThe Spiritual Birth Or Death And Its Tomorrow
1904Hull JamiesonDebate On Modern Spiritualism
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1904LaneDiagnosis From The Eye
1904LelandThe Alternative Sex
1904LeonardLife And Sufferings Of Jesus Anointed
1904LloydDwellers In Vale Sunrise
1904Lord-drakePsychic Light
1904MacfaddenBuilding Of Vital Power
1904McLight On The Path And Karma
1904McintyreRadial Character Reading
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1904MilitzSermon On The Mount
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1904OlcottOld Diary Leaves
1904OldThe Shu King
1904OldThe Book Of The Simple Way
1904OliverScience Of Spirit Soul Body
1904PeabodyComplete Exposure Of Eddyism Or Christian Science
1904PeeblesDemonism Of The Ages
1904PetreMethode Francaise D L Hypnotisme
1904PryseSermon On The Mount
1904PryseReincarnation In The New Testament
1904PurintonSoul In Silhouette
1904RamacharakaAdvanced Course In Yogi Philosophy
1904RamacharakaHatha Yoga
1904RexfordWhat Handwriting Indicates
1904RichmondDivine Healing Mind And Faith Cure
1904RichmondDivine Healing
1904SabinSacred Science
1904SageMrs Piper And The Society For Psychical Research
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1904SampsonMessage Of The Sun Cult Cross Serpent
1904Scott-elliotThe Lost Lemuria
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1904SeymourKey To Electro-therapeutics
1904SpenceWords Of Counsel To Hermetic Students
1904SpiveyJane And I
1904StevensonPractical Palmistry
1904StockerThe Language Of Handwriting
1904TeasleyThe Holy Spirit And Other Spirits
1904TowneHappiness And Marriage
1904TownsendThe Inner Light
1904TuttleArcana Of Spiritualism
1904UnderhillGrey World
1904Van AndersonCarrols Conversion
1904Van Der NaillenBalthazar The Magus
1904VernerHow To Converse With Spirit Friends
1904VernerMedical Hypnotism And Suggestion
1904VernerTable Rapping And Automatic Writing
1904VernerSuccess And Happiness
1904VestalThoughts On New Thought
1904WhiteGuide To Astrology
1904WhiteA Guide To Astrology
1904WinkleyFirst Lessons In The New Thought
1904WoodIdeal Suggestion
1904XRigid Tests Of The Occult
1904XenaThreefold Path To Peace
1904ZillmanEntwickung Des Alkohols
1905Aber NixonThe Guiding Star
1905AdamsGreat American Fraud
1905AdamsThe Great American Fraud
1905Agapon DavidsonPhilosophical Evangel
1905AnonymousEducation Or The Coming Man
1905AnonymousModern Mystics Way
1905AnonymousSupernatural Religion
1905AnonymousPsychology Occultism Spiritualism
1905AnonymousPith And Marrow Script 5
1905AnonymousViavi A Widespread Fake
1905AnonymousStray Leaves From A Souls Book
1905AnonymousGeneral Report Of 30th Convention Of Theosophical Society
1905AustinRational Memory Training
1905BannisterModern Miracle Psychic Power Made Plain
1905BeighleCompliments Of Nellie Beighle
1905BennettAutomatic Speaking And Writing
1905BesantEsoteric Christianity
1905Binet FereAnimal Magnetism
1905BodieThe Bodie Book
1905BoulifardLivre D Or Du Bon Vivant
1905BrierleyThe Eternal Religion
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1905BurlingameHow To Read Peoples Minds
1905ChambersThoughts Of The Spiritual
1905ClarkJohn Mccullough As Man Actor Spirit
1905ClymerNatures Healing Agents
1905ClymerThomsonian System Of Medicine
1905CochranA Friendly Chat And Plain Talk About Mind Reading
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1905CollinsLoves Chaplet
1905ColvilleTwenty-five Years Of Psychical Experiences
1905ColvilleMinistering Spirits
1905ColvilleThe Living Decalogue
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1905Coopin-albincelliLarmee Et La Franc-maconnerie
1905CowlesThe Law Of Financial Success
1905CowlesLaw Of Financial Success
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1905CramerDivine Science And Healing
1905CramerHealth Treatment Of Truth
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1905CrowleyWorks Of Aleister Crowley
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1905CumberlandPeople I Have Read
1905De AlurenceSacred Book Of Death
1905De FerriemMein Geistiges Schauen In Der Zukunft
1905De LauranceSacred Book Of Death
1905De PuruckerA Churchmans Attack On Theosophy
1905De VoeHealing Currents From The Battery Of Life
1905DevoeMystic Words Of Mighty Power
1905DevoeHealing Currents From The Battery Of Life
1905DurvilleMagnegtisme Personnel
1905DurvilleSuggestion Et Auto-suggestion
1905ElbeLa Vie Future
1905EvansNapoleon Myth
1905Fabre Des EssartsLes Hierophantes
1905FechnerLittle Book Of Life After Death
1905FeriemMein Geistiges Schauen
1905FilatreHypnotisme Practique
1905ForsterSex Radicalism
1905GaffieldThe Past Revealed
1905GestefeldScience Of The Larger Life
1905GouldResume Of Arcane Associations
1905GrandmaisonTheosophes Et Theosophie Le Lotus Bleu
1905GuillemetRevelations Of Nature
1905GuthrieVoices Of Prayer
1905HaatanContribution A L Etude De La Alchimie
1905HaddockThe Will In Salesmanship
1905HarrisLife In A Thousand Worlds
1905HartStory Of Anna Kingsford And Edward Maitland
1905HatchScientific Occultism
1905HirschlaffHypnotismus Und Suggestivtherapie
1905HughesWhat About Hypnotism
1905HumeA Son Of Perdition
1905HyslopScience And A Future Life
1905HyslopProblems Of Philosophy
1905IngaleseHistory And Power Of Mind
1905Jollivet-castellotNouvelles Evangiles
1905Jollivet-castellotNouveaux Evangiles
1905Jolllivet CastelotNouveaux Evangiles
1905JudgeCulture Of Concentration Of Occult Powers
1905Koresh MorrowCellular Cosmogony
1905KosminskyScience Versus Spiritualism
1905Lafontaine De La CouronneArt De Magnetiser
1905LancelinComment On Muert
1905LeaEssays In Logos And Gnosis
1905MagnusSuperstition In Medicine
1905MaitlandStory Of Anna Kingsford
1905MalletFirst Steps In Theosophy
1905MaxwellMetapsychical Phenomena
1905MilitzAll Things Are Possible
1905OldhamThe Sun And The Serpent
1905OmanMystics Ascetics Saints Of India
1905PattersonWhat Should I Do
1905PeetAboriginal Religions In America
1905PetersileaLetters From The Spirit World
1905PinettiSecond Sight Secrets
1905PottenderSymbolism Treatise On Soul Of Things
1905RamacharakaAdvanced Course In Yogi Philosophy
1905RamacharakaLessons In Raja Yoga
1905RamacharakaHindu Yogi Science Of Breath
1905RandallPsychology Cultivation And Development Of Mind
1905RaphaelGuide To Astrology
1905RiddellHuman Nature Explained
1905SabinChristian Science Made Plain
1905SchofieldAnother World
1905Sidis GoodhartMultiple Personality
1905SinnettOccult Essays
1905SmithScience Versus Spiritualism
1905SmythOccult Life Of Jesus
1905SowerbyPsychic Phenomena In The Light Of The Bible
1905SpiveyAutobiography Of A Johnny
1905SpiveyAre We A Suitable Example
1905StevensonSouls Travels Among Flowers
1905StockerHealing Mental And Magnetic
1905StockerSoul Culture
1905SufurinoLibro De San Cipriano Verdadera Magia
1905ThomasCrystal Gazing
1905ThomasCrystal Gazing
1905ThomasThought Transference
1905ThorndikePlace Of Magic In The Intellectual History Of Europe
1905TowneYou And Your Forces
1905TurnbullLarobok Personlig Magnetism Flowers Kollektion
1905TurnbullDivine Language Of Celestial Correspondences
1905VailThe Deluge And Its Cause
1905WaisbrookerWomans Source Of Power
1905WallaceMy Life
1905WatsonSong And Sermon
1905WeissJourneys To Planet Mars Mission To Ento
1905WeissDecimon Huydas Romance Of Mars
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1905WhitingOutlook Beautiful
1905WhitneyLife And Teachings Of Zoroaster
1905WilcoxThe Story Of A Literary Career
1905WilsonMan Limitless
1905YoungPsychological Yearbook
1906AdamsThe Great American Fraud
1906AfsStrange Story Of Ahrinziman
1906AngersMagnetisme Et Guerisons
1906AnonymousTransactions Of European Congress Of Theosophical Society
1906AnonymousTradition Cosmique V4
1906AnonymousTradition Cosmique V3
1906AnonymousGeneral Report Of 31st Convention Of Theosophical Society
1906AnonymousSelected Muhammadan Traditions
1906AnonymousTuckers Catalogue Of Advanced Literature
1906AnwylCeltic Religion
1906AtkinsonDynamic Thought
1906AyerLiving By Natural Law
1906BarnesPersonal Influence
1906BesantIn The Outer Court
1906BlandPioneers Of Progress
1906BraunMetaphysische Heilmethode
1906BrierlyThe Eternal Religion
1906BroughtonElements Of Astrology
1906BrownNot Hypnotism But Suggestion
1906BrownHow To Control Fate Through Suggestion
1906BrownSeven Steps In The Life Of Professor S A Weltmer
1906CarringtonComing Science
1906CharubelPsychology Of Botany
1906ClymerPhilosophy Of The Living Fire
1906ClymerTrue Spiritualism
1906CoatesSeeing The Invisible
1906ColvilleUniversal Spiritualism
1906ConwayMy Pilgrimage
1906CurtisNew Mysticism
1906DavidsonThe Violin
1906DavidsonSome Occujlt Liberal Poetical And Other Thoughts
1906DawsonThe Forgotten Secret
1906DreamerPfad Zur Einweihung
1906DresserHealth And The Inner Life
1906DurvilleMagnetisme Personnel
1906EddyRetrospection And Introspection
1906Elbe BacleFuture Life
1906EllisDirectory Of Occult Practitioners
1906EngelGeschichte Des Illuminaten-ordens
1906EngelGeschlchte Des Illuminaten-ordens
1906EvansOld And New Magic
1906ForlongFaiths Of Man
1906FrancisGems Of Thought
1906FrancisEncyclopedia Of Death
1906FrazerAdonis Attis Osiris
1906GarlandTyranny Of The Dark
1906GoldstonCrystal Gazing Astrology Palmistry Planchette
1906GoldstonLooking Into The Future
1906GrassetPsychisme Inferieur
1906GreanleafLehumada Discoverer Of Liquid Rays Of Sun
1906GrumbineThe Great Secret And Other Stories
1906HaddonMagic And Fetishism
1906HallockLuminous Bodies
1906HamiltonThe Spirit World
1906HarlanJohn Alexander Dowie
1906HashnuPractical Yoga
1906HatchBlood Of The Gods
1906HeinemanPsychic And Economic Results
1906HoudiniThe Right Way To Do Wrong
1906HullManual Of Magnetic Healing
1906HuntleyHarmonics Of Evolution
1906HydeBibliography Of Swedenborg
1906HyslopEnigmas Of Psychical Research
1906HyslopBorderland Of Psychical Research
1906KarishkaTwentieth Century Christ
1906Kimball Et AliaChristian Science And Legislation
1906KrebsLaw Of Suggestion
1906LangBehold The Christ
1906Late Associate SprThe Twice-born
1906LeavittThe Absent Treatment Of Disease
1906Leclement De St MarcqLeucharistie
1906LeoThe Progressed Horoscope
1906LeoThe Horoscope In Detail
1906Leo GreenThe Horoscope In Detail
1906LepicierThe Unseen World
1906LobbTalks With The Dead
1906LongMy Lady Beautiful
1906LovellArs Vivendi
1906Macbeth BainThe Brotherhood Of Healers
1906MardenEvery Man A King
1906MatthewsA Souvenir Of Human Nature
1906Mcivor-tyndallGhosts A Message From The Illuminati
1906MeadThrice-greatest Hermes
1906MeadEchoes From The Gnosis V1 The Gnosis Of The Mind
1906MeadThrice-greatest Hermes
1906MeadFragments Of A Faith Forgotten
1906MershonMystic Voices
1906MulfordYour Forces And How To Use Them
1906MulfordYour Forces And How To Use Them
1906OrionLastrologie Devoilee
1906PalmerThe Science Of Chiropractic
1906PattersonThe Will To Be Well
1906PeeblesSpirits Pathway Traced
1906PurintonPhilosophy Of Fasting
1906RamacharakaScience Of Psychic Healing
1906RamacharakaLessons In Gnani Yoga
1906RandallLifes Progression
1906RaphaelRaphaels Prophetic Almanac
1906ReedThe Phantom Of The Poles
1906RichardsonThe Great Work
1906RiddellImmanuel Or Christian Realism
1906Rolt-wheeler SpareBehind The Veil
1906SalvatorMacht Einfluss Erfolg Im Leben
1906SchroederFreedom Of The Press And Obscene Literature
1906SchusterGeheimen Gesellschaften V2
1906SchusterGeheimen Gesellschaften
1906SedirFakirisme Hindou
1906ShoreOrigin Of The Anglo-saxon Race
1906Speight-humberstonSpherical Bacteria
1906St VincentThe Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica
1906StephensNatural Salvation
1906SwineyCosmic Procession Feminine Principle In Evolution
1906ThompsonProofs Of Life After Death
1906TowneThe Life Power And How To Use It
1906TweedalePortals Of Love
1906UnderhillMiracles Of Our Lady Saint Mary
1906Van AndersonMystic Scroll
1906WaiteStudies In Mysticism
1906WaiteStrange Houses Of Sleep
1906WalkerThe Heart Of Things
1906WernekkeOn Life After Death
1906WhitingFrom Dream To Vision Of Life
1906WilcoxNew Thought Pastels
1906WilsonThrough Silence To Realization
1906WooldridgeThe Grafters Of America
1907A StudentTheosophical Manuals V Man After Death
1907A StudentTheosophical Manuals Xv Theosophy
1907A StudentTheosophical Manuals Psychism Ghostology And The Astral Plane
1907A StudentThesophy Manuals Xiii The Flame And The Clay
1907A StudentTheosophical Manuals Xiv On God And Prayer
1907A StudentThesophy Manuals Ii The Angel And The Demon
1907AbbottBehind The Scenes With The Mediums
1907AbhedanandaGospel Of Ramakrishna
1907AbhedanandaFive Lectures On Reincarnation
1907AbhedanandaGospel Of Ramakrishna (1)
1907AdamsThe Great American Fraud
1907AllenPath Of Prosperity
1907AnonymousGeneral Report Of 32nd Convention Of Theosophical Society
1907AnonymousTransactions Of European Congress Of Theosophical Society
1907AnonymousPhilosophy Of Personal Influence
1907AnonymousEugenics The Science Of Being Wellborn
1907AnonymousPrincipes Generaux De La Philosophie Cosmique
1907AtkinsonPractical Mind-reading
1907AtkinsonMental Fascination
1907BatesSeen And Unseen
1907BealsLaw Of Financial Success
1907BeighlePsychic Poems
1907BennettPhysical Phenomena Spiritualism
1907BlavatskyNightmare Tales
1907BoscTraite Theoretique Et Pratique Du Haschich
1907BoswinThe Writings Of Marie Corelli
1907BraccoSpiritismo A Napoli Nel 1886
1907BratleyThe Power Of Gems And Charms
1907BricaudCatechisme Gnostique
1907BrightA Souls Pilgrimage
1907BrownConcentration Road To Success
1907BuckThe Genius Of Free-masonry
1907BudingtonHistory Of The New England Spiritualist Campmeeting Association At Lake Pleasant
1907CarletonAutobiography Of A Disembodied Soul
1907CarringtonPhysical Phenomena Of Spiritualism
1907ChambersProblems Of The Spiritual
1907ClymerAlchemy And The Alchemists
1907ClymerAlchemy And The Alchemists
1907ClymerPhilosophy Of Fire
1907ClymerConstitution Of Supreme Grand Temple Of Ancient Mystic Masons
1907ClymerAncient Mystic Oriental Masonry
1907ClymerAlchemy And The Alchemists
1907ClymerTrue Spiritualism
1907ClymerGrand Grimoire Imperial Ritual Of Magic
1907ColleySermons On Spiritualism At Stockdale
1907CramerDivine Science And Healing
1907CrowleyThe Mothers Tragedy
1907CrowleyKonx Om Pax
1907DaathMedical Astrology
1907DavisA Future Life
1907De LaurenceSacred Book Of Death
1907Del MarLiving Ideals
1907DupotetMagie Devoile
1907Ebbard VogtHow To Acquire And Strengthen Will-power
1907EllsworthWayside Of Life
1907EvansThe House Of The Sphinx
1907EyreOur Days And Hours
1907Fair MoyerThe New Life Hymnal
1907FerniePrecious Stones
1907FlammarionMysterious Psychic Forces
1907FrankKingdom Of Love
1907FrazerAdonis Attis Osiris
1907FullerStar In The West
1907FunkPsychic Riddle
1907GandhiUnknown Life Of Jesus Christ
1907GestefeldThe Master Of The Man
1907Gore-boothThe Egyptian Pillar
1907GrassetHier Et Aujourdhui Merveilleux Prescientifique
1907Grillot De GivryLe Grand Oeuvre
1907GrumbineAuras And Colors
1907HaddockPower Of Will
1907HalphideFulfilling Of The Law
1907HookerThe Higher Medicine
1907HullJoan The Medium
1907HullMoses Hull
1907JamesThe Will To Believe
1907Jollivet CastellotComment On Devient Alchimiste
1907JonesLittle Editorials On Mine Promotion
1907Koreshan UnitySolution Of Industrial Problems
1907LancelinL Au Dela Et Ses Problemes Theme Magique Et Clavicules
1907LaneTheory Of Spiritualism
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1910CauzonsMagie Et Sorcellerie En France
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