Wisconsin Spiritualists

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, February 25, 1879.

Meeting of the Spiritual Quarterly Convention.

    Omro, Feb. 22—The first day of the Spiritualist Quarterly Convention has been very quiet.  There was speaking last night by C. W. Stewart, Esq., an attorney from Milwaukee, who is about abandoning his profession and accepting a call to be a missionary to the Omro Spiritualists.

    President Lockwood arrived on the evening train from Ripon.  J. C. Phillips, M.D., is the Secretary, and records not only the proceedings of the meetings, but of the attending spirits visiting down the summer land.

    Mr. Stewart will be the principal speaker during the convention.  A big crowd is expected to-day and to-morrow.

    The speaking last night was mainly a Spiritual love feast talk.  Stewart speaking of the many Gods and Devils that the true Spiritualist had to worship or contend with.  I understand from his talk that it was harder to be a true Spiritualist than a true Christian.

    Elder Ewers of Eureka didn’t know but he was three years behind the times, as he had not been present at any Spiritual convention during that time, yet he had tried to be a living example of the truth Spiritually.

    Mr. Scovil of Princeton, talked of fellowship with all men and women, regardless of sex, belief, church or color, and that all men should work together for the benefit of all.  His creed is doubtless a good one, and is succeeding admirably spiritually, if not otherwise.

    All who spoke claimed to be advanced thinkers.  They believe it is better to be advanced than to be nothing.  That idea is catching, and takes well the crowd.


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