National Spiritualists Association

Third Annual Convention.

Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch, October 17, 1895

The Spiritualists.
They Are Largely in Evidence at Washington.
Program for the Three Days’ Session—Reports of the Officers of the Association.

    Washington, Oct. 15—The National Spiritualist association will begin its third annual session here to-day and will continue until Thursday.  There will be three sessions each day, and it has been arranged to have the evening meetings addressed by some of the most prominent speakers and best mediums of the country.

    This morning’s session convened at 10 o’clock.  The opening address was delivered by the president of the association, Mr. H. D. Barrett, Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond delivered the address of welcome to the delegates and Mrs. Colby Luther responded on behalf of the delegates.  The standing committees were appointed, and the committees on credentials and rules made its report.

    The afternoon session will be devoted to the report of the president, the secretary, the treasurer and the finance committee.  At the evening session, Mrs. A. M. Jacques will present a national flag to the convention, which will be accepted by Mr. Milan C. Edson.  Mrs. Rachel Walcott will deliver a short address, after which there will be a test by the well-known medium, Dr. G. C. B. Ewell.  Mrs. Ida P. A. Whitlock and Dr. George A. Fuller, will deliver short addresses.

    To-morrow’s session will be devoted to routine business, both in the morning and afternoon.  In the evening there will be addresses by Mrs. M. T. Longley, Professor W. M. Lockwood and Mrs. M. E. Cadwallader, and tests by Mrs. J. J. Whitney and Miss Maggie Gaul.  The morning and afternoon meetings of the third day’s session will be taken up with regular business, including the election of delegates to the international congress of spiritualists and the election of officers.  In the evening there will be addresses by Mrs. A. M. Glading, Mrs. Luther, and Mrs. Richmond, and tests by Mrs. Maggie Waite and Mrs. Edgar W. Emerson.  Music and devotional exercises will be features of every session.  A number of delegates have already arrived.

Marion (Ohio) Daily Star, October 16, 1895

Convention of Spiritualists.
Large Additions to Membership Made During Past Year.

    Washington, Oct. 16—The third annual convention fo the National Spiritualists’ association opened here yesterday and will continue three days.  The annual report of President H. D. Barrett showed an addition of 65 per cent in membership during the year.  It was also claimed that there are 125,000 bona fide spiritualists in the United States and 10 times that number interested in spiritual phenomena.

    At the sesion last evening a national flag was presented to the convention and a “test” given Dr. G. C. B. Ewell.

Marion (Ohio) Daily Star, October 17, 1895

Spiritualists’ Convention.
Favorable Action Taken on a Number of Propositions.

     Washington, Oct. 17—At yesterday’s session of the Spiritualists’ association it was agreed to set aside a day to be known as “National Association day” at the camp meetings.  The proposition to establish a defense fund for the protection of mediums against persecution was adopted.  It was the unanimous opinion of the speakers that Sunday schools should be provided for the children, so that they may be defended from doctrines of orthodox teachers and be inculcated with the principles of spiritualism.  Favorable action was taken on the proposition to raise a fund for the establishment of a national school to teach spiritualism.

    The afternoon session was devoted to hearing the report of the auditing committee and the committee on resolutions.  The night session was taken up with addresses.


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