The Ancient Band from Atlantis

J. Winchester, “The Ancient Band,” Religio-Philosophical Journal, December 5, 1874:3.

The medium Frances Hyer, at the center of the Hope Circle in New Orleans described below, was married to Judge Nathaniel Hyer, who was also a devout spiritualist.  They spent most of their careers in Wisconsin, but moved to New Orleans for a while before the Civil War.  Frances Hyer experimented extensively with long-distance thought transference.  Judge Hyer was quite interested in psychometric investigations of archaeological sites.  He named a group of Indian mounds discovered in 1835 in Wisconsin “Aztalan,” believing that they were a northern outpost of Aztec civilization.  The article below was a solicitation for subscribers to the publication of a collection of drawings of the “Ancient Band,” rendered by spirit artists Wella and Pet Anderson, which was published by the “Pacific Art Union” as “Biographical and Descriptive Catalogue of ‘The Ancient Band’ Composing the Spirit Art Gallery, Being Life-Sized Bust Portraits, Painted with Pencil, by Wella and Pet Anderson, Spirit Artists; with Some Account of Other Ancient People, Who Lived 50,000 Years Ago.”—JB

Aztalan, Wisconsin’s Hidden Treasure

This little company of spirits, under the leadership of Yerman, the Atlantian, (called ancient, but in the light of geological science 16,000 years ago is but yesterday in point of time, as relating to the age of the planet)—has hardly received recognition from the Spiritualists, either press, leaders or people, yet in the personelle of the Band, and more especially in its purposes, there has been no manifestation of spirits to mortals, more significant, or so far-reaching and important in promised results, than this.

The growth of Liberalism in this century has prepared the way for the return of ancient spirits, and for many years past, those of this Band, and others still further back in the misty past, have appeared to media, with, as it were, a common object, to open the locked-up knowledge of pre-historic ages, even back to the first dawn of intellect.

The “mystery” of the Western Mounds, and of the grand cities of Mexico and Central America are first to be solved.  The Atlantians claim to have discovered and planted the first colonies of a civilized people on this continent something over 16,000 years ago, subsequent to which, the parent continent—Atlantis—was totally submerged, with its hundred millions of souls, and all the evidences of a high culture in government, art, science and refinement, doubtless then, from 50,000 to 100,000 years old.

Preparations for the reception of the history of Atlantis, and of the settlement of the American Continent—of the Empires founded by the Atlantians, down to the advent of the European, are being made.  It is to be hoped that another year will see the issue of the first volume of this history in book form; to be followed by others and from still more ancient people, in rapid succession.

That the world will be surprised at the revelations to be made, is to speak in moderate phrase.  Should clear and practical solution be given of the “Lost Arts,” and of “occult powers,” known to the ancients, let there be no undue astonishment.  In this way only—from those who were perfectly familiar with these “arts”—can they ever be re-discovered.  This knowledge must come, if it comes ever, from the scientific men in spirit-life, who lived in those eras of the past, when copper was manufactured into cutlery of keener edge than is given to the finest steel of the present day; when, perhaps, the elixir vitae and the philosopher’s stone were not so mythical as moderns regard them.

Ten years ago, at New Orleans, there was a circle holding regular seances in an upper room of Dr. Hyde’s office.  It was called “Hope Circle,” and consisted of six or eight members.  At this circle came a very ancient spirit, and commenced to give through the mediumship of Mrs. Frances E. Hyer, an autobiography.  It was never completed, owing to the breaking up of the circle by the absence of Mrs. Hyer in Wisconsin, but the chapters that have been placed in my hands are exceedingly curious and deeply interesting.  I propose to give this fragment in a subsequent edition of the “Biographical Catalogue of the Ancient Band,” to be published in a few months.

The Asiatic band of the “Dral la-has” who have controlled Mrs. Frank Campbell, of Boston, for nearly eighteen years, in the writing of their language in phonetic characters, carries us back 50,000 years; and having connected themselves with the Atlantians, their history will follow that of the latter.  A sample of their writing and a translation of some of their “precepts” are given in the Catalogue.

Still farther back in the past, we have knowledge of another band, “Klarals,” who lived 82,000 years ago.  The group of Delhia Islands, inhabited by them, of which Honoro Elisco was a King, were situated south and east of Atlantis, and were noted for their magnificent scenery and salubrity, being a great resort of the people of other nations in search of health.  The Klaral Princess or Queen as seen clairvoyantly by Mrs. Pet Anderson, the spirit artist, (now residing in this city) is beautiful beyond comparison, though quite petite by the side of the High Priestess Ayelia, of Atlantis, wife of Yermah, who was six feet and a half in stature.

Let a cordial welcome be given to these ancient spirits, who come to us, offering the priceless boon of knowledge.  Let our more intellectual and highly developed mediums come into rapport with them, and they will thus help to prepare for an outpouring of ancient lore which will bless mortals, and point the way to an era of brotherhood which shall no longer be a dream of Utopia, but a living reality. [. . .]

San Francisco, Cal.

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