Camp Benson Spiritualist Campmeeting

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, August 28, 1894.

[Camp Benson was in Newport, Maine, on the shore of Lake Sebasticook.  The spiritualists were using the camp for their gathering, but it belonged to, and was built by, the Grand Army of the Republic Association, and so was laid out somewhat like a military reservation, complete with a parade ground and streets named after Union Generals.—JB]

Camp Benson of the G. A. R.

Camp Benson Notes.

    Our correspondent writes:  The exodus began Sunday night.  More people passed out of the gates than had come in on any one day during the weeks of the camp meeting.  The lectures have been excellent and the few who listened to them felt amply repaid for coming, but the audiences have been very small.

    Moses Hull, as an orator, is too well known to need commendation, but the time, the place and the subject seemed out of joint.  The people were weary after the ten days’ muster, the military character of the place, and the antispiritualist tone of the community gave little encouragement for the hope of large crowds.

    Moses Hull left on the Pullman for the West.  Mr. and Mrs. Bovee, of Chicago, who have been here during the week, will go to Etna in a day or two.  Mrs. Stevens, of Stetson, a medium of local fame, has been present and given some very remarkable tests.  The severe thunder storm of Saturday evening made a dance impossible and this proved the crowning disappointment to the young people.  Monday the Mason Family Concert Company left for Etna.

    Flags were furled, tents taken down, the cannon housed, shutters put up and the place left in possession of mosquitos and grasshoppers—that is, so far as enthusiasm, noise and numbers go; but several parties who love Camp Benson for its own beauty will occupy cottages there through the month of September, and rest, fish and be happy in quiet.  A more beautiful spot than this camping ground cannot be found in the State or out of it.


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