Meeting of the New York Chapter of the National Spiritualist Association

Lima (Ohio) Times Democrat, February 27, 1896

Voices from Beyond.
The Spiritualists Meet in Mass Convention.
Addressed by a Spirit.
Is Claimed That Mr. Newton Took a Day Off and Cordially Greeted the Faithful Who Had Come to Meet Departed Friends.

    New York, Feb. 27—Two hundred spiritualists and their friends gathered at Madison Square concert hall, attending the mass convention which is being held this week in the interests of the National Spiritualist association.  It was late before Professor Gatt called the convention to order.

    After the singing of a hymn and the invocation, Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond introduced Mrs. Mary A. Newton, president of the first society, New York, who gave the address of welcome.

    Mrs. Newton’s husband, who was killed a short time ago by a cable car, was a prominent spiritualist, and her address consisted mainly of the welcoming letter to the convention from her late husband.  New Newton herself announced that it was the “address of Henry J. Newton from the spirit world.”

    Mr. Newton cordially greeted the spiritualists from the other world.  He said he was standing beside Mrs. Newton while she said her welcome.  He hoped that all would work together for the advancement of the cause of spiritualism, and he promised to relate later on his new experiences, and to give the benefit of his increasing knowledge to all his former companions who wished to hear from him.

    He wrote further that other spirits, among them Judge George [sic] Edmonds, Michael Farragut, Dr. Robert Hare, Professor Mapes and S. B. Brittan, all send their greetings and promised to be present at the meeting.


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