Making an Impression on the Mother

Christiana Cawein, Woman, and Her Relations to Humanity.  Gleams of Celestial Light of the Genesis and Development of the Body, Soul, and Spirit, and Consequent Moralization of the Human Family.  Offered Especially to Woman for Study and Contemplation; not to the Phenomena Hunted, but to the Spiritual Student and Deep Thinker.  The True Religion: Magnetism— Materialization— Reincarnation.  Boston: Colby & Rich, 1892.

In August 1887, at the close of a private séance with the Chicago medium, Mrs. Bishop, her control Red-hand remarked, “‘Spect you’ll have to make a book.”—“On what subject?”  I inquired.  “How to bring papooses into the world and educate them so that their minds won’t be tied,” was the reply.

[One of her spirit controls was “Ben Haman.”]

[32-35]  Fifth Communication of Ben Haman.  May 15, 1879.

Good-morning brother, with love and aspiration we now meet to give you our thoughts.  [. . .] It is essential that every woman who accepts the high and holy position of becoming a mother, should study and acquaint herself with the sacred trust assigned to her.  Then mortals would be more receptive to the pure intellectual thoughts, impressions (which is spirit) which are daily attempted of the crude physical organization produced from an undeveloped mind.

Just as an apple-tree brings forth fruit, according to its cultivation, depending solely upon the feminine portion of its elementary condition, so the offspring born in his life partakes entirely from the mother’s will, nature, and spirit.  Do not wonder, then, at so many undeveloped mortals existing on this sphere; they are produced from uncultivated minds.

Every action of the mind, thought, and emotion of the mother is transmitted, and causes a vibration of a sympathetic chord or nerve in the fetus.  Since mind influences the fetus, it partakes largely from the disposition or passions of the feminine will.  The will influenced by anger, passion-craving natures, selfishness, envy, and arrogance, all affect the fetus more or less.  Now, how essential it is that a mother should be passive during gestation.  How few there are that are physically or mentally organized to take upon themselves the holy responsibility of becoming a mother.  It is not considered, and little is comprehended of the sacredness of that mission.  There is a holy, spiritual emanation that descends from the aromatic spheres of spiritual productiveness, which is imparted to the infant at the moment of its birth—it is the divine essence of spiritual life.  Now, then, understand that that essence in its unfoldment is exactly like what the mind of the mother has fashioned.  The brain of the fetus vibrates in unison with every feeling which stirs the mother’s brain, consequently the formation of the psychical and mental organs depends wholly upon the mother.  Since so great a responsibility rests solely on the female, she should be educated and instructed in the philosophy of human nature.  The attributes of love, sympathy, and charity should be unfolded through the development of her spiritual nature.  Then she would be more capable of producing better and purer minds.

Through the cultivation of the female mind, drawing them nearer to spiritual things, obliterating the material, giving her thoughts to purer aspirations, her mental faculties will perceive and unfold themselves more to the pure and elevated conditions of this material life, avoiding frivolity and sensuality, cultivating her spirit, aspiring to a purer and brighter spiritual attainment.  Cultivating virtue in every sense is her duty; but this has been sadly neglected by the majority of mothers.

These laws and habits once comprehended, will have a tendency to moralize the human race, and perfect it both in spiritual as well as physical habits.  It is the violent, angry passion of the mother that develops the germ of contention within the offspring.  It is the craving, longing enmity of the mother that develops the germ of dishonor in her offspring.

Now I have given you an outline of the effect of the mind of the mother upon the developing fetus.  The father imparts but very little, mentally nothing, physically the whole.  He gives by impregnating the semen, the physical life-germ in its essential positive force to the negative ovum, which unites and forms the whole.  Without the positive life-germ, there is conveyed to the fetus blood and life of the material of the male.  Blood which contains the life contains nothing of the soul, simply of the nature of the material.  Consequently the father gives from the material, blood and life; he gives nothing of his spirit or will.  Some children partake of the nature of the father in their development; not by impartation through the semen, but simply by the father’s external habits making impressions on the mother, is any of the mental characteristics of the father imparted to the fetus or child.

The drunkard will make an impression on the mother.  Any violent passion, or any kind of mistreatment of the mother, will make an impression upon her.  That impression is conveyed to the fetus; it is not produced by her own will, but by the external influences of the father.  The father, then, is also held responsible for every unkind act which he may commit through ignorance at that time.  If he does a wrong act which shocks the mother, it is sure to make an impression on the fetus.  Therefore, the father, as well as mother, should consider their responsibility in the production and care of offspring as a sacred mission, to be performed in compliance with nature’s laws.

Children are flowers transplanted from the gardens of spiritual spheres to those of this material planet.  The seed impregnated in good soil, when properly cultivated, will bring forth beautiful flowers, delicious in their fragrance, and resplendent in their beautiful colors.  Likewise the little child, depending largely upon the material drawn from the matron, grows and expands, its mental attributes affinitizing with and closely resembling those of its mother.

Having given an outline of correct ideas, as to the development of the fetus, I must state, that any habit which the father or his ancestors may have indulged in promiscuously, is conveyed in the semen to the fetus, in the first stage of its development.  That, too, should be a study.

They who have a deficient organization are not fitted to become parents, and should not accept the holy mission, for if they do they bring misery and suffering upon themselves and the helpless beings they are instrumental in bringing into this life.

NOTE—This is the book the Chicago medium told you you were to make.  I want you to understand, prophecy can occur now as well as eighteen hundred years ago.   B. H.


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