Indiana Spiritualist Association

Fort Wayne Daily News, July 19, 1900

State Spiritualists’ Meeting.

    Muncie, Ind. July 19—The Indiana Spiritualist association opened their state meetings at Chesterfield to-day.  Several hundred well known advocates of the religion are upon the ground; among them are officers of the association.  The meetings were opened by prayer and speaking and a lecture by Miss Carrie E. Ewing.  During to-morrow’s session one of the features will be a lecture by Moses Hull, the “father” of the association.  On next Sunday the program will be as follows:

    At 10:30 a.m., lecture by Miss Carrie E. Ewing; 2 p.m., lecture by Moses Hull; 4:30 p.m., tests by C. L. Ainsworth.  The preliminaries are all complete and prospects point toward one of the most enthusiastic sessions in the history of the association.


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