Charles Hammond’s Rules for Development as a Medium

Charles Hammond.

“Rules [for developing mediumship],” Light from the Spirit World. Comprising a Series of Articles on the Condition of Spirits, and the Development of Mind in the Rudimental and Second Spheres. Being Written Wholly by the Control of Spirits, without Any Volition of Will by the Medium, or Any Thought or Care in Regard to the Matter Presented by His Hand. Rochester: W. Heughes, 1852.



We would recommend the following rules to persons desirous of becoming Mediums.

I. Sit one hour each day where no noise will attract attention.

II. When sitting, concentrate the mind on the spirit from whom a communication is desired, until the hand is moved.

III. When the hand is moved, neither aid nor resist its movement.

IV. When the spirit desires to communicate, it will write without aid, to do which it is sometimes found necessary to impress on the mind of the medium, the word intended to be written.

V. When the impression is made, the hand will be moved to write the word as it is impressed on the mind.

VI. When the word is written as impressed on the mind, the medium should not doubt, because doubt is what makes resistance.

VII. When mediums resist, nothing reliable can be written.

VIII. Some will be moved to write without impressions, and they will write slower than others, until they can be impressed.

IX. Hold no controversy with any one on the subject of writing, and avoid all disputes.

X. When the medium is moved to write, one hour only in each day should be spent, until directed by spirits.

XI. When directions are given, the medium must be wise and obey.

XII. The wisdom of the wise should control the folly of the unwise. Therefore the medium would do well to concentrate the mind on spirits of that circle capable of instructing in the knowledge of God and the wisdom of heaven.


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