Camp Etna, Maine

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, August 19, 1881

Spiritualist Campmeeting.

     Newport, Aug. 18—The Spiritualist annual campmeeting at the Etna camp-ground commenced last Tuesday evening.  Dr. Ware, of Bucksport, the Chairman, made a short address, followed by the lecture and poem by Miss Jennie B. Hagan.  Wednesday there was an address by Mrs. Morse, of Searsport, poem by Miss Hagan.  Thursday forenoon, there was a social meeting, invocation and remarks by Jennie B. Hagan, Miss Clark; and in the afternoon a lecture and reading by Prof. J. Frank Baxter, followed by a test meeting by the Professor.  The meeting continues over Sunday and is largely attended.  Eight hundred people were present the opening day.


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