The Philosophical Journal (San Francisco) [“Official Organ of the California State Spiritualist Association”], September 23, 1898

California Mediums

Directory of Mediums

[Mediums’ Cards put into this directory at 20 cents per line per month.  Regular advertisers allowed two lines free.—All beyond that to be paid for.]

Mrs. Eggert Aitken, Clairvoyant: Test Medium, 320 McAllister st., San Francisco.

Mrs. Dr. Dobson Barker, Healer, Box 132 San Jose, Cal.

Mrs. Dr. James A. Bliss, Clairvoyant, San Diego, Cal.

Mrs. Martin Brown, 360 Grove st., S. F. Circles. Mon. & Fri., 8 p.m. Sittings daily.

George W. Carpender, M. D., (Psychometric and Magnetic) 531 Alvarado street, San Francisco, Cal.  Cures all chronic diseases.

Mrs. Maxwell Colby, Readings, 122 ½ Oak street, San Francisco, Cal.

Dr. Coonley, Independent Slate-Writer, Clairvoyant and Physical Medium.  1151 Market street, San Francisco, Cal.

Mrs. Louise S. Drew, Spiritual Medium. Developing circles Wednesday eve. Sittings $1. 323 Felt st., near Octavia, S. F.

Mrs. Esther Dye, Healer, 125 West Sixth street, Los Angeles, Cal.

Mrs. Rozilla Elliott, Spiritual Medium & Inspirational Speaker, 442 S. Los Angeles street, Los Angeles, Cal.

Prof. Fred P. Evans, Slate-Writing, 39 West 28th St., New York.

Mr. Ladd Finnican, Spiritual Medium, 912 Laguna street, San Francisco, Cal.

Mrs. Mena Francis, Spiritual Medium (Independent Slate-Writing) 118 Haight st., San Francisco, Cal.

Mrs. Kate Hoskins, Spiritual Medium, 214 Franklin street, San Francisco, Cal.

Mrs. M. T. Longley, M. D., Medical, Test and Business Medium.  Cures disease and obsession—develops mediumship—Gives readings and business advice, by mail or at office, $1. 517 Olive st., Los Angeles, Cal.

Mrs. E. B. Marcen, Psychometrist, box 1069, San Jose, Cal.

Mrs. C. R. McMeekin, Medical Clairvoyant and Readings; Luzerne ave., San Jose, Cal.

Dr. Max Muehlenbruch, Psychometrist and Seer. Readings on rock or hair, by mail $2. Disease diagnosed for five two-cent stamps—no symptoms required. Box 118, Oakland, Cal.

Mrs. D. N. Place, Spiritual Medium, 527 ½ 13th street, near Market, San Francisco.

Mrs. Hendee-Rogers, Spiritual Medium, 122 Taylor street, San Francisco, Cal.

Mrs. Sarah Seal answers calls to deliver lectures, officiate at christenings, marriages & funerals.

Mrs. G. W. Shriner, S. D., Readings, 230 Kearny street, San Francisco, Cal.

Mrs. H. S. Slosson, Test and Business Medium, 13 S. Elizabeth st., Chicago, Ill.

Telegraphic Rapping Medium, Readings, room 86, 1236 Market st., San Francisco.

Mrs. Dr. Fulton-Tuley, Spiritual Medium, 31 Fell street, San Francisco, Cal.

Prof. George W. Walrond, Astrologer, rooms 6 & 7, Opera House Block, Denver, Colo.

Mrs. C. Wermouth, Spiritual Medium, 416 Golden Gate ave., San Francisco, Cal.

Mrs. J. J. Whitney, Readings, 218 Stockton street, San Francisco, Cal.

Mme. E. Young, 605 McAllister street. Circles Tues. Thurs. and Sunday eve’s, 10c.


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