Proceedings of the Second Annual Convention of the National Spiritualists’ Association of the United States of America, Held at Washington, D. C., Oct. 9, 10 & 11, 1894 . . . Cincinnati: Light of Truth Publishing Co., 1894.

List of Officers, Trustees, and Delegates.

to the
Second National Convention of Spiritualists.
October 9th, 10th, 11th, 1894.
Officers and Trustees.

Barrett, Harrison D., President Lily Dale, N. Y.
Richmond, Mrs. Cora. L. V., Vice-President Rogers Park, Ill.
Dimmick, Robert A., Secretary Washington, D. C.
Mayer, Theodore J., Treasurer Washington, D. C.
Edson, Milan C. Washington, D. C.
Townsend, James B. Lime, Ohio.
Skidmore, Mrs. Marion H. Cassadaga, N. Y.
Hill, Benjamin B. 1102 Girard Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Blodgett, Mrs. Olive A. 503 Oneida Avenue, Davenport, Ia.


Adams, Dr. O. G. W. Dubuque, Ia.
Akin, Dr. I. T. Blooming Valley, Pa.
Bach, Mrs. E. P. St. Paul, Minn.
Bach, W. H. St. Paul, Minn.
Baker, F. P. Topeka, Kansas.
Bond, E. W. Willoughby, Ohio.
Brodie, William 59 Camp Street, New Orleans, La.
Burnham, G. W. Willimantic, Conn.
Cabell, Mrs. Flora M. Washington, D. C.
Cadwallader, Mrs. Mary E. Philadelphia, Pa.
Chamberlain, Mrs. Mattie Hyde Park, Mass.
Colby, Mrs. Clara P. Columbus, Ohio.
Colby, W. R. Columbus, Ohio.
Colville, W. J. 9 Bosworth Street, Boston, Mass.
Compton, Mrs. J. D. Washington, D. C.
Conant, Mrs. C. L. F. 9 Bosworth Street, Boston, Mass.
Davis, Mrs. Laura Cassadaga, N. Y.
De Gourney, Paul Baltimore, Md.
Evans, I. C. I. Pender, Neb.
Ewell, Dr. G. C. B. Birmingham, Conn.
Gaule, Miss Maggie 514 Dolphin Street, Baltimore, Md.
Gebauer, Gustav Cincinnati, Ohio.
Gill, Mrs. S. J. Allegheny, Pa.
Glading, Mrs. A. M. Doylestown, Pa.
Gould, Capt. E. W. 1620 S. Grand Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Griswold, E. L. Lily Dale, N. Y.
Guepel, J. M. Evansville, Ind.
Hall, Goff A. Washington, D. C.
Leitz, Barney Dunkirk, Ind.
Lillie, Mrs. R. S. Melrose, Mass.
Locke, Thomas M. 605 7th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Locke, Mrs. Thomas M. 605 7th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Lyons, Mrs. C. T. Waverly, N. Y.
Matteson, Mrs. J. H. R. 248 N. Division St., Buffalo, N. Y.
MacAboy, Dr. Thomas 727 Twelfth St., Louisville, Ky.
Moore, Mrs. Jennie 757 Warren Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Moss, Miss E. A. New York City.
Moulton, L. V. Grand Rapids, Mich.
Nickerson, Mrs. Celia M. Buffalo, N. Y.
Parkhurst, Dr. H. M. Ballwin, Mo.
Perry, J. R. Wilkesbarre, Pa.
Phillips, F. R. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Richmond, William Rogers Park, Ill.
Rowland, Mrs. Katie Washington, D. C.
Ruffhead, T. G. Williamsport, Pa.
Scharfetter, Henry Baltimore, Md.
Steinberg, Henry 506 12th St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
Stowell, C. C. 206 Race Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Temple, Mrs. T. J. Mexico, N. Y.
Van Buskirk, Mrs. H. Buffalo, N. Y.
Walcott, Mrs. R. 817 Fremont St., Baltimore Md.
Walker, Frank Hamburg, N. Y.
Walker, Miss E. J. Hamburg, N. Y.
White, F. Cordon 40 Loomis Street, Chicago, Ill.
White, Mrs. F. C. 40 Loomis Street, Chicago, Ill.
Wheelock, L. P. Moline, Ill.
Whiting, E. R. New Haven, Conn.
Woodbury, F. B. Roxbury, Mass.


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