The Religio-Philosophical Journal (Chicago), February 11.

Advisory Council of the 1893 World’s Congress Auxiliary on a Psychical Science Congress.

The Psychical Science Congress.

On behalf of the General Committee of this Congress, I have the pleasure of transmitting for publication in the recognized official organ of the Congress the list of the Advisory Council, corrected to January 1st, 1893.

For the first time in the history of the world’s progress the phenomena of Spiritualism receive official recognition on the part of the Government of the United States, as proper and legitimate subjects of scientific investigation, and as the basis of the formally recognized branch of science which has become known as Psychical Research.

I regard this achievement as second only to a few of the very greatest of historical turning-points in the evolution of human thought and feeling. In the magnitude of its religio-philosophical and religio-political consequences it may hereafter prove comparable to such events as the exclusion of the Jesuits from France, the conversion of Brazil into a republic in consequence of a pope’s intrigues with an Emperor’s daughter, the Reformation in Germany, the establishment of the Church of England, and various other parallel crises. This Congress is not only concerned in the question of pure science which it will raise and undertake to answer; but it also bears hard upon the application of its results to live questions of the day in ethics and sociology—such as the labor question, the public school question, the question of the proper place of the Jewish and Christian scriptures in the light of modern criticism, and above all, the mighty question of the one and true relations of Church and State. These the American people must face and solve, before the American Republic can be considered to have passed the stage of an experiment; and if Psychical Research can afford no data for the right solution of these problems, they can only be solved by dearly bought experience in the school of the stark logic of events.

Psychical Science is now brought fairly before the bar of public opinion, to be tried on its own merits. Its claims to recognition are supported by the long list of eminent Councilors whose worth and weight are known to the world. Among them are numbers of the most distinguished, most learned and most able men and women now living. At a word from the Committee there might be found two thousand as well as two hundred such persons, ready and willing to promote this Congress by all means in their power. Now but let us try this case fairly and squarely, without fear or favor; and may it stand or fall, according to its just deserts.

Chairman General Committee.
Washington, January 30, 1893.

Partial List of the Advisory Council of the
1893 World’s Congress Auxiliary on a
Psychical Science Congress.

The following persons have been appointed members of the Advisory Council of the World’s Congress Auxiliary on a Psychical Science Congress. Additional appointments may be made on the council at any time. Should any persons appointed prefer not to serve as members of the council, they are respectfully requested to notify the General Committee.

Abbott, Rev. Lyman, D.D., LL.D., pastor Congregational church, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Adams, Capt. Robert C., President of the Canadian Secular Association, Montreal, Canada.
Aksakof, Prof. A. N., editor of Psychische Studien, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Alexander, Prof. A., Rio Janeiro, Brazil.
Ames, Mrs. Eleanor Kirk, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Arnold, Sir Edwin, Bart., author of the “Light of Asia,” etc., London, Eng.
Bailey, Col. Elisha, surgeon U. S. A., San Francisco, Cal.
Barkworth, Thomas, West Hatch, Chigwell, Essex, Eng.
Barrett, Prof. W. F., F.R.S.E., founder of the American Society for Psychical Research, Kingstown, Ireland.
Barton, Miss Clara, founder and President of the Red Cross Association, Washington, D. C.
Bates, Miss Octavia W., Detroit, Mich.
Beattie, Hon. H. S., New York City.
Beaunis, Prof. H., Paris, France.
Bernheim, Prof. H., Nancy, France.
Binet, Prof. Alfred, Paris, France.
Blake, Dr. Clarence J., Boston, Mass.
Blake, Mrs. Lillie Devereaux, President New York Woman’s Suffrage League, New York City.
Blount, Mrs. Lucia E., President of “Pro Re Nata” Society, Washington, D. C.
Britten, Mrs. Emma Hardinge, Manchester, Eng.
Burroughs, Mr. John, West Park, N. Y.
Caithness, Lady, Duchess of Pomar, Paris, France.
Carey, Arthur A., Boston, Mass.
Carlisle, Rt. Rev. Bishop of, Rose Castle, Eng.
Castelar, Don Emilio, Madrid, Spain.
Chaney, Rev. George L., Leominster, Mass.
Charcot, Dr. J. M., leader of the Paris School of Hypnotism, at the Hopital Salpetriere, Paris, France.
Coleman, Mr. William Emmette, San Francisco, Cal.
Collyer, Rev. Robert, D.D., New York City.
Conner, Mrs. Eliza Archard, American Press Association, New York City.
Cope, Prof. E. D., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
Corella, Lieut. Col. Emiliano, City of Mexico, Mex.
Cory, Mr. Charles B., Boston, Mass.
Crookes, Prof. William, F.R.S., the foremost British chemist and physicist, London, Eng.
Cyriax, Dr. B., Berlin, Germany.
Dailey, Judge A. H., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dariex, Dr. Xavier, editor of Annales des Sciences Psychiques, Paris, France.
Dean, Dr. R. C., Medical Director U.S. N., Washington, D.C.
Dean, Hon. Sidney, Roxbury, Mass.
Deinhard, Prof. L., President Gesellschaft für Psychische Forschung, Munich, Bavaria.
Belboeuf, Prof. J., Liege, Belgium.
Dewey, Prof. John, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Dolbear, Prof. A. E., Tufts College, College Hill, Mass.
Door, Mr. Geo. B., Boston, Mass.
Eaton, Mr. W. D., London, Eng.
Edison, Mr. Thomas A., Menlo Park, N. J.
Everett, Prof. C. C., Cambridge, Mass.
Farary, Governor, Catamarca, Argentina
Fere, Dr. Charles, Paris, France.
Flammarion, Camille, Astronomer Royal of France, Juvisy observatory, Paris, France.
Flower, Mr. B. O., editor of the Arena, Boston, Mass.
Flower, Mrs. J. M., Chicago, Ill.
Freer, Miss A. G., London, England.
Furness, Horace Howard, LL.D., Philadelphia, Pa.
Gage, Mrs. Matilda Joslyn, Fayetteville, N. Y.
Galton, Prof. Francis R., London, Eng.
Garabedyan, Baron H. Der, of Cilicia, Armenia, Washington, D. C.
Gardiner, Prof. H. N., Northampton, Mass.
Gilbert, Mrs. Frank, Chicago, Ill.
Gompers, Mr. Samuel, President Federation of Labor, New York City.
Gonzales, Sen. Augustin, Parana, Argentina.
Goode, Prof. G. Brown, Director United States National Museum, Washington, D. C.
Gould, Mrs. Marcia Louise, President Illinois Woman’s Board, Moline, Ill.
Haeckel, Prof. Ernst, Jena, Germany.
Haemmerle, Madame Agathe, Cherson, Russia.
Hale, Rev. Edward Everett, Boston, Mass.
Hallack, Mrs. E. F., Denver, Colo.
Hammer, Hon. D. Harry, Manchester, Eng.
Handy, Maj. Moses P., Bureau of Promotion and Publicity, Chicago, Ill.
Harbert, Mrs. Elizabeth Boynton, Evansville, Ill.
Harden, Judge William D., Savannah, Ga.
Harris, Hon. W. T., LL.D., United States Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C.
Hartley, Lieut. Col. J., LL.D., Hartley, Eng.
Harmann, Dr. Edouard von, Gross Lichterfelde, Germany.
Haynes, Mr. Joseph W., Enniscorthy, Ireland.
Hemenway, A., Readville, Mass.
Henrotin, Mrs. Ellen M., Chicago, Ill.
Herrera, Sen. Alfonso, City of Mexico.
Hertz, Prof. Dr. A. Heinrich, Bonn, Germany.
Hibbert, Mrs. S. E., Washington, D. C.
Hidden, Dr. Charles W., Newburyport, Mass.
Higley, Hon. Warren, New York City.
Hinton, Mr. C. H., Washington, D. C.
Hodgson, Richard, LL.D., Secretary American Branch of the London S.P.R., Boston, Mass.
Hoffmann, Sign. Giovanni, Rome, Italy.
Holbrook, Dr. M. L., New York City.
Holt, Henry, New York City.
Holmes, Mrs. Julia Sadler, New York City.
Hooker, Hon. John, Hartford, Conn.
Hopkinson, Prof. Alfred, Manchester, Eng.
Hübbe-Schleiden, Dr. J. U., editor of Die Sphinx, Munich, Bavaria.
Hyslop, Prof. J. N., Columbia College, New York City.
Hyzer, Mrs. F. O., Ravenna, Ohio.
James, Prof. William, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Janes, Dr. L. G., editor of the Evolutionist, New York City.
Janet, Prof. Pierre, Paris, France.
Keifer, Rev. A. R., Colorado Springs, Colo.
Kingsbury, Benj. B., Defiance, Ohio.
Kleinhaus, Dona Laureana Wright de, City of Mexico.
Kovalevsky, Prof. Kharkoff, Russia.
Lanza, La Marchesa, New York City.
Leaf, Mr. Walter, London, Eng.
Leighton, Sir F., Bart., President of the Royal Academy, London, Eng.
LeRow, Miss Caroline B., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Liebeault, Dr. A. A., Nancy, France.
Liegeois, Prof. J., Nancy, France.
Linden, Prof. P. W. A., Cort van der, Amsterdam, Holland.
Livermore, Mrs. Mary A., Melrose, Mass.
Lockwood, Mrs. Mary S., Washington, D. C.
Lodge, Prof. Oliver J., F.R.S., Liverpool, Eng.
Lombroso, Prof. C., Turin, Italy.
Lukens, Anna, M.D., New York
McArthur, Mr. James, Chicago, Ill.
Maitland, Mr. Edward, London, Eng.
Marillier, M. Leon, Secretary for France of the London S.P.R., Paris, France.
Massey, Mr. C. C., London, Eng.
Massey, Mr. Gerald, London, Eng.
Miller, Mr. John P., Washington, D. C.
Mills, Dr. Wesley, F.R.S.E., of the McGill University, Montreal, Can.
Mitchell, Mrs. Ellen M., Denver, Colo.
Montgomery, Dr. Edmund, Hempstead, Tex.
Morse, Mr. J. J., Liverpool, Eng.
Motora, Prof. Yujiro, Imperial College of Literature, Tokio, Japan.
Myers, Mr. F. W. H., M.A., Hon. Secretary London S.P.S., Cambridge, Eng.
Myers, A. T., M.D., London, Eng.
Natge, Herr Hans, Berlin, Germany.
Newcomb, Mr. C. A., Detroit, Mich.
Newman, Bishop J. P., Omaha, Neb.
Newton, Rev. R. Heber, New York City.
Nims, Mr. F. A., Muskegon, Mich.
Noel, Hon. Roden, West Brighton, Eng.
Nunn, Dr. R. J., Savannah, Ga.
Palazzi, Sign. Giuseppe, Naples, Italy.
Palmer, Hon. T. W., President World’s Columbian Commission, Detroit, Mich.
Perry, T. S., Boston, Mass.
Podmore, Mr. Frank, London, Eng.
Poole, Mrs. Hester M., Metchen, N. J.
Peel, Baron Carl du, Munich, Bavaria.
Purdon, Dr. John E., Cullman, Ala.
Putnam, Prof. F. W., Director Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Cambridge, Mass.
Putnam, Dr. James J., Boston, Mass.
Quincy, J. P., Boston, Mass.
Ral, Pratapa Chandra, Calcutta, India.
Ravensburg, Dr. F. Freiherr Goeler von, Berlin, Germany.
Rayleigh, Lord, F.R.S., Witham, Eng.
Rees, Mrs. J. E. R., Scarsdale, N. Y.
Ribot, Prof. Th., Paris, France.
Richet, Prof. Charles, Paris, France.
Ripon, Rt. Rev. Bishop of, The Palace, Ripon, England.
Rogers, Henry Wade, President Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.
Robertson, C. Lockhart, M.D., Wimbledon, Eng.
Rose, Mr. W. Stewart, editor of the Agnostic Journal, London, Eng.
Roy, Amrita Lal, Calcutta, India.
Royce, Prof. J., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Rubin, Sen. Luis G., City of Mexico.
Salter, W. M., Philadelphia, Penn.
Savage, Rev. Minot J., D.D., Boston, Mass.
Schmidkunz, Dr. Hans, Munich, Bavaria.
Schrenk-Notzing, Dr. Freiherr von, Munich, Bavaria.
Scott, Sydney C., London, England
Shippen, Rev. R. R., Washington, D. C.
Shufeldt, Dr. R. W., U.S.A., Washington, D.C.
Sidgwick, Prof. Henry, M.A., President London S.P.R., Cambridge, Eng.
Smith, H. Arthur, London, Eng.
Soler, Dona Amelia Domingo y, Barcelona, Spain
Solovovo, Michael Petrovo, St. Petersburg, Russia
Somerset, Lady Henry, Eastnor Castle, Eng.
Spreti, Countess Caroline von, Possenhofen, Bavaria.
Stansbury, Mrs. L. M., Denver, Colo.
Stebbins, Mr. Giles B., Detroit, Mich.
Stevenson, Dr. Sarah Hackett, Chicago, Ill.
Stone, Mrs. Lucy H., Kalamazoo, Mich.
Stout, Mrs. Lucy L., Detroit, Mich.
Taine, H., Haute Savoie, France.
Thaw, Dr. A. Blair, New York City.
Theobald, Mr. Morell, London, Eng.
Thomas, Hon. W. W., United States Minister to the Court of King Oscar, Stockholm, Sweden.
Thompson, Prof. J. J., F. R. S., Cambridge, Eng.
Torres, Sen. Prof., Parana, Argentina.
Torres-Solanot, Viscount de, Barcelona, Spain.
Tuley, Judge Murray F., Chicago, Ill.
Underwood, Mr. B. F., of the Religio-Philosophical Journal, Chicago, Ill.
Voun, J., D.Sc., F. R. S., Cambridge, Eng.
Volpi, Capt. Ernesto, editor Il Vesillo Spiritista
Wagner, Prof. N., St. Petersburg, Russia
Wake, Mr. C. Staniland, Chicago, Ill.
Wallace, Prof. Alfred Russel, Parkstone, Eng.
Wallis, Mr. E. W., Manchester, Eng.
Ward, Dr. Lester F., United States Geological Survey, Washington, D. C.
Ward, W. E., Port Chester, N. Y.
Waterman, Judge A. N., Chicago, Ill.
Watson, Mrs. Elizabeth Lowe, Saratoga, Cal.
Watson, Prof. William, Boston, Mass.
Wilder, Prof. Alexander, Newark, N. J.
Willard, Miss Frances E., President World’s and Woman’s W. C. T. U., Evanston, Ill.
Wiltse, Dr. A. S., Kismet, Tenn.
Woods, Mr. Frank H., San Francisco, Cal.
Wright, Medical Director J. P., U.S.A., San Francisco, Cal.


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