Proceedings of the National Delegate Convention of Spiritualists of the United States of America; Held in Chicago, Illinois, September 27, 28, and 29, 1893 . . . Washington, D. C.: Stormont & Jackson, 1893.

List of Delegates.

to the
First National Delegate Convention,
at Chicago, Ill.,
September 27th, 28th and 29th, 1893

Adams, Dr. E. A. Santa Cruz, Cal.
Adams, Dr. O. G. W. Dubuque, Iowa
Allen, J. Madison Liberal, Mo.
Allen, Lydia W. Summerland, Cal.
Allen, Mrs. M. Theresa Liberal, Mo.
Aspinwall, Mrs. Bessie Minneapolis, Minn.
Aspinwall, Dr. S. N. Minneapolis, Minn.
Augustein, Gustave Tacoma, Washington
Bach, Mrs. Evie P. St. Paul, Minn.
Bach, W. H. St. Paul, Minn.
Baker, Hon. F. P. Topeka, Kan.
Barrett, H. D. Lily Dale, N. Y.
Beard, J. J. Columbus, Ohio
Bedell, Mrs. E. A. 911 Sixteenth Street, Denver, Colo.
Beiderman, Stephen 412 Upper Eighth Street, Evansville, Ind.
Benton, Dr. C. T. H. 6236 Morgan Street, Englewood, Ill.
Bingham, E. C. Milldale, Conn.
Bitters, Dr. F. P. Rochester, Ind.
Black, Mrs. Carrie McCall Canton, Ill.
Blodgett, Mrs. Olive A. 503 Oneida Avenue, Davenport, Iowa
Bowen, Hon. George S. New York, N. Y.
Bowser, A. P. 254 E. 3rd Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Boylan, Mrs. M. E. St. Louis, Mo.
Boynton, D. Riverside, Mich.
Brooks, George H. Elgin, Ill.
Brooks, Mrs. George H. Elgin, Ill.
Brown, Mrs. M. L. W. Onset Bay, Mass.
Bruce, James 3235 Calumet Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Bruner, J. E. Aurora, Ind.
Bushnell, Dr. Lewis 439 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, Ill.
Cadwallader, Mrs. M. E. 1413 Somerset Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Carpenter, Dr. G. W. 125 South Clark Street, Chicago, Ill.
Cherry, Edward H. Owosso, Mich.
Cholvin, Frank Elroy, Wis.
Coe, James E. 509 Park Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Coit, Mrs. Elizabeth Columbus, Ohio
Colby, George P. Lake Helen, Fla.
Conant, Sarah Villa Ridge, Ill.
Cotton, Dr. J. C. Vineland, N. J.
Cowing, Mrs. R. S. 1107 G Street Northwest, Washington, D. C.
Dalton, Hon. Harry 5955 State Street, Chicago, Ill.
De Buchananne, James Joplin, Mo.
Dennis, Joseph W. 120 Thirteenth Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dent, Charles E. Vicksburg, Mich.
Dimmick, Robert A. 510 E. Street Northwest, Washington, D. C.
Donovan, F. M. 525 McMillan Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Drake, Hon. J. S. 213 State Street, Chicago, Ill.
Drynan, Mrs. M. 113 Powell Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Edson, Dr. A. W. Lansing, Mich.
Edson, Hon. Milan C. 1728 New Jersey Ave., Washington, D. C.
Eichelberger, George W. 312 Sixty-second Street, Chicago, Ill.
Englert, Mrs. Mary 67 Marshall Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
Epps, George D. Francistown, N. H.
Estabrooke, Gen. E. 411 Seventeenth Street, Omaha, Neb.
Fairchild, Rev. E. B. 605 E Street Southeast, Washington, D. C.
Faye, W. C. Seward, Neb.
Fisk, R. Wonewoc, Wis.
Foote, Mrs. P. A. 57 Iglehart Street, St. Paul, Minn.
Ford, Dr. C. E. 20 Clinton Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Ford, Mrs. C. E. 20 Clinton Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Fox, Mrs. Flora W. Rochester, Minn.
Fox, Samuel W. Jacksonville, Fla.
Gebauer, Dr. Frederick 442 W. 7th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gebauer, Dr. Mary A. 442 W. 7th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gill, Mrs. S. J. 452 Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind.
Gilman, E. M. 107 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas
Gilman, Mrs. S. E. 107 Swiss Ave., Dallas, Texas
Gould, Capt. E. W. 1620 South Grand Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
Grimshaw, Thomas Pittsburgh, Pa.
Harding, Miss Flora Anderson, Ind.
Harrison, Mrs. G. B. 479 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Hart, B. B. Clinton, Iowa
Harvey, Mrs. J. M. Maquoketa, Iowa
Haslett, Mrs. Sara A. Port Huron, Mich.
Henderson, Mrs. C. H. Erie, Pa.
Hewson, Mrs. Thomas 1416 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Higbee, Henry M. 502 R. I. Ave., Northwest, Wash., D. C.
Hill, B. B. 1102 Girard Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hiller, William C. 312 Sixty-second Street, Chicago, Ill.
Hilligoss, Dr. G. N. Anderson, Ind.
Hodge, William C. 40 Loomis Street, Chicago, Ill.
Horman, Frederick 113 E. Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Huff, Mrs. Emma J. Lily Dale, N. Y.
Hull, Mrs. Mattie E. 29 Chicago Terrace, Chicago, Ill.
Hyde, Dr. E. C. Lily Dale, N. Y.
Hyde, Mrs. Julia E. Lily Dale, N. Y.
Irvine, F. E. 279 MacKubin Street, St. Paul, Minn.
Jackson, Mrs. J. B. Hagan 399 S. Lafayette St., Grand Rapids, Minn.
Jeffrey, Mrs. Mary A. Ludington, Mich.
Johnson, O. J. 822 16th Ave., South, Minneapolis, Minn.
Joslyn, Mrs. Effie F. 257 N. Ionia Street, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Kibbey, Mrs. A. E. 130 Locust Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
King, A. J. Hammonton, N. J.
King, D. M. Mantua Station, Ohio
Knight, John H. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Kratz, John W. 120 Lower First Street, Evansville, Ind.
Lake, Mrs. H. S. 319 Huntington Street, Cleveland, Ohio
Lepper, Mrs. Anna B. 512 South 9th Street, Springfield, Ill.
Lepper, Mrs. H. E. 309 Washington Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
Lillie, Mrs. R. S. Melrose, Mass.
Lockwood, Prof. W. M. Ripon, Wis.
Lohmeyer, John H. 4 John Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Loveland, Prof. J. S. Summerland, Cal.
Lowell, Mrs. Sophronia M. Anoka, Minn.
Luther, Mrs. A. H. Colby Crown Point, Ind.
Lyman, Mrs. Mary K. Box 420 Fulton, N. Y.
McAboy, Dr. Thomas 727 12th Street, Louisville, Ky.
McHugh, Mrs. John 419 Adams Street, Evansville, Ind.
McKee, Alexander P. Anderson, Ind.
Mabus, John 724 Madison Street, Covington, Ky.
Markley, A. Box 185 Topeka, Kan.
Martin, Mrs. Nellie M. Rowe Vicksburg, Mich.
Metzger, Henry Box 757 Pittsburgh, Pa.
Millard, Mrs. Mary Pender, Neb.
Moore, Mrs. Jennie 757 Warren Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Morrill, Mrs. M. A. 355 63rd Street, Englewood, Ill.
Moulton, Hon. L. V. Grand Rapids, Mich.
Mullen, John 112 Hermitage Bldg., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Myers, W. H. Van Wert, Ohio
Nick, Mrs. C. A. 388 Cass Street, Milwaukee, Wis.
Nick, H. C. 388 Cass Street, Milwaukee, Wis.
Nickless, Mrs. Edith E. R. 9 Bosworth Street, Boston, Mass.
O’Dell, Mrs. Maria L. Paw Paw, Mich.
Ogborne, Harrison Indianapolis, Ind.
Ormsby, F. E. Masonic Temple, Chicago, Ill.
Orvis, Mrs. Anna 504 Warren Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Packard, Maj. W. Bloomington, Ill.
Parker, Dr. W. T. 448 West Lake Street, Chicago, Ill.
Parkhurst, Dr. H. M. Ballwin, Mo.
Petrie, Charles E. Pierson, Mich.
Petrie, Mrs. C. E. Pierson, Mich.
Phillips, Dr. J. C. Clinton, Iowa
Pope, Ed. S. Indianapolis, Ind.
Proctor, J. O. Erie, Pa.
Pruden, Mrs. C. D. 633 Cedar Street, St. Paul, Minn.
Randall, Dr. J. H. 40 Loomis Street, Chicago, Ill.
Reyber, Ernst Chattanooga, Tenn.
Reynolds, Mrs. Emily T. Marshalltown, Iowa
Richmond, Mrs. Cora L. V. Roger’s Park, Ill.
Roberts, H. H. New Boston, Ill.
Robinson, John 1471 Thirty-fourth Street, Chicago, Ill.
Root, Mrs. Martha E. Bay City, Mich.
Root, Melvin A. Bay City, Mich.
Rowe, Dr. Virginia Jackson, Mich.
Rowland, Mrs. Katie 412 O St., Northwest, Washington, D. C.
Rowley, Mrs. Mona S. 9 Glen Park Place, Cleveland, Ohio
Rowley, Dr. W. S. 9 Glen Park Place, Cleveland, Ohio
Ruffhead, Thomas G. Renovo, Pa.
Sanders, J. H. 1391 Thirty-third Street, Chicago, Ill.
Sawyer, Mrs. Elizabeth 14 Seventh Street, San Francisco, Cal.
Schlochauer, Eduard 1 Moubijou Place, Berlin, Germany
Seckner, C. M. 7981 Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill.
Seig, Miss Mattie 1471 Thirty-fourth Street, Chicago, Ill.
Sessions, H. C. Waterville, Wash.
Severance, Dr. Juliet H. 2 Warren Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Sheehan, Mrs. Dr. Ada H. 113 E. Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Sheets, Mrs. Abbie E. Grand Ledge, Mich.
Shrader, Lizzie L. Cincinnati, Ohio
Simonds, J. F. Pension Office, Washington, D. C.
Skidmore, Mrs. Marion H. Lily Dale, N. Y.
Skidmore, Thomas J. Lily Dale, N. Y.
Sloper, Mrs. Elizabeth 443 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, Cal.
Smith, Mrs. Rowenna F. Vicksburgh, Mich.
Spaulding, Mrs. H. F. 2924 Lake Park Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Sprague, Mrs. C. A. Newland & Forest Aves., Jamestown, N. Y.
Sprague, E. W. Newland & Forest Aves., Jamestown, N. Y.
Steinhart, Mrs. F. C. Dubuque, Iowa
Stewart, M. K. 4316 Champlain Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Stockell, Charles H. Nashville, Tenn.
Strickland, D. D. 449 E. Main Street, Owosso, Mich.
Sweringen, Dr. H. V. 197 W. Wayne Street, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Sweringen, Mrs. H. V. 197 W. Wayne Street, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Thayer, Mrs. Amanda M. 707 W. Jefferson Street, Bloomington, Ill.
Thomas, Dr. S. A. Montpelier, Ind.
Thompson, Judge Elihu Dayton, Ohio
Tilley, Joseph 808 Third Street, Los Angeles, Cal.
Townsend, Hon. James B. Lima, Ohio
Treat, C. A. Hannibal, Mo.
Tripp, Dr. R. B. Ft. Thomas, Arizona
Tyler, Mrs. Mary E. S. New Castle, Pa.
Van Liew, Mrs. Jennie West Madison Street, Chicago, Ill.
Waite, Mrs. Maggie 112 Hermitage Bldg., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Walker, Miss E. J. Hamburgh, N. Y.
Walker, Frank Hamburgh, N. Y.
Wallace, Jules St. Louis, Mo.
Walters, Mrs. S. A. 26 Lincoln Street, Auburn, N. Y.
Walton, Dr. Julia M. 124 East Main Street, Flint, Mich.
Weiss, Mrs. A. M. 3710 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo.
Wells, Ivory San Francisco, Cal.
Wheeler, Dr. E. A. Milwaukee, Wis.
Wheelock, L. P. Molinc, Ill.
Whiteley, Joseph W. Bonaparte, Iowa
Widler, Jacob Topeka, Kan.
Williams, A. H. 666 Lake Street, Chicago, Ill.
Wilkins, Dr. T. 291 Ogden Avenue, Chicago, Ill.
Willis, Aaron 206 Race Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Willits, Milton L. New Boston, Ill.
Wilson, Dr. J. H. Louisville, Ky.
Winans, Charles E. Lake Brady, Ohio
Wolforth, Mrs. M. A. 1391 Thirty-third Street, Chicago, Ill.
Woods, Mrs. Lillian L. Topeka, Kan.

Washington Post, April 3, 1910:

     Although spiritualism in America dates from the time of the “Rochester knocks” in 1848, it was not until 1893 that the national organization was formed.  That organization was first started by a band of Washingtonians.  It is to the work of John B. Wolff that the credit is given.  A Washingtonian and an ardent worker for the cause of spiritualism, Mr. Wolff, who was for some years the president of the local association here, desired a national organization, and declared he would work for the cause just as earnestly after his death as while he lived.  About 1885 he passed away, after which he is said frequently to have controlled mediums.  During the winter of 1892 and 1893 he was particularly emphatic in regard to the necessity of forming a national body, and informed Maj. R. A. Dimmick, while present at one of the séances, that he was the man to do the work.  At first Maj. Dimmick is said to have hesitated to undertake such a large task, but with the promise of the aid of several spirits and the cooperation of a party of friends the work was begun, and at the convention held in Chicago during the World’s Fair the organization was formed.  The headquarters, which has always been in this city, was, shortly after the organization was formed, moved to the present place.  This building was the property of Theodore J. Mayer, one of the members of the committee who started the movement of the national association.  A few years subsequent to moving there Mr. Mayer promised, provided the organization raise $[. . .] for the treasury, to deed over the building.  This amount was raised, and the building became the property of the association.  That was in 1900.  At the present time the association owns the building adjoining the one occupied and also two frame houses at the rear, all of which came from Mr. Mayer.  [NSA Headquarters was at 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E.]


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