The Religio-Philosophical Journal (Chicago), July 4.

The Western Society for Psychical Research

The Western Society for Psychical Research.
First General Meeting, held at the Sherman House, Chicago, Tuesday, June 30th.

OFFICERS and COUNCIL for 1885:

President: A. Reeves Jackson, A. M., M. D.; Vice-Presidents: Rev. C. G. Truesdell, Prof. Rodney Welch, Chicago.


To hold office until January, 1886: Boerne Bettman, M. D., Rev. L. P. Mercer, Orville Peckham, Chicago; F. A. Nims, Muskegon, Mich.; Hon. J. B. Young, Marion, Iowa.
To hold office until January, 1887: Col. Jno. C. Bundy, A. Reeves Jackson, M. D., Hon. W. K. McAllister, Rev. H. W. Thomas, D. D., Col. A. N. Waterman, Chicago.
To hold office until January, 1888: Denison W. Chapman, Edward I. Galvin, Edwin J. Kuh, M. D., J. H. McVicker, Prof. Rodney Welch, Chicago.
Secretary and Treasurer: J. E. Woodhead.

Members and Associates (Residents of Chicago, where not otherwise specified):
The Rt. Rev. Samuel Fallows
H. Furber, Jr.
Mrs. L. F. Brockway
Francis W. Parker
Charles G. Davis, M. D.
Henry Gerstley
Adam Miller, M. D.
H. C. Hodges, Detroit
Prof. Joseph Singer
George A. Shufeldt
Rev. T. E. Green
Mrs. U. N. Gestefeld
George Thompson
Prof. John Fraser
Charles W. Holzheimer
William Colebrooke
W. M. Salter
W. H. Rand
Rev. Samuel Sale
Mrs. Helen Stannard
A. F. Cool
W. Fitzhugh Smith
Levi A. Eliel
E. E. Crepin
R. N. Foster, M. D.
L. J. Gage
Leila G. Bedell, M. D.
Mrs. E. C. Dainty
A. H. Dainty
E. T. Cahill
D. H. Lamberson
E. Lathrop, M. D.
Mrs. Mary E. Bundy
H. M. Lyman, M. D.
E. Reading, M. D.
Mrs. Julia N. Jackson
Hon. James P. Root
H. D. Valid, M. D.
C. I. Thatcher, M. D.
William Taylor
D. A. Cashman, M. D.
E. M. Reading, M. D.
Alice B. Stockham, M. D.
J. H. Plecker, M. D.
H. S. Perkins
H. C. Porter
Frank I. Jervis
R. Pearsall Smith, Philadelphia


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