The Religio-Philosophical Journal (Chicago), August 2.

The Southern Association of Spiritualists.

Lookout Camp Meeting.  Convention of the Southern Spiritualists.

The Southern Association of Spiritualists met Tuesday, July 15th, at eleven o’clock.  Rev. Sam’l Watson, of Memphis, Tenn., President, occupied the chair.  The regular Secretary being absent, G. W. Kates was appointed pro tem.

About fifty delegates were present, representing the States of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Massachusetts.  Members from most of the States identified with this Association.  The President made an address explanatory of the work and need of the Association.  P. R. Albert offered a resolution making honorary members of the mediums present; same was adopted.  A committee of three, consisting of P. R. Albert of Tennessee, A. C. Ladd of Georgia, and Mrs. E. D. Smith of Indiana, were appointed to draft by-laws for the Association.  Upon motion the Convention adjourned until two o’clock, P. M.


The Convention was called to order by the President at 2:30.  The Committee on By-Laws made a report favoring the codification of resolutions from time to time as the laws of the Association, which was approved.  A letter from John Allyn, an appointed delegate of the San Francisco, California, Spiritualists, was read and ordered filed.  The following were appointed a committee on the general business of the Convention, viz.:  P. R. Albert of Tennessee, A. C. Ladd of Georgia, Mrs. E. D. Smith of Indiana, Mrs. H. Morse-Baker of New York, and G. W. Kates of Georgia.  The Convention adjourned to the grove and listened to an able address by Mrs. H. Morse-Baker on the subject of “Conventionalities,” which was suggested by the audience.  Upon motion the Convention adjourned until 8 P. M.


The following circuits for missionary work were approved:
1. Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.
2. Virginia, North and South Carolina.
3. Alabama and Mississippi.
4. Louisiana and Texas.
5. Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.
6. Florida.
Missionaries to be elected and controlled by the Executive Board.

The following were nominated for officers:  For President, Sam’l Watson, Tennessee; Vice-President, A. C. Ladd, Georgia; Treasure, J. Seeman, Tennessee; Corresponding Secretary, P. R. Albert, Tennessee; Recording Secretary, G. W. Kates, Georgia; Trustees, Mrs. M. E. Roberts, Ohio; Mrs. E. D. Smith, Indiana; R. C. Patterson, Georgia; H. W. Kneeland, Louisiana, and R. O. Fares, Texas.

The following were elected as delegates to the American Association:  Samuel Watson, G. W. Kates, Mrs. H. Morse-Baker, Mrs. E. D. Smith, Mrs. M. E. Roberts, and Mrs. Sue B. Fales.

The following were appointed a committee to report the Circuit Committees at the meeting on Wednesday: W. F. Molder, Georgia; R. O. Fares, Texas; H. W. Kneeland, Louisiana; Mrs. Anna Cooper, Kentucky; Jas. B. Sellick, Alabama.

Light for Thinkers was made the official organ of the Association.

An informal reception was given the materializing medium, Mrs. Anna Cooper, on the occasion of her birthday anniversary and the Convention adjourned to 9 A. M., Wednesday.


The committee on nominations of Circuit Committees reported that they desired the rule changed to the appointment of a chairman in each State with power to appoint all needed assistants, which the Convention approved.  They then reported the following appointments:  O. S. Poston, Harrodsburg, Ky.; F. M. Brown, Union City, Tenn.; E. G. Raiford, Columbus, Ga.; C. N. Willis, Grantville, N. C.; A. F. Melchers, Charleston, S. C.; J. F. McDevitt, Huntsville, Ala.; Mr. Miller, Iuka, Miss.; D. LeRosen, Shreveport, La.; W. C. McGregory, Waco, Texas; O. N. Belden, Little Rock, Ark.; W. W. Judson, Kansas City, Mo.; T. C. Giddings, Orange City, Fla.

States unfilled to be supplied by the appointment of the Corresponding Secretary.

The following made applications for certificates of ordination as ministers of the Gospel under the State authority given the Association, viz.: A. C. Ladd, Mrs. S. A. H. Talbot, Sue B. Fales, Mrs. Anna Cooper, Mrs. Ione E. Kneeland, E. G. Raiford and G. W. Kates.

The Association went into an election of officers, which resulted in electing the nominated ticket. Ways and means were referred to the Executive Board.  Thanks were extended the Lookout Mountain Camp Meeting Association for courtesies, and to the President and Secretary of the Association for services.  The Convention then adjourned to the grove and listened to platform tests by Mrs. Fales and Mrs. Silverston, and an address by Mrs. Baker.  AT 3 P. M. addresses were made by Samuel Watson and A. C. Ladd.  Minutes were read and approved.  Upon motion, the Association adjourned, subject to call of the Executive Board.

G. W. KATES, Secretary.
Chattanooga, Tenn., July 15th, 1884.


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