The Religio-Philosophical Journal (Chicago), May 15.

Directory—Lecturers; Mediums, Clairvoyants, Trance; Healers; Mediums Located in Chicago—Lecturers; Mediums, Clairvoyants, Trance; Healers; Mediums—Physical Manifestations.



This will be published one or more times during each month and one line of space, given free, to every person sending the name, phase, and address. If more space be desired, it can be had in the Medium’s Advertising Column, at nominal rates. It should be understood that the JOURNAL in the publication of this directory assumes thereby nothing on the part of those named below as to ability, integrity or development but any information in our possession will be cheerfully communicated on application, personally or by letter. The name of any person found negligent, in advising us of corrections which should be made, will be summarily dropped; all are invited to make use of this column, who appreciate its value.


Rev. Charles Andrus, Inspirational Speaker, Flushing, Mich.

Mrs. C. Fannie Allyn, Inspiration, Stoneham, Mass.

William Alcott, Inspirational, Buckland, Franklin Co., Mass.

Mrs. M. C. Alibe, Inspirational, Derby Line, Vt.

J. M. Allen, Inspirational, Ancora, N. J.

J. W. Anderson, Hiattsville, Kan.

H. Augir, Palouse City, Wash. T.

Bishop A. Beals, Jamestown, N. Y.

Mrs. Jennie Butler-Brown, Normal, Box 44, Stony Creek, Conn.

J. P. Brown, M. D., Philosophical, Whitesboro, Texas.

Mrs. A. P. Brown, Inspirational, St. Johnsbury Center, Vt.

Prof. C. C. Bennett, Providence, R. I.

Capt. H. H. Brown, Willimantic, Conn.

Dr. J. K. Bailey, care of Religio-Philosophical Journal, Chicago

S. P. Best, Inspirational, Granger, Dunn Co., Wisconsin.

Mrs. Dr. J. R. Buell, 346 So. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind.

Mrs. E. F. Jay Bullene, 347 5th Ave., New York.

James Cooper, M. D., Bellefontaine, Ohio.

George W. Carpenter, M. C., Trance, South Bend, Ind.

G. C. Castleman, Olathe, Kansas.

Mrs. M. F. Cross, Trance, W. Hamstead, N. H.

Robert Cooper, 943 Washington St., Boston.

C. W. Cook, Warsaw, Ill.

Dr. Dean Clark, address care Religio-Philosophical Journal.

John Crapsey, Inspirational speaker, Heron Lake, Minn.

Lura A. Crapsey, Inspirational, Heron Lake, Jackson Co., Minn.

Mrs. L. Combs, Indianapolis, Ind.

W. E. Coleman, Presidio, San Francisco, Cal.

Norwood Damon, 8 Tyler Street, Boston.

Mrs. A. P. M. Davis, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

J. Dunton, Inspirational speaker, Algona, Iowa.

Dr. George A. Fuller, Sherborn, Mass.

Dr. H. P. Fairfield, Greenwich Village, Mass.

Kersey Graves, Richmond, Ind.

Miss Lessie N. Goodell, Inspirational, Amherst, Mass.

Mrs. S. F. G. Goodhue, Inspirational, For Seneca, Ohio.

Ella E. Gibson, Barre, Mass.

Mrs. Cornelia Gardner, 68 Jones St., Rochester, N. Y.

G. H. Geer, Lowell, Ind.

Mrs. Sarah Graves, 40 Hastings St., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Mrs. Mary C. Gale, Swartz Creek, Michigan.

Mrs. Annie C. Torrey Hawks, 206 Union St., Memphis, Tenn.

Mrs. Zella S. Hastings, Inspirational, East Whately, Mass.

J. H. Harter, Auburn, N. Y.

Mrs. Luna Hutchinson, Normal, Bishop Creek, Cal.

Mrs. S. A. R. Heyder, Grass Valley, Cal.

Lyman C. Howe, Fredonia, N. Y.

Henry Hitchcock, 620 N. 5th St., St. Louis, Mo.

Mrs. S. A. Jesmer, Lecturer, Psychometrist, Upper Falls, Vt.

Dr. William Jordan, Inspirational, Thornton, Mich.

Susie M. Johnson, Inspirational, Minneapolis, Minn.

D. P. Kayner, M. D., Inspirational, St. Charles, Ill.

James Keck, Inspirational Speaker, Portland, Oregon.

William F. Lyon, Normal, Adrian, Mich.

J. S. Loucks, Trance, Potsdam, N. Y.

Mrs. H. M. Morse, Port Huron, Mich.

John K. Martin, Winchester, Ind.

Mrs. T. D. Munn, Trance, St. Charles, Ills.

P. C. Mills, 7 Montgomery Place, Boston, Mass.

John G. Priegel, Plattsbury, Mo.

Dr. L. Pyle, Raritan, Henderson Co., Ills.

Mrs. L. A. Pearsoll, Inspirational speaker, Disco, Mich.

Mrs. J. M. Porter, Inspirational Medium, Chebanse, Ills.

Dr. Frank T. Ripley, Trance and Public Test. Travelling.

C. S. Rowley, Niles, Michigan.

Mrs. F. A Logan Robison, Portland, Or.

Mrs. Laura A. Sunderlin, Maquoketa, Iowa.

M. L. Sherman, M. D., Trance, Adrian, Mich., Box 1205.

A. B. Spinney, M. D. 304 National Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Dr. C. P. Sanford, Iowa City, Iowa.

E. W. Stevens, Rock Prairie, Rock Co., Wis.

Prof. D. W. C. Seymour, Inspirational, Clay Center, Kas.

J. William Van Namee, M. D., Trance, Ancora, N. J.

E. V. Wilson, Inspirational, Lombard, Ill.

M. K. Wilson, Normal, Danville, Ills.

Mrs. and Mrs. M. L. Wheat, Colfax, Iowa.

Mediums, Clairvoyants, Trance.

Mrs. T. Andrus, 141 Lake St., Cleveland.

Sarah Anthony, 722 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia.

Mrs. A. H. Adams, Psychometric, 443 W. 47th St., New York.

Mrs. Fannie Brown, Willimantic, Conn.

Mrs. M. A. Carnes, Hotel Windsor, Boston.

Mrs. Adelaide Coombs, M. D., 119 ½ E. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn.

W. L. Davis, Woodbine, Iowa.

Mrs. E. D. Dyers, Circles, 731 8th Ave., New York.

Mrs. M. Dexter, Trance, 209 W. 32nd St., Room 10, N. York.

Mrs. J. W. Ellsworth, 491 Sixth Ave., New York.

Mrs. M. A. French, 721 East Capitol St., Washington, D. C.

Mary Gray, 295 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Nettie Gardner, Wheeling, W. Va.

Mrs. Dr. A. Howes, Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa.

Mrs. H. N. Hamilton, Port Huron, Mich.

Mrs. M. J. Hendee, 207 Kearney St., San Francisco, Cal.

Mrs. C. Halleday, Test Medium, Memphis, Mo.

W. L. Jack, M. D., Haverhill, Mass.

Mrs. J. A. Joscelyn, Santa Cruz, Cal.

Mrs. P. Derrough Kennedy, Glenwood, Mo.

Mrs. Emma Lively, Maryville, Mo.

Mrs. T. J. Lewis, 485 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Mrs. M. C. Morrell, 129 E. 16th St., New York.

Mrs. M. Miller, 569 ½ Minnie St., San Francisco, Cal.

Miss Mayo, 320 O’Farrell St., San Francisco, Cal.

Dr. J. C. Phillips, Omro, Wis.

Mrs. J. E. Potter, 136 Castle St., Boston, Mass.

Katie B. Robinson, 2123 Brandywine St., Philadelphia.

Mrs. N. H. Read, Clairvoyant and Test, 204 8th Ave., N. York.

Mrs. E. M. Shirley, Aurora, Ind.

Dr. Sarah E. Somerby, 23 Irving Place, New York City.

Mary M. D. Sherman, Psychometric, Adrian, Mich.

Mrs. P. W. Stevens, Sacramento, Cal.

E. R. Shaw, Clairvoyant and magnetic, Moravia, N. Y.

M. K. Cassien Schwarz, Sealed letters, 239 E. 8th St., N York.

Mrs. Julia Tomlinson, Vincennes, Knox Co., Ind.

T. S. Vose, Seer and Test medium, Fall River, Mass.

Mrs. Dr. D. White, 313 Market St., St. Louis, Mo.

Mrs. M. D. Wynkoop, Kalamazoo, Mich.


Mrs. Dr. Atwood, Galesville, Wis.

Mrs. P. B. Atwood, 525 Sixth Ave., New York.

Mrs. A. Allen, Kansas City, Mo.

Mrs. M. Bradbury, Rockford, Ill.

Dr. J. E. Briggs, 121 West 11th St., New York.

E. D. Babbitt, M. D., 5 Clinton Place, New York.

Sarah M. Buckwalter, M. D., 1027 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia.

Madam Briscoe, 228 E. 34th St., New York.

Mrs. N. A. Blakesley, 101 W. 45th St., New York.

Dr. J. K. Bailey, Healer, Care this office.

G. C. Castelman, Olathe, Kansas.

A. W. Curtis, Woodbine, Ind.

Mrs. S. H. Clark, 77 W. 55th St., New York.

H. Crawford, Clear Lake, Iowa.

Dr. A. B. Dobson, Maquoketa, Iowa.

Jane Danforth, No. 12 Williams St., New London, Conn.

Mrs. E. G. Dodge, Oswego, N. Y.

A. W. Edson, North Lansing, Mich.

Mrs. J. J. Fuller, 920 F St., Washington, D. C.

Dr. Gredley, 55 LaGrange St., Boston.

A. S. Hayward, 5 Davis St., Boston.

Dr. J. C. Howes, Marshalltown, Iowa.

D. H. Henderson, magnetic healer, Talleyrand, Iowa.

Mrs. L. A. Henry, 209 W. 32nd St., New York.

Dr. William R. Joscelyn, Santa Cruz, Cal.

S. W. Jewett, Spirit Magnetic Physician, Shepherd Home, Vt.

Mrs. H. Knight, 203 E. 11th St., New York.

Dr. T. J. Lewis, 485 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Joseph W. B. La Pierre, M. D., 119 ½ E. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn.

Mrs. Eliza McLaughlin, Dresden, Mo.

Mrs. Mathews, 115 W. 15th St., New York.

Mrs. C. M. Morrison, P. O. Box 2519, Boston, Mass.

John B. Miller, New Paris, Ind.

J. D. McLennan, 220 Stockton St., San Francisco, Cal.

Dr. J. L. Paxson, 1027 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia.

Dr. N. Palmer, 78 4th Ave., New York City.

E. E. Payne, Clear Lake, Iowa.

J. H. Rhodes, M. D., 440 N. 9th St., Philadelphia.

E. J. Rathbun, Electropathic and Magnetic, Dekalb, Ills.

William Rose, M. D., healer, 598 First St., Louisville, Ky.

Mrs. F. A. Logan Robison, Forest Grove, Oregon.

Dr. C. P. Sanford, Magnetic healer, Iowa City, Iowa.

Mrs. Minnie Thomas, Oxford, Benton Co., Ind., Box 48.

S. G. Turner, 15 Harbor St., Cleveland, Ohio.

F. Vogl, Kansas City, Mo.

C. Van Alstine, Clear Lake, Iowa.

N. F. White, Magnetic Healer, 521 10th St., Washington, D. C.

Daniel White, M. D., 313 Market St., St. Louis, Mo.

Dr. H. H. Wheelock, Belmont, N. Y.

J. W. Woodworth, Mayersville, Miss.

Dr. Harrison Welch, 416 Main St., Quincy, Ill.

C. Yeisley, Castor House, Ottumwa, Iowa.


Mediums Located in Chicago.


Mrs. Cora. L. V. Richmond, trance, 38 Ogden Ave.

Dr. Alice B. Stockham, 183 22nd St.

Ophelia T. Samuel, 419 W. Randolph St.

Mediums, Clairvoyants, Trance.

Mrs. O. A. Bishop, Test, 15 N. Peoria St.

Mrs. Lydia Blood, 461 W. Washington St.

Mrs. DeWolf, 457 W. Madison.

Mrs. Dole, 461 W. Madison.

Mrs. C. E. Eddy, Seeress, 666 Fulton St.

John J. Fout, 783 Fulton St.

Mrs. E. A. Nichols, 120 So. Green St.

Mrs. H. E. Standfast, 21 Ogden Ave.

Dr. William Wiggin, 509 W. Madison St.


Dr. L. Bushnell, 439 W. Randolph St.

Mrs. L. O. Bucklin, 393 W. Madison St.

Dr. G. A. Bishop, 28 North Throop St.

D. P. Kayner, M. D. Clairvoyant, 92 La Salle St.

Mrs. Dr. M. Lewis, 425 W. Madison St.

Mrs. E. A. Nichols, 120 So. Green St.

Mrs. Clara Robinson, 49 22nd St.

Dr. J. Wilbur, 430 W. Randolph St.

Mrs. Walsh, 853 W. Madison St.

Mediums—Physical Manifestations.

Bangs Sisters, 22 ½ Walnut St., Chicago.

Mrs. Blade, Independent Slate Writing, 447 W. Madison, Chicago.

Mrs. Simpson, Independent Slate Writing, 24 Ogden Ave., Chicago.


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