1880 Professional Spiritualists

    This is a compilation of people listed in the 1880 Federal Census who identified their occupation as clairvoyant, spirit medium, psychometrist, trance lecturer, magnetic healer, etc.  I have also included here all those from the listings in the 1880 Banner of Light and the Religio-Philosophical Journal who I could positively identify in the Census.  However, many of those listed in these newspapers were not in the census, as far as I could tell, probably because June-July, when the census was taken, were the busiest months on the lecture circuit for these people, making it less likely that census takers would have located them.  Listings here include name, place of residence, estimated birth year, state or country where born, and occupation.

Alcott, William P.         Chelmsford, Mass.     1837     Massachusetts     clergyman
Allbee, Martha             Derby, Vermont     1824     N. Hampshire     keeping house
Allen, Jane E.              Syracuse, New York     1823     New York     clairvoyant
Allen, Vienna              Elmira, New York     1838     New York     clairvoyant
Allyn, C. Fannie             Stoneham, Mass.     1843     Connecticut     lecturer
Ambler, Russell P.         Shirley, Mass.      1828     Connecticut     clergyman
Ambrosia, Theresia         Philadelphia, Pa.     1851     Ireland      medium
Andrews, Julia E.         Joliet, Illinois      1829     Canada      clairvoyant healer
Andrews, Stephen P.         New York, N. Y.     1812     Massachusetts     author
Anndedown, Marietta         Oxford, Mass.      1841     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Anthony, Augusta             Sheridan, Michigan     1844     Massachusetts     keeping house
Anthony, Charles         Rochester, Indiana     1818     France      magnetic bath house
Anthony, Sarah A.         Philadelphia, Pa.     1815     New Jersey     clairvoyant
Atwood, Lodema         Galesville, Wisc.     1830     New York     keeping house
Augir, Harrison             Palouse Bridge, Idaho     1813     New York     farmer
Babbitt, Edwin D.         New York, N. Y.     1828     New York     publisher
Badonuex, Marie         Providence, R.I.     1846     Switzerland     clairvoyant
Bagley, Sarah O.         Amesbury, Mass.     1825     Massachusetts     doctress (mental cure)
Bailey, Lovinia E.         Battle Creek, Mich.     1843     Michigan     keeping house
Baker, Iram                  Denver, Colorado     1818     New York     magnetic healer
Ballou, Adin              Milford, Mass.      1803     Rhode Island     clergyman
Bangs, Ed                  Chicago, Illinois     1828     Massachusetts     tin smith
Bangs, Elizabeth S.     Chicago, Illinois     1860     Kansas      at home
Bangs, Mary                  Chicago, Illinois     1864     Kansas      at school
Bangs, Merve              Chicago, Illinois     1835     Maine      keeping house
Barber, Hervey             Warwick, Mass.     1810     Massachusetts     works on farm
Barden, Hamal             Utica, New York     1831     New York     magnetic healer
Barnes, Agnes H.             Boston, Mass.      1848     Scotland     clairvoyant
Barry, Cordelia             Franklin, Ohio      1832     Ohio      keeping house
Barry, Francis              Franklin, Ohio      1827     Massachusetts     farmer
Bassett, Louisa             Providence, R.I.     1830     New Jersey     clairvoyant
Bastian, Harry              Yorkshire, N. Y.     1843     New York     spiritual medium
Bateman, Luther C.         Searsmont, Maine     1849     Maine      phrenological lecturer
Baxter, J. Frank             Chelsea, Mass.     1841     Massachusetts     public school teacher
Beals, Joseph H.         Greenfield, Mass.     1822     Massachusetts     dentist
Beckwith, Emma         Brooklyn, New York     1838     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Beckwith, Emma             Providence, R.I.     1842     Rhode Island     clairvoyant
Beecher, George C.         Canandaigua, N. Y.     1832     New York     magnetic healer
Beighle, Nellie             San Francisco, Ca.     1850     Canada      spirit medium
Bell, William S.             New Bedford, Mass.     1832     Pennsylvania     lecturer
Bishop, George A.             Chicago, Illinois     1829     Ohio      magnetic healer
Bishop, Julia H.             Chicago, Illinois     1843     Illinois    [blank]
Blaisdell, Nancy             Lowell, Mass.      1830     Vermont     clairvoyant
Blake, Cecilia L. A.         Worcester, Mass.     1845     Massachusetts
Blakesley, N. A.             New York, N. Y.     1840     Ohio      magnetic doctor
Blakesley, Narcissa          Dover, New Jersey     1835     Illinois      clairvoyant
Blinn, Solomon             State Center, Iowa     1834     Ohio      magnetic physician
Bliss, Christina         Philadelphia, Pa.     1857     Cuba      spiritual medium
Bliss, James A.         Philadelphia, Pa.     1847     Massachusetts     spiritual medium
Bond, Ada L.              Greenfield, Mass.     1836     Massachusetts     medium
Bontelle, Susan A.         Boston, Mass.      1830     N. Hampshire     clairvoyant
Booth, John E.              Dansville, N. Y.     1818     New York     magnetic healer
Boynton, Mary P.         Portland, Maine     1835     Maine      clairvoyant
Bradbury, Mary             Rockford, Illinois     1811     New York     physician
Bradbury, Priscilla         Fairfield, Maine     1831     N. Brunswick     keeping house
Brasted, Chanplan             Fond Du Lac, Wisc.     1852     Vermont     mind reader
Briggs, James Edwin         New York, N. Y.     1838     New York     physician
Briggs, Ruth W.             Winfield, New York     1828     Vermont     keeping house
Brigham, Nellie J.         New York, N. Y.     1846     Massachusetts     lecturer
Brigham, Nellie J.T.         Colerain, Mass.     1843 Vermont     lecturer
Brown, Aaron B.             Worcester, Mass.     1831     Maine      architect & builder
Brown, Alvira P.             St. Johnsbury, Vt.     1822     Vermont     house keeper
Brown, Dan A.             Worcester, Mass.     1827     Vermont     clairvoyant
Brown, Fannie              Woodstock, Conn.     1855     Massachusetts     keeping house
Brown, Frank              Boston, Mass.      1851     New York     magnetic healer
Brown, Margaret             New York, N. Y.     1834     New York     clairvoyant
Brown, Robert              Denver, Colorado     1838     Canada      magnetic physician
Bruce, Isaac T.             Leominster, Mass.     1821     Vermont     magnetic physician
Bullene, Emma F. J.         New York, N. Y.     1835     New York    [blank]
Bundy, John C.             Chicago, Illinois     1841     Illinois      editor journal
Burnham, Abby             Boston, Mass.      1845     Massachusetts     lecturer
Busby, C. C.                  Ilwaco, Washington     1833     Alabama     phrenological lecturer
Bush, Mary                  Syracuse, New York     1826     Ireland      clairvoyant
Bushnell, Lewis             Chicago, Illinois     1826     New York     magnetic physician
Butt, Charles                  Kansas City, Mo.     1820     England     magnetic physician
Byrnes, Sarah A.             Boston, Mass.      1838     Massachusetts    [blank]
Cadwallader, David         Wilmington, Del.     1830     Pennsylvania     book agent
Cain, Mary A. F.         Boston, Mass.      1818     So. Carolina     clairvoyant
Capron, Eliab W.         Lansingburgh, N. Y.     1828     New York     physician
Carleton, Mrs.              Boston, Mass.      1834     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Carney, Edith              New York, N. Y.     1858     Liberia      clairvoyant
Carpender, G. W.         South Bend, Indiana     1823     Vermont     physician
Carpenter, Ada             Saco, Maine      1850     Vermont     magnetic physician
Carpenter, George C.     Saco, Maine      1841     Vermont     clairvoyant
Carver, Anna                  Cincinnati, Ohio     1857     Kentucky     keeping house
Casler, Paul                  Ottumwa, Iowa     1821     Indiana      magnetic healer
Castleman, George C.     Olathe, Kansa      1831     Canada      physician
Chase, Elizabeth S.         Fairfield, New Jersey     1820     New Jersey     medium
Chase, Warren              Santa Barbara, Ca.     1813     N. Hampshire     state senator
Chase, William H.         Fairfield, New Jersey     1820     New York     clairvoyant
Child, Henry T.             Philadelphia, Pa.     1817     Pennsylvania     physician
Churchill, Jennie             Detroit, Michigan     1846     New York     clairvoyant
Clark, Albert B.             Harmony, Maine     1837     Maine      clairvoyant physician
Clark, Jennett J.             Plainville, Conn.     1830     Connecticut     keeping house
Clark, Maria J.              Erie, Pennsylvania     1820     Canada      magnetic healer
Clark, Mrs. H.              Boston, Mass.      1832     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Clark, Uriah              Malden, Mass.      1821     New York    [blank]
Clifton, Florence C.         Newark, New Jersey     1851     New Jersey     clairvoyant
Cobb, Eben E.              New Haven, Conn.     1836     N. Hampshire     clothing store
Codwell, J. W.              Plainville, Conn.     1826     Massachusetts     psychology
Colburn, Mary J.             Champlin, Minn.     1812     Massachusetts     keeping house
Colby, Luther R.             Pembroke, N. H.     1814     N. Hampshire    [blank]
Collamore, Lucinda J.         Boston, Mass.      1843     Maine      magnetic physician
Conant, E. E.                  Boston, Mass.      1837     Massachusetts     psychometric healer
Cooke, Tillie V.         Cleveland, Ohio     1840     W. Canada     clairvoyant
Coombs, Ada              Hastings, Minnesota     1859     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Coombs, Adelade     Hastings, Minnesota     1840     Maine      clairvoyant
Cooper, James          Bellefontaine, Ohio     1822     Pennsylvania     physician
Crapsey, John              South Brook, Minn.     1817     New York     farmer
Crapsey, Laura Ann     South Brook, Minn.     1826     Pennsylvania     keeping house
Crawford, Harriet E.         Clear Lake, Iowa     1847     Wisconsin     milliner
Crego, Myron              Utica, New York     1846     New York     clairvoyant
Croaker, Anna              Chicago, Illinois     1821     Massachusetts     magnetic healer
Cross, Marietta E.         Groton, N. H.      1850     N. Hampshire     keeping house
Cross, Sophia              Salem, Mass.      1815     Vermont     magnetic healer
Currier, John              Boston, Mass.      1832     Massachusetts     physician
Curtis, Sarah              Waukegan, Illinois     1810     New York     magnetic physician
Cutting, E. A.              Boston, Mass.      1839     Vermont     magnetic healer
Danforth, Jane              New London, Conn.     1804     Massachusetts     keeping house
Darling, Lotta J.             Dover, N. Hampshire     1847     N. Hampshire     traveling clairvoyant
Darling, William             Dover, N. Hampshire     1845     N. Hampshire     traveling clairvoyant
Darrah, Joseph W.         Pease, Ohio      1858     Ohio      student of medium
Darrow, Albert             Waynesville, Illinois     1848     Illinois      farmer
Davenport, Ira E.         Buffalo, N. Y.      1840     New York     grocer
Davis, A. O.              San Francisco, Ca.     1823     New York     medium
Davis, A. P. M.         Jefferson, Alabama     1825     Maine      lecturess
Davis, Andrew J.         New York, N. Y.     1826     New York     lecturer
Davis, Mary F.             Orange, New Jersey     1824     New York     keeping house
Day, Florence K. C.     Providence, R.I.     1835     England     magnetic physician
Degrosse, Celia         Chicago, Illinois     1828     Kentucky     magnetic healer
Denton, William         Needham, Mass.     1824     England     lecturer
Dexter, Fannie C.         Boston, Mass.      1826     Vermont     clairvoyant
Dobson, Abram B.         Maquoketa, Iowa     1833     N. Brunswick     physician
Dodd, Fannie A.         Boston, Mass.      1843     Massachusetts     magnetic physician
Dodge, Emogene G.     Oswego, N. Y.      1832     New York     physician
Dorvae, Helena M.         Boston, Mass.      1843     France      clairvoyant
Doty, Anna                  Canandaigua, N. Y.     1830     New York     electro healer
Doyle, Minerva         Utica, New York     1840     New York     clairvoyant
Dunlop, Annie          San Francisco, Ca.     1835     Maine      spiritual doctor
Dunn, Edward          Rockford, Illinois     1840     New York     physician
Dunnfurt, Sophia L.     Saco, Maine      1824     Vermont     clairvoyant
Dunton, Jason          White Mound, Kans.     1824     Maine      wagon maker
Easterday, George         Breckenridge, Mo.     1827     Ohio      magnetic healer
Eccles, Robert G.         Brooklyn, N. Y.     1849     Scotland     druggist
Ecker, Lucinda             Girard, Kansas      1825     New York     clairvoyant
Edgerton, Freeman         Syracuse, New York     1830     New York     clairvoyant
Edmunds, Mabel         New York, N. Y.     1852     Massachusetts     magnetic physician
Edson, Albertus W.         Lansing, Michigan     1847     Ohio      dr. clairvoyant
Eggleston, John             Byron, New York     1831     New York     magnetic physician
Emerson, Edgar W.         Manchester, N. H.     1854     N. Hampshire     spiritualist
Emerson, John L.         Boston, Mass.  1833     Massachusetts     magnetic physician
Fairfield, Horace         Hardwick, Mass.     1824     Massachusetts     physician
Fante, John J.              Chicago, Illinois     1823     Holland     magnetic healer
Farley, Lucy S. N.         Worcester, Mass.     1816     Vermont     clairvoyant
Felshaw, John S.         Chariton, Iowa      1848     New York     magnetic physician
Fennell                       San Francisco, Ca.     1845     France      medium
Fenno, Elizabeth S.         Somerville, Mass.     1820     N. Hampshire     magnetic physician
Field, Clara A.          Boston, Mass.      1839     Maine      physician
Fish, E. B.              Brooklyn, N. Y.     1815     New York     magnetic physician
Fish, L.              San Francisco, Ca.     1832     Kentucky     magnetic healer
Fishback, A. J.          Eureka Springs, Ark.     1828     Ohio      lecturer on science
Fletcher, Elizabeth     Westford, Mass.     1830     Maine      clairvoyant
Fogg, Miranda          Chelsea, Mass.     1831     Maine      magnetic physician
Fonar, Cyrus S.         Chicago, Illinois     1830     N. Hampshire     electric healer
Forster, Emma          Brooklyn, New York     1835     England     clairvoyant
Forster, Thomas G.     New York, N. Y.     1816     So. Carolina     lecturer
Foster, Augusta             Santa Cruz, Ca.     1843     Massachusetts     clairvoyant doctor
Foster, Eveline         Towanda, Pa.      1833     New York     clairvoyant
Fox, Carrie          Boston, Mass.      1838     Maine      clairvoyant
Fox, Nettie P.          Rochester, N. Y.     1842     Ohio      speaker
Franci, Eliza E.         Albany, New York     1821     New York     clairvoyant
Fraser, Sidney A.         Cincinnati, Ohio     1834     Ohio      clairvoyant
French, Almon B.         Clyde, Ohio      1838     Ohio      nurseryman & florist
French, Mary F. L.         Cambridge, Mass.     1815     N. Hampshire     keeping house
French, Monisa A.         Washington, D. C.     1827     Massachusetts    [blank]
Fuller, George A.         Dover, Mass.      1852     Massachusetts     lecturer
Fullerton, Margareth     Buffalo, New York     1830     New York     physician
Gamage, Lucinda         Stoneham, Mass.     1825     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Gardner, Cornelia         Rochester, New York     1819     New York     keeping house
Genevie, M. A.         Chicago, Illinois     1844     Illinois      clairvoyant
Giboulog, Joseph         Howell, Michigan     1840     England     lecturer phrenology
Glidden, Irving W.         Salem, Mass.      1856     N. Hampshire     magnetic physician
Goodrich, Lydia         Ithaca, New York     1819     New York     clairvoyant doctor
Gould, Jennie T. H.     Brooklyn, New York     1857     New York     clairvoyant
Graham, Ruth A.             Baltimore, Maryland     1843     Maryland     spiritual medium
Graham, Theodore H.     Lansing, Michigan     1815     New York     magnetic physician
Graves, Kersey             Wayne, Indiana     1814     Pennsylvania     farmer
Graves, Sarah          Grand Rapids, Mich.     1818     New York     keeping house
Gray, Mrs. Sarah     Cleveland, Ohio     1847     New York     clairvoyant
Greenleaf, Isaac P.     Wareham, Mass.     1824     N. Hampshire     physician
Greenleaf, Mrs. Wm.     Hartford, Conn.     1820     Connecticut     clairvoyant
Greer, Robert              Chicago, Illinois     1825     Ireland      physician
Grosvenor, Mary F.     Boston, Mass.      1811     Massachusetts     magnetic physician
Hale, Jane P.              Worcester, Mass.     1828     Canada      clairvoyant
Hall, Julia              Decatur, Illinois     1834     Ohio      clairvoyant
Hall, Mary A.          Chelsea, Mass.     1840     Massachusetts     clairvoyant physician
Hall, S. Myra          New York, N. Y.     1835     Connecticut     magnetic physician
Hall, Sarah P.          Lewiston, Maine     1828     Maine      clairvoyant
Hamilton, Harriet N.     Port Huron, Mich.     1828     New York    [blank]
Hanson, Linda M.         Portland, Maine     1830     Maine      clairvoyant
Harding, Charles H.     Salem, Massachusetts     1850     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Harris, Thomas L.         Santa Rosa, Ca.     1823     England     farmer
Harter, Jacob          Auburn, N. Y.      1820     New York     minister
Hastings, Zella S.         Rockingham, Vt.     1830     Vermont     none
Haven, Elvira F.             Greenfield, Mass.     1828     Massachusetts     clairvoyant M.D.
Hawkins, Frederick B     Brooklyn, N. Y.     1854     New York     compositor
Hawley, Elizabeth         Providence, R.I.     1848     Rhode Island     magnetic physician
Hayward, Aaron S.         Boston, Mass.      1830     Massachusetts     physician
Heath, Mary A. C.         Bethel, Vermont     1813     Vermont     keeping house
Hender, Mary J.         San Francisco, Ca.     1818     Maine      electromagnetic physician
Herrick, Semantha         Jamestown, N. Y.     1831     Pennsylvania     magnetic doctor
Heyder, Sarah A.         Grass Valley, Ca.     1833     Maine      medicine
Hillman, Patience C.         Providence, R.I.     1830     Rhode Island     clairvoyant
Hills, Ira                      Albany, Wisconsin     1824     New York     magnetic healing
Hinman, Anne E.         Colebrook, Conn.     1838     Connecticut     trance lecturer
Hitchcock, Henry         St. Louis, Missouri     1831     Alabama     lawyer
Hoffman, Eliza             Philadelphia, Pa.     1843     New York     clairvoyant
Hough, Dewitt Clinton     Rahway, New Jersey     1827     Pennsylvania     physician
Houser, Nancy M.         Bloomington, Ill.     1831     Illinois      magnetic healer
Howe, Lyman C.         Fredonia, New York     1832     New York     lecturer spiritual
Howes, J. C.          Marshalltown, Iowa     1841     Maine      doctor
Hoyt, Bell K.          Pawtucket, R.I.     1835     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Hull, Martha          Boston, Mass.      1840     N. Hampshire     keeping house
Hull, Moses          Boston, Mass.      1835     Ohio      editor of newspaper
Hume, William     Cleveland, Ohio     1816     England     cabinetmaker
Hunt, Amos          New Haven, Ct.     1829     Connecticut     clairvoyant
Hurlbut, Horace     Huntertown, Indiana     1830     New York     lecturer
Huse, Asa H.          Boston, Mass.      1821     Maine      seer (medium)
Hyzer, Fanny O.         Baltimore, Maryland     1827     Vermont     keeping house
Irving, Minnie W.     Susquehanna, Pa.     1839      Connecticut     clairvoyant
Jackson, J. J.              Oakland, Ca.      1845     England     test medium
Jamieson, Marguirette     Kansas City, Mo.     1838     Austria      medium
Jamison, W. F.             Lake, Minnesota     1840     Canada      lecturer
Jenks, Albert L.             Orange City, Florida     1837     New York     magnetic healer
Jesmer, Sarah E.         Weathersfield, Vt.     1836     Vermont     keeping house
Jewett, Mary L.             Rutland, Vermont     1829     Vermont     physician
Jewett, Solomon W.     Rutland, Vermont     1809     Vermont     physician
Johnson, Anna              San Francisco, Ca.     1850     New York      clairvoyant
Johnson, Sadie         Boston, Mass.      1840     Maine      clairvoyant
Johnson, Susie              Minneapolis, Minn.     1860     Norway     servant
Jones, Alice                  Boston, Mass.      1845     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Jones, Harvey Allston     Sycamore, Illinois     1838     Indiana      lawyer
Jorgenson, Alex             New Orleans, La.     1850     Louisiana     spiritual medium
Jorgenson, Bertha             New Orleans, La.     1855     Sweden     spiritual medium
Juniper, William         St. Louis, Missouri     1817     Massachusetts     doctor—spirit
Keck, James              East Portland, Oregon     1843     Illinois      physician
Kellogg, Alphonso         Ann Arbor, Michigan     1855     Michigan     clairvoyant physician
Kellogg, Oliver P.         Trumbull, Ohio     1834     New York     lecturer
Kendall, Frank          Waukegan, Illinois     1835     Vermont     magnetic physician
Kendrick, Laura         Boston, Mass.      1834     France      keep house
Kenney, Charles B.     Brooklyn, N. Y.     1846     Maine      magnetic physician
Kenny, J. I.              St. Louis, Missouri     1820     Vermont     clairvoyant
Kenyon, Eliza          Utica, New York     1825     New York     clairvoyant
Kenyon, Nellie     Woodstock, Vt.     1861     Vermont     housework
Kiddle, Henry      New York, N. Y.     1824     England     no occupation
Kimball, Rhoda P.     Lebanon, N. H.     1834     N. Brunswick     keeping house
King, S. A.              Kansas City, Kansas     1845     Vermont     clairvoyant
King, Susan          Mexico, New York     1831     New York     clairvoyant
King, William H.     Sacramento, Ca.     1826     Maine      healing medium
Knevett, Laura De     St. Louis, Missouri     1822     N. Hampshire     clairvoyant
Knowles, Frank R.     Breedsville, Mich.     1844     Massachusetts     clerk in store
Lacey, Hennetta         Rochester, N. Y.     1837     New York     magnetic physician
Lamont, Annie         Boston, Mass.      1841     Atlntic Ocean     clairvoyant
Leffingwell Catherine     Providence, R.I.     1828     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Leland, C. Emeline         Spencer, Mass.     1827     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Lepper, Emily L.         Anoka, Minnesota     1838     Maine      clairvoyant
Leslie, Marion W.     Boston, Mass.      1839     Maine      clairvoyant
Leys, Jenney          Los Angeles, Ca.     1838     Vermont     lecturer
Lively, Emma E.     Maryville, Missouri     1843     Maryland     fortune teller
Livermore, Mary A.     Melrose, Mass.     1821     Massachusetts     lecturer
Lord, Sarah A.          Reading, Mass.     1836     Maine      magnetic physician
Loveland, James S.     Boston, Mass.      1817     N. Hampshire     lecturer
Lowe, Louisa M.         Olympia, Wash.     1848     Iowa      spirit medium
Lucas, Mary Ann         Belleville, Illinois     1829     Missouri     clairvoyant
Lunt, Mary S.          Portland, Maine     1850     Maine      clairvoyant
Lusk, George W.         Sunfield, Michigan     1830     New York     farmer
Lynn, Cephas B.         Stafford, Conn.     1847     Massachusetts     spiritual lecturer
Lyon, S. William         Adrian, Michigan     1811     New York     farming
Mahan, Fanny          Chicago, Illinois     1840     Illinois      magnetic healer
Malla, Ellen L.         Seattle, Washington     1843     Canada      clairvoyant
Manks, Lydia          Philadelphia, Pa.     1841     New Jersey     business medium
Manning, William R.         Philadelphia, Pa.     1826     New York     magnetic physician
Marston, George D.         Livermore, Maine     1834     Maine      clairvoyant
Martin, John K.         Winchester, Indiana     1837     Indiana      brick moulder
Marvin, John A.         Milwaukee, Wisc.     1836     Ohio      magnetic physician
Marvin, John          Sterling, Illinois     1836     Ohio      mesmeric healer
Mathews, Julia         Nashua, New Hamp.     1836     England     clairvoyant
Matteson, Antoinette         Buffalo, New York     1848     Baden      clairvoyant
Maxwell, T. G.         Lincoln, Nebraska     1835     Massachusetts     magnetic healer
Mayer, Emma J.         Sacramento, Ca.     1846     New York     medium
Maynard, V. M.         San Francisco, Ca.     1821     Ohio      spirit medium
Mayo, Clara E.         San Francisco, Ca.     1858     Massachusetts     spirit medium
McBride, Martha         Chicago, Illinois     1832     Ohio      magnetic healer
McClung, Martha         Rochester, N. Y.     1821     Ohio      magnetic healer
McGowan, Julia         San Francisco, Ca.     1835     Germany     clairvoyant
McLellan, George W.     Chelsea, Mass.     1825     Maine      magnetic physician
Merrill, S. A.          Wichita, Kansas     1827     Maine      spiritual doctor
Merton, Minnie         Islip, New York     1835     Connecticut     house keeper
Metzher, Mary          New York, N. Y.     1836     Prussia      clairvoyant
Middlebrook, Annie         Bridgeport, Conn.     1830     Connecticut     physician
Miller, John B.         Jackson, Indiana     1840     Indiana      physician
Mingle, Lizzie              Philadelphia, Pa.     1828     Pennsylvania     clairvoyant
Miquel, Louser Ann     New York, N. Y.     1835     England     clairvoyant
Mixer, Sarah C.         Milford, N. H.      1828     N. Hampshire     magnetic physician
Moody, Loring         Malden, Mass.      1813     Maine      public lecturer
Moore, Franklin         White Water, Mo.     1855     Missouri     spirit medium
Moore, Lottie          Boston, Mass.      1843     Maine      clairvoyant
Morton, Eunice O.         San Francisco, Ca.     1830     Maine      spiritual medium
Mott, Harvey          Memphis, Missouri     1845     Missouri     spiritual medium
Mott, Mary          Memphis, Missouri     1846     Pennsylvania     assisting medium
Mullen, Mary A.         Poughkeepsie, N. Y.     1840     New York     clairvoyant
Mumler, W. H.         Boston, Mass.      1830     Germany     supt. photo litho. co.
Munn, Thankful D.         St. Charles, Illinois     1828     New York     doctress & hskeeper
Myers, Lydia          New York, N. Y.     1815     New York     clairvoyant
Nelson, George L.         Boston, Mass.      1828     N. Hampshire     magnetic physician
Nelson, Jane          Brooklyn, N. Y.     1815     New York     clairvoyant
Nelson, May          San Francisco, Ca.     1860     New York     clairvoyant
Newall, Lizzie          Boston, Mass.      1841     Maine      clairvoyant
Newcomer, Elizabeth         Cleveland, Ohio     1840     New York     clairvoyant
Newton, A. E.          Winslow, N. J.      1821     N. Hampshire     author
Newton, Sarah          Arlington, Mass.     1820     Massachusetts     asst house keeping
Nichols, Emma         Chicago, Illinois     1840     Vermont     test medium
Nolen, James A.         Chester, Illinois     1843     Kentucky     magnetic healer
Norwood, Sarah E.         Boston, Mass.      1847     New York     business medium
Novalla, Louise E.         Chicago, Illinois     1860     England     clairvoyant
Orr, Mattie              Keokuk, Iowa      1830     Indiana      clairvoyant
Orvis, John              Boston, Mass.      1816     Vermont         president NE Equity Union
Osborne, Mary         Brooklyn, New York     1816     New York     clairvoyant
Palmer, Nathan         New York, N. Y.     1820     New York     magnetic physician
Pancoast, Mary F.         Newark, New Jersey     1834     New Jersey     clairvoyant
Pardim, Vincent         Oskaloosa, Iowa     1833     New Jersey     magnetic healer
Pasco, Laura A.         Hartford, Conn.     1837     Massachusetts     magnetic physician
Pawneriter, Lurena         Lowell, Mass.      1822     Maine      clairvoyant
Peck, Jane E.          Afton, New York     1831     New York     clairvoyant doctor
Peebles, James M.         Hammonton, N. J.     1823     Vermont     clergyman
Pennell, Annie          Boston, Mass.      1842     At Sea      clairvoyant
Perkins, Mary M.         Leominster, Mass.     1827     Vermont     clairvoyant
Perry, Annie P.         Manchester, N. H.     1840     N. Hampshire     clairvoyant medium
Phillips, Jerome C.         Omro, Wisconsin     1831     New York     physician
Phillips, Norton J.         Lowell, Indiana     1833     New York     magnetic physician
Pierce, George A.         Lewiston, Maine     1819     Maine      physician
Pierson, Jane Ann         San Francisco, Ca.     1830     Scotland     clairvoyant
Pike, William C.         Elgin, Illinois      1818     New York     phrenologist
Pillsbury, Parker         Concord, N. H.     1810     Massachusetts     lecturer
Pleasants, Fannie         Norfolk, Virginia     1835     Virginia     spiritualist
Plumber, George         Boston, Mass.      1840     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Pointer, Mary J.         Indianapolis, Ind.     1823     Canada      clairvoyant & fortune
Porter, Anne          Chebanse, Illinois     1819     Ireland      keeping house
Porter, Mary          New York, N. Y.     1835     New York     clairvoyant
Portsmouth, Mary         Chicago, Illinois     1846     Pennsylvania     clairvoyant
Potter, John L.          Exeter, Wisconsin     1844     Massachusetts     spiritual lecturer
Potts, Anna          Chicago, Illinois     1829     Pennsylvania     physician
Powell, William         Philadelphia, Pa.     1846     Maryland     medium
Powers, Lucy          Santa Cruz, Ca.     1854     Greece      medium
Pratt, Clarasa          Chelsea, Mass.     1825     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Pray, Dorcas E.         Augusta, Maine     1820     Maine      none
Prentiss, Samuel H.         Worcester, Mass.     1842     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Pressly, Joseph             Chariton, Iowa      1843     Indiana      magnetic physician
Priegel, John                Plattsburg, Mo.     1865     Missouri    [blank]
Putney, Stillman             Owego, N. Y.      1819     Massachusetts     shoemaker
Randal, Annie          Brooklyn, N. Y.     1840     R.D.      clairvoyant
Randall, A. B.          Appleton, Wisconsin     1821     Vermont     real estate dealer
Randall, John H.         Clyde, Ohio      1841     New York     editor
Randolph, Julia I.         Boston, Mass.      1859     India      medium
Rathbun, Emily J.         Cordova, Illinois     1827     Pennsylvania     keeping house
Ream, Amanda             Baltimore, Maryland     1825     Ohio      spiritual medium
Reed, Anna E.          New York, N. Y.     1829     Connecticut     clairvoyant
Reed, Gabriel          Valley Falls, Kansas     1836     Kentucky     spiritualist
Reed, Ophelia          Valley Falls, Kansas     1838     Kentucky     spiritualist
Reeves, Laomi          Newark, New Jersey     1830     New Jersey     clairvoyant
Renaud, May          Newark, New Jersey     1844     New York     clairvoyant
Retter, E. J.          Chicago, Illinois     1845     Jamaica     clairvoyant
Rhoder, James          Cass, Iowa      1840     Iowa      magnetic physician
Rhodes, Joel H.         Philadelphia, Pa.     1823     Massachusetts     physician
Roberts, Mrs. R. R.         New Orleans, La.     1845     Illinois      clairvoyant
Robinson, Clara K.         Chicago, Illinois     1856     Ohio      at home
Robinson, Jane         New York, N. Y.     1840     Ireland      magnetic physician
Robinson, Katie B.         Philadelphia, Pa.     1837     Pr. Ed. Island     keeping house
Rook, Lydia              Bath, Maine      1835     Maine      clairvoyant
Root, Esther A.         Hartford, Conn.     1823     Connecticut     medical medium
Rose, William          Louisville, Kentucky     1810     New York     doctor
Ross, Hannah B.         Providence, R.I.     1847     Rhode Island     clairvoyant
Ross, Mary              Auburn, Maine     1836     Maine      clairvoyant
Roundy, Sarah  H.     Springfield, Vermont     1829     Vermont     house keeper
Rowley, Charles S.     Niles, Michigan     1811     New York     dentist
Roxburg, Laura             Wilmington, Del.     1863     Delaware     magnetic physician
Rust, William M.         Belfast, Maine      1820     Maine      editor Progressive Age
Sagendorf, William     Wawarsing, N. Y.     1839     New York     clairvoyant sleeping dr.
Sambird, Mary             Philadelphia, Pa.     1816     Virginia     medium
Sanford, Ada E.         Fort Scott, Kansas     1838     Maine      clairvoyant
Sannick, Ellen          Elmira, New York     1844     New York     magnetic healer
Sattterly, J. H.              Columbus, Ohio     1836     New York     clairvoyant
Sawtell, Alexandria     Fitchburg, Mass.     1825     Scotland     clairvoyant
Sawyer, Caroline M.     Somerville, Mass.     1812     Massachusetts     keeping house
Sawyer, Carrie              San Francisco, Ca.     1845     Michigan     spiritualist medium
Schlesigner, Louis         Anaheim, Ca.      1835     England     spiritual medium
Scott, Albert W.             Boston, Mass.      1830     Massachusetts     spiritual medicine
Scott, W. D.              Davidson, Tenn.     1815     Virginia     medium
Search, George D.     Wichita, Kansas     1854     Massachusetts     spiritual medium
Seaver, James W.         Byron Center, N. Y.     1813     New York     general store keeper
Sellers, Eliza              Boston, Mass.      1793     Massachusetts     medium
Severance, Juliet         Milwaukee, Wisc.     1834     New York     dr. M.D.
Shaw, Edwin              Moravia, New York     1823     New York     physician
Shaw, May              Chicago, Illinois     1859     Ohio      trance medium
Shelhamer, Mary T.     Boston, Mass.      1853     Massachusetts     at home
Shepard, Renie             Philadelphia, Pa.     1844     Pennsylvania    [blank]
Sherman, Manly L.         Adrian, Michigan     1809     Vermont     physician
Sherman, Mary             Adrian, Michigan     1826     Massachusetts     keeping house
Shields, Mary          New York, N. Y.     1843     New York     clairvoyant
Shirley, Ellen          Worcester, Mass.     1831     N. Hampshire     clairvoyant
Shirley, Mary E.         Aurora, Indiana     1828     Kentucky     keeping house
Shollenberger, Jennie         Chicago, Illinois     1860     Minnesota     medium
Shortridge, Emaline         Sheridan, Oregon     1827     Virginia     keeping house
Sied, William              Indianapolis, Ind.     1828     Prussia      phrenological lecturer
Simmons, Amelia         Rush, Illinois      1843     New York     magnetic healer
Simmons, Austin         Woodstock, N. Y.     1829     Vermont     farmer
Simpson, Rosalie         Chicago, Illinois     1841     Canada      spirit medium
Smart, Hattie              Chelsea, Mass.     1839     Maine      at home
Smith, Abraham         Sturgis, Michigan     1814     Vermont     horticulture
Smith, Almira W.         Portland, Maine     1830     Maine      keeping house
Smith, Fanny              Brandon, Vermont     1839     New York     keeping house
Smith, Isabella              Boston, Mass.      1848     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Smith, Sarah A.             Athol, Mass.      1845     Massachusetts    [blank]
Smith, Sarah M.             Yankton, Dak. Terr.     1835     Ohio      magnetic doctor
Southwell, John           Philadelphia, Pa.     1815     New York     medium
Spaulding, Julia         Worcester, Mass.     1827     Massachusetts     clairvoyant physician
Spear, Caroline H.         Philadelphia, Pa.     1829     Massachusetts     physician
Spear, John M.             Philadelphia, Pa.     1804     Massachusetts     author
Spiller, Whitney         Oldtown, Maine     1829     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Spinney, Andrew B.         Detroit, Michigan     1836     Canada      physician
Sprague, Clark              Rochester, N. Y.     1835     New York     physician
St. Germain, Eliza A.     Troy, New York     1821     New York     clairvoyant
Standfast, Harriett         Chicago, Illinois     1852     England     stenographer
Stanley, Albert E.         Leicester, Vermont     1834     Vermont     farmer
Stanley, Nettie              Wheeling, W. Va.     1854     W. Virginia     spiritualist
Stark                           San Francisco, Ca.     1845     Germany     medium
Stebbins, Giles B.         Detroit, Michigan     1818     Massachusetts     lecturer
Stebbins, Marion R.         Brockton, Mass.     1833     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Stegeman, Albert             Allegan, Michigan     1831     Holland     manager
Sterling, John M.             Philadelphia, Pa.     1800     Connecticut     retired lawyer
Stevens, Addie M.         Claremont, N. H.     1843     Vermont     keeping house
Stevens, David B.         White Plains, N. Y.     1842     New York     real estate broker
Stevens, Elhanon             Harmony, Wisconsin     1822     New York     physician & lecturer
Stevens, Lucy A.             Danbury, Conn.     1831     Connecticut     magnetic healer
Stevens, Sarah R.             San Francisco, Ca.     1830     New York     spiritual medium
Stiles, Joseph E.             Weymouth, Mass.     1829     Massachusetts     lecturer
Stober, Rosanna             La Fayette, Indiana     1836     Ohio      spiritualist
Stockham, Alice         Chicago, Illinois     1833     Ohio      physician
Storer, H. B.              Boston, Mass.      1825     Connecticut     physician
Strassman, Max             San Francisco, Ca.     1820     Prussia      electrical healer
Street, Thomas             Lockland, Ohio     1824     England     florist
Sturdevent, Mae             Cambridge, Mass.     1817     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Sturtevant, Lydia J.         Bridgewater, Mass.     1827     Massachusetts     clairvoyant doctor
Sumner, Abby Maria         Foxborough, Mass.     1833     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Sunderland, Mary             Providence, R. I.     1830     Maine      clairvoyant
Sunderlin, Laura A.         Maquoketa, Iowa     1836     New York     keeps house
Sutherland, Annie         Newark, New Jersey     1845     Pennsylvania     clairvoyant
Sykes, Joseph              Cincinnati, Ohio     1843     England     clairvoyant
Taylor, Alice E.             Norwich, New York     1846     New York     clairvoyant
Taylor, Caroline A.         Chicago, Illinois     1827     New York     magnetic doctress
Taylor, George W.         Collins, N. Y.      1832     New York     farmer
Thompson, John H.         Cambridge, Mass.     1834     New York     psychometrist
Tiffany, Joel              Hinsdale, Illinois     1811     Connecticut     lawyer
Tomlinson, Julia             Vincennes, Indiana     1852     Kentucky     keeping house
Tribble, Joanne             Brockton, Mass.     1832     Maine      medium & doctress
Turner, Steven G.         Cleveland, Ohio     1846     Ohio      physician
Tuttle, Emma                  Berlin, Ohio      1840     Ohio      keeping house
Tuttle, Hudson               Berlin, Ohio      1838     Ohio      farmer & writer
Tuttle, Lucina              Byron, New York     1817     New York     clairvoyant
Underhill, Abel             Portage, Ohio      1804     New York     farmer & gardener
Urann, Frederick W.         Boston, Mass.      1821     Massachusetts     magnetic physician
Valeria, Mene              Oskaloosa, Iowa     1840     Michigan     clairvoyant
Vanaukin, Martha         Rochester, New York     1834     New York     magnetic physician
Vann, M. E.              South Bend, Indiana     1840     Michigan     clairvoyant
Vaughn, Virginia         Louisville, Kentucky     1853     Maryland     clairvoyant
Vernett, William         Buffalo, New York     1843     Mexico     clairvoyant
Victor, Louise              Boston, Mass.      1853     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Vogl, Fannie                  Kansas City, Mo.     1860     Kansas      servant
Wakeling, Charlotte          San Francisco, Ca.     1840     New York     magnetic healer
Walcott, Rachel             Baltimore, Maryland     1831     Connecticut     keeping house
Walker, Samie              Philadelphia, Pa.     1854     Scotland     psychopathic doctor
Walton, Helen M.         Brooklyn, New York     1824     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Warren, Asa              Waterloo, Iowa     1810     New York     minister
Warren, Sarah              Kimshew, Ca.      1834     N. Hampshire     medium
Watson, Elizabeth S.     Titusville, Pa.      1843     Ohio      wife
Webster, Anna J.         Chelsea, Mass.     1847     N. Hampshire     magnetic physician
Webster, William B.     Easton, Mass.      1833     Maine      clairvoyant
Weed, Linus                  Ithaca, New York     1823     New York     clairvoyant
Weeks, Mary E.         Chicago, Illinois     1830     Connecticut     test medium
Weightman, B. L.         Leavenworth, Kansas     1848     Kentucky     magnetic physician
Welch, Harrison             Quincy, Illinois     1824     New York     magnetic healer
Wellman, Sumner W.     Boston, Mass.      1845     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Wells, Anna              Monroe, Wisconsin     1812     New York     medium
Wells, Henry S.         Norwich, N. Y.     1834     New York     magnetic physician
Weys, Louis D.         Philadelphia, Pa.     1854     Wisconsin     psychopathic phys.
Wheat, M. B.          Washington, Iowa     1849     Massachusetts     housekeeping
Wheat, M. L.              Washington, Iowa     1849     New York     prs. school
Wheelock, Elvira W.         Janesville, Wisconsin     1837     New York     keeping house
Wheelock, Hiram N.         Belmont, N. Y.     1820     New York    [blank]
White, Daniel              St. Louis, Missouri     1820     Massachusetts physician
White, Frank              Washington, D.C.     1840     Connecticut     magnetic physician
White, Susie N.             Boston, Mass.      1854     Massachusetts     physician
Whitmarsh, Abbie O.     Pembroke, Mass.     1829     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Wiggin, William             Chicago, Illinois     1838     New York     doctor
Wilbur, Joseph             Chicago, Illinois     1811     New York     magnetic     physician
Wilde, Robert T.         Portland, Maine     1832     Massachusetts     magnetic     physician
Wiley, Sarah A.         Rockingham, Vt.     1831     Vermont     keeping house
Willey, Pulaski, M.         Chicago, Illinois     1842     N. Hampshire     magnetic physician
Williams, A. B.         Depere, Wisconsin     1819     Ohio      magnetic physician
Williams, A. M.         St. Louis, Missouri     1819     Virginia     magnetic physician
Wilson, Anna          Boston, Mass.      1832     Massachusetts     clairvoyant
Wilson, E. V.          York, Illinois      1818     New York     lecturer
Wilson, Hattie E.         Boston, Mass.      1840     Maine      keeping house
Wilson, William             Bloomington, Ill.     1840     Illinois      master medium
Wintress, David H.         Brooklyn, N. Y.     1844     New York     magnetic healer
Withee, Mary E.         Lock Haven, Pa.     1848     Pennsylvania     keeping house
Witherell, Ransom     Chesterfield, Mass.     1811     Massachusetts     farmer
Wood, Malvina S.         Newton, Mass.     1828     Vermont     keeping house
Woolson, Warren         Vienna, N. Y.      1823     New York     minister
Wortman, Samuel         Buffalo, N. Y.      1825     Massachusetts     works in shoe factory
Wright, Marcinus         Middleville, Mich.     1830     New York     apiariam
Wright, Mary              New Haven, Ct.     1843     Ireland      clairvoyant
Wynkoop, Mariah         Kalamazoo, Mich.     1830     England     boarding
Yeisley, Charles             Ottumwa, Iowa     1853     Pennsylvania     physician
Yoder, James              Cass, Iowa      1838     Pennsylvania     magnetic physician
Young, Mary              Lewis Station, Mo.     1825     Ohio      keeping house
Young, William         Lewis Station, Mo.     1820     Ohio      physician
Zelley, John S.          Philadelphia, Pa.     1837     New Jersey     painter


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