The Banner of Light (Boston), July 15.

List of Spiritualist Lecturers.


List of Lecturers.

[To be useful, this list should be reliable. It therefore behooves Societies and Lecturers to promptly notify us of appointments, or changes of appointments, whenever and wherever they occur. This column is devoted exclusively to lecturers, without charge. If the name of any person not a lecturer should by mistake appear, we desire to be so informed.]

REV. WILLIAM ALCOTT, trance and inspirational lecturer, Buckland, Franklin Co., Mass.

J. MADISON ALLEN, conscious trance speaker, Matfield, Mass.

MARY A. AMPHLETT, inspirational, 27 North Halsted street, Chicago, Ill.

MRS. N. K. ANDROSS, trance speaker, Delton, Wis.

C. FANNIE ALLYN, Stoneham, Mass.

STEPHEN PEARL ANDREWS, 75 West 54th st., New York.

MRS. M. A. ADAMS, trance speaker, Brattleboro, Vt.

MRS. EMMA HARDINGE BRITTEN, 118 West Chester Park, Boston, Mass.

REV. J. O. BARRETT, Glen Beulah, Wis.

MRS. S. A. BYRNES, Box 87, Wollaston Heights, Mass.

MRS. NELLIE J. T. BRIGHAM, Elm Grove, Colerain, Mass.

MRS. R. W. SCOTT BRIGGS, West Winfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y.

MRS. ABBY N. BURNHAM, Station F, 533 Third avenue, New York City.

MRS. S. E. BISHOP, Brillion, Calumet Co., Wisconsin.

REV. DR. BARNARD, Battle Creek, Mich.

BISHOP A. BEALS, Versailles, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y.

MRS. E. T. BOOTH, Milford, N. H.


DR. JOHN P. BROWN, (on Spiritual Philosophy,) Rossville, Vermillion Co., Ill.

CAPT. H. H. BROWN, box 1928, Rockford, Ill.

MRS. E. BURR, inspirational, box 7, Southford, Ct.

DR. JAMES K. BAILEY, Sterlingville, Jefferson Co., N. Y.

ADDIE L. BALLOU, inspirational speaker, Box 666, San Francisco, Cal.

MRS. H. F. M. BROWN, National City, San Diego Co., Cal.

PROF. S. B. BRITTAN, 58 Pennsylvania avenue, Newark, N. J.

WILLIAM BRYAN, box 53, Camden P. O., Mich.

HERVEY BARBER, Warwick, Mass.

W. S. BELL, No. 55 Foster street, New Bedford, Mass., will lecture on the following subjects: 1. Evolution, new lecture; 2. Darwinism, new; 3. Life and Writings of Samuel Taylor Coleridge; 4. Charles Lamb; 5. Robert Burns; 6. Thomas Paine; 7. Christianity opposed to Civilization; 8. Religion antagonistic to Science; 9. The Sayings of Jesus; 10. The Resurrection of Jesus; 11. The Deluge; 12. Geology.

MRS. EMMA F. JAY BULLENE, 14 Charles st., New York.

MRS. A. P. BROWN, St. Johnsbury Centre, Vt.

J. R. BUELL and MRS. DR. BUELL, Athol, Mass.

D. S. CADWALLADER will answer calls to deliver his new and prophetic lecture, “Monarchy the Road to a Freer Republican Government.” Also others on religious, social and philosophical subjects. Address, 525 West Seventh street, Wilmington, Del.

ALBERT E. CARPENTER will answer calls to lecture anywhere. Address, 668 Washington street, Boston, Mass.

JOHN A. CARPENTER, 129 Congress street, Troy, N. Y.

WARREN CHASE, Cobden, Ill.

MRS. M. L. CLEAVES, inspirational and trance speaker, Lowell, Mass.

DR. DEAN CLARKE, 124 Eddy street, San Francisco, Cal.

MRS. AMELIA H. COLBY, Terrill, Kaufman Co., Texas.

JAMES M. CHOATE, inspirational, No. 7 North Pine street, Salem, Mass.

HETTIE CLARK, trance speaker, 57 Dover street, Boston.

MRS. S. E. CROSSMAN, trance and inspirational speaker, Address, Pavilion, Tremont street, Boston, Mass.

DR. J. H. CURRIER, 71 Leverett street, Boston, Mass.

MRS. JENNETT J. CLARK will answer calls to lecture in any part of the State. Address, 18 East Springfield street, Boston, Mass.

DR. THOMAS C. CONSTANTINE, lecturer, Thornton, N. H.

GEORGE W. CARPENDER, clairvoyant and inspirational speaker, Kendallville, Ind.

M. C. CONNELLY, Louisville, Ky., inspirational speaker, will answer calls to lecture.

MRS. MARIETTA F. CROSS, trance, W. Hampstead, N. H.

MRS. M. J. COLBURN, Champlin, Hennepin Co., Minn.

IRA H. CURTIS, Hartford, Conn.



MRS. J. F. COLES, trance, 735 Broadway, New York.

DR. JAMES COOPER, Bellefontaine, O., will lecture and take subscriptions for the Banner of Light.

DR. J. R. DOTY, Covington, La.

WILLIAM DENTON, Wellesley, Mass.

MISS LIZZIE DOTEN, Pavilion, 57 Tremont st., Boston.

DR. E. C. DUNN, Rockford, Ill.

MRS. NELLIE L. DAVIS, 235 Washington street, Salem, Mass.

MRS. ADDIE P. DAVIS, South Lowell, Walker Co., Ala.

J. HAMLIN DEWEY, M. D., inspirational speaker, 63 Warren avenue, Boston.

A. E. DOTY will attend funerals in Herkimer County, N. Y., and vicinity. Address, Ilion, Herkimer Co., N. Y.

FRANK DWIGHT, Montana, Iowa.

MRS. L. E. DRAKE, normal speaker, Plainwell, Mich.

A. H. DARROW, Waynesville, Ill.

A. BRIGGS DAVIS will answer calls to speak on Life in Shakerdom and Shakerism, also on Social Questions and Health Reform. Box 37, Worcester, Mass.

MRS. C. A. DELAFOLIE, Hartford, Conn.

DR. D. D. DAVIS, inspirational, 66 Leverett st., Boston.

MRS. S. DICK, 863 Washington street, Boston, Mass.

R. G. ECCLES, 78 4th ave., N. Y.

JOHN W. EVARTS, inspirational speaker, Centralia, Ill.

JAMES FORAN, M. D., Knoxville, Pa.

THOMAS GALES FORSTER, 21 West 18th street, New York City.

J. WILLIAM FLETCHER, 7 Montgomery Place, Boston, Mass.

MRS. SUSIE A. WILLIS-FLETCHER, 7 Montgomery Place, Boston, Mass.

DR. H. P. FAIRFIELD, Greenwich Village, Mass.

REV. J. FRANCIS, inspirational, Ogdensburgh, N. Y.

MRS. CLARA A. FIELD, inspirational, 55 Lagrange st., Boston.

CHARLES D. FARLIN, inspirational, Deerfield, Mich.

GEORGE A. FULLER, trance and normal speaker, Sherborn, Mass.

MISS ALMEDIA B. FOWLER, inspirational, Sextonville, Richland Co., Wis., care F. D. Fowler.

NETTIE M. P. FOX (formerly Pease,) inspirational speaker, will answer calls to lecture. Address, 175 Mutual street, Toronto, Ont.

MARY L. FRENCH, Townsend Harbor, Mass.

MRS. M. H. FULLER, Saratoga, Santa Clara Co., Cal.

A. B. FRENCH, Clyde, O.

MRS. M. A. FULLERTON, inspirational lecturer, Lowell, Kent Co., Michigan. Present address, Springfield, Ill., care of J. N. Willson.

DR. H. F. GARDNER, Pavilion, 57 Tremont street, Boston, Mass.

BRYAN GRANT, care C. N. D., 145 Broadway, New York City.

DR. ROBERT GREER, Chicago, Ill., lectures on “The Vital Phenomena of Human Magnetism, and its wondrous power over Health and Disease.”

DR. C. D. GRIMES will answer calls in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. Address P. O. Box 452, Sturgis, Mich.

KERSEY GRAVES, Richmond, Ind.

MRS. M. L. S. GILHAMS, inspirational, Brighton, Ind.

CAPT. E. H. GREEN, Jeffersonville, Ind.

N. S. GREENLEAF, Lowell, Mass.

ISAAC P. GREENLEAF, care Banner of Light, Boston, Mass.

MR. J. G. GILES, Princeton, Mo.

SARAH GRAVES, inspirational speaker, Berlin, Mich.

MRS. LESSIE GOODELL GUSTAFSON, inspirational speaker, box 87, Amherst, Mass.

E. ANNIE HINMAN, West Winsted, Conn., Box 323.

LYMAN C. HOWE, Fredonia, N. Y.

MRS. S. A. HORTON, Galveston, Tex.

MRS. L. S. HESELTINE, trance, 8 Bennett street, Boston, Mass.

DR. R. T. HALLOCK, 140 East 15th street, New York.

MRS. AGNES M. HALL, 369 Main street, Cambridgeport, Mass.

MRS. S. A. ROGERS HEYDER, trance and inspirational, Haverhill, Mass.

MRS. S. M. HALL, 414 2d avenue, New York.

AMANDA HARTHAN, M. D., Hillside Home, Carversville, Bucks Co., Pa.

MRS. M. J. UPHAM HENDEE, Dixon, Cal., care Dr. F. F. Upham.

CHARLES HOLT, Clinton, Oneida Co., N. Y.

WILLIAM A. D. HUME, West Side P. O., Cleveland, O.

R. W. HUME, Long Island City, N. Y., will lecture on the reforms connected with Spiritualism.

ZELLA S. HASTINGS, inspirational, East Whately, Mass.

REV. J. H. HARTER, Auburn, N. Y.

DR. E. B. HOLDEN, inspirational, North Clarendon, Vt.

DR. J. N. HODGES, trance, 9 Henry st., E. Boston, Mass.

MRS. F. O. HYZER, 438 E. Baltimore st., Baltimore, Md.

MRS. L. HUTCHISON, inspirational, Owensville, Cal.

DR. ADELIA HULL, trance and inspirational, 229 First street, Detroit, Mich.

MRS. ELVIRA S. HULL, Vineland, N. J.

MRS. M. A. C. HEATH will answer calls to lecture and attend funerals. Address, Bethel, Vt.

JAMES H. HARRIS, box 99, Abington, Mass.

ANTHONY HIGGINS, JR., 22 Hallock street, Boston Highlands, Boston, Mass.

MOSES HULL, Rochester Hall Building, 730 Washington street, Boston, Mass.

D. W. HULL, Rochester Hall Building, 730 Washington street, Boston, Mass.

MISS SUSIE M. JOHNSON, Box 72, Bay City, Mich.

MARY L. JEWETT, M. D., Rutland, Vt.


W. L. JACK, Haverhill, Mass.

HARVEY A. JONES, ESQ., can occasionally speak on Sundays for the friends in the vicinity of Sycamore, Ill., on the Spiritual Philosophy and reform movements of the day.

DR. C. W. JACKSON, Oswego, Kendall Co., Ill.

MRS. S. A. JESMER, Upper Falls, Vt.

D. P. KAYNER, M. D., St. Charles, Ill.

MRS. S. A. NORVILLE KIMBALL, trance and inspirational, Sackett’s Harbor, Jefferson Co., N. Y.


MRS. M. J. KUTZ, Bostwick Lake, Mich.

O. P. KELLOGG, East Trumbull, Ashtabula Co., O.

MRS. R. G. KIMBALL, Lebanon, N. H.

MRS. FRANK REID KNOWLES, Breedsville, Mich.

MRS. DR. H. R. KNAGGS, box 227, Traverse City, Mich.

JOHN R. KELSO, Modesto, Cal.

DR. J. W. KENYON, inspirational, East Des Moines, Iowa.

MRS. NELLIE J. KENYON, trance, Woodstock, Vt.

MRS. LAURA KENDRICK, 201 Montgomery street, San Francisco, Cal.

JOSEPH B. LEWIS, inspirational, Yellow Spring, O.

MISS JENNIE LEYS, inspirational, No. 201 Montgomery street, San Francisco, Cal.

WILLIAM F. LYON, Adrian, Mich.

HENRY C. LULL, inspirational, Rooms 1229 Washington street, (near Dover,) Boston, Mass.

AMASA LORD, 143 East 27th street, New York City, lectures on Ancient and Modern Revelations.

DR. GEORGE W. LUSK, lecturer, Eaton Rapids, Mich.

CHARLES A. LOHMUELLER, trance, Butteville, Oregon.

MRS. F. A. LOGAN, Oakland, Cal.

CEPHAS B. LYNN, Sturgis, Mich.

SAMUEL MAXWELL, M. D., trance speaker, 387 W. Madison street, Chicago, Ill.

MRS. ANNA M. MIDDLEBROOK, box 778, Bridgeport, Ct.

GEORGE W. MCNEAL, lecturer, Niles, Mich., care of J. McClung.

DR. HARVEY MORGAN, trance and inspirational, Randolph, N. Y.

GEORGE MORGAN, inspirational, Antioch, Cal.

I. E. MAHAN, trance, Holly, Oakland Co., Mich.

MRS. E. H. FULLER MCKINLEY, San Francisco, Cal.

PROF. R. M. MCCORD, Centralia, Ill.

EMMA M. MARTIN, inspirational, Birmingham, Mich.

F. H. MASON, inspirational speaker, No. Conway, N. H.

MRS. SARAH HELEN MATTHEWS, Springfield, Vt., care D. M. Smith.

MRS. MARY A. MITCHELL, M. D., will lecture in Illinois and Missouri. Address, box 91, Huntley, Ill.



MRS. MARY E. MARKS, 543 Fulton st., Brooklyn, N. Y.

W. B. MASON, South Bend, Ind.

J. WILLIAM VAN NAMEE, M. D., 420 North 38th street, Philadelphia, Pa.

J. M. PEEBLES, Hammonton, N. J.

MRS. L. H. PERKINS, trance, Kansas City, Mo.

MRS. A. M. L. POTTS, M. D., lecturer, Adrian, Mich.

HENRY PACKARD, 377 Dorchester st., W. V. South Boston, Mass.

THEODORE F. PRICE, inspirational, Monon, White Co., Ind.

MRS. L. A. PEARSALL, inspirational, Disco, Mich.

MRS. A. E. MOSSOP-PUTNAM, Flint, Mich.


MRS. J. PUFFER, trance speaker, South Hanover, Mass.

B. R. PRATT, inspirational, Fairfield, Mich.

DR. G. AMOS PEIRCE, inspirational and trance lecturer, P. O. Box 87, Auburn, Me.

F. L. RICHARDSON, trance, Augusta, Me.

MRS. M. C. RUNDLETT, South Royalton, Vt.

REV. A. B. RANDALL, Appleton, Wis.

MRS. PALINA J. ROBERTS, Carpenterville, Ill.

MRS. C. A. ROBBINS, 1114 Callowhill street, Philadelphia, Pa.

DR. H. REED, Chicopee, Mass.

J. H. RANDALL, trance, Clyde, O., till further notice.

WILLIAM ROSE, M. D., inspirational speaker, No. 72 Ontario street, Cleveland, O.

MRS. HATTIE E. ROBINSON, 16 Carver street, Boston.

LYSANDER S. RICHARDS, East Marshfield, Mass.


JAMES SHOLL, inspirational speaker, 241 North 11th street, Philadelphia, Pa.

M. L. SHERMAN, trance speaker, Box 1205, Adrian, Mich.

MRS. ADDIE M. STEVENS, inspirational, Claremont, N. H.

MRS. R. K. STODDARD will lecture on Spiritualism, and demonstrate the truth of spirit return through the mediumship of her son, DeWitt C. Hough, wherever desired. Permanent address, 216 North 12th st., Philadelphia, Pa.

E. W. SHORTRIDGE, Salem, Oregon.

OLIVER SAWYER, inspirational, Fitzwilliam, N. H.



MRS. H. T. STEARNS, trance, Corry, Pa., box 742.

MRS. P. W. STEPHENS, trance, Virginia City, Nev.

JOHN M. SPEAR, 2210 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia.

MRS. S. A. SMITH, trance speaker, Athol, Mass.

GILES B. STEBBINS, Detroit, Mich.

DR. O. CLARK SPRAGUE, Rochester, N. Y.

MRS. C. M. STOWE, San Jose, Cal.

MRS. S. J. SWASEY, inspirational speaker, Noank, Conn.

HENRY STRAUB, Dowagiac, Mich.

DR. H. B. STORER, 41 Dover street, Boston, Mass.

MRS. J. H. STILLMAN SEVERANCE, M. D., Milwaukee, Wis.

EDWARD F. STRICKLAND, 16 Milford street, Chelsea, Mass.

MRS. JULIA A. B. SEIVER, Houston, Florida, will answer calls to lecture on Spiritualism and Reform subjects.

JOHN BROWN SMITH, Amherst, Mass.

JAMES H. SHEPARD will answer calls to lecture and attend funerals. Address South Acworth, N. H.

MRS. M. E. B. SAWYER, Rochester Hall Building, 730 Washington street, Boston.

MRS. ALMIRA W. SMITH, 121 Cumberland street, Portland, Me.

ABRAM and NELLIE M. SMITH, Cottage Garden, Sturgis, Mich.

MRS. MARY LANSTON STRONG, 721 East 2d street, Dayton, O.

MRS. L. A. F. SWAIN, inspirational, Union Lakes, Minn.

SELAH VAN SICKLE, Greenbush, Mich.

J. W. SEAVER, inspirational speaker, Byron, N. Y.

JOSEPH D. STILES, Montpelier, Vt., care George W. Ripley.

ELIJAH R. SWACKHAMER, lecturer, 945 Lafayette avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.

DR. E. SPRAGUE, inspirational, Geneseo, Ill.

AUSTEN E. SIMMONS, Woodstock, Vt.

SARAH E. SOMERBY will answer calls to lecture. Address 15 N. Washington street, Rochester, N. Y.

MRS. J. A. SPAULDING will answer calls to lecture on the vital questions of the age. Address 245 Main street, Worcester, Mass.

A. W. STEWART, Louisville, Ky.

E. W. SLOSSON, Alburgh, Franklin Co., N. Y.

MRS. M. S. TOWNSEND, 77 Prospect street, Cambridgeport, Mass.

GEORGE W. TAYLOR, Lawton’s Station, Erie Co., N. Y.

J. H. W. TOOHEY, 67 Broadway, Chelsea, Mass.

HUDSON TUTTLE, Berlin Heights, O.

DR. T. B. TAYLOR, 772 Chesapeake place, Baltimore.

MRS. ABBIE W. TANNER, Montpelier, Vt.

S. A. THOMAS, M. D., Pennville, Ind.

MRS. ROBERT TIMMONS, Mexico, Audrian Co., Mo.

MRS. CORA L. V. TAPPAN, care Banner of Light, Boston, Mass.

SPENCER THOMAS, inspirational, 2 1st street, Charlestown, Mass.

MRS. GEORGE A. TABER, trance, will accept engagements to lecture anywhere within a day’s ride of home. Address, Boston, Mass.

THOMAS B. TAYLOR, inspirational, Milford, Mass.

BENJAMIN TODD, Charlotte, Mich.

VENEIRO VOLDO, inspirational, 515 High street, Providence, R. I.

ELIZABETH L. WATSON, Titusville, Penn.

N. FRANK WHITE, Address during July, Seymour, Conn.; August, Boston, care Banner of Light.

SUSIE NICKERSON WHITE, trance speaker, 130 West Brookline street, St. Elmo, Suite 1, Boston, Mass.

JAMES J. WHEELER, Cedar Lake, Herkimer Co., N. Y.

E. V. WILSON, Lombard, Ill.

J. G. WHITNEY, inspirational, Rock Grove City, Iowa.

MISS R. AUGUSTA WHITING, inspirational, Albion, Mich.

M. J. WENTWORTH, Knox, Me.

DR. E. B. WHEELOCK, Pleasanton, Kan.

ELIJAH WOODWORTH, inspirational, Leslie, Mich.

E. A. WHEELER, semi-trance and inspirational, Utica, N. Y.

DANIEL WHITE, M. D., 701 Washington avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

A. C. and MRS. ELIZA C. WOODRUFF, Eagle Harbor, N. Y.

MRS. SOPHIA WOODS, trance speaker, Burlington, Vt., care Col. S. S. Brown.

S. H. WORTMAN, Buffalo, N. Y.

DR. FRENCH WEBSTER, Manchester, N. H.

PROF. E. WHIPPLE, Hotel Dudley, Boston Highlands, Mass.

MARCENUS R. K. WRIGHT, Middleville, Mich., box 11.

N. M. WRIGHT, inspirational speaker, will answer calls to lecture in the New England States. Address, Boston, Mass., care Banner of Light.

WARREN WOOLSON, inspirational, North Bay, N. Y.

MRS. MARY J. WILCOXSON, 26 Davenport avenue, New Haven, Conn.

MRS. MARY E. WITHEE, Marlboro’, Mass., box 532.

R. P. WILSON, 247 East 52d street, New York.

GEORGE W. WHITNEY, normal, 198 Cranston street, Providence, R. I.

MRS. RACHEL WALCOTT, trance, 220 West Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md.

ASA WARREN, inspirational speaker, No. 101 Julien avenue, Dubuque, Iowa.

MRS. N. J. WILLIS, 236 Broadway, Cambridgeport, Mass.

GEORGE C. WAITE, South Thomaston, Me.

SARAH A. WILEY, Rockingham, Vt.


E. S. WHEELER, 507 South 41st street, Philadelphia, Pa.

MRS. JULIETTE YEAW, Northboro’, Mass.

DR. CHARLES YEAKEL, Lykens, Dauphin Co., Pa., lectures on Temperance and Spiritualism.

MR. J. L. YORK, San Jose, Santa Clara Co., Cal.

MR. and MRS. WILLIAM J. YOUNG, Boise City, Idaho.

DR. JOHN S. ZELLEY, inspirational, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.


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