The Religio-Philosophical Journal, June 26.

The Miracle Club and Protective Committee of New York: Letter and Card.

Joseph Franklin Snipes, “Spiritualism in New York.  The Miracle Club—Protective Committee.”

DEAR JOURNAL:—The still small voice is still heard loudly in this city, and one of the greatest mysteries of all spirit mysteries to the unbeliever is, how spirit philosophy and facts thunder their influence so silently and thoroughly without the aid of the detonating religious gunpowder of “revivals;” but the truth is, we are not dead, do not believe in death, and need no revivification; we begun life, and could not help it; we know we shall live hereafter, and could not help it; we know we shall live hereafter, and can not help that, and would not if we could; although many who doctor divinity as a business pretend to furnish the proof of immortality, yet oppose the only proof, and fight it as any enemy.

We note two important measures in this city: The first is the “Miracle Club,” under the direction of Col. H. S. Olcott, the patient and indefatigable investigator, lawyer and critic.  The second is the “Protective Committee,” designed for the protection of the public against fraudulent mediums, and a better defense of honest mediums against the assaults of a dishonest public.

The object of the

is the perfection of the phenomena of materialization through the mediumship of a brother of a prominent gentleman of this city, so that opportunity shall be afforded the scientific for a full and satisfactory observation and conclusion.  The club is at present restricted in numbers and quality to a select few, including one or two lawyers, and a well known clergyman, who as I am informed by the Colonel, at a recent sitting, under full gas light, without any cabinet or curtain, or other appurtenance whatsoever, were greeted with
materialized forms of deceased friends of the sitters, which suddenly appeared in their midst a la Moses and Elias!

Col. O is not a man inclined to exaggeration, but rather to an underestimation of his facts.  He showed me a letter recently received by him from the eminent English Scientist, Alfred R. Wallace, F. R. S., in which the distinguished gentleman echoes the opinion of many others that the conclusions to which the Colonel arrives in his public presentation of the facts as manifest through the Eddy mediums, are unusually cautionary, and that the facts themselves warrant a much more decided and unequivocal acceptance and acknowledgement as proof of their genuine spiritual character.

The warm weather permitting, the club will meet regularly during the Summer for development, certainly in the fall, after which liberty will doubtless be afforded the public to prove the testimony of the present witnesses.

The Protective Committee is composed of a few gentlemen and ladies of more or less influence and talent, the services of the ladies being necessary for critical examination of lady mediums.

All public or private mediums, representing all phases, visiting New York, or resident therein, are invited to call upon the President as per address below, or afford the committee opportunity to visit them at such time or times as may be convenient (Sundays and evenings preferred), for a fair and patient observation of their mediumship under favorable conditions, the committee furnishing facilities, the results to be faithfully recorded for open reference; if agreeable, published.

Although, perhaps, somewhat better informed of the laws of spirit action from personal experience than the general public are supposed to be, the committee are just as much interested as they are in the demonstration of the truth, and the suppression of falsehood; and it is believed that mediums desiring valuable certification, and knowing themselves to be honest, will not object to test examinations, but will cheerfully avail themselves of the public endorsement of this committee, whose only aim is to serve the ends of spiritual science, the most sacred feelings of the human heart, private justice and public good.

The following is the Committee’s card:—

“It being quite well known that there is at this time, throughout the country, a great waste in spiritual manifestations which are frequently exhibited before illiterate and unappreciative audiences, the Spiritualists of New York City, desiring to make the most of these God-given truths in a moral and intellectual way, have, after due notice, elected a standing Committee to receive and introduce genuine mediums to their Societies, and assist them at their public séances by preserving order, and applying necessary tests against imposture.

“We, the Committee, therefore send forth this invitation to mediums who desire to interest and instruct the people with either physical or intellectual manifestations, to meet with our Societies in this city, and they shall be provided with halls, cabinets, and such other things as may be necessary for their illustrations of spirit power.


DR. J. B. NEWBROUGH, Chairman, 128 West Thirty-fourth Street.
E. D. CULVER, Secretary, 114 Nassau Street.
J. F. SNIPES, Ass’t. Sec., 87 Leonard Street.
H. J. NEWTON, 128 West Forty-third Street.
E. P. MILLER, 41 West Twenty-sixth Street.
MRS. LANE, and others, all of New York.”


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