The Religio-Philosophical Journal, October 10

The Universal Association of Spiritualists, meeting in Boston.

“Freeloveism.  The Universal Association of Spiritualists Assembled at the Hub—Victoria C. Woodhull and E. V. Wilson both Absent, and yet the Quintessence of Nastiness Prevailed in the Superlative Degree,” Religio-Philosophical Journal, October 10, 1874.

The remnant of the American Association of Spiritualists, which had renamed their organization the Universal Association of Spiritualists, met for their annual—but last—convention in Boston at Parker Memorial Hall in the fall of 1874.  Those who attended and who were mentioned in the Religio-Philosophical Journal’s highly-antagonistic account of the proceedings are listed below, as well as resolutions passed by the forty or so delegates.—JB

Mrs. Susie Willis Fletcher
Mrs. A. C. Bristol, Vineland, N. J.
L. K. Coonley, President of the Convention
Mr. Chauncey Barnes
Dr. Joseph Treat, New York
Prof. J. H. W. Toohey
George A. Fuller, Natick, Mass.
Daniel W. Hull
Mr. L. K. Josslyn
Moses Hull
Col. Green
Mrs. Dr. Cutter
Marian Todd
Mrs. Mattie Sawyer
Mr. Hamilton
Mr. Ray
Hattie Wilson
Mr. Atkins
Mr. W. F. Jamieson
Anthony Higgins
Mr. Barker
Warren Chase
Benjamin Todd
Lois Waisbrooker
Cephas B. Lynn
Marion Todd
Laura Cuppy Smith

Resolved, That it should be the primary effort of Spiritualism to inaugurate conditions whereby a knowledge and application of the laws of science in all departments of life and action shall ultimate in a just distribution of the rewards of labor, and in equal opportunities for culture; in a freedom which forever proves that self-ownership necessitates self-mastery; and in a code of morals that is in harmony with natural laws, and which profoundly recognizes the needs, possibilities and divine potentialities of human nature.

Resolved, That all human rights exist and are inherent in the individual, and when legislators assume to control those rights they become tyrants and should not be obeyed.

Resolved, That the sexual and social relations are the true foundation on which to build all the institutions that have the welfare of humanity in view.

Resolved, That we demand the repeal of all laws enacted for the purpose of restricting the individual in any sense from the full exercise of both social and sexual rights.

Resolved, That the instincts of all true womanhood are against bearing children for the State and handing them over to its care, while it is so stupidly ignorant of the best modes of moral and spiritual culture as to turn over its moral oneness to the prison and the gallows for correction.

Resolved, That communal life according to congenial groupings furnishes the only proper conditions for the practice of stirpiculture; that it is the next step in social progress and ought to be thoroughly discussed by this convention.


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