The Religio-Philosophical Journal (Chicago), March 30.

List of Lecturers; Mediums’ Directory.

List of Lecturers.

Hereafter we shall keep a standing register of such speakers as are furnished to us BY THE PARTIES INTERESTED, with a pledge on their part that they will keep us posted in regard to changes; and in addition to that, expressly indicate a willigness to aid in the circulation of the JOURNAL, both by word and deed.

Let us hear promptly from all who accept this proposition, and we will do our part faithfully.

S=Solemnizing Marriages and Attending Funerals

J. Madison Allen, Ancora, N. J.
C. Fannie Allyn, Stoneham, Mass. (T)
Addie L. Ballou, care of Religio-Philosophical Journal (I, T)
B. A. Beales, Versailles, N. Y. (T)
Dr. J. K. Bailey, box 394, La Porte, Ind. (I, C, S)
Rev. J. O. Barrett, Glen Beulah, Wis.
Mrs. A. P. Brown, St. Johnsbury Centre, Vt. (T)
Eli F. Brown, Richmond, Ind. (I, M, S)
J. L. Braffat, New Paris, O.
Henry A. Beach, Spring Valley, N. Y.
W. H. Bancroft, Madison, Wis. (I)
Mrs. Bell A. Chamberlain, Eureka, Cal. (T)
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Calkins, Green Garden, Ill. (T, C)
H. T. Child, M. D., 634 Race St., Philadelphia, Pa. (I)
Mrs. A. H. Colby, Winchester, Randolph Co., Ind. (T)
Lewis F. Cummings, care of the Journal.
John Corwin, Five Corners, N. Y.
A. E. Doty, Ilion, Herkimer Co., N. Y.
Andrews Jackson Davis, Orange, N. J.
J. B. Dunton, M. D., Waverly, N. Y.
E. M. Davis, DesMoines, Iowa, box 685 (I)
J. B. Dunton, Vineland, N. J. (I)
Daniel T. Edwards, Howes Mills, Mo. (C, S)
Mrs. M. A. Ellis, Indianapolis, Ind. (I)
J. J. Fish, Avon, New York. (I)
Thomas Gales Forster, Care Banner of Light, Boston (S)
Rev. J. Francis, Ogdensburg, N. Y.
I. H. Garretson, Richland, Iowa.
Mrs. E. E. Gibson, 12 Burroughs Place, Boston, Mass. (S)
Prof. A. Goodman, Decatur, Ill. (I)
K. Graves, Richmond, Ind. (I)
Miss Helen Grover, Bloomington, Ill. (I, S)
Prof. R. Garter, Coldwater, Mich.
Mrs. M. Hayes, Waterloo, Wis. (T)
Lyman C. Howe, Fredonia, N. Y. (I)
Joseph F. Hamilton, Bellaire, Iowa.
Charles Holt, Warren, Penn.
Thomas Harding, box 301, Sturgis, Mich.
Samuel S. Hartman, Goshen, Ind.
U. S. Hamilton, Beloit, Wis. (I)
W. H. Holmes, Grass Valley, Cal. (S)
O. B. Hazelton, Mazomia, Wis. (S)
H. H. Houghton, Stowe, Vt. (S)
L. D. Hay, Mobile, Ala. (I)
S. S. Jones, 150 Fourth Ave., Chicago (S)
Dr. W. Jordan, Port Huron, Mich.
Dr. P. T. Johnson, Ypsilanti, Mich. (I, S)
D. P. Kayner, M. D., St. Charles, Ill. (C)
Mrs. M. M. King, Hammonton, N. J. (I)
Cephas B. Lynn, Sturgis, Mich. (T)
L. Lewis, Valparaiso, Ind.
P. R. Lawrence, Ottumwa, Iowa (I, S)
Charles A. Lohmueler, Butteville, Oregon
George W. Lusk, Eaton Rapids, Mich. (I, T)
O. S. Lont, Pine Island, Minn. (S)
Mrs. F. A. Logan, Genesee, Wis.
J. Mansfield, Seville, Ohio (I, C)
P. C. Mills, Waterboro, Me. (S)
Joel Moody, Mound City, Kansas.
Anna M. Middlebrook, box 778, Bridgeport, Conn. (I)
J. S. Manisby, Esq., Vancouver, Washington Territory.
Mrs. L. A. Pearsall, Disco, Mich. (I)
Mrs. L. H. Perkins, Kansas City, Mo. (T, C)
Dr. E. Perkins, Kansas City, Mo.
Harriet E. Pope, Morristown, Minn. (I)
Isaac Paden, Woodhull, Ill. (S)
Thomas S. A. Pope, Mound city, Kansas (S)
Mrs. M. H. Parry, Beloit, Wis. (T)
Mrs. S. A. Rogers, care A. J. Grover, Rock Island, Ill. (I)
Samuel Smith, Rockford, Ill. (I)
Warren Smith, Alexandria, Madison Co., Ind.
Job Smyth, Hallsport, N. Y.
Mrs. Mary Lansten Strong, Washington, D. C. (S)
Mrs. J. H. S. Severance, M. D., Milwaukee, Wis. (T, C)
E. W. Stevens, Drawer 40, Janesville, Wis.
Mrs. L. A. F. Swain, Union Lakes, Rice Co., Minn.
O. L. Sutliff, Wooster, Ohio. (I)
D. C. Seymour, Lawrence, Kan. (T)
Benjamin Todd, Portland, Oregon. (I)
Mrs. Sarah M. Thompson, Cleveland, Ohio. (I)
M. M. Trousey, Lake Mills, Wis.
Mrs. E. R. T. Trego, Oil City, Pa. (T, C)
J. B. Tupper, Jamestown, Wis. (T)
Hudson Tuttle, Berlin Heights, Ohio. (I, T)
Dr. Samuel Underhill, Tonica, Ill. (I)
J. William Van Namee, Box 5120, N. Y. (T)
Capt. R. H. Winslow, 17 S. Halsted St., Chicago.
Thomas Woodliff, Colfax, Cal. (I)
Mrs. M. J. Wilcoxson, care of Journal, Chicago. (I)
J. C. Wilkenson, 6 John St., Toledo, Ohio. (I, T. S)
Mrs. E. A. Williams, Oriskany Falls, N. Y.
E. V. Wilson, Lombard, Ill. (C)
Elijah Woodworth, Leslie, Mich. (T)
Dr. E. B. Wheelock, Pleasanton, Kansas.
N. Frank White, E. Saginaw, Mich. in Feb., March, and Apr. Port Huron, Mich. in May.

Mediums’ Directory.

The Religio-Philosophical Journal, being an especial friend to all true mediums, will hereafter publish a complete Directory, giving the place of residence of all professional mediums, so far as advised upon the subject. This will afford better facilities for investigators to learn of the location of mediums, and at the same time increase their patronage. Mediums will do well to advise us from time to time, that we may keep their place of residence correctly registered.

It is a lamentable fact that some mediums so far forget their self-respect as to speak evil of other mediums, not unfrequently even of those who are far their superiors. The names of such persons will be dropped from this Register so soon as we have evidence conclusive of their indulging in such unkindness.

It should be borne in mind that individuals visiting mediums carry conditions with them—so to speak—which aid or destroy the power of spirits to control the medium visited; hence it is that one medium gives satisfaction to certain persons, another better to others—all having their friends, and justly so, too, and all equally honest and useful in their place.

A=Spirit Artists
B=Business and Test
W=Writing and Drawing
M=Physical Manifestations
L=Answering Sealed Letters
S=Solemnizing Marriages and Attending Funerals.


Mrs. S. E. Coles, 679 Hubbard St. (H, B)
Mrs. M. A. Bruhn, 515 State St.
Dr. C. A. Barnes, 1184 Prairie Ave. (H)
Bangs Children, 227 S. Morgan Street (M)
Dr. W. Cleveland, 511 Wabash Ave. (H)
Mrs. A. Crooker, 179 W. Madison Street (H)
Dr. D. C. Dake, 64 24th Street (H)
Mrs. DeWolf, 165 W. Madison Street (B)
Mrs. Fell, 178 West Van Buren Street (B)
Dr. T. Hubbard, Monroe Street (H, P)
Mrs. M. Jenks, 176 West Van Buren St. (B)
Mrs. Louisa Lovering, 281 W. Randolph Street (H, B)
Drs. S. L. McFadden and wife, 186 W. Washington St. (H, B)
Mrs. C. L. Moody, 83 Butterfield Street (H, B)
Minnie Myers, 169 Fourth Ave., upstairs (B)
Mrs. Phebe C. Norwood, 63 N. Halsted St. (H, B)
Mrs. A. H. Robinson, 148 Fourth Ave. (H, P, B)
Mr. Rose, State Street. (A)
Mrs. S. T. Vibber, 693 Indiana Ave. (H)
T. J. Wilbur, 460 W. Randolph Street (H)
Mrs. Mary E. Weeks, 1253 State St. (B)


Mrs. S. A. Anthony, S. W. Cor. 7th and Catharine Sts.
Miss A. M. Bulwer, 1233 S. 11th Street.
Mrs. A. Reynolds Blankley, 1329 N. 8th Street.
Peter Beitel, 229 N. 12th Street.
H. P. Blaker, 513 S. 10th Street.
Mrs. Sarah M. Buckwalter, 1027 Mt. Vernon Street.
David S. Cadwallader, 1005 Race Street.
Miss Emily Dick, 323 Race Street.
Mrs. Glanding, 1712 Warnock Street.
Miss Jessie N. Goodell, 1516 Chestnut Street.
Mrs. Annie Goodfellow, 412 Enterprise Street.
Mrs. Ginsinger, 1230 Catharine Street.
DeWitt C. Hough, 813 Race Street.
Mrs. Mary Lamb, rear of 1317 N. Front Street.
Mrs. Miller, 1717 Erie Street.
Mrs. M. McLaughlin, 1009 Federal Street.
Miss Mitchell, 234 Spruce Street.
Mrs. C. A. Marshall, Brown above 11th.
Mrs. Mock, 612 N. 10th Street.
Mrs. Jennie Martin, 1315 N. 16th Street.
Mrs. Murr, 1532 Cherry Street.
Miss Anna Murr, 1532 Cherry Street.
Mrs. Mary Millard, S. W. Cor. 7th and Catharine Sts.
Mrs. Mary Palmer, 1450 N. 11th Street.
Jacob L. Paxon, 1027 Mt. Vernon Street.
Mrs. Powell, 429 Spruce Street.
Samuel Paist, Hanover below Girard Street.
Mrs. Katie B. Robinson, 2123 Brandywine Street.
Mrs. R. Stoddard, 813 Race Street.


Mrs. J. M. Carpenter, 1567 Washington St. (H)
Mrs. Carlisle, 94 Camden Street. (H, B)
Dr. H. B. Storer.
Mrs. Julia M. Friend, 116 Harrison Ave.
Mrs. S. J. Stickney, 333 Tremont Street.
Dr. Main, 226 Harrison Ave.
Mrs. A. C. Latham, 292 Washington Street.
Freeman Hatch, 8 Seaver Place.
Mrs. L. W. Letch, 97 Salisbury Street.
Mrs. Marshall, 39 Edinboro Street.
W. H. Mumler, 170 W. Springfield Street.
Mrs. A. S. Eldridge, 1 Oak Street.
Mrs. M. M. Hardy, 125 W. Concord Street.
Samuel Grover, 28 Dix Place.
Mrs. F. C. Dexter, 231 Tremont Street.

New York City.

Mrs. H. C. Aurand, 157 Sixth Avenue.
Jennie Danforth, 54 Lexington Ave.
R. W. Flint, 34 Clinton Place (D)
Miss Blanch Foley, 634 Third Ave.
Charles Foster, 16 12th Street (B)
Miss H. N. Read, 157 Sixth Ave.
Mrs. H. Seymour, 140 Bleeker Street.
Dr. Slade, 210 West 43rd Street. (B)
Mrs. J. Cotton, 247 E. 31st Street.
J. William Van Namee, 420 Fourth Ave.

Aurora, Ill.

Mrs. A. C. Smith.
Mrs. A. Swift.

Bloomington, Ill.

Miss L. S. Crosby. (B)
Miss Helen Grover (H, D)
Mrs. M. E. Getchell, 413 E. Main Street.
Dr. Mary Lewis.

Detroit, Mich.

Mrs. Cartwright, 410 E. Fort Street. (H, P)
Mrs. Moliere. (B)
Mrs. Emma Martin.

Genesee, Wis.

Mrs. E. W. Balcom. (H, B)
Mrs. F. A. Logan.

Milwaukee, Wis.

A. B. Severance, and Mrs. J. S. Severance, M. D., Milwaukee Street.
W. W. Herring, 452 Market Square, Milwaukee, Wis.
Mrs. Carrie B. Wright, 440 East Water Street.

Rockford, Ill.

Samuel Smith, box 1239.
Mrs. M. Colson.

Richmond, Ind.

Francis S. Haswell, 26 N. Marion Street.
Dr. Samuel Maxwell, 72 S. Sixth Street.

St. Charles, Ill.

Mrs. Leonard Howard. (H, B)
D. P. Kayner, M. D. (H)


J. W. Kenyon, Watertown, Wis. (H, P)
Mrs. N. K. Andros, Delton, Sauk Co., Wis. (P, L)
Lodema Atwood, Lake Mills, Wis.
M. A. Amphlett, Dayton, Ohio. (H)
D. Atkinson, Marietta, Ohio (B)
Jennie Adams, box 1209, Kansas City, Mo. (H)
Mrs. Mary E. Beach, San Jose, Cal.
Mrs. E. A. Blair, 34 Atlantic block, Lawrence, Mass. (A)
Dr. H. Butler, Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa. (H)
M. K. Cassien, 185 Bank St., Newark, N. J. (H)
Mary J. Colsom, Belvidere, Ill. (L)
Mrs. J. F. Currier, Cincinnati, Ohio. (P)
Mrs. Calkins, Green Garden, Ill. (P, B)
Bell A. Chamberlain, Eureka, Cal.
A. Y. Castle, Brooklyn, Mo. (H)
Mrs. J. M. Drake, 24 Hoffman Block, Cleveland, O.
J. B. Dunton, Vineland, N. J. (H)
Doherty and Purcell, Indianapolis, Ind. (A)
George W. Dunton, Algona, Iowa. (B)
J. W. Ellis, Atlanta, Ga. (P)
Mrs. E. K. Eversol, Springfield, Mo. (B)
William B. Fahnestock, Lancaster, Pa. (Statuvolence).
B. W. Freeman, 116 ½ S. High Street, Columbus, O. (H)
Davis S. Fuller, Davenport, Iowa. (H, P)
Alonzo Fairchild, Schenectady, N. Y. (H)
J. B. Fayette, Oswego, N. Y. (A)
Dr. B. W. Freeman, 116 Height Street, Columbus, O. (H)
Mrs. William L. Gay, Canastota, New York. (H)
Mary Goe, Renick, Mo. (H)
D. N. Henderson, Tallyrand, Iowa.
Dr. J. C. Howes & wife, Center St., Marshaltown, Iowa. (H)
Dr. J. M. Holland, 206 Upper Broadway, Council Bluffs, Iowa. (H)
W. H. Hatch, 128 Kearney St., San Francisco.
Judge D. L. Hoy, Mobile, Ala. (W)
U. S. Hamilton, Beloit, Wis. (H)
Dr. E. Heal, 82 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. (H)
Jennie Ferris. Travelling. (P)
Minnie Jefferson. Travellin (P)
Mrs. S. A. Jesmer, Bridgewater, Vt. (P)
Dr. P. T. Johnson, Ypsilanti, Mich. (H)
Mrs. H. R. Knaggs, Traverse City. Mich. (H)
H. S. Johnson, Wautoma, Wis. (H)
Mr. and Mrs. Leland, Taunton, Mass. (P)
Mrs. H. B. Leonard, 11 Onasco Street, Auburn, N. Y. (H)
Mrs. R. E. Moore, care W. Chase & Co., 501 North 5th St., St. Louis, Mo. (H)
J. H. Nolan, Waterville, N. Y. (A)
Mrs. A. Nesbit, Cannonsburg, Mich. (H)
Mr. D. Odell, Waterloo, N. Y. (H)
Dr. Abba Lord Palmer, New Boston, Ill. (H, P, S)
Mrs. M. E. Robbins, Evansville, Ind. (H)
Nettie Pine, South Bend, Ind. (H)
Mrs. S. A. Rogers, Lewiston, Me. (H, P)
N. B. Starr, Port Huron, Mich. (A)
Isaac Jackson Sloan, Covington, Ind. (B)
Mrs. A. B. Severance, Whitewater, Wis. (P, B)
Mrs. P. W. Stephens, east side of 4th Street, between I and J, Sacramento.
H. R. Sherman, Gahanna, Ohio. (B)
M. M. Turner, L. L. B., St. Louis, Mo.
Annie C. Torrey, Houston, Texas. (B)
A. Thomas, Lynden Station, Ohio.
Dr. Simon Van Etten, Corning, N. Y. (H)
Warren Wight, Waterloo, Seneca Co., N. Y. (H)
Mrs. Fanny Wheelock, Pleasanton, Kansas. (B)
Mrs. E. Wallis, Bayonne City, N. J.


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