Banner of Light (Boston), January 18, 1868

“First Convention of the Ohio State Association of Spiritualists, held at Clyde, Ohio, November 8th, 9th and 10, 1867.”

Officers and delegates of the Convention


The Ohio State Association of Spiritualists met at Clyde, Ohio, pursuant to published call, William Rose, M. D., of Springfield, in the Chair, assisted by Mrs. Sarah Thompson, of Cleveland, Vice President, and Hudson Tuttle, Recording Secretary.

The minutes of the Cleveland Preliminary Meeting were read and approved.  The Constitution there adopted was then read, and after a discursive debate the following committees were nominated and elected in open Convention:

On Credentials and Nominations—A. A. Wheelock, O. L. Sutliff, A. B. French, Mrs. C. H. Ammons, Mrs. William Rose.

Business—Mrs. Sue Norris, E. D. Howe, William Wadsworth, E. Whipple, D. U. Pratt.

Finance—S. S. Clark, Charles Thompson, Emma Tuttle, Mrs. L. M. Thomas, Mrs. I. Vandercook.

Resolutions—Hudson Tuttle, E. S. Wheeler, Mrs. A. B. French, O. P. Kellogg, Mrs. E. Whipple.

The Committee on Credentials reported the following list of names of delegates:

Cleveland—Mrs. S. E. Norris, Mrs. C. H. Ammons, Mrs. L. M. Thomas, Mrs. George Rose, Charles Thompson, E. S. Wheeler, G. Newcomer, Mrs. Charles Thompson.

Clyde—R. E. Betts, Thomas Davis, Mrs. S. Vandercook, Mrs. E. Whipple.

Toledo—A. A. Wheelock, Mrs. H. E. Crooker, Mrs. C. B. Eells, Mrs. A. A. Wheelock, Miss Emma Knight.  Substitutes—Dr. J. K. Bailey, Cephas B. Lynn.

Oberlin—Mrs. F. A. Logan, James Hall, N. E. Marcey.

Geneva—W. H. Saxton, Lowell Cram, Henry J. Durgin.

Painsville—Eben D. Howe, William Wadsworth, O. L. Sutliff.

Cardington—L. F. Hagar, M. Smith.

Springfield—William Rose, M. D., Mrs. Maria Rose.

Eaton—O. L. Sutliff.

West Richfield—Chessman Miller, S. S. Clark, Mrs. Julia Miller.

Rolersville—D. P. Hurlbut.

Milan—D. J. Startzed, Samuel Fish.

Cincinnati—B. R. Pratt, Mary A. Amphlete.

Kelley’s Island—Addison Kelley, C. D. Worden.

Berlin Heights—A. F. Page.

Peru—J. V. Verenburgh, Mrs. Verenburgh.

Akron—T. E. Kilbourne, Dr. A. Underhill.

Hudson—Sidney J. Stone.

East Norwalk—B. P. Barnum.

Norwalk—William Joslin.

Townshend—Orlin Selvey.

At large—J. P. Cowles, M. D., Mrs. F. M. Cowles, Mr. Barnes, B. M. Lawrence, Mrs. P. R. Lawrence.


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