The Banner of Light (Boston), February 9.

Massachusetts Spiritualists Association: Membership List.


Massachusetts Spiritualists Association.

The following list of names, with fees for membership and donations, is additional to the one published in the BANNER Feb. 10th, 1866.

To complete the record and forward the work, it is requested that members send their address to the Agent, Edward S. Wheeler, care of BANNER office, Boston, Mass., with information from their several localities in regard to hall, probable attendance, and other facilities to assist in carrying out the design of the Association, which is, to send a lecturer to places where the resident Spiritualists are not now able to defray such an expense.

The sums marked with a * are unpaid, and may be forwarded to Mr. George A. Bacon, No. 1 Boylston Market, Boston, the present Corresponding Secretary. The Agent of the Association, Edward S. Wheeler, should be notified of any inaccuracies in this list. In addition to the sums on record, considerable money has been expended for the organization by those whole liberality has paid expenses for halls, &c., in the places where its Conventions have been held. The sum of $22.50 has been received from citizens of Lawrence, being a balance remaining from their contributions for the expenses of the last quarterly Convention held there, which was paid by Bro. Bowker ($15.00) and Bro. Willis ($7.50), as appears in the list.

An addition of $58.30 to the donations made to Tremont Temple was raised by general contribution.

It is very desirous that other liberal donations be made immediately, so that after the meeting of the Executive Committee, (called for the 20th of March at the BANNER Circle Room,) it may be possible to support competent speakers of both sexes as missionaries to spread the glorious tidings of Spiritualism to the people of the State.

C. H. Vose, Charlestown $1.00
J. S. Shattuck, Lawrence $1.00
A. H. Webster, Lawrence $1.00
Lucy M. Webster, Lawrence $1.00
J. C. Barker, Lowell $1.00
Elizabeth Shattuck $1.00
N. S. Greenleaf, Lowell $1.00
Thomas B. Perkins, Salem $1.00
Benjamin Blood, Lowell $1.00
Horatio To Leonard $1.00
Osgood Hutchinson $1.00
Mrs. C. H. Barker, Lowell $1.00
H. J. Webman, Andover $1.00
Daniel Stevens, Andover $1.00
E. A. Kenney $1.00
M. B. Kenney $1.00
Charlotte B. Paine $1.00
M. A. Shackelton $1.00
Susan Whittemore $1.00
N. M. Willis $1.00
Susan A. Willis $1.00
A. Friend $1.00
A. H. Richardson $1.00
E. S. Wheeler, Boston $1.00
Flora W. Bowker, Lawrence $1.00
Lucy B. Massey $1.00
Leonard Dearborn $1.00
Ira Wilkins, N. Ware, N. H. $1.00
Mrs. Joseph Carr, Boston $1.00
Mrs. Alfred Colburn $1.00
Mrs. _____ Pressey $1.00
L. S. Richards, Boston $1.00
Mrs. M. J. Mayo, Charlestown $1.00
Mrs. M. J. French, South Boston $1.00
J. H. W. Toohey, Boston $1.00
Cephas B. Lynn, Charlestown $1.00

All the above sums were received at the Quarterly Session of the Association, which met at Lawrence last October. Other small donations made the receipts there $42.50.

A Friend, Roxbury $1.00
J. C. Salisbury, Sherburne $1.00
A Friend, Cambridge $1.00
George E. Lewis, Danvers $1.00
J. Johnson, Newburyport $1.00
Albert Morton, Webster $10.00
Phineas E. Gay, Boston $3.00
Amani Brown $1.00
Mrs. J. A. Hedges, Newton $1.00
Philo Sprague, Boston $1.00
Thomas Ranney, Newton $1.00
Mrs. E. R. Ranney, Newton $1.00
M. V. Lincoln, Boston $1.00
Mrs. S. A. Norwell, Boston $1.00
P. H. Weaver $1.00
Rebecca Weaver $1.00
J. B. Barker $1.00
Mrs. Barker $1.00
E. W. Buffington $1.00
Hyron Blector $1.00
F. R. Ladd $1.00
J. Anthony $1.00
Mrs. Louisa J. Moses, Worcester $1.00
Miss E. B. Macy, Boston $1.00
O. Joselyn, West Hanover $1.00
G. W. Walbridge, East Douglass $1.00
Mrs. S. P. Walbridge, East Douglass $1.00
John Puffer, S. Hanover $1.00
C. Fannie Allyn, Londonderry, Vt. $1.00
Luther Colby, Boston $2.00
Mrs. F. Curtis, Roxbury $2.00
H. F. Coolidge, N. Chelsea $2.00
Charles Tufts, Somerville $5.00
Col. Oren Stone, Worthington $1.00
C. E. Nye, Worthington $1.00
James Hastings, Lexington $1.00
Ebenezer Simons, Lexington $1.00
C. K. Tucker, Lexington $1.00
H. Emerson, Lexington $1.00
A. W. Crowninshield, Lexington $1.00
Thomas R. Greenleaf, Lexington $1.00
Levi Newcombe, No. Scituate $1.00
Mrs. John Marsh $1.00
Mrs. Caroline A. Bradford $1.00
Mrs. Amelia Bradford $1.00
William P. Veale $1.00
Daniel J. Bates $1.00
Loring S. Peirce $1.00
Frances A. Peirce $1.00
A. W. Bryant $1.00
N. W. Bryant $1.00
Charles Blodgett $1.00
Miss C. H. Blodgett $1.00
H. V. Marshall, Cochesett $1.00
B. Marshall $1.00
Edward Tisdale $1.00
A. R Tisdale $1.00
Thomas P. Ripley $1.00
A. F. Ripley $1.00
Charles Perkins $1.00
James Alger $1.00
Cornelia Alger $1.00
S. Jane Ripley $1.00
Hepsie Triban $1.00
M. A. Caldwell $1.00
Mary S. Howard $1.00
I. F. Cooper $1.00
S. H. Marshall $1.00
Edwin Wilder, Hingham $1.00
John Puffer, So. Hanover $1.00
M. E. Simmons $1.00
Abbie A. Simmons $1.00
Orick Nickerson $1.00
Mercy H. Nickerson $1.00
Mrs. Sarah A. Byrnes, Cambridge $1.00
Mrs. Mary J. Willey, Lynn $1.00
Miss Mary A. Gould $1.00
Hugh Watson, Milbury $1.00
Edwin G. Coffin $1.00
Hannah Coffin $1.00
Moses E. French, Washington Village, S. Boston $1.00
S. Thayer, Taunton $1.00
William W. Rust, Ipswich $1.00
Winthrop Lane, Malden $1.00
Clift Rogers, E. Marshfield $3.00
Avery Rogers, E. Marshfield $2.00
George H. Hall, E. Marshfield $2.00
George Bailey, E. Marshfield $1.00
J. W. Teft, Grafton $1.00
Jed. Teft, Grafton $1.00
T. Leonard, Grafton $1.00
Chandler T. Childs, Upton $1.00
Louis F. Rockwood, Upton $1.00
C. N. Harrington, Upton $1.00
William R. Rogers $1.00
Mrs. M. H. Clapp $1.00
Hilliard Tripp, Taunton $1.00
Nehemiah Leonard, Sharon $1.00
W. S. Harris, Salem $1.00
Nathan Keenan, S. Boston $1.00
D. R. Hill, Boston $1.00
Calvin Harbell, Chelsea $1.00
Isaiah C. Ray, New Bedford $1.00
John Farquhar, Holliston $1.00
Mrs. A. S. Webber, R. I. $1.00
Mrs. J. Leonard, Boston $2.00
A. H. Webster, Lawrence $1.00
Mrs. Jennie W. Ellsworth, Boston $1.00
Mrs. Lucia Bradford, S. Weymouth $1.00
E. A. Smith, Boston $1.00
E. L. Currison, Lowell $1.00
Mrs. Jennie Rudd, Taunton $1.00
Mr. Willis, Lawrence $7.50
J. C. Bowker, Lawrence $15.00
J. Ashdown, Chelsea $1.00
A Friend $2.00
Luther Stone, Boston $1.00
H. F. Gardner $1.00
Ammi Brown $1.00
Amos Green $1.00
William E. Stanley $1.00
E. R. Young $2.00
E. Hapgood
John S. Ladd $1.00
J. H. W. Toohey, Boston $1.00
George Talbot, Stoughton $1.00
William C. Briggs $1.00
Alson Briggs $1.00
Sophia M. Briggs $1.00
J. E. Drake $1.00
Ann G. Shepard $1.00
S. A. Ring $1.00
A. Dickson, Jamaica Plain $1.00
Hyman Moore $1.00
Louis Studly, N. Scituate $1.00
Caleb Bates, 2d $1.00
James Lincoln $1.00
Austin Allen, Fiskdale $1.00
Sarah Howard, Dedham $1.00
Ransom Adams, Leverett $1.00
Sawyer Field $1.00
Alden Adams $1.00
Oscar P. Adams, Great Barrington $1.00
Elizabeth Fellows $1.00
E. Haynes, Boston $1.00
W. Manuel $1.00
L. J. Manuel $1.00
G. H. Proctor, Gloucester $1.00
A Friend, Boston $1.00
Stephen Harridon, Salem $1.00
Two Friends $2.00
C. C. York, Charlestown $1.00
John G. Fosgate, Hudson $1.00
H. F. Gardner, Boston $10.00
J. H. W. Toohey, Boston $10.00
George A. Bacon, Boston $10.00
Springfield, Lyceum $10.00
Lysander S. Richards $10.00
K. C. Gleason, Boston $30.00
Moses Hunt, Boston $10.00
Mrs. Moses Hunt, Boston $10.00
M. B. Kenney, Lawrence $10.00
Mrs. C. Fannie Allyn, N. Middleboro’ $10.00*
A. H. Webster, Lawrence $10.00
J. C. Bowker $10.00
Matthew Kennan, S. Boston $2.00
John Wetherbee, Boston $10.00
Mrs. M. H. Clapp, Dorchester $10.00
John Puffer, S. Hanover $5.00
Mrs. Flora W. Bowker, Lawrence $10.00
Harvey Lyman, Springfield $5.00
Mrs. Harvey Lyman, Springfield $5.00
Susan Robbins and husband $10.00
Mary French, Washington Village, S. Boston $5.00
Mary J. Willey, Lynn $5.00
John Sawyer, Grantville $5.00
Mrs. John Sawyer, Grantville $5.00
Mrs. Sarah A. Byrnes, by a friend $5.00
Mrs. M. B. Kenney, Lawrence $10.00
Chelsea Lyceum $10.00*
A Friend, Charlestown $5.00
Mrs. Susie A. Willis, Lawrence $10.00
Mrs. Ephraim Bradford, S. Weymouth $5.00
S. Shaw, E. Abington $10.00
A Friend, Milbury $3.05
D. L. Taylor, Melrose $10.00*
W. Manuel, Boston $10.00
Mrs. C. F. Burdock, South Boston $10.00
Worcester Lyceum $10.00*
Charlestown Lyceum No. 1 $10.00
Augustus Hawkes, South Reading $2.00
George Searles $1.00
Charlestown Independent Society Lyceum $10.00
Uriah Clark, Greenwood Institute $5.00
M. V. Lincoln, Boston $5.00
C. H. Vose, Charlestown $5.00
Friend $2.00
Rebecca Bunker, Boston $1.00
Friend $1.00
H. F. Coolidge, N. Chelsea $3.00
Friend $1.00
L. Blackmer, Worcester $1.00
Francis Alger, S. Boston $10.00
Thatcher Hinckley, Hyannis $2.00
Julia J. Hubbard $1.00
Mrs. J. H. Conant, Boston $5.00


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