Banner of Light, August 25 and September 1

Michigan State Spiritual Association organizational meeting; preamble and signers of the Constitution; officers

We, the Spiritualists and friends of progress of the State of Michigan, in Convention assembled, feeling a true self-respect, a desire to be understood, and a decent regard for the opinions of mankind, all constrain us to declare to the world our objects; and we here announce our aim to be the highest, and most harmonious development of all the powers of man to a complete and consistent whole.

Accepting the law of Universal Progress, and believing that Freedom is its primary condition, we hereby unite to destroy all institutions, religious, governmental and social, which unjustly limit its full and complete enjoyment by humanity.

Accepting the great fact of Modern Spiritual Intercourse, as demonstration of Spirit-Entity and relation which it bears to the soul; of its possibilities for eternal progress in higher spheres and illustrative of Angel ministries, which have through all ages cheered on the great Prophets and Seers of the race; the sovereign authority of Nature, Reason, and Intuition; the essential unity of all true Science, Philosophy and Religion; the liberty and equality before the law of all humanity, without distinction of sex or race, we seek to fully discover and unfold a progressive world Religion, without Sect, Superstition, Bibliolatry, or priestcraft; to secure in America a pure Republican foundation, on the eternal principles of Justice, Liberty and Love, and establish on earth a pure and divine society, in which no individual, class, or sex shall be debarred from access to all its blessings, privileges and protections.

And for the attainment of these great purposes we do ordain and establish this Michigan State Spiritual Association.

[. . .]

Amendment:  Resolved, That as a Spiritual and Progressive Association, we will keep open to all sides for the discovery and reception of Universal Truth; that we will so adjust our Association to the growing needs and life of the world as to keep, at least, fully abreast of the foremost spirit of the age, and so become an ever-growing Religious, Social and Educational Power.

[. . .]

Other Resolutions:

Resolved, That common sense, common justice, and the welfare of the people of the American Republic demand the extension of the elective franchise to the women of the United States.

Resolved, That, as citizens of the State of Michigan, we demand that all the schools, colleges, and the University of the State be opened to its daughters on perfect equality with its sons; and we will not cease the agitation of this subject until this justice shall be done.

Resolved, That Justice, Liberty and Fraternity, Honor, Integrity and the Constitution itself, as well as the permanence, peace and prosperity of the Republic, demand that equal suffrage be extended to the American colored citizens.

Resolved, That a self-denying life, consecration to purity of principle and purpose, to truth and good will, in obedience to all the laws of our being, under the light and guidance of a divine inspiration, is the condition of reform and growth of well-balanced character and harmony; hence that profanity and looseness of habit, either in expression or deed, among reformers, so-called, disqualifies them from acting as moral regenerators of society; that such habits are condemned in the very genius of our philosophy, meeting, as they do, our just and unreserved rebuke; that they are but excrescences of the popular state of society, which we are determined to purge away in the burning fires of moral criticism; and that the times demand, on the part of our moral and spiritual teachers and lecturers, high toned and unimpeachable example and character.

Resolved, That as Spiritualists and Reformers, we deem the education of children of primary importance—a duty urged upon us by the demand of spiritual growth and freedom.

Sylvester Hoyt, Esq., St. Johns
Selden J. Finney
Dorus M. Fox
Mary Woodhull
John C. Dexter, Iona
A. Beach, M.D.
George W. Winslow
D. M. Brown
J. M. Peebles
H. B. Alden, Lowell
Isaac P. Cox, Kalamazoo
Hettie Bishop, Centreville
C. A. Andrus
Selah Van Sickle
S. D. Fobes
Addison A. Wheelock
Edward Whipple, Mattawan
Elijah Woodworth
Thomas H. Welsh
Lorinda Fox
Mrs. R. C. Bird
James Wells
Charlotte B. Foves
Hetty M. Brown
L. S. Noble
Leander Etheridge
Henry Willis
Ephraim Preston
S. Covert
G. T. Fenn, M.D.
John Hamlin
D. P. Johnson, M.D.
Louisa H. T. Dexter
Mary M. Shakespier
F. L. Wadsworth
L. B. Brown, De Witt
W. F. Jamieson
Jeremiah Brown, Battle Creek
E. C. Manchester
William Hicks
Isaac Cleveland
Enoch Mead
Osborne P. Anderson
F. H. Hillman
M. E. Conger
Mary L. Conger
Mary L. Baldwin
Lydia S. C. Snow
Lucy A. Bailey
E. H. Bailey
S. L. Kilburne
J. P. Averill
William McCurty
John Barbour
Jessie Farrington
H. J. Hart
Mary J. Cummings
Mary J. Brock
Anson Kellogg
Martin Avery
William More
S. A. Barnes
Sarah E. Barnes
William A. Baldwin
Joshua Bangs
Lovina B. Rothrick
Olive E. Rothrick
Sarah More
Lydia C. Harrington
Fanny A. Lewis
Mary L. Gray
Olive A. Alden
Celinda F. Cox
P. M. Wilson
Mrs. Chidister
Mary Stevens
Sarah M. Burdick
Lucy Clark
Jane Farham
Jane Bacon
Udolph Sherman
Charles Simpson
John Frost
A. Harwood
William Hewitt
Henry Snow
G. W. Webster
John Hogeboom
Amos Framan
William Kilpatrick, Olivet
C. P. Chidister
Elijah Smedley
Marya R. Barney
Lucretia Doy
Mrs. J. D. Miller
Frederic Wingate
John Harper
Charles Merritt
Timothy Snow
Sylvester Higgins
E. M. Higgins
Mrs. D. Follett
Wilson Wright
William H. Birmminstool
Erastus Clark
Horace Clark
Mrs. Cornell
L. H. Hutchinson, M. D.
Nellie Smith, Sturgis

President—Selden J. Finney, Ann Arbor
Vice President—J. G. Wait, Sturgis
Secretary—J. M. Peebles, Battle Creek
Treasurer—John C. Dexter, Iona
Finance Committee—H. N. F. Lewis, Detroit; D. M. Fox, Lyons; Mrs. Deborah M. Brown, Battle Creek; Mrs. Charlotte M. Fobes, Lansing; G. W. Winslow, Kalamazoo.

[Other speakers at the Convention:]

Rev. J. O. Barrett
Jeremiah Brown, Battle Creek
Mrs. M. M. Peebles, Battle Creek
W. H. Hoisington, Farrington, Wis.
Rev. J. B. Harrison, Kendallville, Ind.
Hiram Willis, Battle Creek
William Merritt, Battle Creek
W. H. Cornell, Lansing


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